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Partnership Gives Brand and Agency Customers Direct Access to First-Party TikTok Creator Marketplace Performance and Audience Metrics Through the CreatorIQ SaaS Platform

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CreatorIQ today announced that TikTok has named it an official TikTok Marketing Partner—becoming TikTok’s first SaaS-only influencer marketing platform partner.

The integration will give CreatorIQ customers access to key TikTok creator and content metrics that are available in the TikTok Creator Marketplace through the CreatorIQ dashboard. This means brands will have direct access to TikTok’s exclusive first-party insights on audience demographics, growth trends, best-performing videos, and more to help them identify the best creators to work with. CreatorIQ customers can also now plan and execute end-to-end TikTok creator marketing campaigns within CreatorIQ’s Intelligence Cloud.

TikTok is an important element of CreatorIQ’s mission to connect global brands and agencies with creators as the single source of truth to manage and measure every aspect of influencer marketing. TikTok has quickly become a critical platform for both brands and creators, reporting more than 1 billion monthly users, while CreatorIQ has identified engagement rates as high as 15% across multiple categories in a recent analysis.

“Over the past two years, TikTok has become a powerhouse platform for creators, who are driving the cultural conversation for the entire digital world,” said Tim Sovay, Chief Operating Officer at CreatorIQ. “This partnership will give CreatorIQ customers the ability to pair TikTok’s first-party data and analytics with our robust workflow and measurement solutions to create truly effective ROI-based campaigns. What’s more, it contributes additional data to our efforts of developing and delivering standardized benchmarks for the entire industry.”

“Creators are the lifeblood of our platform, and we’re constantly thinking of new ways to make it easy for them to connect and collaborate with brands,” said Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, TikTok. “We’re thrilled to be integrating with an elite group of trusted partners to help brands discover and work with diverse creators who can share their message in an authentic way.”

The TikTok partnership closely follows CreatorIQ’s acquisition of influencer marketing analytics platform Tribe Dynamics, which greatly extended its leadership position as the largest global influencer marketing SaaS platform in terms of revenue, growth, data authority, and global expansion.

“TikTok has become a key platform for brands looking to tap into culture,” said Gary Orellana, SVP of Influencer Marketing at dentsu, Americas. “The ability to access the TikTok Creator Marketplace through the CreatorIQ dashboard allows us to maximize the impact of our creator outreach and management efforts, by unifying them across platforms, providing real-time first-party data, and creating efficiencies for our clients.”

About CreatorIQ

CreatorIQ is the most trusted software to unify and power advanced influencer marketing for the world’s most innovative enterprises. Its Intelligence Cloud facilitates data science-enabled creator discovery, streamlines workflow, ensures brand safety, and drives meaningful measurement. AB InBev, Airbnb, Calvin Klein, CVS, Disney, H&M, Sephora, and Unilever are just some of the brands that utilize CreatorIQ’s platform to drive real business results across their influencer marketing ecosystems.

Founded in 2014, CreatorIQ is headquartered in Los Angeles with 25 global offices. For more information, visit CreatorIQ.com.

About TikTok

TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. TikTok has global offices including Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo.


Mike Gasbara

Fabric Media


Partnership between the number one streaming TV platform for business and the leading short-form video platform brings TikTok out-of-home

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Atmosphere (www.atmosphere.tv), the worldwide leader in streaming TV entertainment for businesses, today announced a partnership with TikTok, the leading destination for short-form entertainment, to introduce TikTok on its platform. For the first time, TikTok’s one-of-a-kind, user-generated content will be available to stream out-of-home via Atmosphere’s place-based television platform.

In a first-of-its-kind partnership with TikTok, Atmosphere’s expert team of content editors will curate tens-of-thousands of TikTok’s uniquely entertaining and amusing videos to create a channel exclusively built for out-of-home viewing, leveraging the unprecedented excitement and engagement of TikTok’s vibrant community. Working closely together to replicate the same viewer experience that has made TikTok one of the fastest-growing entertainment platforms, the two companies have developed a channel that provides viewers with an experience that’s distinctly TikTok.

“TikTok has become a destination for more than a billion people to be entertained, get inspired, and find community,” said Dan Page, Head of Global Business Development, New Screens at TikTok. “By partnering with Atmosphere, we’re excited to make it easy for people to experience TikTok together by bringing the joy and creativity of our platform to new screens, venues, and audiences.”

Atmosphere has doubled its footprint in the last year to over 18,000 restaurants, bars, gyms, doctor offices and other venues worldwide, including Westin, Taco Bell and Texas Roadhouse. Optimized for viewing in public spaces, Atmosphere’s free ad-supported streaming platform features engaging content that encompasses viral video compilations, extreme sports, lifestyle, art, ambient nature and entertainment, reaching more than 20 million unique visitors per month.

“Everyone is constantly on the go and on their phones, so we developed a hyper-entertaining streaming TV platform with Atmosphere, which elevates the vibe of any business. This is a win-win for the business and their customers as well as advertisers, who are having a harder time connecting with an unreachable TV audience,” said Leo Resig, CEO and co-founder at Atmosphere. “We are thrilled to partner with TikTok and to showcase their brand of extremely engaging content in businesses. We are trailblazing TV entertainment in the 3rd space and having a blast doing it!”

Footage, stills, and additional assets are available here. For more information, visit the Atmosphere website.

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About Atmosphere

Atmosphere is the leading streaming TV platform for businesses, offering more than 64 original and partner TV channels. The platform has been built from the ground up with proprietary content, technology and data to deliver unparalleled experiences for businesses and advertisers. The business was incubated within Chive Media Group (theCHIVE) and spun out in 2019. For more information, visit www.atmosphere.tv.

About TikTok

TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. TikTok has global offices including Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo. www.tiktok.com.


Jonathan Silverstein or Kristie Tomkins


TikTok globally topped the daily app downloads chart across iOS and Google Play worldwide for apps on Christmas Day, according to App Annie, the mobile data and analytics company. Telegram ranked #7 as consumers continue to prioritize encrypted messaging services along with strong network effects from a growing user base.

Shopee ranked #8, the highest-ranking shopping app worldwide, driven by strong uptake in India, LATAM and Southeast Asia. Spotify ranked #9 globally for downloads. The music streaming app likely received a boost in demand from its end of year ‘wrapped’ campaign that has been widely shared on social media.

app downloads
Downloads | Top Apps & Games Christmas Day 2021

In terms of games, Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle by Onesoft ranked #1 following a version released on Dec 21, 2021 shortly following the app store launch. Poppy Rope Game, an Open World Action game by Zego Studio ranked #2 and Rocket League Sideswipe by Psyonix (Epic Games) ranked #3 — a race car soccer game popularized on PC and console, this is the latest example of a gaming title successfully migrating to mobile.

In the US, Oculus was #1 by downloads on Christmas Day as Americans unwrapped new Oculus Virtual Reality (VR) headsets under the tree. This builds off the growing trend for metaverses and immersive experiences. YouTube was the #2 app by downloads, followed by TikTok, then Snapchat – showcasing the power of short-form video and engaging user-generated content.

In the UK, the NHS app ranked #1 by downloads on Christmas as consumers sought to access their COVID Pass for vaccination or test results amidst holiday travel. Amazon Alexa ranked #5 which could indicate IOT products topping Christmas wish lists this year.

App Downloads: Other interesting insights include:

  • HBO Max #1 by consumer spend in US – from in-app subscriptions, likely due to bump from The Matrix Resurrections released on Dec 22 in theatres and HBO Max
  • In the UK, Disney+ was the streaming app of choice in terms of subscriptions
  • VeVe – In top 10 WW an UK – NFT/ digital collectibles
  • Fitbit was a top app by spending in the UK which could be tied to demand for IOT devices
  • Roblox ranked #1 for downloads and spend in the US and UK — as consumers sought out metaverses for connection and creativity

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LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#K18hair–Biotech hair care company, K18 Hair, announced today their TikTok Hashtag Challenge, #K18HairFlip. K18 Hair has been making waves in salons globally with it’s hair mask that leverages a patented peptide to deliver hair-like-new in just 4 minutes. This official TikTok Hashtag Challenge marks the first time K18’s Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask will be widely accessible to the public, available across North America at Sephora and on K18hair.com. To celebrate this moment, K18 Hair is serving up an empowering original song and a chance to win K18 salon service + $1,000 shopping spree to Sephora by joining the hashtag challenge. To join, users can simply create a TikTok using K18’s new song, #K18hairflip, and tag #K18HairFlip for a chance to win.

More than just another TikTok Challenge, #K18HairFlip is a work of art and science.

K18 Hair set out to create a campaign that would be fun for their audience and embody the confidence that comes with reaching hair happiness. K18 partnered with Song Candy to bring their vision to life by ideating a trend-driven TikTok campaign complete with an original branded song. Michelle Miller, SVP of Marketing at K18 Hair noted, “With TikTok being an audio-first platform, we wanted to communicate our brand message and create something fun! Our collaboration with Song Candy allowed us to integrate K18 to users of the platform in an engaging and authentic way.”

Song Candy is a first-of-its-kind creative agency that helps brands connect with their audience by using music as a marketing vehicle, a natural fit for a sound-centric platform like TikTok. Music and audio are quickly becoming powerful assets for brands on TikTok. A recent study found 65% of TikTokers prefer to see videos from brands featuring an original sound, and 58% of TikTokers said they felt more connected to the brand if the sound/music was something they enjoyed listening to [source: US TikTok Marketing Science Music Perception Research, conducted by MRC Data Nov 2020].

Similar to K18 Hair, Song Candy takes a data-driven approach to unlocking creative expression. Song Candy tapped into music science and audience insights to identify key music genres such as Retro Funk Pop and Hip Hop that are widely trending on TikTok, in addition to identifying musical artist styles like Lizzo, Cardi B, and Dua Lipa that over-index with K18’s target audience. Song Candy and K18 collaborated to meld the musical inspiration with K18’s marketing message to create a one-of-a-kind original branded song engineered with TikTok in mind. “We set out to write a sticky song that was not only going to tell the brand’s story in a memorable way (aka live in your head rent free), but also inspire content creation on TikTok with the inclusion of beat drops and lyrical cues,“ said Gabbie Bradford, co-founder of Song Candy.

K18 wanted the challenge to be inclusive and easy for anyone to join in, regardless of having the K18 hair mask in hand. Song candy scoured TikTok and the niche sub-community within the platform, #hairtok, for natural actions and trends. All data pointed to a fierce hair flip as the perfect catalyst for K18’s TikTok Hashtag Challenge — nothing says hair-happiness or hair-confidence like a bold flip of the hair. It’s a feeling that everyone can relate to.

To complete the challenge-in-the-making, Song Candy tapped powerhouse vocalist Tarmara Jade, season 19 Top 9 finalist from NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ to power the vocals. Speaking about her experience, Jade shared that “recording the K18 song was so much fun and didn’t feel like work at all because I related to the message. There’s a certain super power in flipping your hair right after it’s freshly done: it’s like you’re telling your problems, not right now, I look too good to be stressed!”

