How Hearts & Science Does Multicultural Marketing for Billion Dollar P&G Brands

Omnicom’s Hearts & Science is the media AOR for a majority of P&G brands since April last year. Multicultural marketing and media buying are substantial and Hearts & Science is also responsible for ethnic scale programs such as My Black is Beautiful and Orgullosa. Portada interwiews Michael Roca, Associate Director of Total Market Planning at Hearts & Science. Roca shares his views on multicultural marketing under Trump and how Hearts & Science leads P&Gs larger multicultural marketing efforts, including its programmatic and content marketing efforts.

handsHearts & Science responsibilities for P&G span categories such as Fabric (Gain, Tide), Hair (Pantene, Head & Shoulders) and Personal Health (Pepto-Bismol, Vicks). One key question for multicultural marketers, is whether the “total market approach” is still the right way of marketing to multicultural audiences, particularly taking into account  president Trump’s recent electoral victory. Michael Roca, Associate Director of Total Market Planning at Hearts & Science,  notes that he unfortunately, can’t comment on politics. However, he adds that “the definition of a Total Market Strategy continues to be very fluid.  With multicultural audiences accounting for nearly 40% of the U.S. population, it’s difficult to support a “one-size-fits-all” communications strategy.  Especially for categories and brands in which multicultural represents a significant share of revenue.  Given their twin engines of population growth and buying power, the solid fact is that multicultural consumers are fueling the growth for any category.  In terms of communication, marketers will always achieve “net reach” amongst multicultural audiences, however if they are not addressing cultural nuances across media and messaging, that “reach” will never be effective.  Reach is important, but reach with resonance is critical.”

Multicultural is Key for billion dollar P&G brands

According to Roca, particularly the very large P&G brands like Pantene, Crest and Tide are important when it comes to multicultural marketing: “Most P&G brands understand the critical nature in reaching multicultural audiences.  However, it’s the billion dollar brands such as Pantene, Crest and Tide that have made the biggest strides in engaging with these audiences,” Roca adds.

P&G’s Content Marketing Solutions…

Hearts & Science is also responsible for ethnic scale programs such as My Black is Beautiful and Orgullosa.  These platforms were launched by P&G to further celebrate and empower both African-American and Hispanic women.  According to Roca, “content marketing is very intriguing to P&G in terms of reaching and engaging with multicultural audiences.  We have an internal division called Content Collective who is responsible for keeping their finger on the pulse of new and relevant content opportunities. For multiculturals, content marketing solves for the lack of relevant content in the market as well as a solution to tailoring a brands message with multicultural insights and experiences as the main drivers.”

…and the Value of the Artisan Approach.

Asked how important a more “artisan approach” is to Hearts & Science /P&G (i.e. programs that are not traded through machines like branded integrations and non programmatic buys), Roca notes that “similar to content marketing, any opportunity that can further engage an audience outside of spots, dots and banners will always be of interest.”  “As stated before, reach is important, but touch points such as artisan programs are critical in providing resonance that allows for a brand to establish an emotional connection, ” Roca concludes.