PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cascade, world-leading strategy execution platform, announces another inclusive event – Strategy Fest 2022! After 15,000 professionals joined the Strategy Fest in 2021, Cascade is hosting another day of discussions with top strategists.

Strategy Fest is set to spark conversations about innovative tactics, and will also provide templates and broader frameworks to get your strategy started. You can register online for FREE!

Many corporations still think of strategy as a top-down exclusive event for the few, but that is certainly not the case – Strategy Fest encourages people to join the strategy revolution, by making strategy collaborative and accessible to all.

“Strategy doesn’t need a hero, it needs teams. In history, we celebrated ‘leaders’ as the only reason to win a battle…in companies, this shouldn’t be approached the same way,” claims Karim Zuhri, General Manager & COO at Cascade. “It’s time to give the strategy back to everyone and get it executed every day because it’s ultimately about execution and not just about the planning.”

There are no longer geographical boundaries for business and connections. Strategy Fest aims to help people interact and connect with thousands of professionals from around the globe through speed networking sessions and roundtable discussions.

“Years of vapid PowerPoint presentations and ‘all-talk’ consultants have left people disillusioned with how strategy works at their organizations. Strategy Fest is about calling that out, helping teams reassess their relationship with business strategy and take back control,” says Tom Wright, Founder & CEO of Cascade.

“Strategy is about helping people find more meaning in their work and get more out of their jobs through greater alignment and connectivity to each other. The best businesses understand this and know how to deliver the win-win scenario of faster agility for the organization and greater engagement for employees. We’ve handpicked some of the top leaders from the business world to share this knowledge with as many people as possible through Strategy Fest.”

Speakers include Sana Mohammed, the Director of Global Loyalty Strategy for McDonald’s, who has extensive experience with crafting creative support models for digital product teams. Additionally, Ankur Gupta, who works in Corporate Strategy at FedEx, will be focusing on the “ABC of Strategy” and he’ll be speaking directly to entry-level strategists who are taking their first steps in this space.

Jennifer Beirne, Head of Marketing at Amazon Alexa, will speak about how effective strategies not only drive outcomes but also the inputs that will lead to them, and share insights about the process used at Amazon.

Tomas Thiré, Head of Technology Strategy and Transformation at Mastercard, will speak about how to get strategy out of the “bored” room and inspire teams to deliver on the strategy they helped create.

Many other speakers will be in attendance, including Ryan Saundry, Group General Manager at Asahi; Alison Revine, Director of Commercial Strategy at Danone; and Phil Orbanes, creative game industry executive, author, and historian.

“Without a strategy, there is no plan of action to achieve your major goals, be they in a game, life or business,” says Monopoly expert, Phil Orbanes. “It has been wryly said, ‘if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.’ In business, in particular, so many distractions occur daily that, if not disciplined, you will be diverted from your goals and likely fail.”

Strategy Fest 2022 promises to be a unique and global opportunity, bringing together diverse cultures on the subject of strategy execution. Virtual world-class entertainment will also be included at this not-to-be-missed festival!

Cascade is the world’s #1 strategy execution platform. They’ve helped over 8,000 teams across the globe transform their strategies into action and their visions into reality. Cascade’s customers are redefining the world – from battling the AIDS epidemic, establishing a supply chain for COVID-19 vaccines, to building the world’s fastest Formula One car.


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