HC3 Celebrates 60 Years of Industry-Leading Service as the Premier Provider of Statements and Customer Communications for Financial Services

– HC3 is building on decades of industry service with innovations in bank-consumer communications-

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HC3, a data-driven statement provider, is kicking off a year-long celebration in honor of their 60 years of business. Founded in 1962 as a mailing company for the publishing industry, HC3 has evolved to become one of the financial services industry’s leading providers of statements and customer communications.

The name HC3 itself tells part of the story of the company’s history. The HC represents the company’s origins as both High Cotton Direct Marketing and then High Cotton. The 3 represents their third evolution as a business. This latest evolution includes their focus on the digital delivery of statements, statement design and print delivery of those statements. The 3 also gives a nod to the fact that HC3 has operated in three main locations, under three business names, and currently has three processing facilities in Alabama, Indiana and Texas.

In conjunction with the start of its 60th year, HC3 is casting a vision for the future with a strategic focus on bringing further innovation to financial documents in particular bank statements and their delivery channels.

“HC3 has grown and evolved a great deal over the past 60 years, but one thing has remained the same – our dedication to serving our customers with innovative solutions,” said Thomas McGahey, CEO at HC3. “Even recently with the acquisition of BSI and Automail/DOC, we have added another depth of experience and creativity. It feels like we are 60 going on 20. Even though we are established in the industry, we remain nimble, innovative and future-focused. When you work with HC3, we want to be your partner, not just a solution provider. I’m excited to see where our customers and the industry takes us in the next 60 years.”

About HC3

Headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., HC3 connects financial institutions to their customers. By outsourcing bank statements with HC3, financial institutions leverage document design, digital delivery, and print delivery. Through these solutions, banks and credit unions can make a statement that reflects their brand. For more information, call (877) 838-2345 or visit www.hc3.io.


Kendall Carwile