Join #K18HairFlip on TikTok from 12/27/21 – 2/19/22 to enter for a chance to win K18 Hair salon service + $1000 shopping spree to Sephora. Terms and conditions apply.

About Song Candy:

Song Candy is a first-of-its-kind, data-driven music studio and creative agency. We specialize in creating breakthrough campaigns and original branded music for sound-on environments like TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube, Triller, Spotify and more. Our mission is to help brands drive connection with their audience by entertaining instead of interrupting their consumer experience. We do this by creating relatable, trend-driven content told through music, voiceovers, & influencers. Our approach is backed by Music Science, Trend Data + Audience Insights to give your song the “sticky” factor, and is actualized through a 360 marketing strategy. Song Candy comes with a proven track record of success in both the music and marketing industries. Our founders have a combined +25 years of marketing experience across digital brand + performance marketing, as well as +35 years in the music industry having worked on grammy-winning albums and with billboard charting artists.

About K18 Hair:

For years, traditional cosmetic chemistry was the hair world’s answer to damage. It was a band-aid solution, that was covering up the problem instead of correcting it. Until now, hair care products have fallen into two categories: conditioning treatments or repair treatments, both only offering temporary results. So instead of building our brand on the buzzwords and beliefs of the past, we took the radical path of biotech to develop K18 Hair and ended up busting a few hair myths along the way to create a truly revolutionary new category in haircare.

After spending a decade in the lab scanning and testing all amino acid sequences, covering the entire keratin genome that makes up hair searching for a breakthrough, we discovered one unique sequence that brings damaged hair back to its original, youthful state – our patented K18 Peptide™. Stylists, colorists, and hair expressors in 101 countries and counting, no matter their hair type, rely on K18 to liberate their hair. This breakthrough gives professionals a healthy hair canvas to create without boundaries and at-home users hair that actually looks and feels like new. The hair community loves its radical simplicity—and that it just works in 4 minutes.

For more information, visit: https://www.k18hair.com/pages/about-us and @K18Hair on Instagram. For media inquiries, please contact k18@azionepr.com.


Gabbie Bradford

Song Candy

PH: 214-918-4512

Email: pr@songcandy.com

OAKLAND, Calif–(BUSINESS WIRE)–e.l.f. Cosmetics celebrates the season and recaps the biggest trends of the year with an innovative holiday TikTok movie. It’s the first time the brand has launched a TikTok-native film, crowdsourced from the TikTok community itself. The film debuts today on e.l.f.’s TikTok channel, @elfyeah, rolling out in three, three-minute segments.

The film features some of TikTok’s most recognizable stars combined with everyday TikTokers to have their moment in the spotlight. True to e.l.f.’s purpose platform of empowering its community to go after their dreams, e.l.f. invited all TikTokers to audition for a role in the film, simply by duetting with the influencers. Twelve talented winners were selected from the pool of diverse submissions and will be featured alongside their favorite creators in the film made for TikTok, by TikTok.

“With our first e.l.f. holiday movie, Big Mood, Big e.l.f.ing City, we are guided by e.l.f.’s desire to use our platform to empower our community,” says Kory Marchisotto, Chief Marketing Officer, e.l.f. Beauty. “We are thrilled to produce this movie on TikTok, shining a spotlight on some of the most creative storytellers on the platform.”

The plot of the holiday movie follows Ash, played by relatable TikTok star Fia James @fiajames, who heads to the Big City to surprise her bestie…only to discover he’s out of town for the night. Happily, four holiday e.l.f.z – e.l.f.’s Holy Grail products: Big Mood, Petty Primer, Camo Cutie and the brand’s new Power Grip Primer, voiced by the big personality of Adam Ray @adamrayokay – help Ash make the best of the situation by leading her on an epic holiday adventure.

Along the way, they meet additional “slay belles” with special appearances by @Glamzilla, Kalen Allen @thekalenallen and Vanessa Pena @vanessafpena. Spoiler alert: as with any holiday movie classic, our hero lives happily ever after.

Throughout the feature, viewers will enjoy throwbacks to key TikTok moments culled from trends and viral videos from 2021. “In the know” TikTokers will catch the well-timed meme references and clever use of platform-native effects, like green screen video.

To further the excitement, e.l.f. has also enlisted Actress Sarah Hyland to share her favorite holiday movie traditions on her TikTok. She will be watching the film and celebrating its launch by getting glammed up with her favorite star studded e.l.f. products.

Any epic holiday film has an equally festive soundtrack, and e.l.f.’s original holiday album e.l.f. the Hauls sets the scene for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll enjoy “e.l.f.ed up” remixes of holiday favorites like “Deck the Halls” and “Jingle Bells.”

The film was developed and produced with creative agency Movers+Shakers, an agency with over 150 billion views on TikTok, including e.l.f.’s iconic #eyeslipsface challenge.

About e.l.f. Cosmetics:

Since 2004, e.l.f. Cosmetics has made the best of beauty accessible to every eye, lip and face. We make high-quality, prestige-inspired cosmetics and skin care products at an extraordinary value and are proud to be 100% vegan, clean and cruelty-free. As one of the first online beauty brands, e.l.f. continues to attract a highly engaged audience and set benchmarks with new digital platforms. Our brand is widely available at leading retailers such as Target, Walmart and ULTA Beauty, and has a growing international presence including at Boots, Superdrug and Douglas. Learn more by visiting www.elfcosmetics.com.

About Movers+Shakers:

Creative agency Movers+Shakers is on a mission to spread joy. Their unique ability to connect brands to culture made them the #1 fastest-growing agency in the world, according to AdWeek. Fast Company named Movers+Shakers a 2021 “Most Innovative Company.” Glossy named them “the TikTok whisperers” in recognition of their 150+ billion views on TikTok campaigns. Learn more by visiting www.MoversShakers.co.


Melinda Fried

Head of Corporate Communications


NFL Joins TikTok. Here you’ll find a weekly summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop-shop.


The NFL is working on an alliance with TikTokNFL TikTok, to lock a new multi-year partnership. Through the new deal, the football league is looking to reach TikTok’s global community. Thus, the NFL is launching its official TikTok account. Content will include uniquely packaged highlights, sideline moments, and behind-the-scenes footage.

NFL star Antonio Brown and helmet company Xenith Shadow have locked a partnership. Previous to this deal Brown used to carry a Schutt helmet. Due to the previous model was banned by the league after it was deemed not to meet required safety standards, Brown decided to change the brand.

NFL has added Reddit to its roster of digital marketing channels. As a result, Reddit will host a monthly series of ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) discussions on its platform.

Pepsi unveiled its “Always be Celebrating” NFL campaign. The season-long campaign “spotlights and honors the amazing celebrations that NFL fans and players have taken part in over the years.” Included in the campaign will be a new spot, a new charitable program with United Way and the NFL, and more.

The Denver Broncos signed a 21-year naming rights deal for their Mile High Stadium with retirement plan provider Empower Retirement. The stadium’s new name will be Empower Field at Mile High until 2039.

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Buffalo Wild Wings announced a multiyear deal with MGM Resorts International and its sports betting venture Roar Digital. For this reason, odds and point spreads will appear on screens at select Buffalo Wild Wings. Together, the companies will launch Picks and Props, a free-to-play, mobile-only football game that mimics sports betting. Prizes include trips to Las Vegas and Atlantic City.


Lino Garcia, founding General Manager of ESPN Deportes TV, Radio and Digital, will oversee a new sports radio network. Titled Radio Unanimo Deportes the network will retain most of the ESPN Deportes talent from its airwaves, who will be hosting shows in their normal timeslots.


G2 Esports and Red Bull signed a 360-degree global, multi-year partnership. Hence, the pair will collaborate across all teams, players, and content creators to “enhance individual player and team performance, produce high-end entertainment formats and create dynamic and unique event activations.” G2 teams will wear Red Bull-branded jerseys.

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Athliance, a premier Sports Management and NCAA Software company, reflects on their first semester of helping student-athletes, schools, and brands navigate an unprecedented fall of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) in the NCAA.

Athliance’s First Semester:

Ahead of the NCAA’s passing of NIL, Athliance worked closely with university & college athletic departments to design a proprietary opportunity management application and education resource providing schools and their athletes the tools and knowledge they need to disclose and monitor NIL opportunities.

Athliance began their testing program back in February 2021 with partnerships including Georgetown, Kansas, Arizona, and Boston College. The company met with these schools’ compliance departments every week throughout 2021. Now Athliance has expanded to colleges/universities at every level–in Division 1, working with schools in Football Bowl Subdivision and Football Championship Subdivision, Division 2, Division 3, and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

Athliance has been uniquely plugged into events over the last few months due to their relationship with compliance officers and their role as an educating and reporting platform directly assisting student-athletes with deals. Some highlights and figures from Athliance’s 5,500 student-athletes in the first semester of NIL include:

  • On average, student-athletes made around $290 per deal, with social media posts the most popular type of deal.
  • The athletes in Division 1 made on average $544 per deal and $65 per deal in Division 2 and Division 3 combined.
  • Expected to be a lucrative group, for the first semester of NIL most eyes were on Division 1 football players who matched expectations making $987 per deal, far above the average for other athletes in their division.
  • For the fall semester, both men and women took advantage of NIL. Among Athliance’s total amount of deals, 53.5% of the deals were from men vs 46.5% from women.
  • However, there is a gender gap with female athletes averaging $245 per deal, significantly less than male athletes who made $327 per deal.
  • Reinforcing just how digitally native these Gen Z athletes are and how loyal they are to Apple, a whopping 98% of student-athletes utilize the app via iPhone vs. Android.
  • Leaning into the “Image” portion of NIL, the most popular types of NIL deals were #1 “Social Media” and #2 “Photo, Video, & Film,” taking advantage of Gen Z’s influence on social media platforms.

“Student-athletes across every athletic division in the US are taking part in opportunities,” says Peter Schoenthal, CEO of Athliance. “The team at Athliance is proud of what we are building, and we know that when those regulations do eventually come down, we will be positioned to provide the best compliance product available to the masses with an ideal solution to tackle NIL disclosure management and education.”

NIL’s First Semester:

College athletics changed forever on July 1st, 2021, when Name, Image, Likeness went live. However, there was a lack of national standard guidelines on how college athletes can monetize their fame, creating a “wild west” scenario with a complicated web of national, state, and school laws surrounding NIL.

In the initial months, the industry primarily focused on so-called “poster children” of NIL: seniors and “super” seniors taking advantage of one last chance to monetize their collegiate fame, superstars who were always expected to bring in big deals. While high performing student-athletes generated interest, brands quickly learned marketability drives NIL, not performance. Some of the most buzzworthy deals have come from athletes with a massive social media presence, like Fresno State’s Cavinder twins, basketball players with 3.6 million TikTok followers, and Louisiana State University’s Olivia Dunne, a gymnast with 4.7 million TikTok followers.

