Metaplex Studios Reveals Alpha Crew Council, Announces Early Access to Metaplex Creator Studio

Diverse artist slate among the first to mint NFT projects with no-code Creator Studio and welcome the next wave of new creators to Web3

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Metaplex Studios, Inc., a developer studio that aims to grow the ecosystem of developers, creators and collectors that are using the Metaplex Protocol, today named 8 diverse creators chosen to form the Alpha Crew, among the first creators to launch projects with the new, no-code Metaplex Creator Studio. A platform built to simplify the launch and management of NFT projects and communities, Creator Studio lowers barriers to entry and makes it easy for independent artists and creators to mint, sell and manage Solana NFTs without writing a single line of code or hiring a developer – powered by the Metaplex Protocol, the fastest growing web3 creator platform in the world. Metaplex Studios announced it will also begin phased acceptance to Creator Studio this week from a wait list of over 50,000 creatives seeking an easy to learn, more approachable solution.

The Alpha Crew meets weekly to discuss best practices with Metaplex Studios staff and advise on future product direction. Guest speakers for the series include renowned 1/1 artist John Le and other experienced NFT artists and creators. The networking group supports burgeoning creators to land their Creator Studio projects successfully as they begin their entrepreneurial journey, and also provides valuable user experience feedback to the Metaplex Studios’ product teams. Alpha Crew creators and their NFT projects will be highlighted in marketing campaigns and serve as ambassadors to the next wave of talent sharing their creativity through NFTs. The creators are:

Metaplex Creator Studio: Anyone Can Be a Creator

In the Metaplex ecosystem, more than 150,000 creators have used the Metaplex protocol to engage more than 7 million collectors who in total have minted more than 21 million NFTs in just one year. But until now, most creators could not participate in Solana NFTs without hiring a developer or teaching themselves to code. Anyone can be a creator when using Creator Studio – it’s never been easier to upload, mint and manage NFT drops, and experiment with generative collections, 1/1 or open and limited editions. Creators can easily design a mint page that looks like an extension of their project with complementary colors and manage sales directly from the site. Simply upload art files and basic metadata information via Creator Studio’s easy-to-use interface, eliminating the need for deep technical developer expertise. Creators also enjoy the freedom of launching projects anytime they like, as many times as they want, without waiting to be slotted into a launchpad calendar.

“Metaplex is the ecosystem of the NFT creator,” said Julie Mossler, CMO of Metaplex Studios. “The Alpha Crew represents the independent culture and spirit that have made Solana NFTs so unique and the most exciting and colorful cross-section of art, entertainment and engagement built for a decentralized world. We can’t wait to introduce these artists’ unique points of view and inspire future creators to try our new Creator Studio. Whether it’s your first collection or you know your way around a mint, Creator Studio will help make your NFT ambitions a reality.”

Creators have found an essential revenue stream on the Solana blockchain via Metaplex, with over 90,000 collections earning over $1 billion to date. Community favorites, from DeGods to Aurory, have entrusted their mint, roadmap and business to Metaplex technology. Metaplex intends to launch Creator Studio widely to the public in early 2023.

To get more information or request early access to Creator Studio, click here. Get the latest Metaplex updates on the ecosystem Twitter account @Metaplex.

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Metaplex Studios, Inc. is a developer studio that aims to grow the ecosystem of developers, creators and collectors that are using the Metaplex Protocol by providing the first party applications, tools and resources needed to create the internet of Web3. Metaplex Studios also provides engineering and consulting services to The Metaplex Foundation, the non-profit responsible for ensuring the long-term sustainable development of the Metaplex Protocol and application framework.


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