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Tapestry’s Lia Silkworth: “Content Marketing is everything we do nowadays”


Lia Silkworth, Senior Vice President, Media Director Tapestry manages the multicultural investment and activation for Tapestry. She also oversees U.S. Multicultural for Liquid Thread, Starcom MediaVest Group’s (SMG) content unit. Lia provides leadership across Tapestry’s roster of clients which includes P&G, Burger King, Kellogg’s and Allstate. The daughter of Cuban immigrants and fluent in English and Spanish, Lia began her career in general market strategic planning with Leo Burnett, but soon realized her passion for multicultural media. We talked with Silkworth about how she approaches Content Marketing, which she says is about “creating an overarching thread of how paid owned and  earned work together.”

Lia Silkworth, SVP, Media Director, TapestryAccording to Silkworth, “content has played a pivotal role over the last twenty years but more so over the last five. It’s all about the (successful) integration of paid, earned and owned media  (POEM).  Silkworth notes that while everyone is talking about paid, earned and owned media, “not everyone is really doing it. It sounds easier than it is…”

The key elements of a successful Hispanic Content Marketing Strategy according to Silkworth:

Holistic Approach: “Paid, owned and earned media are not three silos, but have to be looked at in an integrated and strategic way. From the consumer’s experience it’s all one thing. The consumer never says: Now I am watching paid media or now I am watching earned media.”

Content Creation:“Custom Content needs to be created with the purpose of creating a point of engagement. Whether in short form for the Internet or mobile devices or in long form (e.g. for TV), the goal is to look for an opportunity where consumers can interact in a relevant way and then shift the conversation to earned media (e.g. social media). Our goal is to facilitate that conversation and be part of the consumers life. ”

Structure and Research

“It’s crucial to build  an architecture that allows for an efficient interaction between Paid, Owned and Earned Media.  For that it is crucial to understand the dynamics between them. Research and audits of owned and paid media are crucial. We have our own modeling that allows us to optimize that.”

Three Key Questions to assess the impact of Owned on Earned Media

  1. How does the consumer really work. e.g.  does he/she  update his Facebook page or not?
  2. Which  owned assets have the potential to be utilized and which ones do not?  E.g.. what is the size of delivery trucks and the reach of  social media pages?
  3. Can these owned media elements be extended upon or new ones be created?

Two Key Questions to assess the Impact of Paid on Earned Media

  1. What is the objective? Awareness, Consideration or Sales?
  2. What is the target?  Younger audience – Millenials, Older ?

On the Complementarity of Paid and Earned Media

“Paid and earned media are complementary. I have never seen an initiative where they are not complementary. Its important to study how different forms of paid media can influence on earned media and to learn from it and wee how it works.  Again, it depends on the specific objective. E.g. earned media is a succesful metric for the objective of having a brand top of mind on higher level from a consideration perspective.”

To learn more about successfully integrating paid, earned, and own media in your content, and how to apply it in the Hispanic and Latin American marketing space, register today for our  Latin Content Marketing Forum.


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