CommerceIQ Launches New Ecommerce Sales Management Pro Offering

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CommerceIQ, the leader in retail ecommerce management (REM), today announced the launch of Ecommerce Sales Management (ESM) Pro, its new all-in-one solution for brands to plan, monitor, and execute on Amazon. Building on CommerceIQ’s first-to-market retail ecommerce automation platform, the new solution now integrates new Market Share and Forecasting features with sales, supply chain, and content automations to help brands maximize profitable growth. CommerceIQ ESM Pro enables brands to consolidate their tech stacks for a single source of truth, along with AI and machine learning-powered automations, to drive both cost and team efficiencies. CommerceIQ plans to rapidly expand ESM Pro to additional retailers following this launch.

“As the first company to develop REM automations, CommerceIQ has always been proud to push the envelope to solve our customers’ evolving business issues,” said Guru Hariharan, CEO, CommerceIQ. “Over the past few years, we have partnered with leading brands to spur explosive ecommerce growth. Today, with changing economic conditions, they trust CommerceIQ to help grow market share, drive profitable growth, and gain supply chain efficiencies. We are excited to launch the all-in-one solution for brands to manage every aspect of their retail ecommerce business with CommerceIQ ESM Pro.”

Changing market conditions have led to new challenges, and in turn, new priorities for brands operating on Amazon. When CommerceIQ pioneered REM automations, the primary challenge for brands was managing manual and time consuming tasks with the right insights and metrics across sales, operations and media. Today, brands need to drive profitability while adapting to retailer and consumer shifts, forecasting and growing market share. CommerceIQ ESM Pro meets the needs of today’s brands with the first comprehensive platform that brings all of these elements together.

With CommerceIQ ESM Pro, brands can consolidate their tech stack with a single platform to plan, monitor, and execute their businesses on Amazon. ESM Pro is the all-in-one solution that helps brands:

  • Report on your performance across sales, operations and media metrics
  • Manage your profitability at a SKU level
  • Measure and grow your market share
  • Automate the resolution of detail page issues
  • Automate quality content at scale
  • Automate PO error resolution
  • Reduce manual forecasting and S&OP efforts
  • Monitor the competitive and category landscape

To find out more about CommerceIQ ESM Pro, visit here.

About CommerceIQ

CommerceIQ is the leading retail ecommerce management (REM) platform for consumer brands to plan, monitor and execute their businesses and profitably grow market share across 500+ global online retailers. CommerceIQ’s unified REM platform brings together every aspect of a brand’s retail ecommerce business: sales and operations, retail media management, content management, and digital shelf optimization, to create a single source of truth. CommerceIQ’s machine learning and automations enables brands to connect organizational silos, power team efficiencies, and drive measurable sales impact. More than 2,200 brands globally, including Nestle, Colgate, and Whirlpool, trust CommerceIQ to manage and grow their retail ecommerce businesses across global retailers including Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart. For more information, visit


Daniel Smiertka

5W Public Relations