GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes S.A., the low-cost and low-fare airline in Latin America, launches a new institutional advertising campaign inspired by the concept of “imagination”. The first commercial was aired during the TV program Faustão, on the Globo network.

Under the new slogan “GOL. You can always go further”, the campaign reflects a moment when the company is drawing closer to its clients, betting on the creative, modern and innovative side of the GOL brand. “Now more than ever, the company is geared toward its customers’ needs. This is what we want to show through the campaign: that GOL is drawing closer to its clients, in addition to being an intelligent, straightforward and pioneering airline,” explained Florence Scappini, the Company’s Advertising Manager.

The main commercial treats the brand’s leading attribute – innovation – in a playful manner. The idea is represented by a boy who is playing with his model airplane while flying with GOL. In just nine years of operations, the company has broken paradigms, popularized air transport in Brazil and transformed the sector in an imaginative manner, offering intelligent solutions, such as check-in via Internet, cell phone, iPhone and self-service kiosks.

In addition to being broadcast on TV, on both the open and subscription channels, the new commercials will be featured in regular and 3D movie theaters, magazines, internet, on-board media, YouTube and Elemidia (TV screens in commercial building elevators). Subsequently, the campaign will be launched in Argentina, GOL’s largest foreign market.


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