Brown Books Publishing Group Takes Bet with Entrepreneurial Author to Sell-Out of His First Printing

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#bet–Jay D. Rodgers has seen and done it all. From the gritty start-ups to worldwide businesses that generate millions in revenue, he has founded, fostered and sold numerous ventures including Smart Start — now the world’s largest breath-alcohol ignition-interlock company. In The Bet: An Entrepreneur’s All-In Strategy to Win in Business (Brown Books Publishing Group; on sale, June 27, 2023), Rodgers draws on his wisdom and iconoclastic style to help both new and experienced business owners achieve their best results.

Often referred to as “the entrepreneur’s mentor,” Jay D. Rodgers cofounded Biz Owner’s Ed, a nonprofit organization with the mission of helping fledgling companies reach the next level. Rodgers intends for The Bet to help mentor readers and show how to successfully deal with the challenges of achieving goals.

“My book is written for and dedicated to those seriously committed entrepreneurs who are growing companies, creating employment and strengthening the foundation of our great country … I hope this book inspires you to bet on your dreams, your hope and yourself.” —Jay D. Rodgers

Reflecting his strategic mindset upon signing his book contract, Jay D. Rodgers wagered his publisher $10,000 that the first printing of his book would not sell out. “I made the bet knowing that Milli [the publisher] would devote all of her considerable power to ensure the best possible outcome for us both.”

“Play the man, not the cards … betting big on yourself and others is among the key messages Rodgers imparts in [The Bet], and in my rather extensive experience, an entrepreneur who literally embodies his own advice is both rare and always a reliable source for an interesting read.” —Milli Brown, Founder and CEO of Brown Books Publishing Group

“Jay Rodgers is an original. He is also one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time. I invite you to share his wisdom in this book.” —Norm Brodsky, Coauthor of Street Smarts and The Knack, and Entrepreneur in Residence at the Birthing of Giants Fellowship Program