Elgato Launches Digital Creator Marketplace

Connecting content creators of all kinds to a world of digital assets

MILPITAS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$CRSR–Elgato, a brand of CORSAIR (NASDAQ: CRSR), is proud to announce Marketplace, a first-of-its-kind virtual platform for content creators. On the Elgato Marketplace, creators can discover digital assets of all kinds, all in one convenient website. From plugins to graphics to voice effects, Marketplace offers creators new ways to personalize their favorite Elgato devices, like Stream Deck. It works with popular apps such as Wave Link and OBS Studio, making assets easy to install and customize. In a world of virtual landscapes, Marketplace empowers creators to express themselves and shape their identities.

With thousands of free and premium products, there’s a digital asset for almost anyone on Marketplace. For those with a Stream Deck, there are hundreds of plugins to control apps like Discord and Microsoft Teams. Streamers can build their brand with graphics from top designers like Nerd or Die and OWN3D. Meanwhile, podcasters can pull from a library of voice effects and sounds to tune their audio. There’s even a collection of video templates and transitions for YouTube editors to produce incredible content. That said, Elgato plans to grow the ecosystem even further, adding new product types like video filters, voice changers, and AR effects in the future.

There’s more good news for those using Stream Deck or Wave Link. After creating a Marketplace account, creators can link their Elgato apps to start using quick install. This new feature syncs many asset types automatically, making setup easier and faster. In just a few moments, users can discover, install, and start using assets in the apps they love.

“With this change, our goal is to make the user journey as seamless and connected as possible,” said Caleb Leigh, Product Owner of Marketplace. “We’re excited to bring this same technology to more Elgato apps in the future, like Camera Hub and EpocCam — and even some third-party apps, like OBS Studio.”

Perhaps the biggest change, however, affects community sellers, called “Makers.” In the past, Makers shared their digital products across a variety of websites, often struggling to find an audience. Now with Marketplace, they can reach creators directly in the apps they use most, tapping into millions of potential customers. That means more opportunities to get noticed, build a brand, and earn income — all from one easy-to-use platform. And while a full suite of product tools is still in development, there’s a vibrant Maker community already contributing in Elgato’s Discord today.

In the meantime, creators and Makers alike can start exploring Marketplace to see what’s possible.

Media kit

Get high-resolution images: https://pr.cor.sr/Elgato_Marketplace


Watch the announcement trailer: https://youtu.be/_KaOXshH5-k


Learn more about the Elgato Marketplace: https://marketplace.elgato.com/


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