As the months progressed, a lack of rules created a shift in what NIL is all about. Over the past month, several booster-led initiatives are creating crystal clear inducements to lure top talent to schools with deep pockets. A recent example is the University of Texas initiative promising to pay offensive linemen $50k per year in addition to their scholarships to suit up for the Longhorns.

Step one was letting the market come to the student-athletes. In the upcoming semesters, student-athletes should be smartening up, now that they know what NIL actually entails. In the spring semester, D2 and D3 average deal sizes are expected to go up as student-athletes learn creative ways to earn NIL opportunities through camps, lessons, and clinics as they learn how to creatively utilize marketplace platforms and local business that aren’t driven by boosters.

“Coming out of the first semester of NIL and the recent NCAA Convention, we’ve learned is that this is just the beginning for student athletes,” adds Schoenthal. “We believe that Collectives become the most used platforms. Currently, student-athletes, fans, local businesses, and alumni do not know where to go to engage in NIL deals at particular schools. Collectives, if done right, solve this problem by having school specific platforms where all supporters and athletes can go to profit from their NIL. Universities themselves should not have involvement in these collectives because of potential Title IX implications, which make disclosure of these deals even more paramount.”

About Athliance

Athliance’s proprietary NIL education and opportunity management software empowers compliance departments to operate more efficiently in the new world of college athletics. Their tools and resources allow Universities to maintain current staff levels by automating the communication and workflow of every single opportunity presented to student-athletes, start-to-finish. Their solution mitigates NIL risks and protects scholarships, sponsorships, and post-season appearances. Furthermore, their real-time reporting provides valuable data and insights for marketing and recruiting purposes.


Dara Shlifka


The LTK Brand Influence Forecast identifies the top trends for 2022 from benchmarking data and qualitative analysis of top brands

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The creator economy is rapidly accelerating as brands expand the ways they are growing affinity and sales through creators. LTK, the global influencer marketing platform that works with more than 5,000 brands to power creator commerce, released its annual Brand Influence Forecast for 2022 to reveal the top influencer marketing trends and considerations among brands.

The LTK Brand Influence Forecast is based on qualitative interviews with marketers from leading brands on the LTK Brand Platform and quantitative analysis using LTK Influencer Benchmark™, a tool that identifies creator and shopper engagement, brand share of voice, impressions, clicks, items sold and sales across industry verticals and creator-led marketing disciplines.

“Creator marketing is no longer a single tactic sitting in one portion of a brand’s marketing funnel,” said Kristi O’Brien, General Manager of LTK Brand. “It has become a multi-layered strategy consisting of audience targeting, an understanding of the market landscape and testing into new channels. Sales are still a top focus, but marketers are beginning to rely much more on creators to meet a variety of objectives.”

LTK Brand, a division of LTK that powers influencer marketing campaigns for hundreds of global brands, has seen an acceleration in retailers and brands of all sizes turning to creators to drive innovation, hyper targeting, content-first awareness campaigns and word-of-mouth significantly more than in prior years.

Here is a summary of the top trend predictions in influencer marketing for 2022.

5. Video content will continue to drive greater engagement and conversions.

LTK has seen a significant rise in video content across social platforms and in its shopping app for its ability to dimensionalize creator content and make shopping more engaging. As discovered in LTK’s 2021 Influential Shopper study, the social platforms most used by influential shoppers heavily revolve around video content and include: 1) Instagram 2) Facebook 3) Youtube and 4) TikTok. TikTok in particular is performing well as it allows creators’ short-form video content to remain up longer, giving creators more time to reach their audience. Video continues to drive significant engagement on the LTK shopping app as well.

4. Gen Z partnerships are a top priority.

Partnering with influencers who appeal to Gen Z is a top focus for brands as they realize how heavily this group depends on influencers for their purchase decisions. The 2021 LTK Gen Z study found that 92 percent of Gen Z shoppers rely on influencers to inform their purchases across virtually every category. This, coupled with the influence Gen Z has on the general population, has brands disproportionately focused on the coveted audience.

3. Influencer benchmarking will increasingly inform influencer strategy.

As investments increase, brands will focus more on tracking influencer industry benchmarks across categories with the goal to become more strategic and to better own areas of influence. As more dollars are flowing into creator marketing from other channels, understanding a brand’s positioning within the influencer ecosystem is imperative.

2. Co-op creator influencer marketing will expand as retail media groups grow.

As retail shifts, co-op media will extend more deeply into digital influencer marketing, quickly becoming a part of the co-op marketing mix. Retail co-op is a growing macro trend in retail marketing and creator marketing will continue to follow.

1. Content-first creator campaigns and influencer boosting are accelerating as they outperform traditional ad creative.

Retailers are seeing double-digit engagement increases in offer and awareness messaging using creators’ content. This is driving a significant increase in demand for creator content, both for use in brand advertising, but also in boosting creators’ placements wherever they appear, sometimes doubling or tripling their reach.

Learn more about these findings during LTK’s ‘Top 5 Influencer Trends in 2022’ webinar on Wednesday, February 16, 2022. To register, visit: https://company.shopltk.com/top52022.

About LTK (formerly rewardStyle & LIKEtoKNOW.it)

LTK is the largest global influencer marketing platform. Founded in 2011 by Amber Venz Box and Baxter Box, the company’s mission is to empower the world’s premium lifestyle creators to be as economically successful as possible. Over the last decade, LTK has grown to become a three-sided marketplace, serving creators, brands and shoppers. LTK is the most trusted and effective business-enablement platform for creators, powering their universal LTK Creator Shops™. More than 5,000 retailers employ the LTK Brand Platform for performance-driven campaigns, paid collaborations and content licensing, and invested more than $1 billion in influencer marketing through the LTK platform by summer 2021. Shoppers purchase more than $3 billion in products annually on the LTK platform and app. LTK is headquartered in Dallas, TX with teams in the UK, Brazil, France, Germany, Australia, China and South Korea and serves clients in more than 100 countries.


Ally Anderson, LTK Brand


The Special Event Will Exclusively Stream on TikTok For The First Time on Feb. 23

iHeartRadio Living Black! Empowered by AT&T Will Also Broadcast on iHeartMedia Hip-Hop and R&B Stations and the iHeartRadio App Nationwide

Black History Month Celebration Will Also Feature Audio Tributes to Black Trailblazers from Today’s Biggest Artists Across iHeartMedia Broadcast Stations Nationwide Throughout February

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–iHeartMedia, the number one audio company in the U.S., today announced the second annual “iHeartRadio Living Black! Empowered by AT&T” a month-long on-air celebration that will culminate with a special event featuring performances by Big Sean, H.E.R., Moneybagg Yo, Ari Lennox and more, plus a special moment from Lizzo at the iHeartRadio Theater Los Angeles and Black-owned businesses across the country. The event will also feature special appearances from J. Cole, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Saweetie, Bas and more. The special event will exclusively stream on TikTok and broadcast on iHeartMedia Hip-Hop and R&B stations and the iHeartRadio app. iHeartRadio Living Black! is the first collaboration between iHeartMedia and TikTok, and the companies are exploring even more ways to bring compelling and unique programming to their audiences together in the future.

iHeartRadio Living Black! will spotlight the power of Black culture – past, present and future – throughout Black History Month in February. The month-long celebration will feature conversations that educate, inspire and celebrate the Black experience through a mix of custom audio tributes from artists, influencers and thought leaders that will air across iHeartMedia broadcast radio stations in every format. iHeartMedia national and on-air personalities including The Breakfast Club – Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy – as well as Big Boy will honor trailblazers, modern history makers and future change-makers of Black culture.

Produced by Emmy and Grammy award-winning producer Rikki Hughes of Magic Lemonade, and a 2022 AT&T Dream in Black Future Maker, the “iHeartRadio Living Black!” special event on February 23 will pay homage to the culture that sets the trends, creates the moments, and moves the world. The show will weave once-in-a-lifetime performances into a powerful audio and visual celebration of the Black experience featuring artists, actors, creators, and Black leaders who have shaped culture. Many of the artists included in this year’s iHeartRadio Living Black! have made a major impact on the culture by sharing their music and perspective with the world’s most-passionate fans on TikTok, and now they will come together in celebration of Black History Month.

“We are thrilled to once again honor Black History Month and Black culture through on-going and informative discussions about race and some very special performances during this year’s iHeartRadio Living Black!,” said Doc Wynter, President of Hip Hop and R&B Programming for iHeartMedia. “We can’t think of a better way to spotlight our community than partnering with these incredible artists and trailblazers, as together we celebrate the impact that Black lives have on American culture with a month-long celebration that will culminate with a special event across iHeartRadio’s stations nationwide and on TikTok.”

“iHeartRadio Living Black is a bold celebration of Black culture and showcases the beauty and influence of the Black experience,” said Thea Mitchem, Executive VP of Programming Hip Hop and R&B Strategy for iHeartMedia. “We’re thrilled to build upon the Living Black! foundation in our second year and excited to once again work with Magic Lemonade on this wonderful celebration.”

“We are excited to collaborate with iHeartRadio Living Black! on this special event that recognizes some of the most influential people in Black culture,” said Angela Burgin, Director of Marketing and Special Experiences for AT&T. “This platform connects the community, including members of AT&T’s Dream in Black Future Makers, together to amplify, celebrate and elevate Black voices.”

The event will also be available after the premiere via iHeartRadio’s YouTube and Facebook beginning February 24 at 8:00pm ET / 5:00 p.m. PT through March 6. The “iHeartRadio Living Black! Empowered by AT&T” is an initiative of AT&T Dream in Black. The AT&T Dream in Black platform highlights initiatives like “iHeartRadio Living Black!” that view the world and creativity through an Afro-futuristic lens that is rooted in AT&T’s technology and innovation, and connects them to greater possibilities. Additional proud sponsors of this year’s “iHeartRadio Living Black!” include Peacock, with more to be announced.

For more information on iHeartRadio Living Black!, visit iheart.com/livingblack. For more information on how AT&T’s Dream in Black is celebrating the culture and the creators who shape it, visit www.attdreaminblack.com.

About iHeartMedia, Inc.

iHeartMedia, Inc. [Nasdaq: IHRT] is the leading audio media company in America, reaching over 90% of Americans every month. iHeart’s broadcast radio assets alone have more consumer reach in the U.S. than any other media outlet; twice the reach of the next largest broadcast radio company; and over four times the ad-enabled reach of the largest digital only audio service. iHeart is the largest podcast publisher according to Podtrac, with more downloads than the next three podcast publishers combined, and has the number one social footprint among audio players, with seven times more followers than the next audio media brand; and the only fully integrated audio ad tech solution across broadcast, streaming and podcasts. The company continues to leverage its strong audience connection and unparalleled consumer reach to build new platforms, products and services. Visit iHeartMedia.com for more company information.

