Adsta Selects InMobi Commerce to Bring Power of Video to Its Grocery Retail Media Network

Partnership Combines National Reach of Adsta’s Network of 50 million+ Grocery Shoppers with InMobi’s High-Impact Video Experiences to Help Improve Product Discovery Experiences

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Adsta, a media market platform geared towards consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands looking to expand their grocery media reach, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with InMobi Commerce. InMobi Commerce offers an innovative suite of product discovery and monetization solutions for retailers and eCommerce companies around the world and the partnership will bring an innovative ad experience to Adsta’s network of 3,300+ grocery stores.

As consumers continue to shift their shopping habits online, outreach strategies have been forced to evolve. InMobi Commerce allows retailers to participate in this impactful product discovery method by powering immersive experiences through high-impact native video products. Recent data suggests that shoppers who watch a product video are 85% more likely to purchase.

Through this partnership, Adsta will incorporate InMobi Commerce’s video ad experiences into its platform, powering these experiences for grocers across the United States. This will mark InMobi Commerce’s launch into the grocery vertical, alongside existing categories, including CPG, consumer electronics, apparel, and beauty.

Currently, CPG advertisers account for a large majority of retail media ad spend in the grocery space. In fact, 85% of CPG brands are planning to move additional marketing dollars toward retail media networks; this is pertinent for regional retailers who may not have the resources to build advanced grocery sites and do not have the standalone traffic to attract budgets from brands. Because Adsta combines all their stores into a single ad buy, CPGs have the opportunity to reach shoppers through high-impact video without having to work with multiple points of contact to place ads.

“This partnership creates opportunities for brands to easily reach new consumers through a growing and proven strategy, tell their story and drive discovery close to the point of sale,” says Jimit Doshi, Senior Vice President of InMobi Commerce. “This is especially important as competition and pricing in retail media heats up; CPGs looking to diversify their media mix and lower overall costs are going to find value in running retail media on newly powered media platforms with unique reach.”

“Our collaboration with InMobi is an excellent opportunity for CPGs and proves that retailers of all sizes can benefit from flexible and custom retail media campaigns,” says Shawn Tuckett, Principal, Adsta. “Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the way consumers shop and discover new products have changed, and retailers have begun embracing various technologies such as eCommerce to meet their needs. As CPGs continue to allocate money toward digital advertising, Adsta remains the best solution for reaching grocery shoppers in buying mode with our 50+ million unique shopper network. Our collaboration with InMobi is an excellent opportunity for brands to tailor unique campaigns that enhance their abilities to access valuable first-party data.”

While many of the largest national retail chains dictate terms to the CPGs and hold most of the buying power for CPG promotions, Adsta provides a more affordable and accessible opportunity for innovative CPG brands willing to experiment in diverse channels. The same shoppers that frequent national retailers also shop Adsta grocers, and retail media presented through those digital channels offers a more significant opportunity to stand out.

“As retail media continues its rapid growth, efficiency is key for how Bush Brothers supports our wholesale and retail partners. Adsta providing the ability to reach multiple partner touch points with a single campaign setup is filling such a need in the industry,” says Jake Gray, Regional Sales Manager, Bush Brothers.” To be able to reach 50 million unique shoppers, it used to take multiple campaigns and the same setup process over and over for each individual account; now we can accomplish the same reach with a single setup; getting that time back is huge.”

Supporting all retail verticals–including consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics, apparel, and beauty–InMobi Commerce helps retailers capitalize on the growing retail media market opportunity. By leveraging its expertise in advertising technologies, InMobi Commerce provides a supply-side platform for retailers to offer premium ad space and connects brands with high-intent shoppers as they research, browse, and shop online. The solution’s video experiences provide advertisers with premium content that helps drive increased engagement and return on investment.

About Adsta

Adsta is a rapidly expanding grocery retail media network (RMN) with a multichannel approach reaching 50 million unique shoppers as they are making grocery buying decisions. Adsta ads and promotions give CPGs more flexibility than national chain RMNs by providing brands the freedom to craft and execute their campaigns, all while collecting valuable analytics and essential first-party data. Reach grocery shoppers when it matters most with Adsta. To learn more, visit

About InMobi

InMobi is a leading provider of content, monetization, and marketing technologies that help fuel growth for industries around the world. The company’s end-to-end advertising software platform, connected content and commerce experiences activate audiences, drive real connections, and diversify revenue for businesses globally. With deep expertise and unique reach in mobile, InMobi is a trusted and transparent technology partner for marketers, content creators and businesses of all kinds. Incorporated in Singapore, InMobi maintains a large presence in San Francisco, London, and Bangalore and has operations in New York, Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Shanghai, Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Melbourne, Seoul, Tokyo, and Dubai. To learn more, visit


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