Lucas ChatGPT Plugin Delivers Simple and Seamless Text to Video

The plugin leverages Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform for real-time AI video generation.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIvideo–Idomoo’s official ChatGPT plugin is making text-to-video more accessible than ever. Now, users can easily transform any ChatGPT response into a complete, usable video in seconds with the Lucas AI Video Creator plugin. From a simple text prompt, Lucas creates a one-of-a-kind video with all necessary assets, including script, voiceover, footage and an interactive CTA button.

Plugins like Lucas extend the capabilities of ChatGPT beyond just providing a text answer to supporting a range of tasks, such as making a video (as Lucas does), booking a hotel or ordering groceries. Plugins are currently available to GPT-4 users as part of ChatGPT Plus.

Lucas plugin benefits include:

  • Ease of use: You don’t need to know design, video editing or even which scenes to add. Lucas takes care of it all.
  • Quick edits: Users can easily change the voiceover, soundtrack, colors, fonts and more, either by choosing from a drop-down menu or uploading their own media.
  • High quality: It’s not just stitching together stock footage. Lucas adds his own creative twist with graphics and animations in different styles.
  • Speed: Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform, which Lucas runs on, can render videos in up to 100x real time.
  • Variety: For every text prompt, Lucas generates multiple videos so you have a range of styles to choose from.

“Lucas is an AI agent who brings together multiple technologies to create each video, including text-to-speech, AI imagery and more,” said Danny Kalish, Idomoo CTO and co-founder. “Now with our integration for ChatGPT, even more users can leverage this powerful tool to create engaging and effective videos instantly, no technical skills needed.”

To date, Lucas has created hundreds of thousands of videos for SMBs, nonprofits and individual users, and he’s improving all the time with additional styles, new features like saved history and more.

“As Lucas learns new skills, those will be immediately available to ChatGPT users who take advantage of this plugin,” said Dan Shamir, VP of Innovation at Idomoo. “By integrating with ChatGPT, we’re excited to see Lucas reach even more people with the magic of instant, easy text-to-video generation.”

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