Mobvista Subsidiary, Mintegral, Secures Top Rankings in Tenjin’s Hyper-Casual Games Benchmark Report

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mintegral, a leading programmatic ad platform owned by Mobvista has announced its ranking as a top ad network in Tenjin’s Q3 2022 Hyper-Casual Games Benchmark Report.

As a leading mobile marketing analytics platform, Tenjin has provided analysis into ad spend and the cost-per-install price regionally and across Android and iOS.

In light of Apple’s deprecation of IDFA, Android ad spend has continued to grow throughout 2022, up 7% from Q1 2022. On Android, Mintegral has ranked particularly well, achieving both the lowest CPI and 3rd highest in total advertising spend.

On iOS, Mintegral has also ranked 2nd in total ad spend and 2nd for lowest CPI.

Tenjin’s report compiled data on the distribution of iOS and Android advertising spend across global hyper-casual games in Q3 2022, as well as ad spend on different platforms and regions. The USA, Japan, and Brazil rank highest for Android, with the USA, Japan, and the UK taking 3rd place on iOS. Mintegral has historically been very strong on both iOS and Android in these markets.

“Our ability to provide clients with historically low CPIs across Android and iOS and a multitude of regions are why our client base continues to grow and strengthen. We are honored to be recognized by Tenjin for our efforts and will continue to bring value to our app business partners worldwide,” said Erick Fang, Mobvista CPO.

Mintegral has helped over 5,000 worldwide advertisers and more than 50,000 leading apps to acquire high-quality users at scale in global markets including Europe, America, and the APAC region. Mintegral’s data management platform has an average of more than 2.2 billion daily active users and over 200 billion daily ad requests.

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