Jackie Adedokun @adejax7

Argentina Aiming to Re-Enter World of Formula One Racing

Argentina Grand Prix may be returning to the Formula One Circuit next year for the first time since 1998. The possible return of the Argentina Grand Prix would raise the popularity of the sport in South America in accordance with F1’s new initiative to expand the sport’s reach.

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Beckham Ownership Gets New Investors

David Beckham’s ownership group has welcomed three new investors into his mission to have an MLS team in Miami.The recent change up of Beckham’s investors might be what he needs to finally get his Miami team to be a reality.

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Netflix Backs Out of Bidding for Live English Premier League Games

With the tender for the 2019-2022 Premier League rights to go out this month, Netflix was thought to be amongst one of the challengers to traditional broadcasters. Instead it has opted out the bidding.Not only is this one less challenger for traditional broadcasters to worry about, but it is also one less challenger for Amazon and Facebook to worry about.

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