GlobalComix Raises $6.5m in Series A Funding led by Point72 Ventures to Disrupt and Expand Access to Comics Worldwide

Investment further solidifies the comics platform’s place as an innovator in the comics industry’s direct market and to increase global visibility for independent creators, publishers, and consumers

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GlobalComix, the leading digital comics platform, announced today its $6.5m Series A fundraising round led by Point72 Ventures, with participation from Endeavor, among others.

The global comic book market is continuing to grow, with an estimated 500M readers, 1M+ creators and an annual spend on comic books around $25B. Popular athletes wear comic book merchandise, top-grossing movies are often adaptations and anime is one of streaming platform’s most successful genres—all underscoring the cultural renaissance and relevance of comics today.

Despite these favorable tailwinds, the main actors of the ecosystem—consumers, publishers and creators—have material pain points. For consumers, there is no centralized online platform to consume both professional and independently created comics. For publishers, large digital subscription services shut down, and for creators, existing platforms oftentimes offer only subpar publishing and distribution tools.

GlobalComix addresses these points by enabling publishers and creators to digitally publish their comics at a much higher rate than through traditional channels, while allowing readers to discover exciting new content as part of their subscription service.

“We are immensely pleased to partner with Point72 Ventures, whose investment accelerates our mission to revolutionize the digital comics industry and helps us realize the company’s vision of bringing the comic book experience to the online world,” said Christopher Carter, CEO of GlobalComix. “This funding will fuel our growth, broaden our reach, and deepen our commitment to creators and fans alike. This includes delivering AI-powered tools that drastically improve creator workflow and productivity, while enhancing the reading experience for everyone, including previously underserved multi-generational audiences. We remain steadfast in maintaining our creator-first approach that respects and values the people telling the stories we love.”

“We believe GlobalComix is well positioned to address the need for innovation in the digital comic book industry,” said Ishan Sinha, Principal at Point72 Ventures. “GlobalComix’s unique value proposition lies in its commitment to creators and fans, fostering an inclusive community that brings together diverse voices from around the world. We’re excited to be part of their growth journey.”

Co-Founder of GlobalComix and tech industry veteran Robert Hoffer, affectionately referred to as “theBotFather” in Silicon Valley circles for inventing SmarterChild—the first commercial AI chatbot and widely considered the progenitor to all modern chatbots from Siri to Alexa and ChatGPT4, said, “With strategic allies like Endeavor, we’re more than ready to pioneer a transformation in the digital comics landscape. The future of AI-enhanced digital comics publishing will further support the GlobalComix mission of putting creators first. Our timely integration of AI tools throughout our ecosystem couldn’t be more opportune.”

With this round of financing, GlobalComix plans to enhance the platform, focus on reaching target audiences, and continue its mission to deliver an unrivaled comics experience to both creators and readers around the globe. This investment signifies a bright future for the advancement of the comics industry as a whole in the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment industry.

About GlobalComix: GlobalComix is a digital entertainment platform dedicated to reshaping the landscape of comic and graphic novel creation, distribution, and consumption on a global scale. Based in New York, GlobalComix empowers creators with the tools they need to reach new audiences, monetize their work, and engage with fans in novel ways. For readers, GlobalComix offers a diverse, immersive, and engaging reading experience that spans genres and geographies. Committed to innovation, inclusivity, and a creator-first approach, GlobalComix is changing the way the world interacts with digital comics. For more information, visit


Melissa Meszaros

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