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YouTube is the leading platform for esports videos on demand (VOD), according to 2019 data provided by Stream Hatchet. Meanwhile, Facebook is the number one go-to platform for users consuming mobile streaming. This monthly esports data column provides a quick update of the most important esports consumption behavior, particularly as is relates to streaming.

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The most relevant findings of Stream Hatchet‘s 2019 Game Streaming Report

  • In terms of VOD, YouTube has shown to be the most relevant platform. “As the ‘streaming wars’ heat up, they have the opportunity to be the one-stop-shop for all video gaming content,” the study states.
  • Facebook seems to also have found a strong footing in the esports streaming market. The social media platform has taken over the mobile streaming audience while leaving the fight over the same viewers on PC to Twitch, YouTube and Mixer.
  • Still, Twitch continues to be the platform that gets the highest amount of hours watched. The Amazon owned streaming platform has a share of more than 70% of the total Western streaming market.
YouTube VOD
Photo via Stream Hatchet.

Top Games

      • For a long time now, Fortnite has been the most dominant game for streamers in the market. This game seems to have created a very loyal following audience similar to popular titles like CS:GO and League of Legends.
      • Not to far from there, League of Legends has managed to maintain a consistent viewership throughout the year in terms of casual, league and tournament viewership. This continues to show that this title has incredible longevity and tailwinds behind it.
        2019 was a very successful year for the game with record-setting World Championship in terms of viewership. And with interest in the game increasing with Riot Games’ announcement of the release of new games related to the League of Legends universe on the game’s tenth anniversary,” stated Yoshio Osaki, President / CEO at IDGConsulting.
      • Both games have found their strengths and manage to keep exploiting them. League of Legends consistently puts on high-quality tournaments and competitions that keep the game popular in the community while Fortnite has created a game that allows streamers to be content creators which adds a viral element to the game.


GDQ was January’s most-watched e-sports tournament. A look at the streaming figures also reveals that longer airtime does not always mean fans will spend more hours watching. We are introducing this monthly esports data column to provide a quick update of the most important esports consumption behavior, particularly as is relates to streaming. 

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Ranking: Last Month’s Most Popular Esports Tournaments

esports airtime
Foto via @gamesdonequick

In January, Orlando was home to the global Awesome Games Done Quick (GDQ) 2020 tournament, a semiannual video game speed run charity marathon held in the United States. Held since 2010, this year’s tournament raised US $3.16 million, according to data provided by StreamHatchet. This represents a new  donation record for a GDQ event.

But GDQ is not only popular for raising big amounts of money, it also was January’s most-watched e-sports tournament. The event reached 38.4 million views through streaming platforms. This is more than double the views Method – Race to World First: Ny’alotha Event reached, which came in second place in this month’s ranking in terms of views. The next GDQ tournament will be played at the end of June, in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Also relevant in this month’s data is the fact that time played does not necessarily translate into hours watched. Method – Race to World First: Ny’alotha Event was the longest tournament, by far, with 5,498 minutes. GDQ went on for only 989 minutes. Race to World First: Ny’alotha Event reached 12.375 thousand hours watched, while GDQ almost doubled it with 22.095 thousand hours watched.

DateTournamentPrize PoolHours Watched*Peak CCV**AVG CCV***ViewsAirtime
Jan 4th 20
Jan 4th 20
Awesome Games Done Quick 202022,095,216261,042119,44838,421,190989:0
Jan 18th 20
Jan 26th 20
DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major$1,000,00012,896,190316,783133,59714,204,743614:0
Jan 28th 20
Feb 8th 20
Method – Race to World First: Ny’alotha Event12,375,006105,31246,03117,633,6505,498:0
Jan 24th 20
Mar 21st 20
LEC 2020 Spring Season11,974,014470,138203,59313,493,603468:0
Jan 25th 20
May 25th 20
LCS 2020 Spring Season10,182,510381,637176,2509,931,718264:0

