Likewise, Personalized Content Discovery Platform, Announces Key Milestones

User growth, email newsletter re-brand, marketing partnerships and AI enhancements

BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Likewise (, the Bill Gates-backed personalized entertainment discovery platform, with 6 million+ registered users and the leading platform for consumers to discover, collect, and share their favorite TV shows, Movies, Books and Podcasts, reveals growth in several key areas:

  • Surpasses 2.5 Million Email Newsletter Subscriptions – this makes Likewise the largest daily newsletter in the entertainment category exceeding newsletter scale from such established brands as The New York Times ‘Watching’, Vulture, Variety, Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide. Email is a key point of entry into the Likewise ecosystem which includes its mobile app, websites and connected TV applications.
  • Re-Branding of Daily Newsletters ( alongside this explosive user growth, Likewise announces new brands for its flagship newsletter products:

    • WATCHLIST f.k.a. ‘What to Watch,’ for personalized Movies and TV shows.
    • BOOKLIST – f.k.a. ‘What to Read,’ for Books and Audiobook recommendations.
    • PODLIST – f.k.a. ‘What to Podcast,’ to help discover new Podcasts.

    With the average consumer spending 23 minutes per day trying to find new content, these brands articulate the core value promise of Likewise – to help make user’s lives better by connecting them with the content they’ll love.

  • Launches Marketer Partnerships – in beta trials in Q4 ’22 and Q1 ’23, Likewise is now working on behalf of advertising partners to reach and engage its users. To date Likewise has worked with more than 50 test partners across 20 different categories including book publishing, consumer products, e-commerce, financial services, health & beauty, pet care, podcasts, streaming services, and others. Marketing partners have responded positively to Likewise’s proprietary user data that includes nearly 500 million preference datapoints that inform customer targeting and custom editorial integrations. Marketers can inquire about advertising opportunities at
  • Expands its AI – Likewise has also launched version one of its AI powered recommendation engine; this enables Likewise to send individualized recommendations across its suite of apps as well as delivered directly to users’ inboxes, thereby driving greater engagement, across its millions of users every day to help them better navigate their content decisions.

“In an era where scale, AI, and innovative consumer technology are more important than ever, Likewise is excited about our rapidly-growing presence in entertainment discovery and we have ambitious plans to aggressively grow our subscription base and platform in the months ahead,” said Likewise CEO Ian Morris, adding “We’re especially thrilled to start working with marketing partners to help them achieve their goals too.”

About Likewise (

Backed by funding from the private office of Bill Gates, Likewise is the leading personalized entertainment discovery platform. The company combines rich preference data with the latest AI technology to provide users with highly personalized and curated recommendations covering TV shows, movies, books and podcasts. With more than 6 million registered users and 2.5 million subscriptions to its personalized entertainment newsletters, Likewise continues to revolutionize the way people discover and engage with their favorite entertainment.


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