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In March 2019 the D2C site AugustMcGregor was launched as a partnership between Irish UFC champion Conor McGregor and custom clothier David August. The men’s wear label offers modern suits designed to appeal to Millennials who want to follow the fighter’s confident sartorial style. Conor Mc Gregor’s Celebrity Marketing appeal and huge social media following in the MMA area gives the e-commerce site the opportunity to become an online fashion retail juggernaut. We talked to Michael Montanez,  director of marketing at August McGregor, about what moves the sales needle at the site. 

The Purpose  

Make luxury fashion more accessible to a broader audience.

A Product suited for Celebrity Branding

August McGregor (AM) is a 100% DNVB (digitally native vertical brand). “A small offering of premium fight related wear has worked very well with core consumer base who are Connor followers”, says Montanez, who oversees all marketing and operations for the site.  Later AM introduced casual shirts, dress shirts, sweatshirts, joggers and suits.

An ideal Target for Celebrity Marketers

Male Milennial that are making well under US $100,000.   McGregor’s audience is price sensitive.  “For August McGregor, it’s a genuine affinity for all things Conor McGregor, “Montanez notes.

The Site site

The site is built on BigCommerce. Most of the theme is intact, except for some enhancements/modifications for checkout, UX matters. The site offers alternate checkout methods through PayPal, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay to better accommodate the mobile-first customer base, and the use of global shipping solution EasyShip enables the brand to reach its international demand with ease. On average, the site experiences close to 100k uv/mo. Revenue is growing at a compound monthly growth rate of 24%.

The Following

Connor McGregor has more than 35 million social followers on social media. Just on Instagram,  with more than 33 million followers, McGregor has almost double the number of Instagram fans as the next MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomodov and nearly eight times the number of third-place Jon Jones. At the end of 2019, the August McGregor site itself (@AugustMcGregor) had the below social follower numbers.
(Facebook; 11,000 , Twitter: 12,000, Instagram 411,000).

Celebrity Marketing, Not Influencer Marketing

Montanez does not really see McGregor as a typical social media influencer because, for him,  Influencer Marketing is more about a wide reach of social influencers activating the brand through various partners. “At AM everything is spearheaded through McGregor and his efforts, there is no intermediary component in the sense of traditional influencer marketing as Conor is the principal player. McGregor is used to drive traffic. Its a tactical deployment of a personality driven brand.

What Moves the Sales Needle?

“We are constantly looking at how to increase our key performance Indicators.  Conversions are improving month over month,” Montanez notes. Through ongoing tests they saw that increased volume sets up a lower price point. “We look at bounce, where exactly the consumer is jumping, how much are they consuming, how much are they converting. We’ve run a number of tests and have a good idea of what drives volume and what’s compelling to the consumer. There’s so much more to explore with CX/UX, but development is costly and in our infancy, we’re having to be responsible with spend and priorities. We notice a slight lag in decision making, but typically the conversion occurs within a week,” McGregor concludes.


“At the moment, we track leads and bundle influencer reach with attributed sales from social. We keep tabs on this through Google Analytics  and the backend of the ecommerce platforms,” Montanez notes. “As a fashion brand, Instagram is the primary social channel that drives engagement and conversion. It’s no surprise that it contributes 53% of social revenue and has the lowest bounce rate compared to the other platforms”. Montanez is eager to  up weight Facebook and Youtube in the new year to capitalize on in-channel shopping and video branding respectively.”

. As a fashion brand, Instagram is the primary social channel that drives engagement and conversion. It’s no surprise that it contributes 53% of social revenue and has the lowest bounce rate.

Celebrity Marketing Anchored Mix

“It’s a very modest spend to build the case for increased spending. Right now, it’s more of an organic, slow build. Our digital mix is mostly made up of retargeting, paid, display and email. We’re about to launch new channels like affiliate and Google shopping in Q1. Other than that, we heavily rely on Conor to drive the traffic of his engaged audience and through that effort, we have multiple referral sites that help promote.
Montanez adds that PR will be a big driver for acquisition in 2020. In 2020, AM “will  be increasing its efforts working with younger, rookies in sports – not just MMA, but major sports, i.e. NFL, NBA.” AM will not be  paying for influencer marketing as the cost of merchandise for seeding is expensive, “so we’re working with individuals who genuinely have an interest with the brand and affinity with Conor and his passion.”

resist the urge to respond to misinformation and an artificially elevated perceived threat.

Litmus test for how advertisers and sponsors react towards the Coronavirus situation LINK
first measure one week out.

Fox cancelling upfronts.

Men’s Basketball Tournament, aka March Madness 2020. The Final Four will take place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.
Mar 19, 2019 – Apr 8, 2019

Events with no people but more at-home entertainment, streaming (less out of home)

Clients have told agencies that they dont want to go to meetings of more than 50 executives.

– MOvie industry: Not a time to die launch and marketing/media (GroupM) has been postponed to the fall. Universal, also international rights.

– More TV and binge watching
Lift in Streaming

Winners & Losers with the Coronavirus

Other elements: E-Commerce Platforms
e.g. price gauging for short supply goods by third party providers (how does it impact WMT and Amazon etc as platforms). Similarly if the supply chain is broken and there are no products to be offered.

Adaptability and readiness to change more important than ever.

Signet Jewelers Targets Hispanic millennials, Pepsi´s “Play Never Stops,” Tecate Celebrates Mexican-American Roots & More Sales Leads

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  • Signet Jewelers

Signet Jewelers Targets Hispanic millennials. Signet Jewelers TargetsSignet Jewelers has released its first foreign-language advertising campaigns in the US market, targeting Hispanic millennials expected to marry in the coming years.The Spanish ads, which are for the jeweler’s Jared and Zales banners, premiered in the two weeks before Valentine’s Day, with the Jared ad continuing to run for an additional week. After the campaign ends, Signet will review the data and decide whether to bring the ads back later in the spring. The company focused on those two banners because their geographic location lends itself to a higher percentage of Hispanic customers, but there are plans to roll out additional ads across all banners.Signet plans to launch the campaign nationally on television and digital, including YouTube, video on demand, Telemundo, Univision and ESPN Deportes. The move is part of the company’s new customer-first focus, which it has been implementing over the past year and a half as part of its broader Path to Brilliance plan to realign the company with consumer demand.Hispanics comprise approximately 18% of the US population, and about 23% to 24% of millennialse.

  • Pepsi

Pepsi has launched its´ international marketing campaign #FORTHELOVEOFIT,” which brings together soccer superstars Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, Mo Salah and Raheem Sterling in a 60-second spot duvved “Play Never Stops.” The athletes also participated behind-the-scenes in a #PepsiCanBalance challenge where they attempt to balance cans of the soda on tricky surfaces. They are encouraging influencers and followers to show off their own challenges on social media. The rollout is timed as the annual UEFA​ Champions League tournament, of which Pepsi is a sponsor. Directed by filmmaker and producer Henry Scholfield, the “Play Never Stops” spot features the Latin song “Presidente” sung by Ginette Claudette.The brand is releasing limited-edition packaging which features Paul Pogba, Raheem Sterling, Leo Messi, and Mohamed Salah across Pepsi and Pepsi Black/MAX cans.Selected cans will have a QR code on them for consumers to scan and interact with mini AR versions of Messi, Salah, Pogba, and Sterling. Consumers will be able to play a game of keepie-uppie (where players have to keep a football up in the air for as long as they can) with the mini AR versions of the football players, and share their scores to their Instagram Stories.The ad will run in more than 80 countries across outdoor and social media, which includes an augmented reality game on Facebook. In USA, the campaign will air on Univision, TUDN, Galavision, UniMas and Bleacher Report/Turner. Agency AMV BBDO was in charge of creative while media was handled by OMD.

  • Tecate

Mexican beer brand Tecate announced the launch of its new ‘Mexico is in Us‘ campaign.The ‘Mexico is in Us’ campaign officially launched on February 13th with the release of a 30-second video spot (Credentials), and will continue with a second 30-second spot, to be released today (Emotional). The campaign, created in partnership with Nómades, will run for 32 weeks on a mix of TV, radio, digital and social media platforms, with Spanish versions of each spot airing on Hispanic broadcast television, and Spanish and English versions running across digital, social and radio. The spots were filmed in Los Angeles, as well as in the brand’s namesake city of Tecate Baja California, Mexico.As part of the campaign, the brand has also shifted its focus toward more culturally relevant passion points that celebrate Tecate’s maverick spirit, and drive Mexican-American beer drinkers to live unapologetic lives on their own terms. Honing in on soccer and music, Tecate has invested in sponsorships and retail promotions that will bring the ‘Mexico is in Us’ campaign to life via immersive consumer experiences at key events throughout the year.The campaign will support Tecate’s USA portfolio, which includes the brand’s signature Tecate Original and Tecate Light products, as well as recent innovations, Tecate Titanium and Tecate Michelada.

  • Pabst Brewing Company

Pabst Brewing Company, holding company which contracts the brewing of over two dozen brands of beer and malt liquor, including its own flagship Pabst Blue Ribbon, has named Assembly as its media AOR following a review, Adweek reports. Assembly will handleintegrated media planning and buying, data and media strategy, audience strategy and performance strategy across the Pabst portfolio of brands.
Pabst’s brand portfolio includes Pacific Northwest staple Rainier, Texas brewing pioneer Lone Star, Stroh’s, Old Style, National Bohemian and the Not Your Father’s line.Pabst spent US$125,000 on measured media in the first nine months of 2019, according to Kantar Media.

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  • Dean Foods

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) has submitted a US$425 million offer to buy most of bankrupt Dean Foods’ assets. If Dean Foods Company, America’s largest milk producer, accepts a rival bid, it has agreed to pay a breakup fee of US$15 million to DFA, according to court documents. if consummated, DFA will acquire 44 of the Company’s fluid and frozen facilities and the real estate, inventory, equipment, and all other assets necessary to operate such facilities (the “Stalking Horse Assets”).The deal includes the purchase of “44 of Dean’s facilities and associated direct store delivery system, as well as certain corporate and other assets and functions,” according to the DFA statement.

Social media plays an ever-changing role for marketers. The strategy’s strength is in the ability to humanize your brand by engaging with the consumer. And engagement leads to conversions. How to stay current as social media changes is a key discussion point at Portada Council System meetings. Learn how Portada Council System’s leading brand marketers offer solutions to keep ahead of social media’s evolving role.

