B Code Releases New Report on the Power of Values-Driven Marketing, Followed by Action, for Black Consumers

B Code, a digital media platform reaching Black audiences, commissioned an in-depth white paper exploring why brands should harness the power of values-driven marketing when speaking to Black consumers

SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–My Code, the multicultural media company that enables brands, agencies, publishers, and storytellers to connect with multifaceted and diverse audiences, today released an in-depth white paper titled The Power of Values-Driven Marketing to Black Consumers, commissioned by B Code, the company’s marketing and media platform for reaching Black audiences. The study explores why brands should harness the power of values-driven marketing to Black consumers. Its findings reveal this sector overwhelmingly prefers to purchase exclusively from purpose-driven brands that follow through with their commitments of diversity and inclusivity.

My Code’s Intelligence Center is the company’s proprietary platform dedicated to analyzing and reporting on ever-changing multicultural American consumers’ sentiments, opinions, and habits. Data was collected online from nearly 2,500 Black Americans representative of all main geographical areas of the United States, ages 18-64, in September 2022. This white paper is a resource to guide brands to take the necessary steps to create deeper and more rewarding connections with Black consumers.

“Brand inaction speaks just as loudly as action to Black consumers,” says Damian Benders, General Manager of B Code. “Black consumers have shown that they’re willing to pivot when brands fail to meet their evolving expectations, so it’s critical to adjust how they communicate their purpose and even more important, how they demonstrate it. We created this report for marketers to help identify the most effective ways to communicate brand purpose and highlight more opportunities to reach the target audience in a compelling manner.”

The Power of Values-Driven Marketing to Black Consumers identifies which values and cultural touch points signify an authentic commitment to values-driven consumers. The report pinpoints the opportunities for brands across various tent poles throughout the year.

Key findings include:

  • Contributing Factors The report outlines a ranked list of 13 behaviors brands must show to meaningfully connect with Black consumers and demonstrate relevance along with a willingness to live up to their promises including “Delivery on Promises Communicated” and “Honesty About Commitments.”
  • Values-Driven Builds Loyalty — 51% of Black consumers try to buy exclusively from purpose-driven brands and two-thirds, (68%), of Black consumers feel proud to associate themselves with purpose-driven brands.
  • Fuzzy Messages Crash Land — Nearly half, 48% of Black consumers say they don’t understand many companies’ true brand purpose and 55% of Black consumers who aim to buy exclusively from purpose-driven brands concede they have difficulty identifying a lot of companies’ brand purpose.
  • Prove it (or shut up) — 59% of Black consumers say they are “getting fed up with brands/companies that act in ways that don’t match their stated brand purpose.”

Visit here to download the full white paper, The Power of Values-Driven Marketing to Black Consumers.

About My Code

My Code is the leading media company representing the multicultural landscape of America by amplifying, supporting and funding diverse publishers, creators and producers. My Code was formed following the expansion of H Code, a 2x Inc. 5000-ranked company founded in 2015, into additional demographics beyond Hispanic consumers. With a diverse team of marketers, sellers, researchers, and storytellers specializing in an ever-growing selection of Cultural and Affinity Codes including: A Code, B Code, W Code and Pride Code. My Code helps companies of all sizes reach millions of Hispanic, Black, AAPI, multicultural female and LGBTQ+ consumers with unmatched authenticity. As a minority-dominant organization, its team is dedicated to the economic empowerment of the diverse communities and audiences they represent. My Code combines proprietary insights from its Intelligence Center, first-party targetable datasets, and custom creative to deliver unparalleled multimedia content that effectively reaches diverse audiences across the digital landscape. In 2022, the company acquired Impremedia (the leading Hispanic news publisher) and Veranda Entertainment (which distributes Spanish-language film and television content across CTV platforms) and continues to expand its portfolio to better serve brands and advertisers. Today, My Code’s employee base is 85% multicultural, 77% Hispanic/Latinx, and 60% female across its offices in the U.S. and Latin America.


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