*LIVE HOURS WATCHED: The Total live hours watched for a specific event across all major NA streaming platforms

**PEAK CCV: The Time-dependent maximum concurrent sessions that watching the top moment of the broadcast across multiple streams

***AVG CCV: The Time-dependent average concurrent sessions that watched a broadcast across multiple streams

YouTube Gaming was the clear leader in the esports mobile streaming space in 2019.  Although gamers tend to use highly sophisticated hardware for their training and tournaments, mobile gaming has grown more than any other platform.  In fact, mobile games made up 60% of revenue for the global video game market in 2019 and are expected to grow annually by 2.9% until 2024.  This monthly esports column provides a quick update of the most important esports consumption behavior, particularly as it relates to streaming.

Data provided by StreamHatchet shows that the top 10 mobile esports events of 2019 accumulated over 75 million hours watched.  YouTube Gaming got an overwhelming majority of that viewership. The numbers make sense when comparing them with App Annie’s findings. The mobile market data provider shared in a study that “mobile gaming is on track to surpass $100B across all mobile app stores in 2020.

There are many pocket consoles in the market. Still, mobiles are much more accessible to the grand majority of the global population. In gaming, mobiles have sort of democratized gaming. No wonder Call of Duty: Mobile and Mario Kart Tour launched their mobile version in 2019.

Here are the top ten mobile esports events of 2019:

Overall, the top 10 mobile events of the year accumulated over 75 million hours watched. The data shows that YouTube Gaming had the lead, followed by Facebook Gaming. This finding is particularly relevant, because Twitch is the definite leader in non-mobile esports streaming, with a 78.1% market share (and almost insignificant when it comes to mobile streaming).

In terms of the games themselves, PUBG Mobile is ahead of the game owning 2 of the top 5 events and 3 out of the top 10 in total. Combined, PUBG Mobile generated about 30% of the total hours watched across the top mobile events of 2019.

Since its launch in 2011, Twitch has become the leader in esports streaming. In December 2019, the Amazon subsidiary held a 78.1% market share. The share represents almost four times as much as competitors like YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming. We are introducing this monthly esports data column to provide a quick update of the most important esports consumption behavior, particularly as they relate to streaming. 

Ranking: Last Month’s Most Popular Tournaments

esl proleague
Foto via @ESL

On December 6 and until December 8, the world switched on their screens to stream the ESL ProLeague S10 Finals, live from Odense Denmark. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) professional esports league reached a total of 9,2 million live hours watched, according to data provided by StreamHatchet.

As mentioned on superbettingsites, this was ESL ProLeague’s 10th edition. With a total of 48 professional teams distributed over Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania, it is no wonder that the tournament reached over 9 million fans around the globe.

EPICENTER 2019, the main Russian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports tournament, came in second place, well below ProLeague, with 3,6 million live hours watched. The tournament took place in Moscow on December 17-22. DreamLeague S3 Qualifiers came in third, with 3.5 million live hours watched. The numbers show that the new league created by DreamHack, ASUS ROG as well as Roccat, TheGDStudio and Swedish TV channel TV6 is not too far from the Russian competition.

DreamLeague‘s goal is to become the world’s most prestigious Dota 2 league with a focus on Europe and North America.

ESL ProLeague S10 FinalsCS:GO9,197,539160,341160,516353,986
EPICENTER 2019 – CS:GOCS:GO3,637,31959,00069,282234,386
DreamLeague S3 QualifiersDOTA 23,573,83143,41744,285141,432

*LIVE HOURS WATCHED: The Total live hours watched for a specific event across all major NA streaming platforms

**AVG CCV: The Time-dependent average concurrent sessions that watched a broadcast across multiple streams

***LIVE AMA: The live average minute audience associated with the total premium minutes watched (H. Watched/defined airtime)

****PEAK CCV: The Time-dependent maximum concurrent sessions that watching the top moment of the broadcast across multiple streams

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Ranking: Top Streaming Platforms

In terms of streaming platforms, Twitch remains king, with a total of 35.9 million hours watched during December 2019. According to StreamHatchet, Amazon’s subsidiary gained 78.1% of the total market share. 

