CareJourney Honors Customers That Saved More Than $411M in 2021 Under Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP)

CareJourney customers generated approximately one-quarter of the total savings reported in 2021 from the program

ARLINGTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CareJourney, a market leader in provider cost and quality data, today announced that over 58 accountable care organizations (ACOs) working with CareJourney saved Medicare more than $411 million under the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) in 2021. Launched in 2012, the MSSP program was created by CMS to encourage coordinated, high-value care to Medicare beneficiaries. It incentivizes ACOs to invest in improving patient care by allowing them to share in savings generated after meeting well-defined care quality and cost goals. Participating ACOs are doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers focused on delivering the right-care at the right time to those who rely on Medicare for their healthcare benefits.

“The MSSP program has served as value-based care’s “north star,” delivering the benefits of coordinated care at scale to more than 11 million beneficiaries in 2021. At its core, it is a model that emphasizes greater primary care investment to manage downstream care needs,” said Aneesh Chopra, CareJourney President and former U.S. Chief Technology Officer under President Obama. “We are honored to serve a broad range of participating organizations, including physician-focused enablement platforms as they hardwire best practices nationwide; independent physician groups working to build a culture of prevention and wellness; and health systems who are committed to new models of physician alignment to succeed in value-based care models.”

Prominence Health Plan, a CareJourney member affiliated with the Universal Health Services (UHS), recently announced its 2021 ACO results with over $82 million in savings to Medicare and over $56 million in earnings for its 3,000 participating physicians. This yielded a total of nearly $400 million saved since the establishment of the first UHS ACO in 2014.

“Since 2016, we have partnered with CareJourney for innovative analytics and insights to drive success across several of our ACOs,” said Kamal Jemmoua, CEO of Prominence Health Plan. “These insights help us make more informed decisions about improving patient continuity of care and enhancing acute and post-acute care performance, all activities necessary for success under MSSP.”

CareJourney’s provider performance analytics combine demographic and affiliation information with cost, outcome and referral metrics. ACOs rely on this information to curate high-performing networks, coordinate patient care and monitor provider performance in support of risk-based contract models. The CareJourney analytics help ACOs and health systems manage the transition to value-based care and increased levels of financial risk under alternative payment models promulgated by CMS.

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