*About AT&T Communications

We help family, friends and neighbors connect in meaningful ways every day. From the first phone call 140+ years ago to mobile video streaming, we @ATT innovate to improve lives. AT&T Communications is part of AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T). For more information, please visit us at att.com.



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TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#MediaPlaymaker Capital Inc. (TSXV: PMKR; OTCQX: PMKRF) (“Playmaker”), the digital sports media company that delivers authentic content experiences through its portfolio of sports media and technology brands, is pleased to announce that it has hired Felipe Cortelezzi as its new Head of Monetization. Mr. Cortelezzi will maximize revenue generating capabilities across Playmaker’s portfolio of digital sports media assets, and his efforts will bring immense value to corporate advertisers and sports betting operators looking to access Playmaker’s vast ecosystem of highly engaged sports fans.

Mr. Cortelezzi brings to this role a deep understanding of multiplatform advertising sales, publisher Ad operations and performance, affiliate partnership generation, and video-based media distribution. Most recently, Mr. Cortelezzi served as Director, AVOD Monetization & Operations at ViacomCBS where he led the process for the sale and placement of a variety of advertising campaigns on ViacomCBS video-based content, including some of the most-watched video and television content throughout the Americas. Prior to his role at ViacomCBS, Mr. Cortelezzi held various leadership positions in sales and advertising throughout Argentina, South Africa, and the U.S.

In his new role as Head of Monetization at Playmaker, Mr. Cortelezzi will have direct oversight for monetization efforts across Playmaker’s portfolio of sports media brands throughout North America and Latin America. Playmaker’s brands in the aggregate generated over 210 million web sessions from 85 million unique users in December 2021, and its owned and operated social media presence is in excess of 100 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.

Playmaker’s monetization capabilities are powered by Bench, an in-house tech stack that includes best-in-class technology tools integrated into a software platform that is designed to enhance user engagement and supercharge monetization. Bench is currently operational for Playmaker brands, Futbol Sites (Latin America) and Yardbarker (U.S.) and the migration of monetization of The Nation Network (Canada) is in process. Once fully implemented, Bench, along with the expertise of Mr. Cortelezzi and Playmaker’s ad operations team, will provide industry-leading monetization capabilities for Playmaker.

“We are very happy to add Felipe to the Playmaker team. I have known Felipe for more than 15 years and I deeply believe in his professional and personal skills and everything he can contribute to Playmaker,” commented Federico Grinberg, EVP of Playmaker and CEO of Futbol Sites, a Playmaker brand. “In his role, Felipe will help to quickly unify and scale the monetization capabilities of Playmaker Bench across all of Playmaker’s assets.”

”To succeed we need to have the best team and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to add someone with Felipe’s capability and experience,” said Jordan Gnat, CEO of Playmaker. “We will continue to add the best and brightest to the Playmaker family.”

As regulated sports betting continues to become more widely adopted throughout the Americas, Playmaker will monetize its web-based and social media platforms through more affiliate revenue partnerships, for which Mr. Cortelezzi will be instrumental in executing on. Mr. Cortelezzi will report to Federico Grinberg, and he will be based in Miami, FL.


Playmaker (TSXV: PMKR; OTCQX: PMKRF) is a digital sports media company that lives at the intersection of sports, betting, media and technology. Playmaker is building a collection of premier sports media brands, curated to deliver highly engaged audiences of sports fans to sports betting companies, leagues, teams and advertisers.

For more information, visit: playmaker.fans or contact Playmaker Chief Executive Officer Jordan Gnat via email jgnat@playmaker.fans. To sign up for Playmaker’s Investor Alerts, visit: playmaker.fans/investors.


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McDonald’s, Acura, Insurance Navy… and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check our prior Sales Leads columns.

  • McDonald’s 

Pod Digital Media, the first multicultural podcast agency network, announced an advertising partnership with McDonald’s. The dynamic new deal launched with custom segments and content featuring McDonald’s offerings in addition to specialized ads targeting diverse young audiences. As the leader in multicultural podcasting, Pod Digital Media will help McDonald’s connect with Gen Z listeners and their core 35-49 audience in meaningful ways across the network. Pod Digital Media will support McDonald’s by creating custom content, placing pre-roll, and mid-roll advertisements across the network’s African-American, Asian-American & Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Gen Z, and Esports properties.The multicultural audience and consumer sector has the largest buying power, according to The Nielsen Company estimated at US$3.4 trillion, and Pod Digital Media reaches this audience effectively and authentically. PDM’s growing network of shows include “Behind the Mask” starring NFL legend Takeo Spikes, “C’mon Son” hosted by rapper and hip-hop personality Ed Lover, and “Black Girl Podcast.”This announcement follows the launch of the Pod Digital Media app which saw a thirty-percent increase in downloads last summer. Pod Digital Media app users can browse hundreds of shows across the platform hosted by Black, Latino, Asian, and other podcasters of color in more than a dozen categories including sports, health & wellness, news, and more. The PDM app officially launched in the spring of 2021 to further the company’s mission to promote and drive revenue for multicultural podcasts and connect them to blue-chip advertisers and more listeners.

  •  Acura 

Acura is taking viewers along on Chiaki’s Journey, the brand’s first-ever anime series. The new Acura anime series will debut during the 2022 Sundance Film Festival as Acura returns for a 12th consecutive year as a Presenting Sponsor and Official Vehicle. Fans can watch all four :60 episodes and learn more about Chiaki’s Journey and Acura’s Type S vehicle lineup at acura.com/type-sThe full Acura Chiaki’s Journey series is also on YouTube, featuring four episodes: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 and Episode 4(video below).Chiaki’s Journey, developed with agency partner Mullen Lowe Los Angeles, features four 60-second episodes that viewers can watch on acura.com/type-s and throughout Acura activations surrounding the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. The series is also being featured on various digital platforms including CrunchyRoll, Jalopnik, Gizmodo, IMDb, The Takeout, AV Club, YouTube and Kotaku.Additionally, the campaign is being amplified across Acura social channels, such as TikTok, Snapchat, Reddit and Twitter, and will debut on 250 cinema screens and high-profile out of home placements in major markets across the U.S., including New York and Los Angeles. The campaign will also feature Spanish-language voiceover adaptations of each volume, to reach the Hispanic audience.

  • Insurance Navy

Insurance Navy launched its Spanish-translated website. The site features a quote calculator, specialized coverage pages, location listings, and all the features of the original site. Spanish-speaking policyholders can also use the site to make payments, file claims, and handle renewals.Insurance Navy has been providing low-cost insurance all over the Chicagoland area for over a decade and has become the fastest-growing insurance agency in Illinois. They opened a new location in Berwyn. Insurance Navy’s bilingual agents have been at the forefront of helping Hispanic communities find affordable basic and SR22 coverage.As previously mentioned, current policyholders will have 24-hour access to their auto, renters, motorcycle, or homeowners policy and premium payments. Interested visitors to the site can view their wide range of products beyond car insurance, like life, boat, Mexico travel. They can also stay informed with the Insurance Navy blog. Users can visit the Insurance Navy Spanish Language website at https://www.insurancenavy.com/es/

  • Dinerazo


Dinerazo, a financial services and educational platform for the Hispanic community in the United States and Latin America, announced the launch of its Investment Robo Advisor – a fully automated service where the Hispanic community can passively invest in the U.S. stock market in their own language starting with as little as US$100 – and begin creating their own stock portfolio. Simply put, for Hispanics, investing in the stock market is oftentimes inaccessible, whether due to minimum net worth requirements, lack of financial education or language barriers. Dinerazo aims to increase the Hispanic community’s participation in the stock market, and the financial world in general with a simple concept- Education and Implementation. Traditionally in Latin America, investing in the stock market is seen as something only available to millionaires. Dinerazo is changing this taboo by helping our community invest with a small amount of money, in investments suitable for their risk tolerance and with a long-term outlook.Dinerazo was created by Hispanics for Hispanics. While the automated investment advisor is the first of Dinerazo’s products, be on the lookout for new products and services that we will be releasing in 2022 that will help the Hispanic community create wealth, save for retirement, understand their credit and more.

  • LinkedIn 

LinkedIn has named San Francisco-based digital agency Traction for in-house marketing teams, to support its LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (LMS) operation, Mediapost reports. The award continues a win streak for the agency-turned-consultant — it won assignments from eight new brands in 2021. The shop shifted into consultancy mode in 2019.


  • Movistar 

Telecommunications company Movistar has named Wunderman Thompson (WT) Spain as its strategic and creative agency and Accenture Interactive as its digital marketing agency as the client overhauls its agency roster in advance of forthcoming strategic plans. The contract will officially begin at the beginning of February.

Issue to Be First-of-Its-Kind Magazine Setting New Standard for Publishers

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit marks its 58th anniversary of its first print issue with the announcement of a new advertising mandate which will only allow brands who are helping drive gender equality forward be featured in the magazine’s annual print issue as well as across their digital footprint. The new platform, Pay with Change, will celebrate companies who are creating change for women in the varied ways they need it, and all brands making progress, big or small, can buy in.

To participate, SI Swimsuit is changing the cost of doing business from a monetary value to a currency of doing good. All brands who prove they are creating change for women will be certified as a Changemaker, which is defined as a brand who has made, is making and will make progress for women by May 2022 when the annual issue hits stands. Each changemaking brand will then be able to purchase a space within the SI Swimsuit 2022 print issue, which will only feature adverts showcasing the progress each brand is making to build equity for all women. Brands will also be featured across SI Swimsuits digital properties including their social media channels. There are additional opportunities for Changemakers based upon investment dollars.

“Sports Illustrated Swimsuit has been leading the charge in creating change in women’s lives for years, despite what some critics and naysayers would like you to believe,” says MJ Day, Editor-in-Chief of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. “However, in a world where women’s bodies are under attack and their value continuously underestimated, we knew we needed to act in a bold, more responsible way. Pay with Change is not just a platform to us, it is our commitment to creating greater progress for women.”

“Pay with Change will be our new standard of business moving forward,” said Hillary Drezner, General Manager of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. “It’s our proof of progress, proof of passion, and proof of our belief that we must be the change we want to see. Starting now, we’ll turn our advertising and activation space into a place to create change for women. We are committing to this initiative throughout all aspects of our business and are inviting all brands who are demonstrating progress to join us.”

Additionally, SI Swimsuit, will invest a percentage of every ad dollar generated by the annual issue to create the Sports Illustrated Gender Equity Fund. The Fund will support a nonprofit organization which is on the frontlines of helping create an equitable future for all women.