YouTube Gaming came in second, but way below Twitch, with only 19.4% of market share. This translates into 8.9 million hours watched during December. Launched in 2018, Facebook Gaming managed to get a 2.2% market share, which is not too bad, considering how new the platform is. In comparison, Twitch was launched in 2011 and YouTube Gaming back in 2015.

YouTube Gaming8.9M19.4%
Facebook Gaming1M2.2%


MLB to enter the Indian sports betting market with new local headquarters. This is a summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop-shop.

MLB to enter Indian Market
Foto via @MLB
  • MLB is planning to enter the Indian market by opening its first office in New Delhi. The league is looking to attract the country’s avid cricket fanbase to take up baseball. “The country has huge potential for us, and we want to make sure that India is an important part of the ever-growing brand that is MLB,” said Jim Small, MLB’s senior vice president of international. The Indian headquarters represent MLB’s sixth international office. Other locations are Mexico, Japan, China, and London.


  • MLB is planning to play more games in Europe beyond its two-year commitment to London. This year, the New York Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox in MLB’s first two regular-season games in Europe held at the London Stadium. The Chicago Cubs and St Louis Cardinals are already scheduled to play at the same venue next year. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred stated he is interested in having matches in other cities, including London.


  • MLB ventured into esports with a tournament in China. Eight top Chinese esports teams will compete in the US organization’s official title, MLB: The Show. The three-month competition, which was announced on MLB’s Weibo account, will take place across the Chinese cities of Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Xi’an. The new league is slated to launch later this year.

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  • Minor League Baseball presented its Top 25 teams in licensed merchandise sales for 2018. Together, the 160 teams reached totals of more than $73.8 million in retail sales. This marks a 4.2% percent increase over 2017’s record total. The Top 25 list includes Albuquerque Isotopes, Durham Bulls, El Paso Chihuahuas, Fort Wayne TinCaps, Gwinnett Stripers, Hartford Yard Goats, Indianapolis Indians, Nashville Sounds, Portland Sea Dogs, Richmond Flying Squirrels, Salt Lake Bees, Tacoma Rainiers, and Trenton Thunder.



  • beIN SPORTS signed a long-term National TV measurement agreement with Nielsen. The new deal allows both beIN SPORTS and beIN SPORTS en Español to continue receiving market intelligence and persons-level viewing data for both networks. “Consumers today, especially sports viewers are looking not just for a diverse slate of content, but also a variety of viewing options. With our network growth in non-traditional platform viewership and our viewers recently ranking among the top in terms of length of tune and engagement scales, it’s critical for us to make sure that our world-class programming is reaching the right audience through advanced audience measurement tools,” said Antonio Briceño, Deputy Managing Director of beIN SPORTS USA and Canada.

What: eSports marketing and gaming are major topics of interest in the sports business these days. One of the panels at Portada Miami focused on business opportunities related to eSports.
Why it matters: The potential for growth in Latin America is tremendous. Companies are doing more business with esports and gambling.

Most of the sports business world focus on two of the hottest business topics in the United States: growing gaming and eSports and legalized sports gambling. Meanwhile, a key group of executives at Portada Miami 2018 pointed out that we should be looking, too, at Latin American countries and the Latin community as bold next steps in business related to sports.

“While the United States is an obvious multibillion-dollar market depending on the ruling of the Supreme Court, we have spent a good amount of time educating Central and South American countries on legalization, and the growth there is also astronomical,” said Chris Dougan, Head of North American Communications at Genius Sports (@GeniusSports). “It’s also not just a growth area for traditional sports like soccer or even tennis. There is a great crossover into the legalized gambling of eSports properties. So we are very keen on engagement in multiple locations now.”

The future is also bright for brands that are looking to combine their marketing dollars into the multicultural option.

