Monada Joins the 10KMedia Roster of Premier Startups

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–10KMedia, the boutique PR agency focused on cutting-edge DevOps startups, today announced it will be formally representing Monada, the company behind the Wing Programming Language. Still in Alpha, Winglang is a cloud-oriented programming language that combines infrastructure and runtime code, elevating the developer experience and minimizing the complexity of the cloud.

“Winglang is an extremely ambitious project that has the potential to change how developers build software,” said Adam LaGreca, founder of 10KMedia. “Winglang offloads the complexities of cloud so that developers can write applications without having to deal with every gritty detail of the underlying infrastructure. Put another way – developers can now build distributed cloud systems with the developer experience of a monolithic codebase. This brings the full value of DevOps to fruition, enabling developers to focus squarely on the unique business logic that generates customer value.”

Winglang is a modern, statically-typed, object-oriented language with special primitives that are designed for modeling distributed systems that heavily rely on cloud services. The Wing compiler produces a ready-to-deploy package that includes both infrastructure configuration files that can be provisioned using Terraform, CloudFormation, or other engines; as well as application code bundles designed to run on cloud compute platforms such as AWS Lambda, Kubernetes or edge compute.

Winglang is open sourced under the MIT license and designed for extensibility and openness at all layers. It allows teams to completely customize the way their systems are deployed. Winglang is shipped with a powerful visual cloud simulator called the Wing Console, which allows developers to quickly iterate on their Wing code as it is being developed, without having to constantly deploy their code to the cloud.

Monada, the company behind Winglang, was co-founded by CEO Elad Ben-Israel – the original creator of the AWS Cloud Development Kit, CDK for Kubernetes (CDK8s), JSII, and Projen; as well as COO Shai Ber, a former software developer at Microsoft, investor, and founder who went on to sell his company Aniways to Verizon back in 2015. Winglang is currently in Alpha, yet already has nearly 800 stars on GitHub.

“It’s great to see so much interest and excitement from the community – we’re basically scratching our own itches as cloud developers and solving real problems that we are intimately familiar with,” said Elad Ben-Israel, CEO and Co-Founder of Monada. “ We know Winglang will unlock a tremendous amount of productivity, and more importantly, creativity and innovation. We are excited to work with 10KMedia and believe they are the right partner to help get our story out into the world.”

Quotes of Support

“Adam joined Datadog in 2016 as we were growing fast yet still under the radar. He helped us get the right level of media attention with poise and enthusiasm”. — Olivier Pomel, CEO and Co-Founder of Datadog

“Adam was with DigitalOcean when we were still in our small office in SoHo on Lafayette. He took full ownership of our press efforts which led to much better results than the prior agency we were using. I couldn’t recommend him enough.” — Mitch Wainer, Co-Founder of DigitalOcean

“Working with 10KMedia has been a tremendous boost in Amberflo’s narrative and media presence. We’re on an ambitious mission to transform how software companies think about billing, and we want the best folks we can find to help us along the journey. 10KMedia has been that partner for our communications.” Puneet Gupta, CEO & Founder of

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Adam LaGreca

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