Kick-off Facts 

  • SMS or messaging apps are on the rise with 41% of travel marketers planning on implementing this in the near future. (Sojern)
  • Three out of five travel companies are using chat for customer service with 28% actively using or experimenting with AI technology. (Phocuswright)
  • The majority of marketers (77%) are using one or more social media platforms but only 48% have a positive ROI from these strategies. (Impact

Three Social Media Challenges for Portada Council System Members

1. Managing Brand Reputation and Trust

Related comment: “Your customers don’t necessarily trust Influencers (since most know they are being paid). It is better to win them over organically.”

Social media make it easier to discredit a brand. Companies should try to turn these experiences into something positive.

2. Training Staff to Provide Consistent Customer Service

Related comment: “Right now, the front line staff is composed by people who are not prepared enough for the job.” 

We have to make all messages coincide across roles in spite of the emphasis of each area.

3. Increased Complexity and Cost of Social Media Strategies

Related comment: “It is vital to understand the way each platform works.”

Even though the reach is there, it’s getting gradually more expensive.
Portada, Council System

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Four Social Media Opportunities Identified by Portada Council System Members

1. Don’t Forget About Traditional Marketing Channels

Globally, travel marketers see Facebook (30%) and Instagram (28%) as the most effective tools for targeting new audiences contrasted with only a 4% rate in connecting with loyalty members. (Sojern)

Related comment: “We are losing sight of traditional communication channels that are still alive and reaching a more traditional target.”

A recent eMarketer study shows a 122% median email marketing ROI, a number 4x higher than other digital marketing channels. (LYFE Marketing)

2. Humanize the Brand Voice and Keep it Consistent

Related comment:Every role matters, and each one can influence the whole in a different way.” 

Practical example: The CEO could humanize the message and community managers should have a “tone of voice” that coincides with the company’s values.

When the head of the company is an activist, this helps the brand’s reputation.

3. Give Staff the Skills to Handle All Types of Social Media Feedback 

Related comment: “Strive for accuracy and timely answers when addressing customers’ comments on social media.” 

Practical example: Provide appropriate training to the social media team so they know how to handle messages with different objectives: communicating, positioning, selling, etc. 

Make sure the whole organization has the same culture and train staff to deal with social media’s evolving role.

4. Use AI to Boost Your Customer Service 

Research from Salesforce shows an anticipated 143% increase in the use of AI for customer service teams over the next 18 months. (Salesforce)

Practical example: Using an algorithm that answers immediately on social media without the customer noticing it’s a chatbot. Instead of having hundreds of people answering, a company could hire less high-profile employees to do it right.

When the algorithm can’t solve an issue, there’s a seamless transition to a human specialist.

Portada, Council System

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AI is on the way to transforming the marketing world as we speak. While it is still in its nascent stage, it offers marketers a wealth of tools for leveraging data about customers to understand their preferences and journey with your products.

More importantly, it allows brands to keep up with customers’ increasingly high standards and expectations. Customers want their interactions with brands to feel personal and relevant, and AI enables a level of targeting and tracking that any marketer should get excited about.

But distinguishing between what can be implemented now and what will be possible in the near future is important, as the field of AI is in constant evolution. Here, we break down the different ways marketers can use AI to streamline operations, deliver better customer experiences and channel data into insight.

Defining AI

 AI can be defined as a subset of computer science through which machines display “intelligence” by making predictions and decisions. AI acquires intelligence based on the analysis of data sets, a process enabled by algorithms that tell the machine how to complete tasks and interpret information.

The most basic form of this is machine learning, which uses historical data to predict future outcomes. As the machine acquires more data, it becomes better at making predictions.

AI already driving marketing budgets, data-driven insights

Recent studies reveal the important role that AI plays in driving marketing budgets and business growth strategies. Marketers clearly believe that AI is a valuable tool: 72% of marketers surveyed in a PWC study view AI as a “business advantage.” By 2021, organizations are projected to spend $57 billion on AI platforms for marketing.

AI marketing
AI in Marketing

And organizations are already seeing the results of implementing AI: 3 of 4 companies using AI have reported a boost in sales of at least 10%. 75% of organizations in another study say AI has driven customer satisfaction by at least 10%.

In terms of how CMOs are currently implementing AI, another recent survey found that many are using it for content personalization (56.5%), predictive analytics (56.5%), and targeting decisions (49.6%).  But those are just a few of the ways AI can support marketing efforts today.

AI has 8 broad applications in marketing today

Marketers are accumulating data at an astonishing pace with the intention of harnessing it into better targeting. But sometimes the mere volume of data that organizations acquire makes it difficult for them to know how to make use of it. AI is incredibly helpful in this respect, as it enables real-time analysis of large volumes of data, automate tasks, and generate insight.

1. Market intelligence and insight:With the help of algorithms, machine learning enables in-depth analysis of complex data sets from data management platforms (DPMs), data warehouses, or other repositories, connecting the dots to support marketing intelligence and forecasting in a way that humans cannot.

2. Customer profiles and personas:Through the analysis of on-site interactions, purchasing history, referral sources and geo-specific behavior, AI can help brands form a 360-view of their customers and match them with personalized content and promotions.

3.Lead generation and sales:Machine learning and predictive analytics can help marketers automate the process of generating and scoring leads. They also help brands keep customers engaged through predicting turn: through analyzing users’ engagements with brands, they can tell when someone is about to drop off. Brands can then attempt to re-engage these users with notifications and emails.

AI Marketing
AI in Marketing

4. Media buying: AI automates the laborious process of media buying and ensuring that ads are seen by relevant audiences through programmatic advertising and optimization and measurement platforms. With almost no human input, AI helps marketers analyze, manage, and measure the performance of ad campaigns.

5. Customer experience: According to Gartner, 85% of customer service inquiries will be handled via AI by the end of 2020. AI is increasingly being implemented in the customer experience space to support improved call centers and automated customer service via chat bots and digital assistants.

6. User experience: AI helps marketers optimize user experience on websites through analyzing data about single users’ behavior to personalize content, promotions, and notifications. A study from Evergage found that 33% of marketers are using AI for more personalized website experiences, and that 63% of them noted increased conversion rates, while 61% assert that customer experiences have improved.

AI Marketing
AI Marketing

7. Natural language generation and content creation: There are a variety of applications for AI in the realm of content. Using simple rules and formats, AI-enabled tools and platforms can author content such as business reports, product descriptions, stock market reports, and sports recaps without human input. Through setting the rules and formats, marketers can dictate the tone and style that the content takes.

AI-enabled content platforms can also make suggestions about what kinds of content formats and topics a brand’s target audience is likely to engage with through tracking users’ online activity.

8. Chatbots: While chatbots technically fall under customer experience, they have changed the marketing world in such a way that they deserve their own dedicated text. AI-enabled bots are successfully delivering customer service for thousands of global brands through natural language processing and machine learning.

Natural language processing allows machines to interpret the meaning of written and spoken speech and respond accordingly, all without human intervention. The machine can track the effectiveness of its responses and adapt accordingly, improving as it has more conversations.

Marketers must self-educate before selecting vendors

Marketers considering ways to implement AI in their organization have to be careful when evaluating different products and platforms. Many use the term “AI” loosely, mislabeling tools that implement data processing and analytics as “AI.”  Smart organizations can bring in experts to educate and advise them as they consider the alternatives.

Ask questions about the data sets they use and pay attention to whether they have data scientists on staff. Request a demo and confirm what deliverables and KPIs will be included in their activities.

Make sure your data is clean and high-quality

 While AI might seem like magic, it still depends on effective human inputs: namely high-quality data that it can learn from. If marketers don’t format data in a way it can be processed, or you do not have the infrastructure to process it correctly, it will not produce an “intelligent” machine.

To this end, marketers must innovate and collect more annotated data that can be tagged to train AI systems. Measuring only clicks is not going to create a rich enough data set to use for impactful AI.

Remember the human touch

AI will be able to replace humans in many, but not all, of the brand interactions customers expect. Consumers are excited about AI – an Acquia study found that 53% of consumers say they are “looking forward to artificial intelligence making interacting with brands a better experience.” At the same time, the study found that 85% percent claim that “a human touch is needed, in addition to technology, for a positive customer experience.”

Marketers should only use AI where it will enhance customer experiences, and it turns out there are plenty of situations in which people prefer to speak to a human than a machine. 75% of the respondents to the Acquia survey agreed that “the problem with automated experiences – interacting with technology instead of a real human – with brands is they are too impersonal.”

The future of AI in marketing depends on smart investments  

Implemented correctly, AI will offer us tools that make our work better, easier, and more enjoyable. Marketers will be able to focus on the strategic, creative elements of their work and leave the tedious and time-consuming tasks to a well-trained machine.

All of this, though, depends on marketers educating themselves so that they can help their organizations invest in smart solutions. As AI evolves at a rapid pace, marketers will face increasing pressure to keep up.a

Daniel Galvan Duque, Marketing Director for Flavored CSD’s at Gepp PepsiCo Mexico tells Portada about their Consumer Engagement Cycle for reaching audiences through meaningful experiences, heartfelt stories and open conversations. You may know everything about your consumers nowadays – what they wear, where they go, what they eat, and even what they need and when they need it. Perhaps your brand has been paying close attention for years. But have your brand’s consumers been paying attention to you? Read on to see how Gepp PepsiCo Engages the Mexican Consumer.


Interview conducted by Alejandra Velazquez

Daniel Galvan Duque, Portada, Brand Marketing
Daniel Galvan Duque, Gepp PepsiCo Mexico @gepp

The Power of Storytelling

PepsiCo has been mastering the Consumer Engagement Cycle for decades. Their beverage portfolio is relatable, and their strongest brands have been household names for the fashion, music, and sports industries for decades. This isn’t just about what people like, it’s about how people live. Melding into consumers memories of meaningful events gives brands a backstage pass into people’s experiences. And once they’ve shared an experience, it’s how the story gets told.

