Portada interviews Mica Selman, International Marketing Director at America Economia. Selman talks about Brazilian expansion plans and digital media expansion.

Portada: Could you please describe the 6 magazines you publish, and its 3
online platforms?

Mica Selman, International Marketing Director, AmericaEconomia: “AmericaEconomia Media Group currently publishes 6 magazines each month plus one annual edition in English, The Global Edition. The six magazines are the International Edition, our pan-regional magazine, and our 5 in-country local magazines in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru.


How has the panregional online advertising and media space evolved ove
the last 5 years?

Selman: “The market for pan-regional has grown for AmericaEconomia's clients who feel that their ads are better placed and are reaching their target clients better than the local shot gun approach. Their money goes further and reaches the same AB1 groups in each country when advertising with AmericaEconomia Media Group. Additionally the digital products of AmericaEconomia in 2009 boomed putting us in the lead for all on-line marketing plan options with on-line, digital, and now mobile. We are very blessed.


What opportunities do you see going forward?

Selman: “More digital plans and investments….lots more!”


Can you detail your plans in Brazil? How are you partnering with Spring? What products are you launching together?

Selman: “The partnership with Spring, who is one of the leaders in the Brazilian magazine sector who currently works with AmericaEconomia, The Rolling Stone Magazine, and 30 other industry focused magazines, will produce many new and exciting products. Remember that AmericaEconomia has published a local Portuguese magazine in Brazil for over 15 years and so this is a compliment to our already strong brand and distribution in Brazil.


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