Latin American market

The numbers and projections put forward for sports gambling and eSports engagement are staggering. Dougan mentioned US$10B in illegal dollars wagered in the United States during a calendar year. Meanwhile Ben Spoont (@benspoont), Founder of Team Misfits and head of eSports for the NBA’s Miami Heat (@MiamiHEATrecounted the millions of people who spend on elite eSports franchises. He also talked about the massive online adoption by fans and it’s expected growth. The market for adoption has been primed. While connectivity improves, gaming companies get more used to doing business in Latin America.

esports marketing
Ben Spoont, Founder of Team Misfits.

“In all of the eSports, Latin America is the fastest-growing market,” said Spoont. “The engagement for new fans is really off the charts. Working with the Heat in their investment in their Overwatch team will help that market grow in Florida and beyond.”

The crossover between the two areas, eSports and gambling, presents an intriguing opportunity. Dougan was quick to point out that like in traditional sports, the protection of data is tantamount for any business engagement.

“Brands need to assure consumers that whatever games they are watching and potentially betting on are legitimate and there is no instance of impropriety,” he added. “That’s where Genius Sports comes in. Being able to work with the leagues, with the game creators, to make sure that there are no issues and that everything is going on is happening in a fair and equitable digital environment.”

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Fair and equitable

esports marketingFair and equitable is what the gaming world continues to seek as it grows at a meteoric pace. Avid eSports communities have propped up in countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia.

“The association and the support of a global brand with the Heat have been a huge boost not just for our business, but for all of the eSports,” added Spoont. “It gives us the ability to talk to more people from a business perspective, and with South Florida being so multicultural, it really puts it in a unique position for where we can grow in the future.”

The future is also bright for brands looking to combine their marketing dollars not just into traditional sports and eSports, but into multicultural adoption that could be part of the mix as well. Spoont pointed to Geico as one brand that seems to have found the mix on all fronts, with more to follow. That sponsorship will also grow in value, Dougan added. More casual fans are interested in activity in and around all sports through legalized sports gambling.

“The market is going to be very active across the Americas. It’s just a case of developing and engaging when the opportunity arises legally,” he added.

And according to both leaders, as well as moderator Adam White of Front Office Sports (@frntofficesport), that opportunity for one piece, eSports, is quickly coming into focus. Meanwhile, the other, legal sports gambling, isn’t that far off either.

[Featured image credit: Immortals]

What: Argentina footballer Javier Mascherano’s deal with Latin American eSports agency eSports Planet reflects the growth of the competition’s growth in the region.
Why it matters: Latin America has been a hotbed of elite gaming; partnering with a mainstream international sports star is a logical step in reeling in the casual fan base.

Other than gambling, eSports is perhaps the hottest global topic in sports (and it will be a key subject at Portada Miami). Brands, marketers and organizations have raised huge amounts of money to get involved in the fluid and somewhat volatile space in Asia and the United States in the last year, and it now appears that Latin America will be next for growth.

According to popular betting sites UK, for gamers, Latin America has already been a hotbed. Some of the best players in the world in Counter-Strike (@ESLCS) have hailed from Brazil and Argentina, but with PC and consoles being a key part of professional gaming engagement, vs casual gaming on mobile phones, growth in still-struggling financial areas of Latin America has been slower than elsewhere. However, that is changing, especially with the continued adoption of FIFA and other sports-related games, and crossover stars getting involved not just in playing but in marketing and ownership as well.

The audience continues to be more and more engaged, and when you have name sports or entertainment stars investing it helps raise that awareness factor.

Javier Mascherano (credit: Danilo Borges)

The latest crossover growth came late last week, when Argentina soccer player Javier Mascherano (@Mascherano), who currently plays for Chinese Super League outfit Hebei China Fortune F.C., announced a partnership with Latin American eSports agency eSports Planet. The former FC Barcelona midfielder will aim to help develop eSports soccer content and tournaments for the Latin American community.