El Peluches: Creating Engagement Through Passion

When people don’t immediately skip your ad, you know you’ve hit a home-run. “Truth is, in an era populated with so many brands, communication, and content, the challenge is grabbing people’s attention,” says Daniel Galvan Duque, the man behind PepsiCo’s marketing strategy. In August 2016, Gatorade partnered with Alejandro “El Peluches” Ruiz, a man who runs marathons wearing a vest covered entirely in plush toys. Why? Because his unique passion encourages others and brightens their day. Gatorade was clever enough to notice and share the story to connect with their Mexican audience.

Truth is, in an era populated with so many brands, communication, and content, the challenge is grabbing people’s attention.

The “El Peluches” ad was an unconventional format with a story worth telling. “You have to constantly challenge yourself to produce things that create proximity. The digital world demands you to keep your pre-rolls under five seconds long and all your content under 20, and here was this 2’30’’ narrative with a 70% view rate” reminisces Galvan Duque.

5v5 Montemorelos: Rooting for the Underdogs 

The Gatorade 5v5 soccer tournament in partnership with the UEFA Champions League has gained plenty of momentum in its four-year run (check out our interview with Jill Leccia, Senior Marketing Director – Gatorade Latin America). In 2017, a team from the small rural town of Montemorelos made it to the playoffs but lost in the semifinals. “They asked us if there was a chance they could try again at the second playoffs, and we gave them permission. This time they won, and that gave us a chance to tell a great story. They ended up losing at the finals and didn’t get to travel to Barcelona for the first prize, but we still made the story fit perfectly with the brand’s message: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you never quit trying” says Galvan Duque.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you never quit trying.

The outcome was a brief 3’34’’ documentary in which the narrator says “At the end you might win. You might not win. You might have all the odds against you. But one thing is true: in Montemorelos and anywhere else, if you keep sweating, nothing can stop you”. The message matched the brand messaging and reached over seven million views.

Fido Dido Parade: Nostalgia and Influence  

Relatable characters, a touch of nostalgia and partnerships with influencers can keep brand awareness alive. Fido Dido was 7UP’s beloved hand-sketched character in the nineties who was “ageless, thoughtful, chill, and compassionate towards one and all” according to one of its creators Joanna Ferrone. Reviving an ambassador like Fido Dido, highly nostalgic and relatable, does wonders for sparking all kinds of conversations, activations, experiences, and stories – the cogs that keep the Consumer Engagement Cycle alive and spinning.

We wanted each to have a different personality, imprinted by the person creating them. So we found an influencer pool that made sense with the brand.

He recently made a comeback in a series of ads and parades held across Mexico where the brand invited different artists to decorate blank forms of the beloved character. “We wanted each to have a different personality, imprinted by the person creating them. So we found an influencer pool that made sense with the brand. First thing to consider is whether they believe in your message and what you’re doing” reveals Galvan Duque. The right strategy goes a long way for how Gepp PepsiCo engages the Mexican consumer.

Daniel Galvan Duque, Marketing Director for Flavored CSD’s at Gepp, PepsiCo Mexico, will be one of the dozens of brand marketing innovators present at Portada Miami on June 4, 2020. If you are interested in participating in Portada Miami and/or in Portada’s networking and knowledge-sharing platform with brand marketers please contact us here.

Sales Leads US: a summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the market and/or targeting U.S. consumers right now.

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  • FCA/Peugeot
FCA & Peugeot to Merge
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Peugeot S.A. will merge.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Peugeot S.A. (“Groupe PSA”) have signed a binding Combination Agreement providing for a 50/50 merger of their businesses to create the 4th largest global automotive OEM by volume and 3rd largest by revenue. The proposed combination will be an industry leader with the management, capabilities, resources and scale to successfully capitalize on the opportunities presented by the new era in sustainable mobility. With its combined financial strength and skills, the merged entity will be particularly well placed to provide innovative, clean and sustainable mobility solutions, both in a rapidly urbanizing environment and in rural areas around the world. The combined company will have annual unit sales of 8.7 million vehicles, with revenues of nearly €170 billion , recurring operating profit of over €11 billion and an operating profit margin of 6.6%, all on a simple aggregated basis of 2018 results . The combined entity will have a balanced and profitable global presence with a highly complementary and iconic brand portfolio covering all key vehicle segments from luxury, premium, and mainstream passenger cars through to SUVs and trucks & light commercial vehicles. This will be underpinned by FCA’s strength in North America and Latin America and Groupe PSA’s solid position in Europe. The new Group will have much greater geographic balance with 46% of revenues derived from Europe and 43% from North America, based on aggregated 2018 figures of each company. The combination will bring the opportunity for the new company to reshape the strategy in other regions.

  • Pepsi

Pepsi is launching a new brand campaign this month, featuring its first new tagline in the United States in about two decades: “That’s What I Like.” Get ready to hear this across all Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar, and Diet Pepsi ads and promotions—indefinitely. “Pepsi drinkers are comfortable in their own skin, they enjoy their life unapologetically without really worrying about what other people think,” says Pepsi’s VP of marketing, Todd Kaplan, who feels like the line embodies what company research has told them about their customers. “Pepsi drinkers are three times more likely to belt out a song on karaoke or nearly twice as likely to clap at the end of the movie.” The new tagline, Kaplan believes, is a simple, “clean, crisp articulation of that.” The new spots will air across English and Spanish-speaking properties, including the Golden Globes and NFL wild-card playoff games. Created with agencies Goodby Silverstein & Partners and Alma the ads embrace that whole dance-like-nobody’s-watching ethos. It’s a departure from the ongoing celebrity ads that the cola giant started airing last January, all the way through November with Cardi B’s holiday tale. Pepsi has been slowly moving its media buying duties in house. In late October 2018 it ended its relationship with WPP’s VMLY&R for the Tropicana and Gatorade digital accounts.

  • Snickers 
SNICKERS/Madden NFL (esports)
SNICKERS is new Madden NFL 20 Club Championship official sponsor

SNICKERS’ accelerated commitment in competitive Madden NFL (esports) by becoming the official Madden NFL 20 Club Championship presenting sponsor for the first time. As presenting sponsor SNICKERS will reach players and spectators in mass through specially curated studio segments, highlight reels, and spotlight moments, such as the coveted SNICKERS “Moment of the Year” Madden NFL 20 Championship Series award.As part of the sponsorship, the candy bar marketed by Mars will be featured in highlight packages and branded studio segments during the tournament on Twitch, YouTube and the ESPN mobile app, per an announcement shared with Marketing Dive.The Madden NFL 20 Club Championship Presented by SNICKERS will involve all 32 NFL teams as one competitor per team will compete for more than US$700,000, tied for the largest tournament prize pool in competitive Madden NFL history. Snickers aims to reach the esports audience that largely consist of Generation Zers, 74% of whom say they often snack between meals, per a study by the Institute of . The researcher also predicted that the number of U.S. consumers who would watch an esports event at least once a month would grow 18% to 30.3 million this year from 2018. Brands looking to reach these millions of fans are forecast to boost sponsorship spending by 34% to $457 million this year, games researcher Newzoo predicted.Snickers is among the brands that are sponsoring esports events as their audience continues to grow. Pizza Hut, Nike, Anheuser-Busch,  AT&T, Axe, Coca-Cola, Hershey, Mercedes-Benz and Tillys are among the brands that are already esports sponsors.

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  • Kellogg’s
Football Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson, Tony the Tiger and reps from The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation announced today that every public middle school in El Paso, TX will receive a Sports Matter grant–totaling $500,000–on behalf of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes’ Mission Tiger and The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation’s Sports Matter. The duo teamed to help give El Paso middle schoolers the chance to play sports, delivering truckloads of new equipment. (Jorge Salgado/AP Images for Kellogg’s)

The Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl officially takes over El Paso on New Year’s Eve, but the game dedicated to saving middle school sports made its mission real today in the “Sun City.”  Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes®‘ Mission Tiger™ teamed up with the pioneer for helping kids play sports, The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation (DSGF), and gave a Sports Matter grant to every public middle school athletic department in El Paso — a total donation of US$500,000 — to help give more middle school kids access to sports.The first-of-its-kind partnership between one of America’s favorite breakfast cereals and the foundation for America’s largest sporting goods retailer might seem unlikely, but both are on a mission to help Mission Tiger ‖ Sports Matter Mobile save school sports. And today’s efforts align with the Sun Bowl’s 1935 inaugural mission to benefit underprivileged children.In partnership with The DICK’S Foundation, Tony the Tiger called on his friend, Sun Bowl alum and football Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson to break the news. Tomlinson and Tony drove around town to deliver much-needed sporting goods equipment to aspiring young athletes at Wiggs Middle School.The collaboration is the latest stop for Mission Tiger, an initiative from Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes to save middle school sports nationwide. In August 2019, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes was announced as the title sponsor of the newly named Tony the Tiger™ Sun Bowl, making Tony the Tiger the first mascot to ever lend his name to a college football bowl game.

  • SouthNorte Beer Co.
SouthNorte Beer Co
SouthNorte Beer Co. secures investment led John Gallegos.

Founded at the crossroads of cultures, SouthNorte Beer Co. revealed that it has secured new investment to drive company growth led by advertising executive and founding partner, John Gallegos, who has increased his investment in the brand to further accelerate the company’s marketing efforts, expansion into new territories and exploration of new partners throughout the country. This influx of funding positions Gallegos as the majority owner of SouthNorte, with Coronado Brewing Company offering continued operational support with a minority stake in the company.The infusion of new investment comes at an important juncture for SouthNorte —the brand has garnered critical acclaim and grassroots fan support in San Diego, and now, Gallegos and partners recognize that the time is ripe to amplify SouthNorte’s message and brand essence beyond its current footprint and into new markets. In addition to increasing his investment in the brand, Gallegos will take on additional operational management roles in the company. A seasoned advertising and marketing executive, Gallegos is CEO of the United Collective communications group comprised of five interconnected independent agencies.  Under this new arrangement, former CEO, Brandon Richards, credited for his contributions in making SouthNorte a success, will remain as a partner and Coronado Brewing Company will also remain a partner in the business offering various levels of support including brewing, sales, and marketing. SouthNorte beer will continue to be contract brewed and packaged at Coronado facilities.

Sales Leads US: a summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the market and/or targeting U.S. consumers right now.

