Brazil: Coca Cola Picks StartMeApp for Mobile Advertising Campaigns in the country

What? Coca Cola will work with StartMeApp in Brazil for its mobile campaigns.
Why it matters: Coca Cola will use StartMeApp RTB platform in Brazil to manage its mobile campaigns. Mobile advertising is expected to grow significantly in 2014, particularly with the 2014  Soccer World Cup taking place in Brazil in June and July next year.

StartMeApp today announced it has been selected by Coca-Cola FEMSA to deploy multiple mobile advertising campaigns over StartMeApp’s real-time-bidding (RTB) platform in Brazil.  In this sense, Alejandro Campos Carles, co-Managing Director and Founder said to Portada in an interview months ago that “Latin America gets residual panregional advertising from mobile global campaigns. That is beginning to change”.

“Brazil will launch the FIFA World Cup and the whole world will be looking at the Latin American markets and Brazil especially. Emarketer says RTB spend this year in Latin America is going to triple [from last year] and so more agencies will be looking to access those audiences”, said Campos Carles to Ad Exchanger.

Also, StartMeApp has recently bought  Digital Advertising Trading Desk AdNubo and has reported  8.6 billion impressions in Latin America in Q3.  The company has announced as well its own mobile RTB exchange.

“With the 2014 World Cup coming up next summer, mobile advertising is set to skyrocket in Brazil and forward-looking brands like Coca-Cola FEMSA are poised to benefit most from the real-time, programmatic media buying opportunities in Brazil”said Gaston Fonzo, co-Managing Director and Founder, StartMeApp.

coca-brasil.pngThe mobile ad campaigns developed by StartMeApp for Coca-Cola FEMSA in Brazil promote the Coca-Cola brand, publicize the availability of Coca-Cola products in Brazil and share year-end season’s greetings with messages of goodwill from Coca-Cola to Brazilian consumers.

Two of three mobile ad campaigns have already launched, including the highly successful “R$1 Campaign” and the currently running “Values Campaign,” with a third under development. All three campaigns are delivered by StartMeApp over Brazil’s mobile networks, targeting Brazilian consumer segments in distinct geographic locations, via select mobile device types and models running on the Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

R$1 Campaign

Coca-Cola’s successful “R$1 Campaign,” which ran in September and October over StartMeApp’s RTB platform in Brazil, was designed to help drive sales of Coca-Cola’s 250 ml mini-Coke product, particularly among younger Brazilian consumers.

Screenshot1.pngCoca-Cola’s “R$1 Campaign” targeted young Brazilian consumers in the Sao Paolo and Belo Horizonte urban areas through a CPM campaign delivering display ad impressions on premium mobile Internet sites and applications. R$1 Campaign ads served to a range of Android and iOS mobile device types across Brazilian mobile networks Vivo, TIM, Claro Brasil, Oi and others, prompted click-throughs to the Coca-Cola website in Brazil and messaging around the renewed availability of the popular 250 ml mini-Coke product for just R$1 (about USD$0.44).

Values Campaign

Coca-Cola’s pre-holidays “Values Campaign,” currently deployed over the StartMeApp platform, communicates Coca-Cola’s call for the sharing of positive values in the festive spirit of the upcoming year-end holiday season  and also reinforces classic Coca-Cola attributes, such as the “refreshing” quality of the beverage and the curvaceous shape of the famous Contour bottle.

Delivering display ads on popular mobile Internet sites and apps to Android and iOS devices across Brazilian mobile networks and WiFi, the Values Campaign prompts consumers to visit the Coca-Cola Brazil website, where they are greeted with the “Share Happiness” theme of the campaign, information about Coca-Cola products and a link to Coca-Cola’s dedicated “Aqui Tem Felicidade” (“We Have Happiness Here”) YouTube channel at

1, 2, 3 Campaign

A third mobile advertising campaign prior to year-end will promote Coca-Cola product packaging and presentation launches in the Brazilian market. The 1,2, 3 Campaign will present Coca Cola with a strong portfolio, and will show that “a Coca-Cola exists for every taste and budget”.