“I’m very aware of esports content importance in Europe, USA & APAC [Asia-Pacific] regions but Latin America is the region to grow. I’m pretty confident about our possibilities as an agency that wants to work with different partners to lead this field in Latam [Latin America],” Mascherano said in a statement.

Is LatAm poised for growth?

“There have always been elite gamers from Latin America, the question becomes when can those individuals have enough scale with local players to help fully execute a business like we have seen elsewhere, and it looks like that time is coming soon,” said Maurice Eisenman, Director of Community and Culture for WHAM Networks. “The audience continues to be more and more engaged, and when you have name sports or entertainment stars investing it helps raise that awareness factor. How it is monetized and how brands get involved is a little less clear right now, but it is moving in that direction.”

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The fact that Mascherano is playing in an eSports hotbed, China, right now can also be key to growth, as he provides a bridge for casual fans and for brands to look to Latin America next. Being in the country and engaged in a gaming community makes the transition smoother, and that transition can translate back to his fans in his home country, as well as to the millions of Barça fans around the world.

“That transition can also make it more palatable for consumer brands looking for an eSports entry into Latin America,” he added, “or even for brands already engaged, like a Geico or a Pepsi, to further extend into a growing Latino community which may be traditionally focused on mainstream consumer sport like soccer or volleyball or basketball.”

Will Mascherano’s move lead to more elite Latino athletes being engaged and involved in eSports as first adopters?

“The value of elite athletes getting involved not to compete but on the executive or investor level continues to rise, and this is a great example of an athlete still playing his game looking for what’s next,” Eisenman added. “It is not just a smooth transition, but it moves him into management at a time when esports is on the rise. The upside is very high, the risk is very low, so it makes great sense.”

That sentiment was not lost on eSports Planet, the company which brokered the deal and is taking a leadership role in competitive gaming in the region. “We are very proud and happy to join forces with Javier in order to develop eSports in Latin America,” said Robert Borrego, chief executive of eSports Planet. “He will be very important to catch people’s attention in our eSports soccer developments and tournaments.”

How long wide adoption in eSports throughout Latin America takes is open for debate and is really a matter of finances. One thing is sure though, brands are watching and they love star power. Whether this is a random play or a valuable first or next step is worth watching, as eSports continues to lead the global sports business discussion, now more in Latin America than ever before.


Check out the stars of Portada’s Sports Marketing Board, who will meet at Portada Miami on April 18-19 to discuss various topics related to the future of marketing and innovation in sports. Register now!

cover image credit: Wikimedia/SteelSeries

What: NBC Sports Group announced today that it will host 2 versus 2 Rocket League Tournament, a new esports tournament, this summer.
Why it matters: This esports tournament will utilize FACEIT’s competitive gaming platform, and numerous NBCUniversal and Comcast regional, national and international assets.

NBC SportsNBC Sports announced it will broadcast an esports tournament later this summer. The featured game of the property’s debut season will be Rocket League. Developed and published by San Diego-based game studio, Psyonix, the game already has a community of more than 32 million players.

“Rocket League is an easy-to-understand game, which makes it the perfect introduction to esports for fans of all backgrounds and ages,” said Josh Watson, Head of Esports at Psyonix, in a statement.

Rocket League is an easy-to-understand game, which makes it the perfect introduction to esport.

In total, more than 40 hours of event coverage will be presented across live-streaming, video-on-demand, and linear platforms.

NBC Sports Group is also interested in reaching the US-Hispanic audience. “We are also excited to be adding Telemundo Deportes, given that the growing Spanish-language audience is an engaged, committed group of gamers. Further, there will be an international component with the broadcast of the Grand Finals on Syfy in the UK, Germany, Australia and multiple countries across Latin America,” stated Rob Simmelkjaer, Senior Vice President of NBC Sports Ventures.

The tournament’s structure will utilize NBC Sports Regional Networks, Telemundo Deportes and NBCU International to manage the Regional Qualifiers across the nation and in Europe through game-play, which will be played on the FACEIT platform beginning on July 22.

