What: Ivonne Kinser, the digital strategy & innovation director at Avocados From Mexico and Portada Sports Marketing Board member, talks about the brand’s upcoming marketing strategies, and how sports might be among them.
Why It Matters: While Avocados From Mexico has advertised during the Super Bowl since 2014, the spots were not a part of a larger sports marketing strategy.

In February, Avocados from Mexico surprised the marketing world by launching its campaign #AvoSecrets during Super Bowl LI. In addition to showing the spot during the game, the marketing team also launched the campaign on digital media and the brand’s social channels with the support of GS&M, Havas Media and Richards Lerma.

Ivonne Kinser
Ivonne Kinser, Digital Strategy & Innovation director at Avocados From Mexico

“The Super Bowl is part of our consumer strategy, but we don’t see this yet as a sports marketing strategy. It’s just a great platform to reach our consumers,” Ivonne Kinser, Digital Strategy & Innovation Director at Avocados From Mexico, told Portada.

After all, the Super Bowl is about much more than sports. “Our decision wasn’t based upon a sports marketing strategy; we just wanted to be were our product is being consumed,” Kinser added.  But she admitted that “there have been internal conversations among the marketing team to introduce our content into sports.”

According to the member of Portada’s sports marketing board, Avocados from Mexico has 80% of the U.S. avocado market share, which is partly thanks to Mexico’s year-long avocado production.

Our decision wasn’t based on a sports marketing strategy, we just wanted to be were our product is being consumed.

Given the success of Mexican avocado in the U.S., Avocados from Mexico launched out of Irving, Texas, in 2013 as an effort to unify the whole industry behind one commercial direction.

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“The Super Bowl is an event where commercials have become as important as the game itself,” said Kinser. “But only a few of the brands that advertise are actually in front of the consumer when they see the ad.” Think chicken wings, beer and of course, avocado in the form of guacamole. For that reason, Avocados from Mexico has been buying advertising time during the Super Bowl games since 2014.

There have been internal conversations among the marketing team to introduce our content into sports.

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Football kids Free PhotoIf Avocados from Mexico is to push harder into sports marketing, they still don’t have a strategy to do so. But given the brand’s interest in reaching mothers who buy avocados at the supermarket, Kinser said they might bring some sponsorships to children’s soccer schools. Doing this they would also be a way to further engage Hispanics.

“We are in the process of examining everything we have done, what has worked and how we can continue strengthening our strategy. I do see sports marketing as a pillar in the future, but it will need a bigger investment,” Kinser said.


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