What: H Code Media, a US Hispanic digital media company, has closed an exclusive partnership with Futbol Sites (FSN), a top digital sports media group in Latin America.
Why it matters: The US-Hispanic market is mobile first and represents over 17 percent of the US population. More than 30 percent of Hispanic Millennials are soccer fans. These facts are particularly important in the view of the upcoming soccer World Cup in 2018 in Russia.

H Code Media  announced the signing of an exclusive partnership with Futbol Sites (FSN), a digital sports media group in Latin America. This exclusive access deal with FSN extends H Code’s advertising inventory into new and previously untapped content areas by approximately 1 million uniques.

The US-Hispanic market is mobile first and represents over 17 percent of the US population with US$1.5 trillion in purchasing power. More than 30 percent of Hispanic Millennials are soccer fans. Despite their size, US Hispanics are very hard to reach as the result of a fragmented content market. To effectively reach them, H Code partners directly with leading Spanish language media companies from around the world, many of them in Latin America, like FSN.

The US-Hispanic market is mobile first and represent over 17 percent of the US population with US$1.5 trillion in purchasing power.

“Futbol Sites has done a fantastic job creating communities to engage with US Hispanics around sports,” said Parker Morse, CEO of H Code Media. “With Futbol Sites, brands will be able to utilize H Code Media’s rich creative products to reach the avid US Hispanic sports fan while they consume rich and authentic soccer content.”

“Soccer is known globally as the most passionate sport in the world,” said Federico Grinberg, CEO & Co-Founder of Futbol Sites. “As major soccer events come down the pipeline, such as the World Cup in 2018, it’s important for advertisers to connect with the Hispanic demographic. By working solely with H Code, we can focus more on the growth of our 25+ sites and more than 80 online communities while H Code handles the monetization component of the equation.”

H Code’s work with Futbol Sites will leverage the differentiated and unique advertising inventory in the market to enhance its current offering. The solutions they collectively deliver will include display, rich media, video, mobile, native, social/digital channels, as well as creative services.

H Code  works directly one-to-one with the top 200 U.S. Hispanic premium publishers.  As a result, H Code can provide its clients with premium and exclusive access to 20+ million US Hispanic consumers.

Join us at PORTADA Mexico!


What: The “Top 10 Highest-Paid Athlete Endorsers of 2016” list released by the marketing agency Opendorse features four golf players, and one of them has just 111K followers on Twitter.
Why It Matters: Influence is about more than social media numbers, and brands should evaluate other factors when making endorsement decisions.

According to the Forbes list of the ‘World’s Highest-Paid Athletes,’ Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo earned US $88 million last year, which makes him the best-paid athlete of the year.

Ronaldo is also the athlete with the most followers on Twitter. But being the highest-paid and most-followed player does not necessarily make him the right influencer for every brand.

Resultado de imagen de roger federer
Roger Federer

According to Forbes, over 2016 Ronaldo managed to make $32 million through brand endorsements. This number might impress some, but it is almost only half of the $60 million generated by Swiss tennis player Roger Federer, who was the athlete that made the most money off of endorsements in 2016.

Choosing one influencer over another “is not that different from the way that the general market looks at sponsorships,” explains Michael Neuman, EVP and Managing Partner at Scout Sports and Entertainment. It doesn’t matter if they have the most followers on social media: brands must think about what athlete draws the admiration and dedication of their fans.

As Neuman adds, endorsement deals “depends on the brand’s strategy. If a brand decides they want to reach the sports fan and they sponsor a league or the team, staying in the sports genre, the athlete makes the most sense.”

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Nissan, for example, works with both sports influencers and celebrities from other areas. “With our global Champions League sponsorship we also have Gareth Bale and El Kun Agüero as brand ambassadors. But we also have local ambassadors that go from a local pilot to any other sport. It depends on each of the campaigns,” explains Pablo Cárdenas, marketer at Nissan Mexico.

The sports where the athletes wear helmets, like football and hockey, don’t tend to have the highest number of athletes with endorsements.

When choosing an athlete to become a brand’s face, there are some sports that definitely work better than others. “The sports where the athletes wear helmets, like football and hockey, don’t tend to have the highest number of athletes with endorsements because there isn’t the recognition that you have with a basketball player or even a baseball player,” says Neuman.

Resultado de imagen de nbaThe NBA is the league with the highest number of players involved in endorsement campaigns in the United States right now.  “I would say basketball has the most, and hockey has the least,” he adds.

This explains why Lebron James is the second-highest-paid athlete when it comes to off-the-court endorsements, with an income of $54 million through sponsorships during 2016. The NBA player also made it to the headlines after signing a lifetime deal with Nike, rumoured to be worth over $1 billion.

Taking a look at the marketing agency Opendorse’s top 10 highest-paid athletes of 2016 (see below), one will notice many tennis and golf players. But these types of deals don’t always get featured heavily on the streets due to the types of contracts that they sign. Even though the athletes might make less on the contracts, they are more exclusive, and targeted at a narrower audience with a higher acquisition power.

In a world where popularity and social acceptance seems to be directly related to how many followers a person has on social media, these numbers do not mean much in the sports endorsement market. Although soccer players like Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the two most followed athletes on Twitter, they are far from making the list of the top 10 largest contracts.

#AthleteSportEstimated Cost Per Tweet in USDTwitter followersTotal Yearly endorsement earnings in USD millionNotable endorsement deals
1Roger FedererTennis31,6606.7M60Wilson, Nike, Rolex, Mercedes-Benz, Gillette, Credit Suisse
2Lebron JamesBasketball185,32834.5M54Beats by Dre, Coca-Cola, Kia, McDonald’s, Samsung, Nike
3Phil MickelsonGolfN/A111K50KPMG, Rolex, ExxonMobil, Callaway, Barclays
4Tiger WoodsGolf34,3806.18M45Nike, Upper Deck, Rolex, Hero MotoCorp
5Kevin DurantBasketball80,38815.5M36Nike, 2k Sports, Sprint, BBVA, Beats by Dre, Panini
6Rory McIlroyGolf16,2693.1M35Nike, Bose, EA Sports, Omega, Upper Deck
7Novak DjokovicTennis33,9526.96M34Adidas, Pugeot, Head, Uniqlo, Seiko
8Rafael NadalTennis53,63312.1M32Tommy Hilfiger, Kia, Nike, Babolat, Telefonica
9Jordan SpiethGolf8,7081.74M32AT&T, Coca-Cola, Rolex, Titleist, Under Armour
10Cristiano RonaldoSoccer258,85950.6M32CR7, Nike, Tag Heuer, Herbalife, Monster Headphones, Sacoor Brothers
Source:, Twitter

We recently published articles about the plans of key buy side executivesmedia honchos  and sports marketers for the year that just started.  Now here is what Portada is planning  for 2017 in order to meet the growing demand of our audience in traditional and new content areas. Below the exciting expansion we are planning with our valued partners.

1. What Portada’s 2017 Expansion Means for our Audience…

-Increased coverage of the digital marketing (r) evolution throughout the Americas and what it means for brand marketers. We hired additional reporters and analysts so that our audience gets the intelligence and insights it needs on the below topic areas:

Video Marketing (btw: check out our recently published 2017 Video Marketing Guide!)
– Adoption of Marketing Technologies from a brand marketers perspective.
Data MarketingProgrammatic Marketing (with the advice of  our character “Programatico Lopez”), and Influencer Marketing.
Retail MarketingTravel Marketing, E-Commerce and  Conversion
– More content on Innovation and Entrepreneurship on our Entrepreneurship and Innovation channel.
– Publication of additional premium research reports
– Interactive Databases of Marketers targeting the U.S. and Latin American consumers. (separate databases).
– Of course Portada will continue to be the destination of choice covering all news and insights impacting U.S. Hispanic and Latin American Marketing.


2. Launch of the Sports Marketing Platform

SoccerLaunch of Portada’s Sports Marketing Platform in mid-february, more defining content on what moves marketers to invest in the exciting sports space (with particular emphasis on soccer). The new sports marketing platform complements the  annual sports marketing guide as well as the Sports Forum in September. (Watch out for the announcement of our Sports Marketing Board with key brand marketers targeting the U.S. consumer through sports in 3 weeks!).

3. Benefit from Portada Events

Portada events provide inspiration, fresh thinking and practical focus on the topics that matter as well as enviable networking opportunities.   Attend our landmark events in Miami (PortadaLat), New York City (#Portada16  which includes the 11th Annual Hispanic Marketing and Media Conference and the Sports Marketing Forum, Mexico City and the U.S. West Coast.).

4. What our Growth Means for Our Advertising/Marketing Partners

  • Direct Contact with Brand Marketers. More Brand Marketers involvement than ever (watch out for announcement of our expanded editorial Board as well as the Sports Marketing Board to be announced in late-January!). One to one Interaction with major brands at our landmark annual events in Miami, New York City and Mexico City. Customized events and more…
  • Lead-Gen through White Papers and Webinars using the Portada platform to connect with an audited audience of more than 140,000 marketing and business professionals around the Americas.
  • Partnership with the ANA Association of National Advertisers for Special Multicultural Thought Leadership Supplement to be included in Portada’s Annual Print Issue (Pub Date. March 28,2017).
  • Expanded native marketing offering. Many marketers have partnered with us to integrate their messages in our editorial through partner messages (examples here and here). This provides an organic way for our partners to be part of Portada’s highly regarded content.
  • 360 approach: Major events, customized events, digital and print integrations.
  • Expansion of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Vertical


To learn how Portada can help your brand reach its marketing objectives in 2017, please contact Business Development Director Bob Oliva  or call him at (305) 546-15-15.

We just published articles about the plans of key brand, agency and media executives for the next year. We also want to let our audience and marketing partners know what Portada is planning  for 2017,  the second year of our investment and expansion phase initiated earlier this year with the launch of new websites and new hires.  To fine-tune our strategy we asked our readers and advertisers what they want to see more of. And below is what we are planning.

1. What Portada’s 2017 Expansion Means for our Audience…

-Increased coverage of the digital marketing (r) evolution throughout the Americas and what it means for brand marketers. We hired additional reporters and analysts so that our audience gets the intelligence and insights it needs on the below topic areas:

Video Marketing (btw: check out our recently published 2017 Video Marketing Guide!)
– Adoption of Marketing Technologies from a brand marketers perspective.
Data Marketing and Programmatic Marketing (with the advice of  our character “Programatico Lopez”).
Social/Influencer Marketing and Native/Branded Content.
Retail MarketingTravel Marketing, E-Commerce and  Conversion
– Publication of additional premium research reports early next year.
– Interactive Databases of Marketers targeting the U.S. and Latin American consumers. (separate databases).
– Of course Portada will continue to be the destination of choice covering all news and insights impacting Hispanic and Latin American Marketing.