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“Our Rocket League esports ecosystem is thriving and we are excited to expand to the NBC Sports audience,” added Watson

The Grand Finals will feature 16 total teams competing on August 26-27 for the inaugural title and the $100,000 prize pool, which will be broadcast live in the U.S. on NBCSN.

Feature Image: @RocketLeague

A summary of the most exciting recent news in sports marketing and media in the U.S., U.S.-Hispanic and Latin American markets. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.


Image result for target major league soccerTarget announced becoming the official partner of Major League Soccer beginning this upcoming season. It wil also sponsor MLS’ new Minnesota United FC franchise’ jerseys and become the official Retailer of U.S. Youth Soccer. This is the the retailer’s largest-ever push into team sports.

General Electric signed an agreement with the Boston Celtics to become the team’s sponsor during the upcoming seasons. Details on the agreement haven’t been announced jet, but it has been said that the brand’s logo will appear on the NBA team’s jersey.

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After Nike decided to stop producing golf gear, Tiger Woods started using Adidas’ TaylorMade golf clubs. Doing this, the professional golfer will both represent Image result for audi ELEAGUE MajorAdidas and Nike. The first event where both brand will share golf icon will be at the Torrey Pines Golf Resort, in San Diego

Audi decided to bet on esports. The brand joined digital sports short before the start of one of the year’s biggest tournament, the ELEAGUE Major, in Atlanta, Georgia


Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo Nazario, who played for Real Madrid and Barcelona, announced a 50% acquisition of CNB e-Sports club. The club, integrated by Brazilians only, was founded in 2001 and plays at the League of Legends tournament. Among the team’s shareholders are also poker champion Andre Akkari, and Brazilian Series of Poker CEO Igor Federal Trafane.

Image result for chevrolet patrocinio Torneo Verano 2017 argentinaChevrolet became official sponsor of the Argentinian Torneo de Verano 2017, which is played by Argentina’s most important soccer teams, and will be played in Mar del Plata, Salta, and Mendoza.

On February 2nd Boca, from Buenos Aires, will play against Chivas, from Guadalajara. The encounter will only be broadcasted online and through pay-per-view.


BEAVERTON, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WiSA Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WISA), a developer of spatial, wireless sound technology for smart devices and next-generation home entertainment systems, will report its second quarter 2022 results on Monday, August 15, 2022, before market open. Management will hold a conference call to discuss the results and provide a business update at 9:00 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET, on Monday, August 15, 2022.

Shareholders and interested participants may listen to a live broadcast of the conference call by dialing 669-900-6833 and entering the meeting ID 95912577140 and passcode: 369678 approximately 10 minutes prior to the start time. A live webcast of the call and accompanying slide presentation will be on the investor relations section of the company’s website at ir.wisatechnologies.com and available for approximately one year. An audio archive can be accessed for one week by dialing 669-900-6833 Meeting ID 95912577140 and Passcode: 369678.

About WiSA Technologies, Inc.

WiSA Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WISA) is a leading provider of immersive, wireless sound technology for intelligent devices and next-generation home entertainment systems. Working with leading CE brands and manufacturers such as Harman International, a division of Samsung; LG; Hisense; TCL; Bang & Olufsen; Toshiba; and others, the company delivers immersive wireless sound experiences for high-definition content, including movies and video, music, sports, gaming/esports, and more. WiSA Technologies, Inc. is a founding member of WiSA™ (the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association) and works in joint partnership to champion the most reliable interoperability standards across the industry. The company is headquartered in Beaverton, OR with sales teams in Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea and California. For more information, please visit: www.wisatechnologies.com


David Barnard, LHA Investor Relations, +1 415-433-3777, wisa@lhai.com    

Toyota Marketing Campaign, Anheuser Busch, Topo Chico® Hard Seltzer, Visit Mexico, Shisheido… and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check our prior Sales Leads columns.


