What: We talked to Stuart Foster, vice president, global brand marketing for Hilton’s Full Service Brands, about the hotel chain’s newest brand, the Tapestry Collection.
Why it matters: Hilton has identified a supply of 15,000 independent hotels around the world that fall into the upscale segment, providing ample opportunity for the Tapestry Collection by Hilton brand.

ana-portada-bienHilton Hotels & Resorts has added a new niche collection to its name: the Tapestry Collection, which targets “independent travelers that prefer original hotels but are also looking for value and assurance, which is where Hilton comes in,” says Stuart Foster, vice president, global brand marketing for Hilton’s Full Service Brands. If you consider yourself a traveler, you may have noticed that there are new Hilton hotels popping up all over the world, especially in the United States. This responds to the company’s “ability to build brands from scratch, which is key to our organic growth strategy,” explains Foster.

In launching 2014’s Curio Collection and now the Tapestry Collection, which feature unique local architecture and a more modern, eclectic style, Hilton is straying from the traditional hotel business model where every complex looks and feels exactly the same.

From Hilton’s extensive consumer feedback and competitive analysis, we identified a clear white space opportunity in the upscale collection market segment.

Now that the new brand is out there, the company also needs an up-to-date marketing strategy to let travellers know they exist. “At launch, our strategy is to generate conversations through earned media coverage while simultaneously acquiring followers of our newly launched collection social channels,” explains Foster.

For this, the brand has created its own Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages to promote its seven new locations in the U.S. among its more than 60 million Hilton Honors members and new guests. As the brand expands, the marketing team will adapt to its new needs.

At the moment the Tapestry Collection is only available in the U.S., but Hilton has an additional 35 deals in process.


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