A Gynecologist’s Guide to Maintaining Vaginal Health on Spring Break

PRINCETON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spring is just around the corner, which means many women are planning to enjoy fun in the sun on spring break in the coming weeks. To help women maintain their vaginal health on spring break, Maria Sophocles, M.D., gynecologist, Medical Director of Women’s Healthcare of Princeton, NJ, and host of Gynecollege™, shares her expert advice.

“While it’s important to maintain vaginal health year-round, the vagina needs special attention at times when traveling and changes in weather. When spending time in a swimsuit or engaging in physical activity, it’s important to keep the vaginal area clean and dry to maintain vaginal flora and avoid itch, irritation and unwanted odor,” says Dr. Sophocles. “By following these simple tips, women can enjoy their spring break activities while staying comfortable and healthy.”

Dr. Sophocles recommends the following tips to maintain vaginal health during spring break:

  1. Avoid re-wearing swimsuits: Because bacteria can accumulate in the fabric, it’s best to avoid re-wearing swimsuits without washing them first. Pack multiple swimsuits and consider packing laundry detergent with you on vacation. I recommend filling travel-sized shampoo bottles with a detergent like Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Free & Clear that is gentle on the skin and free of perfumes, fragrances and dyes.
  2. Avoid tight clothing: Tight-fitting clothing like leggings can trap heat and moisture, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. Opt for loose-fitting clothing, especially when exercising or spending time outdoors. When it comes to underwear, choose breathable, cotton underwear instead of nylon or spandex to allow air to circulate and help keep the vaginal area dry.
  3. Change out of wet clothing: After swimming or sweating, change out of wet clothing as soon as possible. Like most exercise clothing, wet swimsuits can create a moist environment that promotes the growth of harmful bacteria and yeast. To help maintain a healthy vaginal flora, use RepHresh Pro-B that contains strains of vaginal probiotic lactobacilli that specifically balance yeast and bacteria.
  4. Practice good hygiene: Wash the vaginal area with warm water daily. Avoid using scented soaps, perfumes or douches. Doing so can disrupt the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina, which can lead to unusual or unwanted vaginal odor. In place of using any scented products down there, use RepHresh Gel to eliminate odor and maintain a healthy pH balance.
  5. Be cautious of bacteria in water: Bacteria in ocean, pool, lake or hot tub water can cause irritation to the vaginal area. To prevent this, avoid spending too much time in the water, and shower and change into dry clothing as soon as possible after swimming.
  6. Protect against sand abrasion: When spending time at the beach, sand can cause skin abrasions and irritation in the bikini area. Consider wearing a cover-up or sitting on a towel to protect against sand. To provide immediate relief from itch and irritation, use RepHresh Cooling Relief Spray which contains a soothing formula of aloe and chamomile with the cooling sensation of hydrocortisone and is easy to throw in your beach bag.
  7. Practice safe sex: Whether or not you plan on having sex on vacation, it’s always a good idea to keep condoms on hand just in case. Trojan BareSkin Raw is a great choice to help reduce risk of pregnancy and STIs.



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