  • Toyota Marketing Campaign

Toyota MarketingThe all-new 2022 Toyota GR86 campaign “FasterClass,” kicked off on January 4,  featuring the next-generation sports coupe. “The driver is at the center of this new campaign as we showcase the GR86’s track-ready performance,” said Lisa Materazzo, group vice president, Toyota Marketing, Toyota Motor North America.  The fully integrated GR86 campaign was developed considering the transcultural mainstream audiences across America. Toyota campaigns are integrated through one strategic brief, creative idea and media plan – and create a cohesive marketing approach inclusive of multicultural marketing and the total market model. The campaign features work from Saatchi & Saatchi, Conill Advertising and Intertrend and showcases a unified theme across digital and social creative. The GR86 campaign extends across digital video, digital content, programmatic, paid social, print and experiential. Digital content/video includes partners such as Amazon, Bleacher Report, Canela, Disney, Gen.G, Hearst, Hulu, NBC, Pandora, reddit, TuneIn, Univision, Xbox One, Yahoo, YouTube, 88rising and more. Print includes Car and Driver (including 10Best 2022), Motor Trend, Popular Mechanics and Road & Track. Partnerships include Twitch and Twitch LatinUp! Concert Series, Hypebeast and Fandom FIFA Road to World Cup Sponsorship among others. Social is across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok and Reddit.

  • Anheuser Busch

Anheuser BuschMadison Square Garden Sports Corp. and Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. announced a multi-year marketing sponsorship renewal with Anheuser-Busch. The sponsorship provides Anheuser-Busch with exclusive, premier experiences and activations across MSG Sports’ and MSG Entertainment’s set of assets, including the New York Knicks, New York Rangers and MSG Networks. As part of this renewal, Anheuser-Busch will partner with MSG Sports and MSG Entertainment on several unique fan-first platforms including the new “Michelob ULTRA Courtside” experience, presented by Michelob ULTRA, which launches later this month and will provide fans the opportunity to win Knicks tickets and watch the game from an exclusive location inside The Garden. In addition, Anheuser-Busch will become the Presenting Partner of the historic Blue Seats Section on the 9th floor of Madison Square Garden.
Anheuser-Busch will also work together with MSG Sports’ esports organizations CLG and Knicks Gaming on their livestream programming on Twitch to provide fans with insider access to the organizations. At Anheuser-Busch, we are always looking for new ways to connect with our consumers and bring people together through exciting, one-of-a-kind experiences,” said Matt Davis, Sr. Director of Sponsorships, Anheuser-Busch.


  • Topo Chico® Hard Seltzer

Topo ChicoTopo Chico® Hard Seltzer is kicking off the new year by launching its highly anticipated Topo Chico Ranch Water Hard Seltzer in select regional markets and releasing its variety pack nationwide. The launch of Topo Chico Ranch Water Hard Seltzer is supported with a combination of online video, paid social, and influencer marketing. Inspired by the taste of the popular cocktail recipe made famous by Texas bartenders, Topo Chico Ranch Water Hard Seltzer features real lime juice and a refreshing, crisp taste. Available starting today, Topo Chico Ranch Water Hard Seltzer can be found in stores across Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. “There’s no cocktail in Texas more legendary than Ranch Water. Given the love Texans have shown for Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, it’s only natural for the brand to refresh the taste of the classic Texas drink like only we can,” said Matt Escalante, senior director of hard seltzers at Molson Coors Beverage Company.  The release of Topo Chico Ranch Water Hard Seltzer coincides with the nationwide expansion of the Topo Chico Hard Seltzer existing variety pack, which includes four, unique flavors including Strawberry Guava, Exotic Pineapple, Tangy Lemon Lime, and Tropical Mango. As part of its national expansion, Molson Coors is running a robust 360-degree marketing campaign to support Topo Chico Hard Seltzer that combines national television and online video, podcasts, paid and organic social media, and social influencer marketing. Molson Coors is tripling its investment in Topo Chico Hard Seltzer compared to the initial regional launch last year. In September 2020, Molson Coors Beverage Company entered into an exclusive agreement with The Coca-Cola Company to manufacture, market, and distribute Topo Chico Hard Seltzer in the U.S.

