MCO to Acquire Fairwords

AI-Powered Communications Protection Software Becomes Part of MCO’s Global Compliance Offerings

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#asiarisk–MyComplianceOffice Inc (MCO), a leading provider of conduct risk and compliance technology, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Fairwords, a pioneer in AI-powered electronic communications software that simultaneously captures digital communications while proactively enforcing policy and can even train employees as they type.

Fairwords’ communications compliance software provides compliance leaders and teams with proactive training, analytics, and archiving to mitigate communications risks and prevent compliance crises and lawsuits.

The software also provides firms with a streamlined solution for monitoring and flagging risky communications, while ensuring the archival of digital messages in compliance with regulatory requirements.

“MCO believes that non-compliant communications can have severe consequences in highly regulated industries. We recognized that Fairwords offers a unique solution to address these challenges,” said Brian Fahey, CEO of MCO. “With this acquisition, we will further augment our solution for exceptional integrated surveillance capability across all transactions, employees, and third-party entities. We are thrilled to welcome Fairwords, its talented team, and customers to the MCO family.”

The acquisition will yield the following benefits:

  • Expansion of MCO’s integrated surveillance solution to encompass digital communications, strengthening its ability to identify potential compliance issues.
  • Enhancement of MCO customers’ ability to ensure communications compliance across various channels while fostering a robust culture of compliance within their organizations.

“The AI technology developed by Fairwords is years ahead of its competitors, as is MCO’s compliance technology. Throughout the due diligence process, we concluded that MCO’s dedication and investment in the surveillance space make it the ideal home for our team and clients,” stated Tom Bubeck, CEO of Fairwords. “I have no doubt that our customers will be extremely satisfied with MCO for many years to come.”

With this acquisition, MCO reinforces its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enable organizations to effectively manage compliance. By integrating Fairwords’ AI-powered communications protection software into its comprehensive suite of offerings, MCO solidifies its position as a leader in the global compliance technology market.

About MCO (MyComplianceOffice)

MCO provides powerful compliance management software that companies around the world use to reduce the risk of misconduct and effectively oversee regulatory obligations. The MCO solution allows firms to address transactional and personal conflicts of interest in a single platform. It is the only fully integrated compliance management platform that uses a global company and security master dataset to identify conflicts across firm transactions (deals, research, and trades), employees, and third parties and provide evidence of regulatory compliance.

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Lisa Deschamp, Vice President, Global Marketing