As part of the brand’s new publishing approach, SI Swimsuit is launching The Swimfluence Network, an inclusive digital community for individuals looking to connect, learn, grow and champion change for the next generation. The Swimfluence Network app features content across all categories including health, wellness, lifestyle, fashion, travel and food and provides opportunities for individuals to create a profile, learn about live events and castings, join a group and engage with the community, SI Swimsuit models and staff. The app also features the brand’s coveted Swim Search platform allowing potential SI Swimsuit hopefuls from around the world to apply to be in the 2022 issue.

To learn more about Pay with Change, please visit swimsuit.si.com/pay-with-change or reach out to press.paywithchange@si.com

To learn more about The Swimfluence Network, please visit: theswimfluence.si.com


The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is one of the most recognizable and influential symbols of pop culture. Featuring talent from around the world, the issue has become a revered launching pad for successful careers in media, fashion, business, TV and film. The iconic and innovative institution continues to set the cultural tone and evoke discussion about what defines beauty on a global scale. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit has become a lifestyle platform that champions body confidence and self-expression, and connects with diverse audiences through digital content and signature experiences that nurture the body, soul and spirit. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit remains steadfast in its goal of providing an inspirational media platform for individuals where they can connect, explore and engage with 24/7 content that speaks to wellness, travel, food, style and beauty. For more information, visit swimsuit.si.com.

Follow Sports Illustrated Swimsuit on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

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The Arena Group creates robust digital destinations that delight consumers with powerful journalism, news about the things they love – their favorite sports teams, advice on investing, the inside scoop on personal finance, and the latest on lifestyle essentials. With powerful technology, editorial expertise, data management and marketing savvy, the transformative company enables brands like Sports Illustrated and TheStreet to deliver highly relevant content and experiences that consumers love. To learn more, visit www.thearenagroup.net.


Sevan Kalayjian Everitt, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, sevan.kalayjian@gmail.com
Courtney Mains, Edelman, courtney.mains@edelman.com

Avocados from Mexico Commercial and Multichannel, Tidal, ParmCrisps, Jack in the Box…and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check our prior Sales Leads columns.


  • Avocados from Mexico Commercial and Multichannel Campaign

Avocados from Mexico CommercialAvocados from Mexico (AFM), the U.S.-based promotional arm of the Mexican avocado industry, announced its return to the Super Bowl with the roll out of a brand-new multichannel marketing campaign in the run up to the Super Bowl, culminating in a 30-second TV advert during the final on February 13. Actions include the House of Goodness, where consumers can take a virtual tour of an avocado-themed home hosted by NFL star Drew Brees; in-store QR codes that drive directly to the brand’s website and a new partnership with eCommerce Acceleration platform MikMak. Through a strategic partnership with LiveRamp, a data connectivity platform, MikMak will enable the produce brand to both better understand its online shoppers and acquire, analyze and enrich its first-party data with a 360 view of the most valuable shoppers. These added capabilities will enable AFM to continue to build brand recognition while driving sales from branded assets. “We’ve built the AFM brand on a foundation of innovation – now, we’re back in the Big Game with not only an ad but another innovative, fully integrated campaign,” said Alvaro Luque, AFM’s president and CEO. “We’re leading into the future by combining best-in-class brand building with data- and technology-enabled shopper and digital strategies that will make the 2022 Big Game campaign the most effective we’ve had to date,” Luque added. Check out how Avocados from Mexico commercial promotion in the 2015 Super Bowl was supported and extended with technological innovations.

  • Campbell’s 

To continue to preserve the magic of winter and create even more family memories this season, Campbell‘s has partnered with CAMP, The Family Experience Company, to cook up the perfect recipe that sparks winter joy. The partnership delivers a sensory experience by releasing two limited-edition scented candles: Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese and Chicken Noodle Soup, paired with a ‘Winter Warmup Guide.’ Consumers can visit Camp.com/Campbells or CAMP stores in New YorkNew JerseyDallas and Connecticut to purchase one of the limited-edition candles and access the free Winter Warmup Guide that features a range of activities for parents and kids to do together, including arts & crafts, family-friendly recipes and games that inspire imagination and transform any home into a winter wonderland. “No matter where you live, the magic of winter sparks fond memories and inspires new moments of joy,” said Linda Lee, Chief Marketing Officer, Campbell’s Meals & Beverages. “After spending last winter season preserving snow days, Campbell‘s is excited to continue our mission of creating family moments and memories for all through our partnership with CAMP. Pairing the aromas of Campbell‘s soup-scented candles with the Winter Warmup Guide is the perfect recipe for a day of wintry fun!”

  • ParmCrisps


ParmCrisps®, the artisan-crafted, crunchy crisps made from 100% real cheese, debuted their new “Unsinfully Good” brand campaign, its first-ever-national media campaign. With the intention of making more consumers aware and willing to try ParmCrisps®, the integrated marketing campaign showcases ParmCrisps® as a heavenly, better-for-you snack that provides all the snacking goodness with none of the guilt. The brand’s “Unsinfully Good” campaign is featured across multiple consumer touchpoints including broadcast, via several streaming services, and through a combination of social and digital advertisements. Each brand placement touts ParmCrisps® key benefits as the premier guilt-free, low carb and high protein snack. To kickstart the ParmCrisps® “Unsinfully Good” campaign, the brand will be taking over “Sin City” during a three-day event, from Feb. 5-7, at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.  In an attempt to make Sin City “Unsinfully Good,” visitors will have the opportunity to be photographed as a “ParmCrisps® Angel” alongside a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted ParmCrisps® angel wing mural, painted by a local artist, as well as receive ParmCrisps® product samples from the brand’s famed ambassadors, the “ParmCrisps® Angels.” “With this new creative communication strategy, we hope to establish a connection with consumers on an emotional level, driving both brand relevance and love; reminding consumers that snacking isn’t sinful when eating ParmCrisps, it’s almost angelic,” said Tracy Garbowski, Vice President of Marketing. “Through our first-ever national media campaign with engaging advertisements, we hope to further accelerate our brand growth, establishing cheese crisps as a category synonymous with ParmCrisps.”

  • Jack in the Box

Fast-food restaurant chain Jack in the Box is putting its creative account in review and David & Goliath, its agency of record since 2015, is defending. “We are undergoing an active lead creative agency search,” said a brand spokeswoman, in order to bring the brand’s strategy “to life through all touchpoints,” AdAge reports.

  • Tidal 

TIDAL announced a new limited time offer for students, military, and first responders to enjoy three months of TIDAL HiFi for only US $1 or three months of TIDAL HiFi Plus for only US $2. This exclusive campaign is running now through January 31, 2022, and students, military, and first responders can claim their offer on the TIDAL website today. “Our campaign for students, military, and first responders is another step towards introducing more music fans to TIDAL with ad-free access to our catalog of over 80 million songs and expertly curated playlists in the best sound quality available,” said Angelo Sasso, Senior Vice President of Customer Engagement at TIDAL.  TIDAL is an artist-led global music and entertainment streaming platform that aims to create a sustainable, artist-first and fan-centric business model for the music industry. With innovative experimental features like direct-to-artist payments and fan-centered royalties, TIDAL is empowering artists to redefine their place in the music industry. Available in 61 countries, the streaming service has more than 80 million songs and 350,000 high-quality videos in its catalog, along with original video series, podcasts, thousands of expertly curated playlists, and artist discovery via TIDAL Rising.

  • Toyota

The first-ever 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross kicked off the new year with the “Just Right” campaign, which highlights the compact SUV’s capabilities and features that are sure to accommodate life’s adventures. “We’re excited to launch the first-ever Corolla Cross here in the U.S. with the ‘Just Right’ campaign, which encourages guests to cherish life’s perfect wins, big or small,” said Lisa Materazzo, group vice president, Toyota Marketing, Toyota Motor North America. “Corolla Cross has everything our drivers want – an elevated and upgraded compact SUV, designed for every lifestyle.” The fully integrated Corolla Cross campaign was developed using Toyota’s long-standing Total Toyota (T2) marketing model, fully considering the transcultural mainstream audiences across America. Toyota campaigns are integrated through one strategic brief, creative idea, and media plan – and create a cohesive marketing approach inclusive of multicultural marketing and the total market model.  The T2 team includes Saatchi & Saatchi, Burrell Communications, Conill Advertising and Intertrend, with ZenithMedia placing TV and outdoor media buys. The campaign showcases a unified style across all creative throughout the T2 agency broadcast spots. The Corolla Cross campaign is a fully integrated campaign extending across linear TV, digital video, digital content, programmatic, paid social, experiential, audio, and out-of-home. High-profile prime and sports programming includes the NBA, NFL, NASCAR, Univision, Telemundo, OWN, Discovery en Español, WillowTV, BET, and more. Digital content/video includes partners such as Peacock, Vevo, YouTube, Hulu and Hulu Latino, Disney, Tastemade Español and more. Partnerships include Apartment Therapy, Buzzfeed, Amazon, and Spotify, among others. Social is across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitch, Imgur, and Reddit. Social will include a special TikTok collaboration soon to be announced.


Partnership Renewal of the Leading Grooming Brand and Global Sports Organization Includes Enhanced Branding Presence in the World-Famous Octagon®

LAS VEGAS & SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MANSCAPED, the leading men’s lifestyle consumer brand and male grooming category creator, and UFC®, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, today announced a multi-year extension of their partnership in which MANSCAPED will continue to serve as the first-ever Official Electric Trimmer of UFC. Partnership integrations and new enhancements have rolled over into the renewal to much fan acclaim and will continue over the next three years.

“As one of our very first sports marketing partners, UFC was integral in helping MANSCAPED redefine sports sponsorship worldwide,” said Paul Tran, Founder and CEO of MANSCAPED. “UFC’s unmatched platform not only increased our brand exposure but played a significant role in reaching our target demographic on a global scale, and during the formative years of our business.”

“The MANSCAPED team have been fantastic partners, and we’re thrilled to continue our relationship with them,” said Grant Norris-Jones, Vice President, Global Partnerships, UFC. “Our sponsorship business has been growing dramatically the past few years, but renewals with innovative brands like MANSCAPED speak volumes about the value our partners see in continuing to align with UFC to reach their customers.”

MANSCAPED will maintain meaningful visibility in front of UFC’s global fanbase of more than 625 million people and over 178 million social media followers. Placement includes signage on the world-famous Octagon®, including exterior horizontal bumpers for all Pay-Per-View and Fight Night events. MANSCAPED will also serve as the presenting sponsor for rounds four and five of all UFC events. Additional elements of the partnership include in-venue fan interactions, as well as in-broadcast integrations, including the “Fighter Description” feature during athlete walkouts for all Pay-Per-View events, and activations across digital and social platforms for select events.

The extension follows previous successful collaborations between UFC and MANSCAPED. In addition to having sponsored some of UFC’s biggest events, including UFC FIGHT ISLAND and UFC 264®: MCGREGOR vs. POIRIER 3, MANSCAPED continues to work closely with several top UFC athletes such as former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway, former UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic, and reigning UFC flyweight champion Brandon Moreno.

