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Carolina Re (@CaroVsCaro)

Senior Researcher/Writer, @CarovsCaro Carolina has a degree in Communications from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and joined the Portada team in 2010. She is currently Editor of Portada’s Spanish-language website and print magazine. in addition, she oversees Portada’s English-language website about Latin America and also has a leading role in compiling Portada Databases. In other words, she is very busy. But she loves it! Carolina has published articles in various independent media, as well as in books and social science magazines in Argentina. Carolina enjoys reading all kind of books and watching independent movies.

YuMe/SMG study: US Hispanics are 2 times more likely to stream on smartphones and smart TVs

YuMe and SMG (Starcom MediaVest Group) just published a survey that shows that US Hispanics are an emerging force in digital video interaction. What’s more, results show that US Hispanic device ownership skews higher than the non-Hispanic US audience on a wide range of connected devices. Hispanics also lead  the market in multi-tasking and mobile content consumption.

#PortadaLat in links – Complete coverage

Portada´s team wants to say thank you to all attendees and speakers, for having made of the #PortadaLat an excellent event. We are very proud of contributing with quality content and top panelists, to the development of the marketing industry, media and advertising in Latin America. All the event coverage by Portada´s editorial team below: […]

#PortadaLat: Portada Awards 2014 : and the winners are…

The Candidates for the #PortadaLat Awards are nominated and voted by the professionals in our audience, making the winners´ election completely democratic. Congratulations to all the winners! Top Latin Online Video Marketing Campaign (Presented by Scoopshot) Movistar – DDB Argentina Top Latin American Print Advertising Campaign (Presented by Pal) Visa “Points” – OMD Latin America […]

#PortadaLat Q&A: C. Salazar – Venture Partner, 500 Startups: “Investors need to put prejudices aside and bet on the long run.”

Portada interviewed Mexican entrepreneur César Salazar, Venture Partner of 500 Startups, as part of the #PortadaLat interview series. This is an entrepreneur who “wanted to be a designer (or maybe an architect) when I was a kid – and I became both,” he tells Portada, and who hopes to be able to “transform pre-school education” in the long-term future.

Breaking Ads Mobile US Hispanics: Captain Morgan, and ::: Premium Content :::

Portada and Media Economics Group are pleased to announce the return of our Breaking Ads section for Hispanics US mobile market. Campaigns targeting Hispanics in the US through mobile platforms were tracked by Media Economics Group during March’s first two weeks. These advertising campaigns were conducted for mobile sites, though not exclusively and they may, […]

What Latin players present at the Mobile World Congress have to say

The Mobile World Congress  (MWC)  finishes today in Barcelona, Spain, and Portada talked to several executives in the Latin space present at the MWC  on what the latest innovations and trends mean for the Latin markets. Low-Cost-Smartphones: Andrés Arias, SVP Products & Operations at Adsmovil,  notes that many low-cost smartphones offerings were present at the […]

What Facebook’s revenue growth means for Latin markets

All of the executives interviewed agree that Facebook’s positive results were expected, due to the time and resources spent by the company on advertising. All also agree that after Facebook announced to anyone who would listen that it is “a mobile company,” its earnings gained from mobile advertising are not surprising.

Mobile Ad business grows Facebook revs by 63% in Q4 2013

What: Facebook has reported a record set of quarterly results, with quarterly revenues up 63% from last year thanks to solid mobile ad business. Why it matters: 53% of the social network’s revenue came from mobile advertising in the last quarter of 2013, up 23% on the same period the year before. Facebook reported record quarterly revenues in […]

Google Glass: A drastic change for advertising?

Google Glass has not yet been released and sales of 30 million units are expected in the first year after the launch in the U.S. alone. How will this new Google platform impact advertising? Traslated by : Celeste Martorana Google Glass is a platform that works across applications as mobile media does, the difference is […]


MarTech Roundup: Facebook Introduces New Ranking System for Measuring Advertising Reach

MarTech Roundup: Facebook Introduces New Ranking System for Measuring Advertising Reach

A bi-weekly summary of the most exciting recent news in marketing technology and trends. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

7 Key Takeaways on Data, Technology and Marketing that You Missed From #PortadaMIA

7 Key Takeaways on Data, Technology and Marketing that You Missed From #PortadaMIA

In its twelfth annual edition, Portada Miami gathered over 100 decision-makers involved with major brands across all sectors, and provided a space for top quality networking and knowledge-sharing.

Curacao’s CMO Ariela Nerubay: Automated Behavioral Emails More Than Double Open and Click-Through Rates

Curacao’s CMO Ariela Nerubay: Automated Behavioral Emails More Than Double Open and Click-Through Rates

Two years ago, the large-format retail store chain Curacao, headquartered in Los Angeles, began to send out automated emails based on customers’ interactions on Curacao’s website. The results have proven impressive, and Curacao plans to roll out new features offered by its automated emailing tool in the coming months.