AMZ PPC Solutions is the Growth Engine for Your Brand on Amazon

AMZ PPC Solutions Offers Amazon Sellers Free PPC Audit to Help Grow to Their Full Potential on Amazon.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AMZ PPC Solutions, an Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising management agency, announces free PPC audits for Amazon sellers who want to take their Amazon Brand to the next level with a long-term, successful approach. The company drives better business outcomes for Amazon brands with proven PPC methods.

One of the leading global companies that helps brands with profitable PPC and provides a full spectrum of Amazon services, AMZ PPC Solutions is offering the consultation, along with 5 actionable steps to grow confident businesses and save unnecessary, wasted ad spending.

AMZ PPC Solutions adheres to the principles of transparency and clarity. With over $10 million in sales across all managed accounts, the company serves multiple 6-, 7-, 8-, and 9-figure brands. In 2022 alone, AMZ PPC Solutions has given away $100k worth of giveaways and free PPC audits to help its clients succeed as sellers.

AMZ PPC Solutions is recommended by TOP industry experts from around the world. With the help of the PPC method from founder Waseem Sikander’s mentor, Sean Smith from PPC AMS Accelerator, one of the renowned PPC managers in the US, AMZ PPC Solutions was able to increase the sales of its clients by up to four times, tripling profits. Read testimonials and about the company’s case studies.

About AMZ PPC Solutions

AMZ PPC Solutions is an Amazon pay-per-click advertising management agency for Amazon sellers and one of the leading global companies that helps brands with profitable PPC and a full spectrum of Amazon services. The company counts itself as among the top 20% of agencies serving Amazon businesses, adhering to results and data-driven strategies.

The founder of AMZ PPC Solutions, Waseem Sikander, is passionate about building lifelong relationships with clients based on marketing and business results. After working with hundreds of clients in the US, UK, Europe, and the Middle East, employing top talents in the industry, and clients trusting him, he knows what it takes to be successful on Amazon. His simple, but unwavering mission: Give sellers the edge in an ever-changing market, Amazon.


Waseem Sikander
Founder, AMZ PPC Solutions

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