HackNotice Releases New Whitepaper Series “The Password is Not Dead (and Will Never Die)”

This series exposes the shortcomings of passwordless technology and what that means for businesses.

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HackNotice, the leading threat awareness platform, has launched a new series of white papers discussing passwordless authentication’s drawbacks. This series provides powerful insights into how passwordless authentication is terrible in theory and practice and how it weakens security cultures.

If you’ve been keeping up with cybersecurity industry news lately, you’ve probably seen a few headlines unabashedly declaring the death of the password and the dawn of the passwordless era. Some security tech brands are hedging their bets, spending millions on software development for passwordless authentication, and forking out obscene ad budgets to evangelize the password’s impending demise.

This series sheds light on the shortcomings of passwordless technology to help security professionals make the best decisions for their organizations. The series goes in-depth about what passwordless authentication looks like, gives examples of when passwordless technology failed, and explores how the new technology only fixes a symptom of the cybersecurity problem, not the root cause.

“The new school of thought is that passwordless authentication is the only way to fight the cybersecurity epidemic against hackers, but that’s far from the reality. Over the course of the past couple of months, we’ve seen how passwordless authentication has failed businesses and how threat actors broke in with ease. Our new whitepaper series highlights the drawbacks of passwordless authentication, why strong passwords can protect companies better, and how a good security culture is a key to being safer online,” said Steve Thomas, CEO, and Co-Founder of HackNotice.

This whitepaper series offers businesses insight into how an overreliance on passwordless technology is detrimental to a business’s cyber strategy. To keep up with the ongoing whitepaper series, follow HackNotice’s resources page here. To learn more about HackNotice’s threat-awareness program, click here.

About HackNotice:

HackNotice is the only company-wide threat awareness platform making employees safer online. Users monitor, review, and take swift actions against their real cyber threats. The platform bridges the gap between security teams and other employees through real-time alerts, around-the-clock monitoring, recovery recommendations, and a full security training and assessment program. HackNotice’s mission is to make all employees threat aware, creating a resilient security culture. Founded in 2019, HackNotice is located in Austin, TX. For more information, visit www.hacknotice.com.


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