Braniff Airways Flying Into New Licensing Partnerships

The iconic airline added (10) new licensees, deepening the product assortment in aviation diecast, in addition to expanding into new products

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Braniff–Braniff International, and its brand licensing agency, Perpetual Licensing, announced that they have executed (10) new licensing agreements in their efforts to expand the Braniff brand in the marketplace. New licenses include products across a number of categories, including Fine Art Lithograph Posters & Prints; Playing Cards; Branded Apparel, Watches and Diecast Models and custom order bespoke Aircraft Floor Models.

Braniff Airways, d/b/a Braniff International, one of the world’s major airlines from 1928 to 1982, is widely recognized for the first-of-its-kind collaborations with some of the greatest mid-century designers of the era. Legendary names, including: Alexander Girard, Alexander Calder, Halston, Pucci and others, designed iconic Braniff experiences that embodied the ‘Jet Set’ lifestyle fostered by the airline. In fact, Braniff’s work with these design icons, could be considered the first designer brand “collabs” that are currently in vogue around the world.

Braniff’s new diecast model partners include: GeminiJets, Inflight200, Herpa, and Goldvarg Collection. Atlantic Models and PacMin Studios will produce custom order large Braniff aircraft floor models. Stick No Bills holds the exclusive license for fine art lithographs and art prints, Art of Play will produce limited edition playing cards and Airportag will create a line of branded apparel.

About Braniff International

Braniff Airways, Incorporated, the former international airline, is now a leading global historic airline branding and marketing, online retail and historic airliner tour and resort property firm, which was originally formed in 1928. Braniff manages a portfolio of licensing agreements worldwide. The company operates its lucrative Braniff Boutique Online Retail store ( ) that sells to 120 plus countries worldwide along with three brick and mortar stores. Braniff also administers its original Employee/Retiree Airline Pass Benefits Program, which offers current and former employees discount travel on partner airlines and travel companies.

Braniff Airways supports Braniff Airways Foundation, which is the official repository for Braniff’s historical corporate and employee records, photographs and negatives and memorabilia. Over 100 million pages of Braniff corporate documents and 40,000 historical items are housed in the Foundation’s Braniff International Heritage Archives, which are housed at three locations in Dallas, Texas, and a Records Retention Center in Arkansas.

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