redes.socialesThroughout this  year, there have been significant developments in the digital landscape, including Social Networks. Both mobility and connectivity have shown higher growth rates, especially in Latin America, where internet users spend at least 8, 67 hours per month, according to a research carried out by comScore Inc., making it the region with greatest engagement in social networks. Below, some highlights from the report:

Engagement of Social networks per region

During the month of April 2014, Latin America has proved to be the region with highest engament on social networks with a total average of 8.67 hours per visitor per month. Europe ranks second with a total of 8.07 hours per visitor monthly while North America, with a considerable difference of almost two hours vs. LatAm, ranks third with 6.08 hours per visitor per month.


Social networks’ engagement per region/Average hours per visitor per month/ Latin America: 8.67 , Europe: 8.07 , North America:6.08 , Middle East and Africa: 5.39 , Asia: 2.47

In Latin America, women are more social

Globally, women have proven to be more “social” than men when it comes to the amount of hours spend each month on social networks, according to Comscore. The female audience spends at least 5.88 hours per month on social networks, while male audience devotes a total of 4.75, according to April 2014 figures.

  • In Latin America, women spend at least 9.08 hours per month on social networking and men a total 8.27 hours.
  • In Europe, there’s a broader gap. Women reach a total of 8.99 hours a month while men spend only 7.14 hours per month.
  • North American women spend about 6.82 hours per month per visitor and men 5.28 hours.


Average hours per visitor / Women and Men / Latin America: women 9.08 and men 8.27, Europe: women 8.99 and men 7.14, North America: women 6.82 and men 5.28, Global: Women 5.88 and men 4.75, Asia: women 2.62 and men 2.34.

Minutes on average per visit on Social Media sites

In Latin America, audiences spend on average more minutes per visit on social networking sites than the average in other regions. So far this year, the results suggest there is a 6 minutes difference between April 2014 and April 2013, reaching a total of 17 minutes per month per visit on social networks in LatAm in 2017.


Minutes on average per visit on Social Media sites:LatAm,Middle East and Africa, Europe, Gloabl, North America, Asia

LatAm: young people show greater engagement and affinity to Social Networks

In Latin America, people between 15-24 years old show greater engagement and affinity to social networks with 120.6 and 101.8 percentages respectively. People between 25-34 years old rank second with 92.5 percentage engagement and 99.4 percentage affinity. Unexpectedly, the group of people between 45 and 55 years of age show a higher level of affinity over the latter with a total of 99.5.


Affinity rate: 15-24:101.8 , 25-34: 99.4, 35-44: 99.0, 45-54: 99.5, more than 55: 98.0 ; Engagement rate: 15-24: 120.6, 25-34: 92.5, 35-44: 88.7, 45-54: 89.4, more than 55: 84.4

How do Latin American audiences spend their time on PC / Laptops?

The results indicate that Social Media is the category that is longer time on PCs / Laptops with a total of 86.636 minutes monthly. The Social Media Category is  followed by Corporate Presence with a total of 54.688 minutes and the  Services category with 39,112.


Total minutes per month: Social Media: 86.636 , Corporate Presence: 54.688 , Services: 39.112, Portals: 30.502, Entertainment: 27.951

Source: CosmCore


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