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Hoteles Misión to Grow by 100 Hotels in Mexico, U.S., Cuba and Peru

Roberto Zapata, CEO at Hoteles Misión, told Portada about the company’s plans to have 100 hotels worldwide by 2020.


What: Roberto Zapata, CEO at Hoteles Misión, talks to Portada about his company’s plans to have 100 hotels worldwide by 2020.
Why it matters: The Mexican company is looking to grow its properties from the 56 it has today, to 100 by 2020. Most of the growth will occur in Mexico. As part of the expansion, Hoteles Misión is also looking to grow in the U.S., Cuba, and Peru.

Hoteles Misión, a 100% Mexican company founded in 1946, is looking to grow its properties from the 56 it has today, to 100 by 2020. Although 95% of the growth is planned to take place in Mexico, the hotel chain is also looking into the U.S. market (where it already owns one property in Texas), and also Cuba and Peru.

With this expansion, Hoteles Misión would consolidate as Mexico’s second biggest hotel chain, after Grupo Posadas (Fiesta Americana, Fiesta Inn and One), which now has 141 hotels worldwide, and before Grupo Real Turismo (Camino Real, Quinta Real) that reported 40 hotels in 2015.

Business Travelers are a key segment  which Hoteles Misión expansion is targeting. The hotel chain is planning to bring its services to industrial areas in Mexico like Nuevo Leon, Saltillo Sonora, and Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, as well as San Luis Potosi, where it will open two properties close to where Ford and BMW will open their factories, explains Roberto Zapata, CEO at Hoteles Misión.

Apart from Mexico, Misión will add three properties in Cuba, and three in Peru −to keep enriching the industrial trade. All these different destinations have one thing in common, which is characteristic to Misión: “’Mexicanity is our DNA and we will keep using it as our main differentiation factor wherever we go, because it is a symbol to our warm and high quality service. We even see it in the way we prepare our team, which learns how to promote the country’s geographical attractions in the region where the hotels are built.”

New Strategies

Hoteles Misión is working on new promotion strategies that lead to bookings. One example of this is “Puebleando con Misión”, a campaign based on video clips that has been working for the last three years together with the  Consejo De Promoción Turística de México and the government of 15 Mexican states.

This strategy is rounded up with a digital bet. In June, Hoteles Misión presented its new app, with which guests can make room reservations and even get their e-keys. “This will also let us know what our guests liked, and what they bought in any of our hotels, so we can get to know them better, even before they arrive at their new holiday in one of our hotels. Thanks to “glocalization”, we will be able to know if there are near and ask them, for example, if they are hungry and want to have dinner ready by the time they arrive.”

The search of growth avenues and good service is everything to survive in the hotel business, and it seems Hoteles Mision’s Zapata knows exactly what this means.

In collaboration with Gabriela Gutiérrez.

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