Radio Shack Hispanic versionRadioShack just announced its new positioning under the “Do It Together” line, the campaign is starting this week in general market media and Hispanic TV, digital and print media outlets. After being part of the American retail landscape for more than 90 years, the iconic RadioShack brand is struggling to survive due to substantial market losses in the wireless business and the tech retail arena, which, in turn, are the result of  huge changes in consumer electronics retailing as new players like Amazon have aggressively entered the market. Portada interviewed  Javier Figueroa, Director of Integrated Marketing at RadioShack,  to ask him how he plans to reverse this trend. Figueroa  is responsible for the strategic vision, research, marketing plan development, launch, ongoing management, and measurement of all Hispanic marketing efforts for the electronics retailer.

Portada: In what way is the “Let’s do it together” brand positioning different from the Let’s Play you announced in Spring of 2013?
Javier Figueroa,Director of Integrated Marketing, RadioShack: “Our previous campaign, “Let’s Play” was an initial step in re-energizing the brand and re-engaging consumers and associates alike with the new RadioShack. The campaign communicated that RadioShack is a place where people go to interact with technology solutions. “Do It Together”, our new brand positioning campaign, is meant to inspire consumers to think big when it comes to technology because RadioShack can help bring those ideas to life. We want consumers to recognize that RadioShack is their neighborhood technology resource — here to help you get it done with the best products, friendly experts and solutions for every budget. Ultimately, we want to encourage exploration and collaboration to help connect consumers with the tech solutions to suit their lifestyle.”

What is the Spanish translation you are going to use for “Do It Together”?
J.F.:“The Spanish translation we will be executing for “Do It Together” is “Juntos Es Mejor”. RadioShack’s new brand positioning reinforces the idea that if you think it’s possible, It Can Be Done, When We Do It Together.”

Hispanic efforts will be supported by Univision and Telemundo. We will also have digital, print and social media placements running to reinforce the brand’s new positioning as well as in-store marketing.

Can you please explain how the Integrated Marketing Campaign will be done in the Hispanic market? What media will be bought?
J.F.:“RadioShack will have four 15-to-30 second ads dedicated to the general market, plus two additional ads targeted specifically to the Hispanic market. These ads are slated to roll out in early February during prime time and sporting events airing in television networks such as Univision and Telemundo. We will also have digital, print and social media placements running to reinforce the brand’s new positioning. In addition, in-store marketing will also support the campaign. The ads will mirror the campaign’s tagline: “It Can Be Done, When We Do It Together.”

Does RadioShack do Newspaper Advertising, particularly pre-prints in Newspapers? Is this also the case for Hispanic newspapers?
J.F.: “Yes. Circulars, offers/promotions. We also use newspapers to distribute our circulars to the Hispanic consumer.”

Who is RadioShack’s Hispanic Advertising Agency and what agency does media buying and planning?
J.F.: “GSD&M, based out of Austin, is RadioShack’s advertising agency for both Hispanic and General Market. LatinWorks is our media agency.”

How many stores does RadioShack have in the U.S. and how many of them are owned/ how many franchised?
J.F.:“RadioShack is a leading national retailer of innovative mobile technology products and services, as well as products related to personal and home technology and power supply needs. RadioShack employs approximately 30,000 knowledgeable and helpful sales experts globally. RadioShack’s retail network includes approximately 4,300 company-operated stores in the United States, 58 in Puerto Rico, 4 in the US Virgin Islands, over 270 company-operated stores in Mexico, and approximately 1,000 dealer and other outlets worldwide.”

Do you categorize your stores into Hispanic and “other”, meaning those that are located in high Hispanic population areas?
J.F.:“Our Hispanic Stores are categorized based on the Hispanic population around our stores.”




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