More content on Innovation and Entrepreneurship on our Entrepreneurship and Innovation channel.

2. Launch of the Sports Marketing Platform

SoccerLaunch of Portada’s Sports Marketing Platform in mid-february, more defining content on what moves marketers to invest in the exciting sports space (with particular emphasis on soccer). The new sports marketing platform complements the  annual sports marketing guide as well as the Sports Forum in September. (Watch out for the announcement of our Sports Marketing Board in January).

3. Benefit from Portada Events

Portada events provide inspiration, fresh thinking and practical focus on the topics that matter as well as enviable networking opportunities.   Attend our landmark events in Miami (PortadaLat), New York City (#Portada16  which includes the 11th Annual Hispanic Marketing and Media Conference and the Sports Marketing Forum, Mexico City and the  U.S. West Coast.).

4. What our Growth Means for Our Advertising/Marketing Partners

  • Direct Contact with Brand Marketers. More Brand Marketers involvement than ever (watch out for announcement of our expanded editorial Board as well as the Sports Marketing Board to be announced in mid-January!). One to one Interaction with major brands at our landmark annual events in Miami, New York City and Mexico City. Customized events and more…
  • Lead-Gen through White Papers and Webinars using the Portada platform to connect with an audited audience of more than 140,000 marketing and business professionals around the Americas.
  • Partnership with the ANA Association of National Advertisers for Special Multicultural Thought Leadership Supplement to be included in Portada’s Annual Print Issue (Pub Date. March 28,2017).
  • Expanded native marketing offering. Many marketers have partnered with us to integrate their messages in our editorial through partner messages (examples here and here). This provides an organic way for our partners to be part of Portada’s highly regarded content.
  • 360 approach: Major Event, customized event, digital and print integrations.
  • Expansion of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Vertical


To learn how Portada can help your brand reach its marketing objectives in 2017, please contact Business Development Director Bob Oliva  or call him at (305) 546-15-15.

The 8th Annual Edition of PortadaLat is taking place this Wednesday June 8 and Thursday June 9 in Miami’s Hyatt Regency Hotel. To get you ready, here are 10 ways you will benefit from the event. Not registered yet?  You can secure your spot at the special online promotional rate! 10 ways you will benefit by attending our annual showcase of the best and brightest in Latin Marketing, Media and Digital Innovation.

1. Get First-hand Insights from the Nr. 3 Female CMO in the World and the CEO of a Marketing Technology “Unicorn”

Dorothy Dowling, Chief Marketing Officer, Best Western® Hotels & Resorts, who recently was selected by Forbes as the #18 CMO in the world and #3 female CMO and Adam Singolda, CEO & Founder of Taboola will have a “fireside chat” at 2pm on Wednesday June 8.  Taboola, is a so-called marketing tech unicorn (that’s how private digital companies valued at US $1 billion or more are affectionately called 🙂 !).
Dowling will share hands-on insights about how she markets 4,100 hotels in 100 countries. Taboola’s Singolda will provide his views about the future of content marketing and the role of native advertising.

2.  Sit-Down with Brand Marketers and Agencies at the Speed Networking Function!

handshake behind a corporative building.Great for any design.One amazing feature of Portada’s traditional speed-networking function is that it allows attendees to meet brand marketers, agency executives and other prospects in an informal setting. Get ready to meet major players including the below:
Patricia Aragon,Digital Marketing Manager, L’Oreal
Carlos Leal, Sr. Consumer Marketing Manager, Nestlé
Luiz Schmidt, Head of Marketing, Latin America & Caribbean and Jack Daniel’s Center of Excellence Emerging Markets, Brown Forman
Yamilet Bermudez, Media Operations Director – IPG Mediabrands
Armando Lopez
, Account Director, Havas Media Group|
Jose Luis Perez Rodriguez,
Performance Marketing Manager, Volaris
Rebeca Ricoy,
Sr. Manager Digital, Nola, Avon
and many more!

3. Find out Why Cable and Social Media are in Need of Couple Therapy

Latin American media plans are not complete with cable media buys only. Neither are they with social media only. The challenge lies in connecting all the dots and develop integrated offline and online communication packages. Group M’s Cynthia Evans, will act as couple therapists by being the moderator of the session “Why TV and Social Media neet to become friends: couple’s therapy”, with panelists Adriana Grineberg, Head of Operations Miami, Facebook, Carlos Leal, Sr. Consumer Marketing Manager, Nestlé and Alfonso Cueto, Sr. Director Ad-Sales Latin America, ESPN.

4. Learn How to Use Data Science to Reach Out to the Latin Consumer

Source Technoratti
Source Technoratti

To recognize the enormous impact Data Sciences have on Marketing and Advertising, Portada is adding a Data Marketing Forum at the first Day of #PortadaLat (June 8). PortadaLat will provide a unique setting for marketers targeting Latin consumers in the U.S. and Latin America to delve into how Big Data can revolutionize marketing efficiency.
Major Speakers at the Data Marketing Forum include:
Mebrulin Francisco, Partner, Director Marketing Analytics Multicultural, GroupM
Ana Crandell, Group Account Director, OMD Multicultural
Oscar Padilla, Senior VP of Marketing and Digital, Pulpo Media
Francisco Morillo, Digital Marketing Manager, Xoom
Jose Luis Valderrama, CEO and Founder, Hispanic Group
The Data Marketing Forum will be taking place on Day 1 of #PortadaLat. Get your Day 1 (or the Combo Day 1 and 2 Ticket)!

5. Understand How Influencers Add Value to Branded Video Entertainment

Brands and InfluencersAlexander Ospina, Influencer/Instagram Sensation and Christian Acosta, Influencer, Recording Artist, are going to be key Influencers participating at PortadaLat. They will participate in session on Latin Tech Innovations and on Branded Video Entertainment. Branded video is one of the fastest growing areas in Latin marketing. A major brand marketer, an agency exec and a star influencer share the latest insights on:  Online Video is emerging as a powerful medium in Latin America with both very short and long formats being successful. Learn from Alejandro Rosado, VP, Content Creative Director Latin América, Publicis OneJorge Rocha, Digital Director/Mobile Lead Latin America , Starcom MediaVest and Luiz Schmidt, Head of Marketing, Latin America & Caribbean and Jack Daniel’s Center of Excellence Emerging Markets, Brown Forman about what works, what doesn’t and why.

6. Find out Where Panregional Marketing and Miami are Heading To

It’s always been a central mission of Portada to cover and promote the panregional marketing and media buying sector. What is the role of Miami going forward. At the session “Shaping the Future of Panregional Marketing: The Role of Miami” find out what experts Benoit Wirz, Director Venture Investments, Knight Ventures, Yazmid Aguilar, Sr. Marketing Communications Mgr LATAM- Jarden Consumer Solutions – ‎Jarden Consumer Solutions, Alfredo Pedroso, Director of Panregional Ad-Sales, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Fernando Monedero, Managing Director, MediaBrands Miami have to say.

7. Gain from New Latin Travel Marketing Insights

Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market are key inbound and outbound destinations for global travel and luxury marketing companies. Hear how major brands are approaching the region and learn more about their innovations in digital marketing. Some of the key speakers participating in the Travel Marketing Track are:

    • Montserrat Santaella, International Promotion Manager, Grupo Posadas
    • Guillermo Morrone, VP Head of Global Consumer and Priceless Cities Content Strategy, MasterCard
    • Ricardo Rivera, Chief Marketing Officer, Volaris
    • Rolando Aedo, Chief Marketing Officer, Greater Miami Tourism and Convention Bureau
    • Ismalis Mendoza, Senior Manager of Marketing and E-Commerce, Marriott International
    • Jose Luis Carrete, Chief Digital Officer, Hoteles CityXpress
    • Lara Migliassi, VP, Global Brands – Hyatt Zilara, Hyatt Ziva, Hyatt Residence Club & Hyatt
    • Carlos Orta, VP Corporate Affairs, Carnival Corporation


8. Learn about L’Oreal’s New Content Factory and Avon’s Approach to Social Selling

Patricia Aragon, Digital Marketing Manager L’Oreal and the leader of the beauty giant’s ’content marketing in Spanish-speaking Latin America, will explain how the company’s new content factory based in Mexico City works. “At the content factory, or content assembly line, we work with content creators and editorial partners”,  Aragon tells Portada in a pre-event interview. Each major brand e.g. Lancome and Maybelline has its own “content assembly line”. Measurement of content performance is a key element of L’Oreal’s content factory. “We need to know what content performs better and where,” Aragon says. This includes to know how the content of different product launches performs.” Avon, another personal care and beauty juggernaut, will also be participating at PortadaLat.  Rebeca Ricoy, Senior Manager of Digital Strategies at Avon NoLA will explain how the second largest direct selling company in the world with more than 6.4 million representatives. Learn how the personal care and beauty giant is using social media marketing and social sales to complement the efforts of its direct sales force. Social marketing/Social selling and more.

9. Absorb How Latin Americas Largest Retailer and Mexico’s Largest Bank Realize Online and Off-line Marketing Synergies

Juan Guillermo Restrepo, Digital Marketing Manager, Fallabella and David Fierro, VP Retail Bank Marketing, Banamex will provide new insights into how they profit from online and offline marketing synergies. Case studies from the Mexican retail banking giant and of Fallabella, Latin America’s largest retailer.


10. Find Out Who the Award Winners Are!

After thousands of votes were casted throughout the Americas and the PortadaLat Award Jury also casted their votes, we will know who the winners in 13 different categories are. Check out the 3 finalists per category!




