Pedro Labarta @labarta

How Facebook is Cornering the Video Ad Market, also in Mexico

With more than 2 billion active users worldwide, and 80 million monthly active users in Mexico alone, the social media giant is boosting revenue at a faster pace than expected. An important part  of Facebook’s efforts and investments are going into the creation of a major video advertising platform.

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Snapchat: A Look at its Acquisitions and Numbers in Latin America

Six years after Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, CEO and CTO of Snap Inc., respectively, developed their image exchange application at Stanford University, Snapchat has become a mainstay of the millennials’ social life—successfully evolving from a scorned application for sending fleeting photos to a messaging platform with new content formats.

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How Chatbots Will Come into their Own in 2017

More and more people are using digital platforms to communicate, from Whatsapp and Telegram, to Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts. Last year, a new player joined the market: the chatbot, which is fast becoming an important interface for the user as well as a fundamental mode of interaction between companies and their customers. Portada’s digital media correspondent Pedro Labarta explains how chatbots should develop further.

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