How Target incorporates Multicultural Insights into major Marketing Campaigns

Haworth Marketing + Media is a Minneapolis headquartered and employee owned media buying and planning agency. Its clients include retail giant Target. How is multicultural marketing being taken into account by Target and Haworth’s other clients? That’s where DaisyTerrazas-Cole, Multicultural Marketing Strategist at Haworth comes in. Portada talked with Terrazas-Cole, a former Clinton Foundation and Univision employee.

Daisy Terrazas-ColeTerrazas-Cole (photo) tells us that she works on incorporating multicultural insights into the campaigns of Haworth clients, which include Target, Beats by Dr. Dre, Ben & Jerry’s, DreamWorks and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Grossly defined , there are two types of campaigns Terrazas-Cole influences.

1. Total Market Campaigns that lead with Hispanic insights

Example: Target’s Shakira Campaign

Why do Hispanic Insights lead?: The case of Shakira is very unique because she is a Latin artist that has mass global appeal. Haworth Marketing + Media helped Target develop a Hispanic inclusive campaign in synergy with Target’s broader marketing efforts. The campaign includes Shakira’s latest album launch, a collaboration that features exclusive tracks around the Target release. “This was a total market approach that was strongly led by Hispanic insights,” Terrazas-Cole says.
Insights: One of the insights is that, considering Shakira’s cross cultural appeal, the best way to resonate with her fan-base is to speak to them in both English and Spanish across both mass and Hispanic endemic environments.
The Campaign:These insights led to the feel of the overall Target campaign and impacted the actual media buys. These included both national and Top Hispanic markets with Radio and TV as well as digital advertising, including online video. For example, to Terrazas-Cole’s knowledge, Target was the first to air a Spanish language spot, featuring Shakira, during the Grammys on CBS in February. “Shakira is the ideal artist because she resonates with fans globally across cultures”, Terrazas-Cole adds. (Note: Newspaper Services of America buys FSI’s and ROP newspaper advertising for Target)

2. Hispanic specific campaigns

Example 1: Target’s Latin Billboard Campaign

When talking about Pepsi’s recent move to eliminate most of its Hispanic marketing and multicultural marketing positions, Terrazas-Cole notes that “not all messaging implemented through a total market approach may resonate with Hispanics.” She cites Target’s Latin Billboard campaign which is done in conjunction with Telemundo. She emphasizes that “while there may be a separate multicultural team, Hispanic specific insights and tactics still need to be incorporated. Our team at Haworth is continuously taking into account the multicultural perspective within their media strategy – across campaigns.” Terrazas-Cole works mostly in partnership with Target’s multicultural marketing team.

Example 2: St. Jude’s Children Hospital

Another example of a Hispanic specific campaign is St. Jude’s Children Hospital, where message and the talent is very different depending on whether the campaign targets the Hispanic or a general market audience, therefore requiring a more relevant multicultural message. Actress Jennifer Aniston belongs to the talent St. Jude Children’s Hospital uses for English-language messaging, while Luis Fonzi is used for Spanish-language campaigns. ‘

Target’s 2014 plans

Terrazas-Cole notes that in general terms Target’s approach is focused on building credibility with its Hispanic guests. Target’s main Hispanic marketing objective in 2014 is to “connect with its guests in an organic and authentic way, while taking the time to strengthen that relationship. We know that our guests are very unique, so we talk to our Hispanic consumer with messaging that is inclusive of their general market counterparts.” As an example she cites that “Target followers may use a Spanish-language hashtag but tweet in English.” For the 2013/2014 Holidays Target developed the #AsíFestejoYo hashtag. According to Terrazas-Cole, it generated a lot of engagement. For Content Marketing projects, Target typically leverages its relationship with partners to connect with its guests. As an example Terrazas-Cole cites Target’s Baby campaign with BabyCenter which is inclusive of BabyCenter en Español. (Read an interview with Juan Galarraga, VP of Store Supply Chain and Operations at Target.)