Cloudinary Extends its Digital Asset Management (DAM) Platform with Studio, a Powerful Set of AI Capabilities for Marketers

Studio allows non-technical users to harness the power of AI to create engaging customer experiences at scale while improving internal efficiency and reducing time-to-market

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CloudCloudinary, the image and video platform that powers many of the world’s top brands, today announced a key enhancement to its enterprise DAM, Cloudinary Assets, with the addition of Studio, a powerful new feature that allows users to quickly adapt images and video with ease and at scale. Powered by AI, Studio users will benefit from more efficient media management workflows, improved collaboration, and faster time to market. With access to built-in generative AI capabilities, users can quickly remove backgrounds, add drop shadows or otherwise manipulate images and videos to suit their needs. Cloudinary is launching Studio at the Henry Stewart DAM conference this week in New York City.

Cloudinary’s enterprise DAM uses intelligent automation to supercharge the creation of image and video variations, and eliminate critical but tedious and time-consuming work. Cloudinary Assets users save countless hours with the ability to define one or multiple transformations that the platform can use to instantly optimize images and videos for all channels, devices, and platforms and automatically generate variations when uploaded or on demand.

“AI has been at the heart of our image and video solutions for more than a decade – and this legacy of innovation powers our intelligent, modern DAM platform, enabling us to help many of the world’s most successful brands deliver great customer experiences while improving internal efficiency and profitability,” said Rob Daynes, managing director for DAM at Cloudinary. “We’re thrilled to introduce Studio’s cutting-edge automation and generative AI capabilities to help teams adapt their assets at scale with ease so they can bring campaigns to life faster and continue delivering the experiences their customers love.”

Studio brings additional workflow efficiencies to a modern DAM platform that includes:

  • Automation of collaboration workflows: Cloudinary makes it easy to create and share image and video collections between internal teams and external collaborators, facilitate review and approval workflows, and navigate asset handoffs.
  • Unlimited asset variations: From a single source file, users can rely on AI to automatically create an unlimited number of experience-ready assets that are optimized for performance and tailored to the specifications of each channel.
  • Access to best-in-class apps: Customizations don’t need to be complex, expensive, or process-heavy. Apps for DAM are API-based and future-proof, providing a low-cost approach to ensuring that customers can maximize the solution’s value.
  • Flawless asset delivery: Cloudinary’s AI-powered automation ensures content looks great, performs as designed, and loads lightning fast on every screen.
  • Battle-tested stability: Cloudinary’s emphasis on security, high availability, and superior performance means brands can rely on the platform to always be there for them.

These powerful capabilities deliver impressive benefits for many of the world’s most dynamic brands. For example, the world’s largest collector car auction company, Mecum Auctions, relies on Cloudinary to automatically retrieve and optimize more than two million assets published across mobile, tablet, and desktop – automations that have saved the auction house more than 2,000 working hours, equal to a full year of work for one employee.

According to Mecum Auctions’ IT Director Cade Cannon: “We’re a big company in terms of our footprint, but we don’t have armies of resources. Being smart and being agile with our resources is to our advantage, and knowing that we are now able to align our resources with things that are adding value to the company or adding value to our customers – that’s our sweet spot, and Cloudinary allows us to do that.”

Visit Cloudinary’s website to discover how its intelligent, modern DAM platform helps enterprises streamline visual content operations and accelerate their go-to-market execution. Attendees of this week’s Henry Stewart DAM conference in New York City can see also a demo of Studio and Cloudinary Assets at Cloudinary booth 28, and learn more about the most important digital asset management trends and features during its two live sessions:

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