The first PPV fight of the year, and MANSCAPED’s 2022 UFC debut, will bring reigning UFC heavyweight champion and past MANSCAPED partner Francis Ngannou back into the Octagon on January 22, where he will take on interim heavyweight champion Ciryl Gane in the much-anticipated main card event of UFC® 270: NGANNOU vs. GANE. This stacked card will also feature Moreno defending his flyweight championship against former flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo, as the two look to complete an epic trilogy.

“In working with the exceptional UFC team beginning back in 2019, we realized what it’s like to partner with an organization that immediately and instinctively embraced the MANSCAPED brand,” said Joey Kovac, Vice President of Marketing at MANSCAPED. “In addition to prominently highlighting MANSCAPED during fight nights and events, this partnership unlocked many other impactful marketing opportunities for us within UFC’s coveted network. We’re continually excited by our brand synergies and the new developments to come with this renewal.”

On November 23, 2021, MANSCAPED announced its entry into a definitive business combination agreement with Bright Lights Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: BLTS) (“Bright Lights”). Upon the closing of the business combination, which is expected in the first quarter of 2022, the combined company will be named Manscaped Holdings, Inc. MANSCAPED intends to apply to list the common shares of the combined company on the Nasdaq under the new ticker symbol, “MANS.”


Founded by Paul Tran in 2016, San Diego, California-based MANSCAPED™ is the global men’s lifestyle consumer brand and male grooming category creator trusted by over four million men worldwide. The product range includes a diversified line of premium tools, formulations, and accessories that are intelligently designed to introduce and elevate a whole new self-care routine for men. MANSCAPED offers a one-stop-shop at manscaped.com and direct-to-consumer shipping in 38 countries, spanning the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Select products and unique bundles can also be found on Amazon with Prime and pickup options available. Retail placement includes Target, Best Buy, and Macy’s stores throughout the U.S. and Hairhouse locations in Australia. For more information, visit the website or follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

About UFC®

UFC® is the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization (MMA), with more than 625 million fans and 178 million social media followers. The organization produces more than 40 live events annually in some of the most prestigious arenas around the world, while broadcasting to nearly 900 million TV households across more than 175 countries. UFC’s athlete roster features the world’s best MMA athletes representing more than 75 countries. The organization’s digital offerings include UFC FIGHT PASS®, one of the world’s leading streaming services for combat sports. UFC is owned by global entertainment, sports and content company Endeavor, and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information, visit UFC.com and follow UFC at Facebook.com/UFC, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok: @UFC.

Additional Information and Where to Find It

This press release relates to a proposed transaction between Bright Lights and MANSCAPED. This press release does not constitute an offer to sell or exchange, or the solicitation of an offer to buy or exchange, any securities, nor shall there be any sale of securities in any jurisdiction in which such offer, sale or exchange would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such jurisdiction. In connection with the Transactions described herein, Bright Lights or Bright Lights Parent Corp. intends to file relevant materials with the SEC, including a registration statement on Form S-4, which will include a proxy statement/prospectus. The proxy statement/prospectus will be sent to all Bright Lights stockholders. Bright Lights or Bright Lights Parent Corp. will also file other documents regarding the proposed transactions with the SEC. Before making any voting or investment decision, investors and security holders of Bright Lights are urged to read the registration statement, the proxy statement/prospectus and all other relevant documents filed or that will be filed with the SEC in connection with the proposed transactions as they become available because they will contain important information about the proposed transactions.

Investors and security holders will be able to obtain free copies of the proxy statement/prospectus and all other relevant documents filed or that will be filed with the SEC by Bright Lights or Bright Lights Parent Corp. through the website maintained by the SEC at www.sec.gov or by directing a request to Bright Lights via email at info@brightlightsacquisition.com or calling 310-421-1472.

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51% of marketers say half or more of marketing budgets are dedicated to social media ads, with 43% already advertising on TikTok

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Smartly.io, the leading social advertising automation platform for creative and performance marketers, today announced new research outlining how changes resulting from the global pandemic will impact ad spend and strategies on social media platforms in 2022. Smartly.io’s third annual “State of Social Advertising Report” surveyed 100 leaders across the eCommerce, retail, gaming, travel and financial services industries. The report examined year-over-year findings while exploring new trends that will continue to inform social advertising and marketing plans in 2022.

Diversification among social media platforms is key for advertising effectiveness

With today’s consumers using an average of eight social media platforms, a multi-platform approach is essential for long-term success. Advertisers have clearly realized this need – 51% of respondents note half or more of their overall marketing budgets are allocated to social media advertising, with those budgets being diversified across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and more. Facebook is still a leader, with 98% of advertisers buying ads from the platform. However, we are seeing marked growth from others – 94% of advertisers use Instagram (up from 90% last year) and 88% use YouTube. TikTok has clear power as an emerging social platform, with a 9% increase, jumping from 34% last year to 43% this year – nearly half of all advertisers are already spending on TikTok.

“We aren’t surprised to see more brands diversify their ad spend across multiple social platforms,” said Riikka Söderlund, Global Director of Marketing at Smartly.io. “As more touchpoints become available, the consumer journey becomes more fragmented, making it even harder to predict and capture consumer attention. In light of this, and as capabilities and offerings across social media expand, we are seeing a multi-platform approach take center stage this year. This combined with increased interest in automating at least parts of the social advertising process will help advertisers expand their reach in order to meet customers at every step and stage of their journey and communicate a cohesive brand story.”

ROAS drives shifting ad spend allocations

In 2022, many companies plan to increase advertising spend on social platforms, even more than they did last year. While Facebook is still a leader for many brands, with 87% of respondents saying they will increase ad spend there, Instagram saw the biggest year-over-year jump – from 38% to 73%. Again, underscoring the rise of TikTok, 18% of respondents note they will increase spend on this platform — an 8% increase from last year.

Return on ad spend (ROAS) is also driving a clear shift in how marketers choose to allocate ad budgets on social media. For the second year in a row, Instagram has emerged the winner when it comes to seeing the best ROAS from social ads (46%), up 4% from last year. As advertisers see ROAS, they are allocating budgets accordingly — driving further diversification among platform spend.

The need for automation becomes increasingly urgent

Automation has gained popularity for enabling advertisers to remove steps from their processes that may have traditionally been handled manually, freeing up valuable time for advertisers to focus attention elsewhere. However, 73% of respondents noted their social media advertising creation and delivery processes still involve time-consuming manual processes. This is consistent with last year’s sentiment in which 72% said the same thing. These manual processes span from strategy formation to content creation to posting, managing and aligning content to specific campaigns.

Compounding this issue, 69% of respondents said they are not currently using automation technology for social media advertising creation. While it is a drop from last year (81%), there is still a large opportunity to bring effective automation to the social media creation process as only 17% of those who are using automation technology say they are using it successfully.

In 2022, advertisers also plan to:

  • Use more creative automation (31% – up from 13% last year)
  • Expand their in-house marketing teams to better manage social media advertising (29%)
  • Outsource social media advertising more (29%)
  • Invest more in social media advertising tools & tech (26%)

To read more about this research and learn how to better prepare your organization in 2022 as consumer behaviors continue to evolve, download the complete Smartly.io research report.

About the Study

In November 2021, Smartly.io and the WBR Insights research team surveyed 100 respondents across North American B2C companies. All the respondents are business leaders with director level seniority or higher at their organizations, and occupy roles in media, digital advertising, social advertising, performance marketing, brand marketing, and eCommerce. The companies represented in this report are B2C companies in eCommerce, CPG, retail, gaming, travel, and financial services.

About Smartly.io

Powering beautifully effective ads, Smartly.io automates every step of social advertising to unlock greater performance and creativity. We combine creative production and ad buying automation with outstanding customer service to help some 700 brands scale their results – not headcount – on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. We are a fast-growing community of over 650 Smartlies with 17 offices around the world, managing nearly €3B in annual ad spend and growing rapidly and profitably. Visit Smartly.io to learn more.


Dina Magdovitz

PAN Communications


Toyota Marketing Campaign, Anheuser Busch, Topo Chico® Hard Seltzer, Visit Mexico, Shisheido… and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check our prior Sales Leads columns.


  • Toyota Marketing Campaign

Toyota MarketingThe all-new 2022 Toyota GR86 campaign “FasterClass,” kicked off on January 4,  featuring the next-generation sports coupe. “The driver is at the center of this new campaign as we showcase the GR86’s track-ready performance,” said Lisa Materazzo, group vice president, Toyota Marketing, Toyota Motor North America.  The fully integrated GR86 campaign was developed considering the transcultural mainstream audiences across America. Toyota campaigns are integrated through one strategic brief, creative idea and media plan – and create a cohesive marketing approach inclusive of multicultural marketing and the total market model. The campaign features work from Saatchi & Saatchi, Conill Advertising and Intertrend and showcases a unified theme across digital and social creative. The GR86 campaign extends across digital video, digital content, programmatic, paid social, print and experiential. Digital content/video includes partners such as Amazon, Bleacher Report, Canela, Disney, Gen.G, Hearst, Hulu, NBC, Pandora, reddit, TuneIn, Univision, Xbox One, Yahoo, YouTube, 88rising and more. Print includes Car and Driver (including 10Best 2022), Motor Trend, Popular Mechanics and Road & Track. Partnerships include Twitch and Twitch LatinUp! Concert Series, Hypebeast and Fandom FIFA Road to World Cup Sponsorship among others. Social is across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok and Reddit.

  • Anheuser Busch

Anheuser BuschMadison Square Garden Sports Corp. and Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. announced a multi-year marketing sponsorship renewal with Anheuser-Busch. The sponsorship provides Anheuser-Busch with exclusive, premier experiences and activations across MSG Sports’ and MSG Entertainment’s set of assets, including the New York Knicks, New York Rangers and MSG Networks. As part of this renewal, Anheuser-Busch will partner with MSG Sports and MSG Entertainment on several unique fan-first platforms including the new “Michelob ULTRA Courtside” experience, presented by Michelob ULTRA, which launches later this month and will provide fans the opportunity to win Knicks tickets and watch the game from an exclusive location inside The Garden. In addition, Anheuser-Busch will become the Presenting Partner of the historic Blue Seats Section on the 9th floor of Madison Square Garden.
Anheuser-Busch will also work together with MSG Sports’ esports organizations CLG and Knicks Gaming on their livestream programming on Twitch to provide fans with insider access to the organizations. At Anheuser-Busch, we are always looking for new ways to connect with our consumers and bring people together through exciting, one-of-a-kind experiences,” said Matt Davis, Sr. Director of Sponsorships, Anheuser-Busch.