Dear Portada Friends,
Today we are soft launching our new site for our audited audience of more than 100,000 marketing, tech and media professionals throughout the Americas. In order to meet and exceed the expectations of our audience and advertising partners, over the coming weeks you will see major improvements to both our content and product range as well as the design including the following:

  • Easier Site Navigation: On the top left column, you will see the 6 top news items you need to know about (“6 Things to Know”). In addition, the main news article on the middle column will dissect a key topic or news item impacting the Marketing, Content and Media Industries as only Portada’s Editorial team can do it. Furthermore, hot topics section as well as special features and issues will round up Portada’s offering.
  • Sophisticated and effective offerings for Native Advertising and Branded Integration Programs to meet the needs of Portada’s long-standing and growing stable of partners and sponsors.
  • The new sites are 100% mobile and tablet compatible.
  • More use of Images and visualization
  • Increased Integration with Social Media Platforms
  • Soon to be introduced: New Research Reports and Interactive Database Sections
  • 100% redesigned event pages
  • Higher visibility for Portada’s Key Offerings:
    – The main conferences on the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American Marketing, Media and Digital Innovation
     – Our acclaimed digital and print editorial products,
     Proprietary Research and Interactive Databases,
    White Papers/Webinars (Lead Gen)
    – Career/Jobs Section
  • Strengthened Editorial Coverage of Multicultural Marketing, Brand Marketers, Online Video Marketing, Sports Marketing, Travel Marketing and more…

Funding and New Additions to our Team

The investment in technology and personnel increase is funded via our continued growth as well as through a substantial investment by a financial institution. We are very proud of this vote of confidence in our offerings.
Our Team of proven Editorial, Database, Marketing, Sales and Event Management professionals based in New York, Miami, Mexico City and Buenos Aires (Argentina) is being strengthened with the following hires:

Ximena Cassab. An experienced journalist, Ximena will provide key insights and breaking news on the Multicultural and Latin American Marketing space, including Sports and Travel Marketing.

Gretchen Gardner. Gretchen will be complementing to Portada’s Existing Ad-Tech and Online Video Marketing coverage.

Daniela Landa, based in Mexico City, Daniela will support our Sales and Event Logistics Team.

Paula Gaviria, Digital Marketing Correspondent., will provide her unique expertise and experience on the fast-changing Digital Marketing landscape.

We are very excited to announce that we just added two key brand Marketers to our Editorial Board who will choose the Hispanic Advertising and Media Award Winners, which will be announced at the Award Ceremony at #Portada15. Start nominating!

Xavier Turpin,  Multicultural Marketing Director, at  Dunkin’ Brands and Kymber Umaña, Hispanic Marketing Manager at Sprint (photo) are two great additions to our Editorial Board, also comprised of:

  • Gonzalo del Fa, President of Group M, Multicultural
  • Martha Kruse, Senior Director of Multicultural Marketing, Rooms to Go
  • Maria Cristina Ríos, Director, Multicultural Marketing Media Strategy, Macy’s
XAVIER TURPIN Director of Multicultural Marketing Dunkin' Brands Inc-1
Xavier Tupin

“I’m honored and pleased to be joining Portada’s Editorial Board. Portada has the reputation of having its finger on the pulse of the US Hispanic and Latin American marketing and media industries, and I’m thrilled to be part of this impactful community,” says Xavier Turpin, Multicultural Marketing Director at Dunkin’ Brands, who is joining the Editorial Board. “ I’m greatly looking forward to working with publisher Marcos Baer, his team and the rest of the Editorial Board, to work toward Portada’s mission to help professionals in Business and Media understand and reach Hispanic consumers,” Turpin adds.

Start Nominating

#Portada15Start Nominating now:
Portada’s audience of tens of thousands of decision makers in Marketing, Advertising, Technology and Media will nominate candidates starting today and later vote to determine the three finalists (check out the Calendar and Procedure below).

The Award Categories












July 8 – July 24: Nomination Period
Nominations for the 10 categories are open for submission until July 24th. Nominate here:

August 3-August 14: Voting Period

August 19: Finalists are announced
Finalists are the top 3 most voted nominees per category.

September: Portada’s Editorial Board Members (Award Jury) will choose the winners out of the 3 Finalists in each category!

September 17: Award Ceremony
To take place at Portada’s 9th Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference on September 17, 2015 for our Award Ceremony. Portada Editorial Board Members will give the Awards to the Winners.

About #Portada15:
#Portada15 will take place in New York City’s Yotel on September 16 and September 17, 2015. It comprehends the Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum, on Sept 16 and the 9th Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference on September 17.

Already confirmed Sponsors of #Portada15:
9th Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference
Rooftop Party Sponsor: Batanga Media 
Platinum Sponsor: MaxPoint 
Gold Sponsor: GFK
Bronze Sponsors:
Pulpo Media 
Badge and Lanyard Sponsor: Adsmovil 
Official Wire Sponsor: PR Newswire 

Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum
Golazo Sponsors:
AC&M Group 

For information about how to align your brand with #Portada15, please contact Kelley Eberhardt, Director of Sales and Marketing, 212-685 4441,

We extended the Nomination Period for Top Hispanic Social Media Influencer one more week until this Friday! Call for Entries! Who is the Top Social Media Influencer  in the Latin world (U.S. Hispanic and Latin America), we will all know on June 4th 2015 at the Award Ceremony of #Portadalat in Miami. Check out the one-of-a-kind a peer-to-peer nomination and voting process below! For now all you Social Media beauties and beaus, nominate yourself and your peers to the one and only “Top Latin Influencer Award”!

MARCH 16-APRIL 10: Nomination Period
Nominations for the Top Latin Influencer Award are open for submission until April 3.
For assistance with any questions or comments about submissions, please email:

APRIL 13-MAY 1: Voting Period

MAY 13: Finalists are announced
Finalists are the top 3 most voted nominees per category. Portada’s Award Jury then will cast the final votes. Winners will be announced at Portada’s Award Ceremony on June 4, 2015. The Award Winner with most votes of the 11 categories is the 2015 Grand Winner.

Portada’s Editorial Board Members (Award Jury):

Carlos Espíndola, Gerente eHub Latinoamérica, 3M
Denisse Guerra, Directora de Marketing Regional para América Latina, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
Ruben Leo Sarmiento, Marketing/Digital Marketing Director / Mexico & International at Genomma Lab
José Ruiz, Director, LAD Advertising & Online, Oracle
Raquel Solórzano, Directora de Medios Regionales, Diageo

JUNE 4: Award Ceremony


(Provide your Name and E-mail and choose Top Social Influencer Category!)

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Nominations are accepted for brands and their agencies (Brand/Agency) who have done campaigns promoting travel and hospitality related services. The campaign should have targeted audiences in the U.S. and/or audiences in Latin America over the last 12 months. Please provide information about brand/agency, objective/media (earned and paid) as well as the results of the campaign.

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Agencies, including PR agencies, brand marketers and media properties can nominate campaigns, concepts and ideas that substantially engage consumers in the U.S. or Latin America through soccer content.

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  • Media used (including non-traditional)
  • (Expected) Results
Nominations are accepted for advertising agencies and clients (brands) that have created, planned and executed Online Video Marketing Campaigns in the U.S. Market and Latin America over the last 12 months. The campaign achieved high ROI for advertisers. In addition, the campaign distinguished itself by a high degree of creativity and originality.

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Nominations are accepted from influencers and vloggers that nominate a video campaign targeting the U.S or Latin American consumer due to its originality and creativeness.

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  • Explain what the intent of the video was
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Candidates are companies, including start-ups, belonging to the marketing-tech space in Latin America and the U.S. including:

  • Innovative SSPs, DSPs, DMPs, Ad-Exchanges
  • Online Video content/advertising providers
  • Mobile Media Technologies including App-Providers

The nominee should have significantly contributed to the overall quality and innovation of digital media solutions from a trade and/or the end-consumer.

Please describe why the nominee deserves the Awards (max 100 words).

This Award is for Business Executives and Innovators in the Hispanic American space who have been able to come up with bright ideas and translate them into business opportunities targeting the Hispanic population in the U.S.
The award therefore highlights the value of business acumen and entrepreneurship.

Please explain your reasons for nominating (max 150 words).

Nominations are accepted from both individual business travelers, including journalists, as well as companies. The nominee needs to explain why and how traveling to Latin America has substantially helped them to get new ideas/perspectives to grow personally and in business.
(For example: I went to Mexico and came up with the idea of cooking a special kind of taco back home in the U.S/or doing business in Latin America helped me to learn a more human and successful approach to business partners.)


Description length: max 150 words.

Nominations are accepted for brands and agencies that have made a comprehensive use of marketing analytics, both from a small and big data perspective, in defining and reaching their target audience in a campaign targeting audiences in the U.S. and/or Latin America audiences over the last 12 months. Please provide brand/agency information as well as a description of how the use of modern marketing analytics techniques impacted the campaign results in a positive way.

Please explain your reasons for nominating the campaign (max 100 words).

Nominations are accepted for advertising, marketing and media professionals that have made an outstanding contribution to the expansion of media and advertising targeting Latin American audiences. Award candidates should contribute to the growth of the Latin American-panregional advertising and media sector (as opposed to a more national-local approach).

Please describe why the nominee deserves the awards (max 100 words).

Nominations are accepted for individual executives who work as client side marketers, including brand marketers that have distinguished themselves because of their high effectiveness and originality in connecting with and engaging the Latin American consumer over the last 12 months.

Please describe why the candidate deserves the Award (max 100 words).

Nominations are accepted for advertising agencies and clients (Corporations) that have created, planned and executed Advertising Campaigns in at least two Latin American countries in any media vehicle during the last twelve months. The campaign achieved high ROI for advertisers. In addition, the campaign is distinguished by a high degree of creativity as well as consumer friendliness.

Please describe the campaign and why it deserves the Awards (max 100 words).

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9 New Year’s Resolutions every Marketer targeting the Hispanic population should make. As compiled by Portada’s Editorial Team. 9 key themes brand marketers should take into account to  propel their Hispanic Marketing forward in 2015.

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1. Be aware that Immigration Reform substantially increases your Market

obama talking on immigration policiesPresident Obama’s executive order late last year, de facto increased the documented Hispanic population in the U.S. by almost 5 million consumers. Over the last few years, The Hispanic population grew mainly by birth, making the composition of the market more bilingual and English-dominant. However, most of the Hispanics who now will become legal through Obama’s executive orders are Spanish-dominant. That opens up new opportunities for Retailers to expand their Loyalty programs,  as well as for Legal, Insurers and other Financial Services providers. Good “old fashioned” Hispanic media like Spanish-language Newspapers, Radio and TV will  continue to be a viable alternative. (Read all about it here: 10 Key Things to know about how immigration reform impacts Hispanic Marketing.)

