Target’s Nydia Sahagun: “Successful marketers are thought leaders who stay abreast of trends and respond quickly.”

Nydia Sahagun, Group Manager Brand Marketing – Multicultural at Target, is one of the major winners of our recent #Portada14 Annual Conference. Nominated by and voted for by her peers of thousands of professionals in the Marketing and Media sector, Sahagun won the prestigious Award of “Top Marketer to Hispanic Audiences”. We asked Sahagun on what it takes to be a good marketer particularly as it relates to the multicultural and retail marketing space.

Portada:  What are, in your opinion, the main features a good marketing executive should have?

BANNERS SECCIONES FINALNydia Sahagun, Group Manager, Brand Marketing – Multicultural, Target.: “I think successful marketers are thought leaders who stay abreast of trends in the marketing industry and their respective field. They apply their expertise to quickly respond to the changing landscape while leveraging trends, insights and cultural shifts to inform their vision when others don’t see it. And while they’re relentlessly creative and curious, they’re also business savvy.”

Which are the features of a good multicultural marketer?
“As a multicultural marketer, I believe it’s important to lead through insights and expertise while serving as a teacher and coach. Because success doesn’t happen overnight, it’s also important for leaders in this space to build trust, recognize movement and celebrate the wins.”

As you plan for 2015, what are Target’s main marketing objectives when it comes to the Hispanic market?
“We’re focused on creating a more meaningful conversation with our Hispanic guests to drive engagement and build brand love while also recognizing their impact and influence on the total market. Our objectives will address our need to continue to evolve as the needs of our Hispanic guests evolve by offering an exceptional brand experience, supporting local communities, and providing a relevant in-store and online experience.”

 We understand you spent most of your career in retail marketing, to what extent is retail marketing a discipline in itself distinct from overall marketing?

Nydia Sahagun with Marcos Baer, publisher of Portada
Nydia Sahagun with Marcos Baer, publisher of Portada

N.S.: “The retail industry can be extremely fast paced. Whether you’re in consumer packaged goods, quick service restaurants or retail, it’s critical to keep your consumer at the core of everything you do and stay abreast of industry insights, trends and cultural shifts.”

Since you started your career, what has been the most remarkable change in the marketing/advertising/media sector because of the way it impacts your work?
N.S.: “One of the most notable shifts I’ve seen in the multicultural space in recent years is moving from a translation-based approach to a total market approach. At Target, we recognize that the Hispanic market is complex and has a great influence on the total marketplace. And this notion is infused in everything we do. One example is our “The Adventure Begins Here” campaign, which was set to the lullaby “Clap Your Hands.” It included lyrics in both English and Spanish, and featured real families that helped provide an authentic depiction of the emotions parents feel when they successfully wrap their first diaper or make it through bath time unscathed. In addition, Target also was the first retailer to air a Spanish-language spot during the GRAMMYS.”


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