  • Topo Chico® Hard Seltzer

Topo ChicoTopo Chico® Hard Seltzer is kicking off the new year by launching its highly anticipated Topo Chico Ranch Water Hard Seltzer in select regional markets and releasing its variety pack nationwide. The launch of Topo Chico Ranch Water Hard Seltzer is supported with a combination of online video, paid social, and influencer marketing. Inspired by the taste of the popular cocktail recipe made famous by Texas bartenders, Topo Chico Ranch Water Hard Seltzer features real lime juice and a refreshing, crisp taste. Available starting today, Topo Chico Ranch Water Hard Seltzer can be found in stores across Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. “There’s no cocktail in Texas more legendary than Ranch Water. Given the love Texans have shown for Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, it’s only natural for the brand to refresh the taste of the classic Texas drink like only we can,” said Matt Escalante, senior director of hard seltzers at Molson Coors Beverage Company.  The release of Topo Chico Ranch Water Hard Seltzer coincides with the nationwide expansion of the Topo Chico Hard Seltzer existing variety pack, which includes four, unique flavors including Strawberry Guava, Exotic Pineapple, Tangy Lemon Lime, and Tropical Mango. As part of its national expansion, Molson Coors is running a robust 360-degree marketing campaign to support Topo Chico Hard Seltzer that combines national television and online video, podcasts, paid and organic social media, and social influencer marketing. Molson Coors is tripling its investment in Topo Chico Hard Seltzer compared to the initial regional launch last year. In September 2020, Molson Coors Beverage Company entered into an exclusive agreement with The Coca-Cola Company to manufacture, market, and distribute Topo Chico Hard Seltzer in the U.S.

  • Visit Mexico

Visit MexicoToday Rêv Worldwide , a global payments & loyalty product innovations company, and Visit Mexico, Mexico’s official tourism marketing agency, announced a multi-year strategic partnership aimed at fostering cross border tourism by leveraging innovative digital products and services that facilitate engagement, convenience, and value for the travel sector. With the introduction of the X World Wallet, a multi-currency debit account accessible by downloading a mobile app, linked to physical and digital Visa cards, and integrated loyalty program, Rêv and Visit Mexico take a first step in offering a suite of products and services with a mission to promote tourism activity for one of the world’s most important travel corridors.

  • General Mills – Chiquita

General MillsChiquita bananas, General Mills Big G cereals and Yoplait yogurt are joining forces with their “Go Bananas for Breakfast!” campaign to show that a balanced breakfast doesn’t have to be expensive or hard.  “Chiquita is always looking for opportunities to partner with likeminded brands and extend its presence beyond the produce section, and with consumer data reflecting that bananas are often paired with cereal and yogurt, this collaboration with Big G cereals and Yoplait felt like a perfect fit,” said Jamie Postell, Vice President of Sales for Chiquita North America. “By bringing these kitchen staples together, we hope to provide consumers with quick, easy and nutritious breakfast inspiration that the entire family can enjoy.” Shoppers can keep their eyes peeled for bright, Chiquita banana-inspired graphics on select General Mills Big G cereals and Yoplait yogurts at grocery stores nationwide and for this limited time offer, find savings of up to $6 via on-pack coupons and a digital rebate. To learn more about the partnership between Chiquita, General Mills and Yoplait and details about savings on these products, visit www.breakfastisbananas.com

  • Thrive Market

Thrive MarketThrive Market is launching a brand campaign to raise the online grocer’s profile with American consumers. The company, which previously only ran digital advertising, will add television spots in addition to YouTube, AdAge reports. The spots are focused on connecting the brand’s ability to simplify the lives of busy consumers. “Life can be a lot,” a voiceover says in one ad. “Thrive Market’s here to help.”

  • Target

Target Corp. announced the launch of its first home organization brand, Brightroom. The collection includes more than 450 items including utility carts, pegboards and baskets. Items are designed to be used around the home, such as breathable mesh for storing vegetables. This adds the list of Target owned brands that include Cat & Jack, All in Motion, Boots & Barkley and Pillowfort. “We know the new year brings opportunities for new beginnings, including an eagerness to organize our homes for the year ahead. To help our guests do just that, we’re excited to introduce Brightroom, Target’s first dedicated storage and home organization owned brand,” says Samara Tuchband, senior vice president of merchandising, home. “Brightroom is all about helping guests easily organize their homes with hundreds of well-designed and functional pieces — all at an incredible value.”

  • Shiseido

ShisheidoShiseido Company is celebrating the 150th anniversary of its founding in 2022. With a new year advertisement in newspapers in Japan on January 5, 2022 as a start, it will communicate our initiatives for making a sustainable world where people can experience happiness through the power of beauty under the mission “BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD.” The visual features future cosmetics service experiences in space with a model, Hana Kondo, receiving online counseling accessible from anywhere anytime and package-free skincare products. The Shiseido 150th anniversary special website launched on Wednesday, January 5, 2022. It will continuously update the content throughout the year including an introduction to our corporate philosophy and the latest anniversary-related activities in each region.






DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mary Kay Inc., a global entrepreneurship development company and advocate for corporate social responsibility and sustainability, today released its year-end highlights. In 2021, Mary Kay Inc. continued its decades-long commitment to enriching the lives of women around the globe and building healthier, more sustainable communities.

Learn more about Mary Kay’s 2021 accomplishments in this report.


Business Excellence

  • Mary Kay received 58 awards and recognition honors in 2021, including: COVID Response (22 awards), recognition from partners in social impact/annual reports (4), Mary Kay management recognized for leadership (7), business excellence (10) and an award-winning documentary (4 awards; 5 screening selections). Additionally, Mary Kay and/or its iconic founder, Mary Kay Ash, were featured in two Harvard Business Case Studies, three textbooks, and one research paper.
  • Announced the appointment of Wendy Wang as President of its Asia Pacific Region. 54% of Mary Kay’s global executive team is female.
  • Mary Kay markets celebrated anniversaries: Mary Kay Lithuania (10 years) and Mary Kay Germany (35 years).
  • Named one of America’s Best Mid-Sized Employers 2021 by Forbes.

Mary Kay Global Design Studio & Digital Innovation to Enhance the Customer Experience

  • Mary Kay Global Design Studio and Glamhive announced the first-ever global TikTok reality show based on style, Step & Repeat. The contest showcased talent in wardrobe, makeup & hair from TikTok users worldwide. Participants showcased their talents from more than 30 countries, and the ground-breaking campaign was featured in the UK Daily Mail, The Daily Front Row, and Vogue Business highlighting its innovative approach to using the relatively new social media platform.
  • Launched Suite 13, a beauty experience that uses virtual reality to digitize the company’s first virtual pop-up showroom; Mary Kay MirrorMe™ for augmented-reality makeovers and Mary Kay® Skin Analyzer App to scan your face for a customized skin care routine.
  • Celebrated 25 years partnering with Global Beauty Ambassador, Luis Casco.

Science Behind the Beauty

  • Clinical Solutions™ skincare launched, which consists of Mary Kay Clinical Solutions™ Retinol 0.5 and Mary Kay Clinical Solutions™ Calm + Restore Facial Milk and received the Dermatologists’ Council Seal.
  • Dr. Michelle Hines, Ph.D., Mary Kay Director of Product Formulation, was announced as president-elect for the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC).
  • In collaboration with Society for Investigative Dermatology (SID), announced Skin Health/Skin Disease Grants. Grants will be awarded to researchers conducting groundbreaking, innovative studies in skin health and skin diseases to uncover new perspectives and intervention strategies.
  • Announced recipients of multiple science educational grants including: the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and Mary Kay Inc. – Madam C.J. Walker Scholarships, in support of under-represented minority students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in chemical, physical, medical, pharmaceutical, biological, or related sciences and technology; and provided five Girls in STEAM grants to young women currently engaged in innovative research. The 2021 recipients included: Mylana Brodovska, Ukraine; Selin Alara Ornek, Turkey; Jordan Reeves, U.S.; Ivanna Hernandez, Colombia; and Allie Weber, U.S.
  • Unveiled research at multiple virtual science conferences. The research included: sharing research on a gradual retinization process that significantly improves tolerance to higher concentrated pure retinol, while still delivering retinol’s key skin benefits; presented the findings for topical application of pure retinol improving hyperpigmentation in an Asian population; and Modulating mechanisms associated with skin barrier function effectively alleviates 2 common concerns associated with sensitive skin.

Social Impact/CSR

  • In 2021, Mary Kay’s global Pink Changing LivesSM cause empowerment program supported over 15 NGOs around the world. Since 2008, the program has impacted more than six million women and their families by partnering with over 3,000 organizations, donating over $16 million.
  • Mary Kay China: China’s Henan province was affected by severe flooding. Due to the floods, at least 33 people were killed, 8 others went missing, 200,000 people were evacuated, 3 million people were affected, and the direct economic loss was about $1.22 billion yuan. Mary Kay China donated 1-million-yuan worth of products to Henan Charity Federation.
  • Mary Kay Germany: European floods impacted Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands and ranked as the most destructive natural hazard in Northern Europe. Mary Kay Germany pledged up to $100,000 euros to support those affected.
  • Mary Kay Spain: In 2020-21, partnered with the Fundación Vicente Ferrer to provide health care access to children and their families in India. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic (in 2018), Mary Kay Spain financed the construction of a school for children in Pagadalavaripalli village, located in the Kadiri (Anantapur) region of India.

Women’s Empowerment

  • Announced commitment to advancing gender parity by releasing a position paper welcoming the European Commission’s Gender Equality Strategy for 2020 – 2025 and by joining the Generation Equality Forum in Paris and five Global Action Coalitions to accelerate gender equality by 2026.
  • In collaboration with UN Women, ILO & WE Empower, re-released, “Strengthening Support for Women Entrepreneurs in COVID-19 Response and Recovery” at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW65).
  • Mary Kay and the Mary Kay Ash FoundationSM were recognized in the Report of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women on the activities of the United Nations trust fund in support of actions to eliminate violence against women to the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW65) and Human Rights Council.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

  • Announced 100% of U.S.-based Directors and above completed mandatory Unconscious Bias training.
  • Released Gender Diversity in the Workplace Data: 54% of Mary Kay’s global executive team is female; 61% of Mary Kay’s global workforce is female; and 54% of Global Vice Presidents and above are female; 59% of Directors and above are female.
  • In collaboration with global partner Equal Rights Trust, announced the launch of innovative research on gender inequality in algorithms and artificial intelligence aimed at addressing equality and gender impacts of algorithmic systems, presented by Mary Kay.


