Halen Technology, a Travel and Mobile Delivery Super App, Launches Security Token Offering (STO), NFTs and Social Tokens for Seed Investors

The distribution of 300 million reward tokens is Halen’s newest perk for participating investors – the super app’s next step into web3 technology of the future will enable digital transfer of tokens

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Halen Technology, a community-based super app creating an integrated world of shared services, including flight booking, ride share, vacation rentals, retail, and food delivery, announces the launch of its Security Token Offering (STO). This will include NFTs and social tokens as perks for members of the public who participate as seed investors.

Halen Technology is conducting a crowdfunded offering pursuant to section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act through Akemona, Inc. The offering will be opening at https://akemona.com/offerings/halen.

Halen, anchored by a franchise business model, is a user-friendly super app, serving as a single portal to a wide range of virtual services. The application empowers users to combine all their ride share, flight booking, vacation rental, grocery, restaurant, and retail mobile delivery into one app, eliminating the need to store payment and personal data across multiple apps. It also streamlines processes for gig economy workers driving for multiple apps.

“As a former gig driver, one of the biggest frustrations on the job was hopping back and forth between the different ride share and food delivery apps, which required tracking the updates across multiple platforms. When I started Halen Technology, I wanted to streamline this process and combine all of these services into one app,” said Edward Mbeche, Halen Technology founder and CEO. “By creating this one-stop-shop super app, not only are drivers’ lives made easier, but by using the single platform, consumers of these services also experience improved security, as well as financial and time savings. We have an enthusiastic group of early investors already on board who are passionate about our vision. We’re eager to show them our appreciation with these boosted investor perks.”

Seed investors will receive an NFT and 100 “Halen Rewards” social tokens for each dollar invested. Halen will be distributing up to 300 million ERC-20 tokens. ERC-20 is a standard used for creating smart contracts for issuance of fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. “Halen Rewards” are used to denote appreciation among network participants.

“While super apps are rapidly rising in popularity in other countries, to-date, Halen has no existing competitors in the U.S. even though there is a tremendous need from consumers and ride share drivers alike,” said Tony Rhem, Halen Technology early-stage investor and advisor. “Every feature of Halen’s app is designed to give a grand welcome to all members of the Halen community. The STO, NFT and social token launch further exemplify our commitment to an accessible, authentic, and appreciative environment.”

This move also marks Halen’s foray into web3 technology, laying the groundwork for upcoming app developments that will be rooted in web3 technology while staying on the cutting edge of dramatic evolutions in the mobile delivery world.

Halen has also been selected for Google’s Startups Cloud Program, receiving $100,000 in funding, and was awarded $1 million in funding by KiwiTech, a strategic technology partner.

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About Halen Technology

Halen Technology is a community-based, user-friendly super app creating an integrated world of shared services, including ride share, flight booking, vacation rental, grocery, restaurant, and retail mobile delivery, all in one platform. Founded in 2021 by former limo owner and gig driver Edward Mbeche, Halen is building an app tailored to the needs of employee, franchisee, and affiliate drivers, as well as the consumers who depend on these services. The pilot program is scheduled to launch in the spring of 2023.


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