Mobeus Unveils Airglass – Ushering a New Category of Transparent Computing

Airglass will deliver a complete, personalized desktop experience, giving people an immersive, natural, and secure communications tool for today’s modern meeting.

SPARTA, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#SpaceForLifeMobeus Industries, Inc., the tech company born from the friction between humans and technology, kicked off Constellation’s Connected Enterprise (CCE) last week with the unveiling of its first product, Airglass, a video and audio communications tool that is unlike any other in the market. Harnessing Transparent Computing – a novel user-centric computing paradigm in which the hardware and software are separated in different places – Airglass converts the desktop into a transparent, glass-like layer, creating the futuristic experience of seeing beyond the display screen. Attendees of the three-day innovation summit in Half Moon Bay were among the first to experience how Airglass combines interactive air, i.e., a virtual, see-through touch screen, and immersive glass, i.e., an overlay of an invisible digital layer atop the display, to deliver an enhanced meeting experience.

“It’s not often that you have the opportunity to be part of the launch of an industry that is going to redefine what is normal ten years from now,” said Alan Lepofsky, Chief Evangelist at Mobeus. “As a former industry analyst, it’s exciting to see previously considered ‘futuristic’ technologies that I used to write about become a reality, and this is just the beginning.”

“Everything we do at Mobeus is aimed at inventing kind and frictionless technology. We deliberately ignored the ‘Hollywood Squares’ design used on other meeting platforms and envisioned a connection product from the ground up,” said Richie Etwaru, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Mobeus. “The outcome feels more natural, more connected, more human, which felt like the locus for a much-needed reset between humans and machines.”

At CCE, Etwaru gave attendees a sneak peek of additional features to be released within Airglass later this year. Several high-touch executives experienced first-hand how the next iteration of the application instantaneously transforms a person’s desktop into an immersive experience without needing headsets, goggles, or handheld peripherals. In leveraging interactive air, attendees tested Airglass’ gesture-controlled sensing technology while learning how Mobeus plans to create novel, immersive experiences that display information in more compelling formats than conventional data-visualization tools.

Airglass is a desktop application available for Windows and macOS, while the companion mobile app will be released at a later date. Currently, the desktop application offers all subscribers five innovations:

  • See-through technology. Forming a glass-like layer atop any application in use, Airglass removes the need to minimize, move and restore windows, thus empowering anyone to meet and work at the same time. Whether sending notes within a messaging program or creating a presentation with a graphic design platform, subscribers can alter the Airglass Glasstop/Home Screen’s transparency, darkening or illuminating it so that focusing is seamless.
  • Draw with anyone, anywhere. The Airglass Illustration Tool transforms meeting participants’ mouse cursor into a collaborative pen. Personalized digital ink can be used for circling, underlining, and scribbling on anything that is on the presented screen, regardless of what is being shared.
  • Fewer meetings, more time. Airglass’ collaboration technology provides an intuitive workflow so people can quickly connect and get to business. The tool encourages nimble exchange and interaction with its in-call user interface, making ad-hoc collaboration more accessible by allowing subscribers to consolidate multiple Airglass calls into a single session with the “Merge” feature.
  • Live support. Airglass’ Live Concierge is an unparalleled service that allows subscribers to receive white glove assistance via a live video chat with a real person. Airglass live support is delivered one-to-one or one-to-many directly through the application, so consumers receive more personalized solutions in real time whenever they need them.
  • Reduce meeting fatigue. Airglass shows a maximum of up to three participants at a time and will automatically cycle in other attendees based on how recently they have spoken in the session. All other participants will remain out of sight unless they speak and have their video turned on.

Concluded Etwaru, “We’ve been using Airglass internally at Mobeus for a few months, and there is no going back. I now de-prioritize any meeting that isn’t in ‘The Glass’ because I no longer want to contend with the mental fatigue caused by video conferencing software. It’s time for a technological catch-up – ‘good enough’ is no longer an option.”

Mobeus’ commitment to developing a user-friendly, intuitive, and comprehensive portfolio also extends to its trial and purchase options. Mobeus offers a full-featured, 14-day trial of Airglass before subscribers can opt to pay $14.95 per month or $145 annually.



  • Select features shown at CCE may not be available at this time.

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