  • Announced global sustainability strategy: Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow. Our holistic approach encompasses three pillars of sustainability—economic, environmental and social—through five pillars, activated by 15 commitments to deliver a decade of sustainable action.
  • Became a signatory to two crucial causes in protecting our world’s waterways: the CEO Water Mandate and the United Nations Global Compact’s Sustainable Ocean Principles.
  • Joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a member of its Network, as part of its commitment to becoming a more sustainable, circular business.
  • Mary Kay released its second documentary, Forest of Hope, in October during the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). The documentary highlights the work of Angelica, a 70-year eco-warrior and leader of a group of women entrepreneurs committed to saving the forests of Monterrey.
  • Through its partnership with Arbor Day Foundation, the Time for Trees® initiative, announced achieving the commitment to planting 100 million trees and inspiring 5 million new tree planters by April of 2022, was achieved one year ahead of schedule.
  • Mary Kay has partnered with the Nature Conservancy since 1991. In 2021, Mary Kay supported seven projects in the Solomon Islands, Northern Australia, New Zealand, rural China, Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

About Mary Kay

One of the original glass ceiling breakers, Mary Kay Ash founded her beauty company nearly 60 years ago with three goals: develop rewarding opportunities for women, offer irresistible products, and make the world a better place. That dream has blossomed into a multibillion-dollar company with millions of independent sales force members in nearly 40 countries. Mary Kay is dedicated to investing in the science behind beauty and manufacturing cutting-edge skin care, color cosmetics, and fragrances. Mary Kay is committed to empowering women and their families by partnering with organizations from around the world, focusing on supporting cancer research, protecting survivors from domestic abuse, beautifying our communities, and encouraging children to follow their dreams. Mary Kay Ash’s original vision continues to shine—one lipstick at a time. Learn more at www.MaryKayGlobal.com.


Mary Kay Inc.

Global Communications

+1 972.687.5332


A new study by Accenture found that the US $492 billion global social commerce industry is expected to grow three times as fast as traditional ecommerce to US $1.2 trillion by 2025. Growth is predicted to be driven primarily by Gen Z and Millennial social media users, accounting for 62% of global social commerce spending by 2025.

According to Accenture’s report, “Why Shopping’s Set for a Social Revolution,” social commerce means a person’s entire shopping experience — from product discovery to the check-out process — takes place on a social media platform. Just under two thirds (64%) of social media users surveyed said they made a social commerce purchase in the last year, which Accenture estimates to reflect nearly 2 billion social buyers globally.

“The pandemic showed how much people use social platforms as the entry point for everything they do online — news, entertainment and communication.” said Robin Murdoch, global Software & Platforms industry lead at Accenture. “The steady rise in time spent on social media reflects how essential these platforms are in our daily life. They’re reshaping how people buy and sell, which provides platforms and brands with new opportunities for user experiences and revenue streams.”

Social Commerce


While the opportunity is significant for large businesses, individuals and smaller brands also stand to benefit from it. More than half (59%) of social buyers surveyed said they are more likely to support small and medium-sized businesses through social media commerce than when shopping through ecommerce websites. Furthermore, 63% said they are more likely to buy from the same seller again, showing the benefits of social commerce in building loyalty and driving repeat purchases.

“Social commerce is a levelling force that is driven by the creativity, ingenuity and power of people. It empowers smaller brands and individuals and makes big brands reevaluate their relevance for a marketplace of millions of individuals,” said Oliver Wright, global Consumer Goods and Services lead at Accenture. “Getting social commerce right will require creators, resellers and brands to bring their products and services where the consumer is, and will be, rather than the other way around. It means working together within a dynamic ecosystem of platforms, marketplaces, social media and influencers to share data, insights and capabilities to deliver the right incentives and best consumer experience across an integrated digital marketplace.”

Social Commerce

Half of social media users surveyed, however, indicate they are concerned that social commerce purchases will not be protected or refunded properly, making trust the biggest barrier to adoption, as it was for eCommerce at its beginning.

“Those who have yet to use social commerce say one reason they are held back is their lack of trust in the authenticity of social sellers, while active social commerce users point to poor policies on returns, refunds and exchanges as an area for improvement,” said Wright. “Trust is an issue that will take time to overcome, but the sellers who focus on these areas will be better positioned to grow market share.”

Social Commerce: Who is Buying What

Accenture’s report found that by 2025 the highest number of social media commerce purchases globally are expected in clothing (18% of all s-commerce by 2025), consumer electronics (13%) and home décor (7%). Fresh food and snack items also represent a large product category (13%) although sales are nearly exclusive to China. Beauty and personal care, although smaller in terms of total social commerce sales, is predicted to quickly gain ground on eCommerce and capture over 40% of digital spend on average for this category in key markets by 2025.

Among the study’s other findings:

Consumers in developing countries are more likely to use social commerce and do so often. Eight out of ten social media users in China use social commerce to make purchases for a given category, while the majority of social media users in the U.K. and U.S. have yet to make a purchase via social commerce.
Shoppers in China, India, and Brazil care more about features that help them discover and evaluate potential purchases while those in the U.K. and U.S. place more importance on pricing and discounts.
Trust is more important to older generations than younger generations. Older shoppers emphasize security features and value brand familiarity while younger generations are attracted to livestreams and put more faith in buyer reviews.

Research methodology

Accenture Research conducted a series of studies on s-commerce to better understand the nature of this opportunity. We designed and fielded an online survey of 10,053 social media users in China, India, Brazil, the U.S. and the U.K. The online study was conducted August 12th – September 3rd, 2021. We also conducted in-depth interviews with shoppers and sellers from those same five markets between May 26th and June 2nd, 2021.

Accenture’s market forecasts were produced using econometric modelling, considering the optimization of consumers’ preferences to accelerating existing market momentum. The social commerce market includes products or services ordered via social networks, regardless of the method of payment or fulfilment, covering business to consumer (B2C) and consumer to consumer (C2C) transactions.

With more than a decade of experience building world-class brands for hyper-growth companies, Waters’ appointment will help Upwork capitalize on its $1.3 trillion total addressable market opportunity

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Upwork (NASDAQ: UPWK), the world’s work marketplace, today announced that Melissa Waters has joined the company as its chief marketing officer.

Waters is an accomplished and award-winning marketing executive with more than 15 years of experience building world-class brands, developing high-performing teams, and driving business impact. She joins Upwork from Meta, where she was global vice president of marketing at Instagram. Previously, she led marketing, merchandising, and business development for telehealth leader Hims & Hers. Prior, Waters served in executive marketing positions at Lyft and Pandora.

We are experiencing a tectonic shift in how work gets done, which shows no signs of slowing down. Covid is causing many people to reevaluate their priorities, innovate their careers, and explore new ways of working. Some are choosing new roles that speak to their passions and hobbies, others are supplementing their full-time jobs, and many are giving up full-time jobs altogether to gain more flexibility as freelancers. For companies that have been hesitant to adopt workforce innovation, these workforce shifts – and the resulting war for talent due to the Great Resignation – are causing companies to experiment more than ever before with new work models and more modern talent sources, both of which Upwork offers.

“It’s impossible to not be deeply inspired by the transformational moment we are in for the world of work,” said Upwork president and CEO Hayden Brown. “In 2022, our strategy remains laser-focused on continuing to innovate, evangelize, and scale the world’s work marketplace – the career platform for every skilled worker, and every business, regardless of employment type and geography. Melissa’s deep expertise in helping high-growth companies scale, establish new categories, and build world-class brands is key to increasing awareness of Upwork and capitalizing on our $1.3 trillion total addressable market opportunity. We couldn’t be more thrilled for her to join the team.”

Upwork is focused on continuing to innovate its market-leading capabilities while increasing awareness of its offering. In May of 2021, Upwork introduced a new industry category, the work marketplace. Later in 2021, Upwork introduced CoLab – a brand partnership program that gives talent an opportunity to work on innovative projects with world-renowned brands. It also launched its “The Perfect Fit” advertising campaign, which debuted on Fox’s NFL Thanksgiving Day schedule. To serve the breadth of customer needs for getting different types of work done from $50 to $500,000 projects and more, the company has augmented its flagship product – the Talent Marketplace — with new offerings like Project Catalog, Upwork’s “browse and buy” experience where freelancers post complete work offerings that clients can purchase on the spot, and Talent Scout, the company’s first-class, data-science driven hiring solution where talent are pre-vetted and pre-interviewed by Upwork.

“This is an exciting time to be joining Upwork’s visionary leadership team,” said Waters. “For the first time in decades, people are questioning what we call ‘work’ and how we do it. As the world’s work marketplace, Upwork is uniquely positioned to not only capitalize on this shift but shape what work looks like in the future. I look forward to helping take Upwork’s brand story to new heights.”

About Upwork

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Findings show users continued to send COVID-related emoji at an increasing rate during the pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Facemoji Keyboard today published its State of Emoji Report 2021, revealing the most popular emoji of 2021, based on global usage. Understanding that the year posed unique challenges due to COVID-19, the report reflects the continued use of COVID-related emoji — showing that the pandemic isn’t over yet, even among conversation.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Facemoji users continued to increasingly send COVID-related emoji, including the Syringe, the Sneezing Face, the Hospital, the Bar of Soap, the Microbe and the Roll of Toilet Paper in conversation. Alternately, the use of the Face with Medical Mask has dropped significantly since July 2021 — reaching a 20% decrease in November, as people adjust to the new normal.
  • The Face with Tears of Joy continues to rank #1 globally — though it experienced a 12% decline in use after being deemed “uncool” by Gen Z.
  • The Pleading Face reached the global top 10 emoji for the first time, and the Skull was popular in predominately English-speaking countries, ranking among the top 12 in the U.S., the UK and Canada.
  • The Smiling Face with Tear soared in popularity — with usage increasing 500% and cracking into the top 50 most-used emoji in just six months — earning the title as the most popular emoji from the Unicode 13.0 release.
  • Home to the most romantic and fashion-forward city in the world, Paris — France continued to keep the Ring in their top 12 emoji, and Brazil was the only country to feature the Clown Face among their most popular emoji.
  • The Moyai helped Facemoji users in Russia express (or not express) themselves via a “stone face.”
  • Facemoji users on average sent the most emoji during the weekdays, while sending the least on Saturday and Sunday — showing that weekends are best spent offline.
  • All the dating apps (Bumble, Hinge and Tinder), Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram ranked the Face with Tears of Joy #1.

“Emoji have forever changed the way in which people communicate by carving out a place both in people’s personal lives and in pop culture,” said Natalia Lin, product lead at Facemoji Keyboard. “This report signifies the global language of emoji and highlights the connections that Facemoji Keyboard makes possible every day.”

The report references fully anonymized global data, including specific insights about emoji use in seven countries — Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Russia, the UK and the U.S. The data captures the top emoji used worldwide by Facemoji Keyboard users on Android and iOS between October 1, 2020 and November 1, 2021, as well as top emoji used by country and by app — including Bumble, Facebook, Hinge, Instagram, Snapchat TikTok, Tinder, Twitter and WhatsApp.

To read the full State of Emoji Report 2021, click here.

About Facemoji Keyboard

Facemoji Keyboard (Android or iOS) is an emoji-centric keyboard app featuring speech recognition technology. It includes an emoji prediction feature, a wide variety of stickers and customizable keyboards, and the ability to turn people’s faces into animated emoji GIFs. Facemoji Keyboard’s goal is to help people around the world express themselves in new ways with fun, creative emoji.


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