BuildESG Launches Value Creation Insights Library Feature as Part of its Platform Expansion

This new in-platform feature provides private markets stakeholders with a comprehensive resource of case studies that have generated positive impact, both financial and ESG-related

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BuildESG, the leading ESG insights and intelligence platform for the private markets, today announced the launch of its Value Creation Insights Library to support BuildESG members in developing and strengthening their ESG proposition. BuildESG members now have access to diverse value creation insights and examples across the alternative investments industry to reference and inform portfolio company initiatives.

BuildESG’s Value Creation Insights Library provides the private markets with a collection of case studies that achieved both financial and social returns via revenue growth, cost reduction, improved stakeholder relations, investment and portfolio asset optimization and increased productivity. It reveals key value creation insights by industry, by general partner and by type of benefit(s) realized by leading private equity and private credit firms and their portfolio companies. This innovative new feature allows users to quickly educate themselves on how their peers and the alternative investments industry are generating value via their ESG proposition and investments.

This new feature development reflects the high demand of value creation insights and the rapidly increasing pace of ESG integration within the private markets as more investors and asset managers seek opportunities that align with their ESG approach and investment return expectations. Having analyzed and benchmarked over 100 general partners’ ESG, Sustainability and Responsible Investment programs, BuildESG provides its members with unrivaled visibility into industry best practices as well as innovative and effective ESG initiatives that have generated tangible, quantitative results and value.

“The BuildESG platform and its in-house team of ESG leaders prioritize the needs of its clients to alleviate long-standing pain points related to ESG and provide members with both the tools and expert advice to strengthen their ESG proposition,” said Della Jung, BuildESG’s Director of Business Development. “At BuildESG, we go beyond providing the software and data management tools by enabling our members to take actionable steps on value creation with the help of our readily accessible ESG experts.”

BuildESG and its subsidiaries provide evidence-based insights, software and reporting management services for Fortune 500 corporations and the private markets. BuildESG’s proprietary data, analytics and content are available to limited and general partner members via its award-winning software platform, which is complemented by an in-house team of ESG experts and industry leaders with over 24 years of experience. BuildESG members also have access to research, value creation case studies, purpose-built ESG workflow management software and reporting and due diligence services.

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