Ivan Adaime {impreMedia}, Gonzalo Fonseca {Havas Media}, Kristian Tear {RIM}, Frank Boulben {RIM}, Jorge Gonzalez  {AM Best}, Bruno Pinhal {Cia de Cinema}, Pablo Gutierrez {La Despensa}, Yago Fandiño {Don}, Mathias Harbek {Don}

Ivan Adaime is the new VP Digital at impreMedia. Adaime works out of ImpreMedia headquarters in New York City and reports to Francisco Seghezzo, COO of ImpreMedia. Ivan Adaime, last worked as Marketing & Audiences Manager at La Nacion in Buenos Aires. Both Adaime and Seghezzo have entered ImpreMedia’s executive leadership as a result of the recent 90% purchase of ImpreMedia by a USH Media, a company owned by Argentina’s La Nacion.

Gonzalo Fonseca is the new Planning Director of Havas Media Argentina. Fonseca has worked for JWT and has more than 22 years of experience in media planning. Fonseca will work as well with MPG and Arena Media.

Research in Motion appointed a new COO (Chief Operating Officer) and also a new CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). Kristian Tear was selected as the new COO, who served for a long time as executive Vice President at Sony Mobile Communications. Frank Boulben took over as the new CMO. He was the former executive Vice President of marketing, sales and strategy at LightSquared, an LTE start-up.

A.M. Best Co. has opened an office in Miami, Florida to serve the growing market for insurance ratings in the Latin American region. Rating analytics for Latin American companies will continue to be performed by teams based in Oldwick, New Jersey. Jorge A. Gonzalez has been appointed to manage the office. Gonzalez reports to Tina Bukow-Truman at A.M. Best's corporate headquarters in Oldwick, New Jersey. The Miami office will be used for management meetings and other activities focused on the Latin American (re)insurance markets.

Bruno Pinhal, Brazilian TV and Cinema Director, is joining Cia. De Cimena in Brazil. Pinhal is known for working with the Portuguese band “Da Weasel”.

The Mexican agency La Despensa announced Pablo Gutierrez as its new Creative Director and Partner. Gutierrez has previously worked for JWT, Delvico and China.

Yago Fandiño and Mathias Harbek are the new creative directors of the Argentinean agency Don. Don works with Zurich, Cepas Argentinas, Fibertel, Cablevisión, Reebok, Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Ipanema, among its clients.


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