2013 Hispanic Advertising: What 8 major Clients and Agency Execs have to say

Will Hispanic Advertising grow in 2013 and if so how?  Portada asked eight major clients and media executives at advertising agencies. Most see strong growth in mobile, digital (particularly online video). Regarding audiences,  there is a strong interest in reaching out to the bilingual/bicultural Hispanic. SoLoM0 (Social, Local and Mobile) is seen as one of the  main trends building up in 2013 and throughout the rest of the decade. The emphasis on digital media should not hide that the main dollars will likely continue to be going towards broadcast media. As Post Food’s  Mike Foley summarizes:”We have a strategic mix of traditional and exploratory media. We will not be walking away from our levels of TV, radio and Branded Integrations with all of the top Hispanic networks”. More insights and details below. (Next week we will be reviewing the main challenges coming up in 2013 as seen by these major executives).

Stacey_Abreu, Associate Media Director, Mindshare
Stacey_Abreu, Associate Media Director, Mindshare

Stacey Abreu, Associate Media Director, MindShare
(together with Yvette DelValle, Associate Media Director Mindshare)
For media types, it is digital and mobile. Both are extremely important contact points, as the Hispanic community over indexes on all digital and mobile activities more than any other segment (e.g. general market, AA). The Hispanic population is also younger vs. the general market making them more inclined to be tech savvy and own a smartphone. When planned and executed correctly, both these channels have proven extremely effective across the spectrum of brand goals/metrics; for awareness campaigns we have seen the strongest CTR and for acquisition we have delivered on positive ROI figures.”

“The audience with the strongest opportunity is the bilingual/bicultural Hispanic. Over the past 10 years this segment has grown immensely, doubling its size and ultimately influencing the marketplace from a media (many English-language properties are now targeting Hispanics) and pop-culture (it is “cool” to be ethnic) perspective. If we don’t continue to enhance our communication plans by connecting with the bilingual/bicultural Hispanic and developing consumer journeys that take into account where and when they are receptive (Digital and Mobile being a key part of this) it will be a lost opportunity in the future.”

Guillermo Abud, VP Digital Director, MV42 Mediavest
Guillermo Abud, VP Digital Director, MV42 Mediavest

Guillermo Abud, VP Digital Director, MV42 Mediavest

“I think the opportunities are mostly around the Social Media, Mobile and Online Video.  Social Media is getting lots of traction since Hispanics are “Social by Design”, Mobile since there is a huge mobile penetration and little has been done in the market and Online Video since supply and demand are increasing considerably. We should also take a closer look in the SoLoMo space… (Social, Local and Mobile) as we approach 2014. 2013 will probably the base for constructing SoLoMo.  When it comes to the audience, many advertisers and agencies are looking at targeting even more at the Hispanic Second and Third Generations where the bilingual Hispanic play a huge role for our clients growth.  We will continue exploring better ways to target Hispanics around their passion points, such as music, entertainment and soccer and for CPG companies, moms are also a focus. ”

Fabian Castro, Multicultural Marketing Director, Universal Pictures
Fabian Castro, Multicultural Marketing Director, Universal Pictures

Fabian Castro, VP Multicultural Marketing, Universal Pictures

” The Hispanic audience continues to be an important target audience for Universal Pictures.  A huge opportunity for us will be mobile and tablet use, since it is fast developing into Hispanic’s preferred source of information for movie content, trailers and show times in both English and Spanish. We will definitely be developing strategies that involve mobile in all levels of moviegoer’s purchasing funnel.”

Stephanie Da Costa, Media Director, Wing
Stephanie Da Costa, Media Director, Wing

Stephanie da Costa, Media Director, Wing
“The main opportunities will be within digital – online/mobile/social to the bicultural segment (in both languages) and themes like parenting and retail will likely grow.”

Mike Foley, Brand Manager and Export, Post Foods
Mike Foley, Brand Manager and Export, Post Foods

Mike Foley, Brand Manager U.S. Hispanic and Export, Post Foods

“We have a strategic mix of traditional and exploratory media. We will not be walking away from our levels of TV, radio and Branded Integrations with all of the top Hispanic networks, but we overlay new media tactics within our traditional media plan to test new methods and understand how those are used by consumers and how they engage with the brand. We will continue with digital in a big way around traditional digital banner/OVU tactics as well as understanding the right way to utilize mobile and continue our success with social via Facebook fan page ‘Pensemos Positivo’, our Twitter handle and even with Instagram.”

“We target our consumer by archetypes and not so much by acculturation levels. It doesn’t matter if she is Spanish dominant or preferred – it matters how she lives her life and how our brands can connect with her in a meaningful away. I strongly feel that is the best way to stay top of mind and brand loyal.”

Felix Palau -  VP of Marketing for Tecate, Tecate Light, Bohemia
Felix Palau – VP of Marketing for Tecate, Tecate Light, Bohemia

Felix Palau, VP of Marketing, Tecate Equity

“The main opportunity we have identified for Tecate and Tecate Light in 2013 is creating engaging experiences for consumers. Given that Spanish-dominant and bilingual Hispanics spend a large portion of their day connect to the Internet or mobile phones, we are focusing our plans on creating these experiences at various consumer touch points, whether it be through social media engagement, sponsorships, videos, etc. Additionally, we are taking a more local approach to our marketing plans, which will give us the flexibility to create programs that are truly relevant to the Hispanic consumers in our key markets.”

CarmenTorres, Hispanic Media Supervisor, 22Squared
CarmenTorres, Hispanic Media Supervisor, 22Squared

Carmen Torres, Hispanic Media Supervisor / 22squared

“Hispanics are early adopters of new media and technology. However, many advertisers still struggle with the inclusion of emerging media as part of the media mix to reach the Hispanic community. Hispanics over-index versus the total population in the use of online video and digital, mobile and social media; but advertisers have not yet identified how to use these vehicles to target Hispanics. In 2013, there is a huge opportunity for advertisers to tap into these vehicles to engage with the Hispanic community. Digital technology plays an important role in the lives of Hispanics, as it’s primarily linked to two of their most important pillars: family connections and culture. The Internet makes their lives easier by providing quick access to information, products, and news from their countries of origin. It is key for agencies and advertisers to understand how Hispanics relate to these vehicles so we can provide relevant content and use for this consumer. ”
“Another area of opportunity is sports, as it is considered a key touch point to reach Hispanics. It facilitates interaction with both Hispanic and American culture, especially when the Hispanic population growth is coming from U.S.-born Hispanics who will likely become fans of both traditional Hispanic and traditional American sports. We are also seeing a proliferation of Hispanics playing American sports, like Victor Cruz playing for the New York Giants, which helps Hispanics connect with non-traditional Hispanic sports. For advertisers, sports can be a useful tool for connecting with the more acculturated Hispanic consumers based on their sports preference.”

Emma Velez Lopez, Hispanic Marketing Director, DIRECTV
Emma Velez Lopez, Hispanic Marketing Director, DIRECTV

Emma Velez-Lopez, Director Advertising U.S. Hispanics, DIRECTV

“In 2013 there will be many opportunities to reach the U.S. Hispanic market. You will see more digital media growth and even more testing in mobile. However, you will continue to see the high investments on TV. In particular, when one of your goals is to generate a phone call. Also, next year, there will be more opportunities to address all levels of acculturated USH segments across the board, Men vs Women and the entire family unit. As more data is available on the behavior, technology and media consumption of Hispanics, you will see more marketers fine tune the way to go to market and reach these groups more efficiently. The beauty about the paid TV service, in particular about DIRECTV,  is that you have content and technology to satisfy both the Spanish and English language TV viewing experience.”

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