The international Campaign “Brazil is Calling You!” lands in US

In an ongoing campaign strategy of widespread global positioning, the Ministry of tourism and EMBRATUR announced today that their highly innovative and visual print ad entitled "Brazil is calling you! Celebrate life here. Brazil. Sensational!" was seen on the pages of the top tier and prominently circulated New York Times T Magazine, this past Sunday, Nov. 21.

The print advertisement is one of several campaign elements that launched this summer, with the objective of inviting the world to visit the country before it becomes the host of major world sporting events. The goal is to excite, encourage and motivate travelers to take their business or leisure trips to Brazil. The campaign was prepared by the Tourism Ministry through EMBRATUR (Brazilian Tourism Institute) and is currently seen in other marketing mediums such as television and a newly launched YouTube page (

The high profile and vastly circulated New York Times T Magazine advertising initiative is in direct alignment with the Ministry of Tourism and EMBRATUR's strategy to increase international tourism in the country. The overall objective of the "Plano Aquarela 2020" – International Tourism Marketing plan, is a 300 percent growth of international tourism by doubling the number of foreign visitors throughout the next decade.

"This innovative print advertisement – unique for its 3D artwork and 3D glasses attached – is a huge step forward in the overall global positioning of Brazil as a tourist destination. As Brazil's first ever 3D marketing platform, we are showing the world in the most visual way possible what Brazil has better to offer to the tourist, like its diversity, its modernity, and especially the joy and the lifestyle of the Brazilian people," said Jeanine Pires, president of EMBRATUR.

The international "Brazil is Calling You! Celebrate life here. Brazil. Sensational!" tourism campaign ad will be circulated to approximately 300,000 New York Times readers in New York City, NY.