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Marketer Interview: Dunkin’ Brands’ Xavier Turpin on Budgeting: “The challenge is to find the right investment balance”

It is budgeting season again! How much should be allocated to multicultural and is it a struggle or even releveant? Portada talked to Xavier Turpin, Director of Multicultural Marketing at Dunkin' Brands Inc on these and other issues facing the multicultural marketing sector. 


XAVIER TURPIN Director of Multicultural Marketing Dunkin' Brands Inc-1It is budgeting season again! How much should be allocated to multicultural and is it a struggle or even relevant? Portada talked to Xavier Turpin, Director of Multicultural Marketing at Dunkin’ Brands Inc on these and other issues facing the multicultural and overall marketing sector.

Portada: You mention that Dunkin’ Donuts has approximately 100 marketers, all of them working on the Total marketing approach. Can you describe what they do a bit more and how they differentiate between themselves? Where are they located?

Xavier Turpin: “Our Total Market Practice empowers each of our marketers to look at the consumer market in its entirety, and consider its diversity and various segments.  We have marketers both at our corporate office in Canton, MA and based in field offices across the country.  Their responsibilities vary based on their functional area of expertise, including new product development, research, brand marketing, advertising, media, digital, mobile, social media, field marketing, etc.”

Portada: How do you work on having these 100 marketers incorporate the Hispanic and multicultural marketing objectives into their work?  

Xavier Turpin: “We have an inclusion strategy at Dunkin’ Donuts.   The Hispanic and multicultural marketing objectives at Dunkin’ fall from our core corporate strategy where brand objectives are established, various consumer insights are incorporated, plans and tactics are developed and they are then executed.”

Portada: Now is budgeting season. What challenges do you have to overcome in terms of allocating a reasonable amount of marketing and media budgets to the Hispanic market?

Xavier Turpin: “For us, multicultural marketing is a business imperative that will continue to see investment growth. However, the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry is highly competitive and there are a number of strategies that demand investment to maintain our leadership position.  So, the challenge is finding the right investment balance.   ROI on multicultural spend helps us with the rationale.”

Portada: What advice would you try to give other multicultural marketers at other major companies in terms of question 3?

Xavier Turpin: “I never look at multicultural budget development as a mathematical exercise – meaning following standard guidelines of “X” percent of growth across different functional areas.  First, we develop a consistent messaging and promotional strategy that makes sense for our multicultural consumers. Secondly, we review the base budget and work one-on-one with each marketing group to develop the best program and determine the right level of support.”

Portada: Many QSR’s have introduced special value menus, to target the value buyer, to some extent particularly the Hispanic guest. Is Dunkin’ Donuts undertaking a similar strategy?  If, yes, which and why, if no why?
Xavier Turpin: “We feel our value proposition of serving high-quality food and beverages in a fast, friendly environment at an every-day great value resonates with all of our consumers.”

Portada: In terms of Dunkin’ Donuts visits by Hispanics, do they under or over index versus the rest of the population?
Xavier Turpin: “We are unable to disclose this information.  I can tell you that we are very pleased with our Hispanic marketing so far, and continue to expand those efforts as a percentage of total.”

Portada: What plans do you have for 2015 multicultural marketing and advertising?
Xavier Turpin: “We have an exciting plan for next year.  Broader culturally relevant communications,  great tasting products and fun and engaging promotions.”

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