Google announced today a new solution for app developers that use their iOS and Android SDKs.

To maximize the revenue, Google picked 8 mobile ad networks around the world and included Hunt Mobile Ads in this list. Hunt Mobile Ads will be the only mobile ad network with active operations in Latin America included in the launch of the mediation solution.

App developers can allocate inventory across this top third party ad networks on a country-by-country basis, retaining full control and choice over the ad networks they use with a single UI that features the best-in-class AdMob reporting.

 “With this new solution app developers will find a fantastic way of maximizing revenues looking for the best mobile ad network performing in each country, and Hunt Mobile Ads will be their ideal partner for Latin America inventories, including big markets as Brazil and Mexico”, said Gaston Bercun, Co-Founder of HUNT Mobile Ads.


Portada Staff

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