2. Embrace Latin Entertainment, Music and Culture

Hispanic celebrities lead not only in the Hispanic market but in the United States as a whole! (FYI Sofia Vergara! has been the top earning actress in the U.S. for several years). Latin Fashion, Music and Entertainment and Culture are heavily impacting overall U.S. culture through a trend that is known the “Latinization of America.”

3. Don’t shy away from Celebrity Endorsement Deals

EEUU HISPANOS GENTEBecause of New Year Resolution 2 and because  of the tremendous power Celebrities have acquired Celebrity and Influencer Marketing is a must when it comes to engage the coveted Hispenial (Hispanic Milennial Consumer).  Celebrities, which used to be intermediated by traditional media properties, have gained a tremendous clout as they can directly interact with their tens of millions of social media followers. As Camila Suarez, Head of Endorsements at LatinWe put it at Portada’s 2014 Annual Confernce (#Portada14)  “brands now have to adapt to celebrities and not the other way around.”


4. Delve more into Mobile Marketing

Mobile MarketingMobile is the key media for Hispanics when it comes to the amount of time they engage with each media type. It has become more important than desktop computer to access the Internet. As Sprint’s Hispanic Marketing Manager Kymber Umaña recently told us: “For Hispanics, a  mobile phone is the gateway to the content they desire.” Mobile advertising increased in 2014, but is nowhere near a level where it matches mobile consumer engagement. Check out  the new approaches that exist around “mobile content marketing” which can extend a brand to mobile in a less intrusive way.

5. Be a “good sports” and embrace Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing

Sports will continue to be a key connector with the Hispanic consumer. What’s more major live Sports competition are the perfect antidote to time shifting technologies as audiences want to watch them life only. The 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil popularized soccer (fútbol) even more among U.S. Hispanics and none U.S. Hispanics. The business opportunity for brands and media properties catering to soccer fans got even larger. Major soccer events that will take place over the next two years are the Copa America (America’s competition) to be played in Chile in June/July 2015 and, most importantly the Copa America Centenario, the 100th edition of the Copa America, which will take place in June 2016 in the U.S. There are many other important events including Major League Soccer, Liga Mexicana de Fútbol, the matches of the Mexican National Team in the U.S, Major European Soccer Leagues and Copa de Oro (Gold Cup). And of course the qualification games leading up to the 2018 Soccer World Cup in Russia. (For a detailed analysis of the Sports and Soccer Marketing opportunity check out Portada’s 2015 Soccer Marketing Guide!).

6. Follow the cord cutting trend and act

As Portada’s Digital Media Correspondent Susan Kuchinskas reports from the just concluded 2015 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas,  Over the Top TV (Online Video) continues to be a key trend that is changing Marketing and Advertising. Hispanics clearly over-index when it comes to online video consumption. Audience fragmentation may be a problem for legacy media, but allows marketers to zero-in on their target audience. Content packages tailored to Hispanics, similar to the way recently introduced by DirectTV through its OTT Video Service Yaveo have to be liked by marketers.


6. Complete the circle with compelling Off-line and Digital (Social Media) Marketing

It’s not enough to simply tweet to get fans excited about watching the next series episode or tune into live coverage of an event. Today’s social campaigns are entertainment events in themselves that can go on to gain earned media of their own and even be media properties in their own right. TV Contents and Social Media Integrations, similar to 2014’s Telemundo’s YoSoy el Artista program, complete the off-line and digital media circle. Content Marketing in the form of brand owned media should also play an important part.

7. Support Multicultural Targeted Shopper Marketing

Shopper MarketingBrands are increasingly tying in advertising to in-store activity, says an analyst at Maxpoint Interactive.  Over the past few years, we’ve seen breakthroughs in the ability of digital advertisers to measure in-store sales generated by a campaign. “This year, brands will increasingly expect their digital ad providers, including those providing mobile ads, to measure product and category lift as part of tracking campaign results.” Variables such as Spanish-language store signage and digital advertising will be correlated to store traffic and success.

8. Seriously consider Internet Radio Marketing Options

As a brand marketer you should be paying attention to internet radio services, thanks to the move to mobile and the demand for consumer choice, research firm eMarketer estimates there were 159.8 million digital radio listeners in 2014, and that figure will grow to 183.4 million in 2018. A substantial amount of this vast audience is Hispanic. Digital listening in all its permutations will become part of the multi-channel and multi-media marketing mix.CHECK OUT: “How to plan a multiplatform Hispanic Audio Buy.”


9. Dont’ get lost in Total Market vs. Hispanic Marketing discussions

Yes, to have an overall national marketing strategy that heavily incorporates Multicultural marketing considerations, and sometimes leads with Hispanic Marketing Insights (e.g. see Target’s and Kimberly Clark’s examples) is often the way to go.  That does not mean, however, that a Hispanic specific campaigns and marketing skills should be not be used (sometimes, even exclusively).

CHECK OUT : The Key Hispanic Marketing Growth Drivers for 2014

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Looking forward to see you tomorrow October 21 at the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey, CA where Portada is co-locating the “Evolving America Summit” as part of “Digital Hollywood “(October 21 – 23). There is no better place to discuss how Multicultural America is taking over the U.S. Entertainment market than in Hollywood and at “Digital Hollywood”!

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Portada has worked very hard to have major Marketing Luminaries reflect how Multicultural America is taking over U.S. Marketing and Media:

Jill Byron, SVP, Marketing & Communications, Glam Media
Arturo Duran, Chief Technology Advisor Grupo Prisa
Gilbert Davila, President & CEO at Dávila Multicultural Insights
Julie Diaz-Asper,Founding Partner/CEO, Social Lens
Brendan Gormley, VP, The Gary Group
Jessenia Enriquez-García, Director of Channel Strategy, Lopez Negrete Communications
Monica Gadsby, CEO, Americas, Starcom MediaVest Group
Doug Greiff, Chief Creative Officer. MiTU,
Howard Horowitz, President,Horowitz Associates
Esteban Lopez Blanco , Chief Strategists Officer, Entravision
Pili Montilla, EMMY Award nominated TV host & producer
Alberto Pardo, CEO and Founder, Adsmovil
Roberto Orci, CEO Acento Advertising
Rick Ramirez, SVP Targeted Marketing, Warner Brothers Pictures
Zach Rosenberg, EVP, Chief Growth Officer, Horizon Media
Solomon Romano, Multicultural Marketing Strategy Director at WellPoint, Inc
Nuria Santamaria, Multicultural Strategy, Twitter
Michael Schwimmer, CEO, NuvoTV
Joseph Schiltz, SVP, Marketing and Targeted Media, Chicago Tribune Media Group
Vanessa Vigil, Associate Director, OMD Entertainment

Portada’s Evolving America, The Multicultural Summit will focus on key topics reflecting how multicultural audiences are shaping the overall present and future of the U.S. Entertainment, and media industries including:

-The relentless “multiculturalization” of the U.S. and why it is indispensable for marketing and entertainment decision makers to incorporate a Multicultural lens to be succesful in U.S. Media. Entertainment and Advertising.
– How to market to Hollywood’s most important audience, The Hispanic moviegoer.
– The Latin Digital Media Opportunity: What you need to know
Blogging targeting Multicultural audiences
– The Latinization of America and its impact on Celebrity Marketing

We are very excited to head “West”. After a decade in business we like to think of ourselves as as young adults and follow the famous advice of author/journalist Horace Greeley, “go- West young man.” Through our partnership with Digital Hollywood we will be able to organize the high-quality events Portada is known for twice a year in Los Angeles (Fall and Spring).

The Summit is produced in association with Digital Hollywood and can be attended independently or as part of the overall Digital Hollywood Fall experience, which takes place from October 20 to 23 (last editions attendee count 2,000 plus). Digital Hollywood is a marquee conference covering the fields of film, television, music home video, cable and telecommunications.

Tickets are going fast: REGISTER here!
Check out the AGENDA here!

Hello PortadaLAT attendees!

Thank you for making this year’s event as great as it was! To further our thanks, we want to send you off with a FREE download link of the compiled presentations: **

Latin Online Video Forum:

Latin Online Video Awards:

LATAM Summit:

Once downloaded, you’ll find presentations from both the Latin Online Video Forum and the LATAM Summit. This includes material from Scott Dadich (Editor-in-chief of Wired), Nicolas Amado (BrightCove), Annika Blockstrand (Mondelez International) and more! You’ll also find the nominees for the PortadaLAT awards as well as the winners!

Read what Portada’s editorial team thought of each panel


Plus check out the pics from #Portadalat!

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We have designed next week’s stellar #Portadalat’s program so that attendees get the best content and key takeaways on the 12 main issues which will drive the growth of the Latin American/panregional advertising and media sector. They are:

marklarkin1. Online Video, the hottest Latin media platform: Explore how Online Video is expanding in the Latin space. What are the key challenges that have to be overcome in order for growth to be accelerated: The quest for credible metrics for video entertainment experiences as understood by Group MESPN and ComScore. Learn from Mark Larkin (photo), general manager of  global digital media player CNET, how to use online video to engage audiences worldwide. Plus, best practices from Havas, Puig and Avaya.

2. The latest research about how multiscreen consumption is evolving in the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets. What are the media consumption habits of today’s kids and teenagers? Key insights from Discovery, Viacom and YuMe.

3. Is there money in it? How should media owners best monetize online video. Learn from experts how best to take advantage of online video content through advertising. What a leading executive from BrightCove has to say.

fp4. Real-Time-Marketing: What does it mean in a Latin Context? As Ad-Tech companies are expanding to Latin America,  is Latin America really ready for the new world of Real-Time Marketing,programmatic,RTB’s, SSPs …? What concrete real-marketing campaign examples targeting Latin American audiences are there already and what can be learned from them? The answers by Felix Palau (photo), Brand VP Global Marketing. Américas, Heineken.

5. Panregional Content Marketing: Is there such a thing? How do major Content Marketers strategize within the local-vs panregional pendulum. Hear about actionable Latin American content marketing insights. from leading Content Marketing practitioners at 3M, Skyword and Piccolo Universe. Plus the latest addition Denisse Guerra, Regional Marketing Director Latin America ESTÉE LAUDER!

scott.dadich.feature6. The Interaction between Design and Technology. A key issue facing consumer electronics. How Design will impact technology and what this means for marketers and media, by Wired’s Editor-in-Chief Scott Dadich (photo).

