Independent Progressive News Site Truthdig Is Re-launched

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Truthdig, an independent and progressive source of investigative journalism and commentary whose work often takes it where mainstream media dares not go, today relaunched after a hiatus.

“Our perspective is broad, and we are committed to journalism that uncovers issues and seeks potential solutions,” Truthdig’s Publisher and CEO Zuade Kaufman says in a Letter from the Publisher today. “We’ll also bring you fresh global voices that shed new light on relevant and important humanitarian issues, from abuse and disease to diasporas and the climate.”

“Our staff is cutting-edge and dedicated to digging for the truth,” Kaufman adds. “But ‘digging’ to uncover problems is of limited value if all it does is leave you at the bottom of a deep hole with no way out. So, we’ll go beyond and identify possible solutions that may offer pathways to create positive change.”

Articles today range from the tragic intersection for veterans of PTSD, psychedelics, politics and profit to how flooding in Pakistan has created a humanitarian crisis and threatens a political one, and from the backstory of Russia’s war in Ukraine to an examination of whether Donald Trump is above the law. We also provide an incisive film review and essay about the new documentary Riotsville USA.

Truthdig’s signature features include:

  • Digs, three-month investigative excavations into an issue
  • A Way Out, which goes beyond defining a problem and seeks to identify potential solutions
  • Truthdiggers, profiles of individuals standing up to power
  • Global Voices, a forum for brave women reporting from their native countries
  • Changemakers, a video series of in-depth interviews with activists
  • Dig Scape, a sound collage on resonant themes and topics.

About Truthdig

Founded in 2005, Truthdig is an independent source for progressive reporting by journalists who meet the highest professional standards. It has often been recognized for its outstanding journalism, including receiving six Webby Awards, 31 first-place awards from the Los Angeles Press Club and affiliated organizations, and four awards from the Society of Professional Journalists.


Wes Robinson