Bowker Partners with S4Carlisle Publishing Services to Expand its Suite of Products and Services for Self-Publishers

S4Carlisle agreement adds to Bowker’s book design expertise and high-quality editorial and production capabilities.

CHATHAM, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–S4Carlisle and Bowker signed an agreement to offer self-publishers an enhanced array of tools and resources to facilitate their publishing journey. “Bowker is continuously searching for tools and services to help authors produce, publish, and market their books,” said Bowker General Manager Beat Barblan. “In S4Carlisle, we have found a great source of expertise in high-quality book design and related services to help authors get their books to market.”

Kris Srinaath, Co-Founder & CEO, S4Carlisle, stated “We are pleased to collaborate with Bowker and are looking forward to bringing our services to Bowker customers. Our team is focused on meeting the challenges that the changing times have brought upon the publishing industry. Our collaboration both in terms of technology and industry expertise will allow us to provide the right and most cost-effective solutions for authors.”

Among the services offered by S4Carlisle is customized cover design for both print books and eBooks. This service is now available through Bowker. Additional services to be offered later will include page layout to ensure the book meets all standard print requirements, editorial services to ensure the finished manuscript is polished, professional, and error-free, and indexing services, ideal for academic and technical titles, to help readers navigate the book’s content quickly and easily.

“Making S4Carlisle services available on gives authors another reason to visit our website,” added Barblan. “S4Carlisle’s publishing expertise, technological know-how, and customer insights bring an extra dimension to complement our existing offerings, as we strive to make Bowker the one destination entrepreneurial authors can turn to for all their self-publishing needs.”


Bowker provides products and services that make books easier to discover, evaluate, and experience – connecting publishers, authors, and booksellers with readers. From essential identifiers like ISBNs and barcodes… to editing and copyright protection assistance… to marketing and publicity tools, Bowker offers a wide range of resources to help authors publish and promote their titles.


For over four decades, S4Carlisle has combined publishing expertise, learning design, technology and digital tools to deliver customized publishing and learning solutions. Working with authors, publishers and organizations, S4Carlisle helps create or enhance content for books, journals and other publications, delivering value to global clients.


Andrew Kovacs