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Hewlett Packard’s current Latin American online advertising is very different compared to the mass media print, cable and online campaigns it has done in the past:

1. The Target

Since October 2006, US Media Consulting, a Miami based Online Media placement agency, worked in conjunction with Hewlett Packard’s marketing director and Zenith Optimedia New York on a strategy to expand Hewlett Packard’s presence in the small and medium business segment in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. In the past Hewlett Packard has targeted this audience via mass media (e.g. business sections of large circulation Latin American newspapers).

2. Media Vehicles Used

“We set our objectives on finding specific and very detailed industry publications”, says Juan Pablo Guzman, media buyer at U.S. Media Consulting. Juan Pablo adds that rather than being specialized or known trade publications, the chosen vehicles were very strategic with the attractiveness of being published and distributed by organizations within the targeted industries.” Both online and print media are being used. Some of the publications we will be using for print and online are Amasfac (Mexico) and Seguro Total (Brazil) which are published by trade associations,” says Guzman. It has less circulation than regular publications because it goes only to members.

Strategically speaking, this is the first time doing something like this, targeting industries through trade association publications. “We will analyze the process, the results and the reaction after the stages are completed,” Guzman concludes.

3. Stages

The campaign started in June and will last until the end of August. Another interesting thing about this campaign is that it involves a lot of team effort during its flight time. The implementation for both print and online is coordinated by US Media Consulting as well as the local national branches of advertising agency Publicis. During the first stage, the Mexican and Brazilian market are targeted, then Argentina, Chile and Colombia.


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