7. How is panregional advertising going to evolve in a real-time marketing world? Is it going to be strengthened by it? The example of the travel services industry.

8. How Global Brand Planning impacts Latin American media buys, according to key marketers from global snack powerhouse Mondelez.

9. Mexico: Financial Service Marketing in Latin America’s second largest economy. Key takeaways on:  How to market financial services in a country where only 30% of the population has a bank account.  How Citibank-owned Banamex, integrates its  marketing with Citibank’s global marketing objectives.

cesar salazar10. What opportunities are there for Latin American tech-entrepreneurs and who is ready to finance them. A conversation between Cesar Salazar (photo), Venture Partner, 500 Startups, Mexico and Victor Kong, president of Cisneros Interactive.

fiore11. The biggest show in the World! Learn first-hand from Soccer Celebrity “El Presidente” Fernando Fiore on his bets for the Soccer World Cup which starts on June 12 in Brazil. Plus his views on the future of the soccer marketing discipline.

12. Learn about opportunities and acquire market-intelligence at #Portadalat’s popular Speednetworking function.

Table Leaders will include Vanessa Gonzalez, Managing Director, Omnicon Digital Latin America, Luis Ortuzar, Regional Marketing Director, Christian Dior Parfums LatAm & Caribbean, Anita Geller, Head Digital Marketing at Sandoz Latin America, Helber Diaz, Media Director at MediaBrands and many more!

2014 just started and we say it’s going to be a banner year for Hispanic marketing. GroupM expects U.S. overall advertising expenditures to increase by 2.9% to US $161 billion. eMarketer expects a 3.8% increase to US$ 171.33 billion. We say that Hispanic advertising will grow substantially more than eMarketer’s and Group M projections for the general  market. Below 7 growth drivers, and some challenges, for marketing, advertising and media executives to take into account.

1. Total Market? Yes but with culturally “fluent” Messaging

Photo: Jens Rost – Creative Commons

One thing is clear by now, the “Total Market approach” has been adopted by the majority of Corporate America as the appropriate approach to target the U.S. consumer. The latest example of this is T2 or Total Toyota. The automaker just announced that its longtime ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi will take the lead over three other Public is Groupe agencies that currently handle multicultural marketing duties—Conill Advertising (Hispanic), Burrell Communications (African-American) and Zenith (Broadcast and out-of-home media buying), along with InterTrend Communications (Asian-American marketing). The new unit will be called T2 (Total Toyota). It is crucial though that the Total Market approach includes  culturally appropiate messaging that deeply resonates with a brands different constituencies. Carlos Saveedra, director of Multicultural Marketing at Pepsi, and a speaker at last year’s ANA Multicultural Marketing Conference uses the term Cultural Fluency:”Cultural Fluency means to market at intersection of interests (e.g. Fashion, Sports etc), rather than to one group in particular.” “It is about being inclusive about the entire texture of multicultural consumers.” Pepsi transitioned from having a multicultural team to have multicultural marketing objectives be included in each brand’s goals.  “Brand managers are accountable to connect with the multicultural consumer. They need to know the multicultural consumer as well as general market consumers.” Saavedra said and added that Hispanic focused executions are not necessarily wrong. But he said that by taking a cross cultural approach, Pepsi discovered that the NFL is very attractive to Hispanics. Before Pepsi obtained this insight, Hispanic campaigns only revolved around soccer.

Brand Managers are now accountable to connect with the Hispanic consumer.

2. The 2014 Soccer World Cup and the Conversation around it

Photo: Milas Page. Creative Commons.
Photo: Milas Page. Creative Commons.

Advertising related to the 2014 Soccer World Cup can increase ad-sales of major Hispanic media properties by up to 40% compared to a non-World Cup year, say executives of Hispanic media properties interviewed by Portada. World Cup right holders (English and Spanish-language TV, online and Radio) are working hard to monetize these rights. But the World Cup offers also other media properties plenty of opportunities (see for example special digital and print editions around World Cup matches and or non directly soccer oriented content such as culture and history content around World Cup host country Brazil.)
“World Cup is big, but I think what can be as important is the conversation around the World Cup – teams, players, host cities, stadiums, etc… We are really pushing to make sure that the brands we manage have a strong presence in these conversations and that these brands become fibers within organic conversation,” Yousef Kattan Fernández President/CEO at Dallas based TruMedia, tells Portada.
(Look out for “Portada’s 2014 Soccer Marketing Guide in partnership with” to be published on on January 28th!)

3. Focus on the scalability of digital channels

To Marla Skiko, SVP, Digital Innovation at SMG Multicultural, “the greatest challenge facing Hispanic media is to power the growth of digital media.  As those of us in the Hispanic media space are keenly aware, Hispanic consumers are at the forefront of technology and digital consumption.  We need to see growth in scale across channels from video to social to mobile.”

The greatest challenge facing Hispanic media is to power the growth of digital media.

…with programmatic helping to solve native’s scale issue

ALEMANIA TECNOLOGÍAProgrammatic digital advertising buys are an important tool to solve the scalability issue in digital marketing and advertising. A few months ago Skiko told us that the use of programmatic audience buying technologies can be very efficient, particularly when it comes to target segments of the Hispanic demographic.” Several players including Batanga, Alcance Media, Pulpo Media and in the video space Videology,, Yume and others are trying to capitalize on the catch up potential the Hispanic market has versus the general market in this regard.
(Watch out for “Portada’s Latin Audience Buying Guide“, a new custom branded section to be published on Portada’s English and Spanish-language sites in the next few weeks!).

Programmatic Trading can also help solve another important marketing challenge: How to scale native advertising. While the concept of native advertising, or branded content programs that take advantage of the interactivity of the digital medium (see The New York Times recent implementation),  has been the darling of the industry for the past two years, it has yet to truly take off due to its inability to scale. That is poised to change as native will start to be offered programmatically through new technologies that help publishers display sponsored content at scale. For the ‘right ad at the right time’ to finally become the ‘right content at the right time’, content marketing will need to become seamlessly integrated and distributed through advanced targeting technology via ad exchanges and RTB platforms.

Challenge: Finding ways for brands to stand out…

“One of the  greatest challenges marketers face  in 2014 is finding ways to help their brand stand out,”  TruMedia’s Kattan Fernández tells Portada.  “There are so many advertisers saying similar things in similar places. Messaging is important but understanding where your brand fits contextually is as important.  Finding creative media touch points, whether those be digital, social, mobile, offline are key to creating some sort of awareness and developing that engagement with viewers, listeners or online patrollers,” Kattan adds. He notes that “digital and social continues to be a big focus for our agency and growing those 1 to 1 consumer relationships where we can. ”

Understanding where your brand fits contextually is crucial

…it’s all about Content Marketing! (Driver 4)

Content Marketing

Finding the right context and context through digital and social media will continue to be key. In other words, it’s all about Content Marketing. Content Marketing strategies which succesfully integrate paid, owned and earned media are crucial for brand marketers.

Content marketing can particularly benefit brands who invest in creating culturally relevant content and scale it across screens and devices.

SMG’s Skiko says that “because Latinos are super users of technology and digital media, we expect to focus squarely on the digital space as we look to grow our clients’ business in 2014.” According to Skiko, “there is a strong opportunity to create engaging, socially powered experiences that are grounded in Hispanic consumer insights.  Another opportunity to make that connection is for marketers to develop content tailored to the Hispanic audience.  Content marketing is a growing arena and can particularly benefit brands who invest in creating culturally relevant content and scaling it across screens and devices. We see a strong opportunity to create engaging, socially powered experiences that are grounded in Hispanic consumer insights.”

…and here is where Data comes in (again). (Driver 5)

Customer Insights and Data represent another major driver for Hispanic marketing in the year that just started.  “I think the opportunity is about data. Not only to have it but actually to know how to find insights through it,” says Gonzalo del Fa, president of Group M Multicultural and Portada Editorial Board Member. (Big) Data can not only be used to substantially increase advertising effectiveness but also for content marketing purposes. For brands and agencies the issue is not so much about producing enough content but about creating enough usable content. That is where Data and dynamic content recommendation engines come in. They enable marketers and media to present the right content to the right visitor at the right time without the visitor having to discover it themselves. Machine learning does that discovery for them. The future of content marketing is all about data-driven content origination and curation that are optimized for organic SEO , highly relevant and targeted.

6. Mobile

In 2013 mobile marketing expenditures took off, although perhaps not as much in the Hispanic market. Experts interviewed by Portada note that 2014 will be a very important year for Latam and USH in the mobile industry. Gaston Bercun, Founder & Co-CEO at mobile ad network Hunt Mobile Ads, says  that “a lot of what is going on in the US and Europe will start to be seen in the Latin markets.”  Bercun adds that “we will start to see important growth of investment of brands in their mobile and mobile advertising strategies and this will push the market to a new level. Programmatic and new devices will also help in the process of increasing the smart phone and tablet penetration.” Major platforms like Google, YouTube and Facebook, provide advertisers
access to mobile and don’t need to recreate any mobile platform creative or invest in it. As Sylwia Makarewicz-Liszka, Mobile and Digital Planner at Starcom Media Vest, said during Portada’s 7th Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference last September “not having mobile assets should not be an excuse for not making a mobile campaign.”

7. Digital Video continues to expand

Hispanic Online VideoRelated to the trend of digital expansion and content marketing is the almost explosive growth of digital video in the Hispanic market.  2014 will be the year of video in content marketing and Hispanic advertising. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, are allowing or will soon allow video ads in consumer content feeds. With videos becoming cheaper to produce even small businesses can produce high quality videos. SMG’s Skiko notes that the increased focus on the Hispanic opportunity by mainstream digital publishers is a win for marketers.  Key players such as Google, Facebook and Twitter are ramping up their Hispanic capabilities with dedicated resources and a focus on content creation and improved targeting.  This should help develop more and richer audiovisual media including digital video.  (Join us on June 3rd in Miami when major marketers and digital video experts from the U.S. and Latin America will gather at Portada’s Latin Online Video Forum)

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