  • Visit Mexico

Visit MexicoToday Rêv Worldwide , a global payments & loyalty product innovations company, and Visit Mexico, Mexico’s official tourism marketing agency, announced a multi-year strategic partnership aimed at fostering cross border tourism by leveraging innovative digital products and services that facilitate engagement, convenience, and value for the travel sector. With the introduction of the X World Wallet, a multi-currency debit account accessible by downloading a mobile app, linked to physical and digital Visa cards, and integrated loyalty program, Rêv and Visit Mexico take a first step in offering a suite of products and services with a mission to promote tourism activity for one of the world’s most important travel corridors.

  • General Mills – Chiquita

General MillsChiquita bananas, General Mills Big G cereals and Yoplait yogurt are joining forces with their “Go Bananas for Breakfast!” campaign to show that a balanced breakfast doesn’t have to be expensive or hard.  “Chiquita is always looking for opportunities to partner with likeminded brands and extend its presence beyond the produce section, and with consumer data reflecting that bananas are often paired with cereal and yogurt, this collaboration with Big G cereals and Yoplait felt like a perfect fit,” said Jamie Postell, Vice President of Sales for Chiquita North America. “By bringing these kitchen staples together, we hope to provide consumers with quick, easy and nutritious breakfast inspiration that the entire family can enjoy.” Shoppers can keep their eyes peeled for bright, Chiquita banana-inspired graphics on select General Mills Big G cereals and Yoplait yogurts at grocery stores nationwide and for this limited time offer, find savings of up to $6 via on-pack coupons and a digital rebate. To learn more about the partnership between Chiquita, General Mills and Yoplait and details about savings on these products, visit www.breakfastisbananas.com

  • Thrive Market

Thrive MarketThrive Market is launching a brand campaign to raise the online grocer’s profile with American consumers. The company, which previously only ran digital advertising, will add television spots in addition to YouTube, AdAge reports. The spots are focused on connecting the brand’s ability to simplify the lives of busy consumers. “Life can be a lot,” a voiceover says in one ad. “Thrive Market’s here to help.”

  • Target

Target Corp. announced the launch of its first home organization brand, Brightroom. The collection includes more than 450 items including utility carts, pegboards and baskets. Items are designed to be used around the home, such as breathable mesh for storing vegetables. This adds the list of Target owned brands that include Cat & Jack, All in Motion, Boots & Barkley and Pillowfort. “We know the new year brings opportunities for new beginnings, including an eagerness to organize our homes for the year ahead. To help our guests do just that, we’re excited to introduce Brightroom, Target’s first dedicated storage and home organization owned brand,” says Samara Tuchband, senior vice president of merchandising, home. “Brightroom is all about helping guests easily organize their homes with hundreds of well-designed and functional pieces — all at an incredible value.”

  • Shiseido

ShisheidoShiseido Company is celebrating the 150th anniversary of its founding in 2022. With a new year advertisement in newspapers in Japan on January 5, 2022 as a start, it will communicate our initiatives for making a sustainable world where people can experience happiness through the power of beauty under the mission “BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD.” The visual features future cosmetics service experiences in space with a model, Hana Kondo, receiving online counseling accessible from anywhere anytime and package-free skincare products. The Shiseido 150th anniversary special website launched on Wednesday, January 5, 2022. It will continuously update the content throughout the year including an introduction to our corporate philosophy and the latest anniversary-related activities in each region.






Distorted by the impact of COVID-19, global consumer media usage, including all digital and traditional media, grew at an accelerated 2.8% to an average of 53.1 hours per week in 2020, according to PQ Media’s annual Global Consumer Media Usage Forecast 2020-2024.


How much media did we consume in 2020? In contrast to the loss of momentum in advertising and marketing spending in 2020, consumer time spent with media surged at the fastest growth rate since 2015, reversing a five-year trend of decelerating growth in media usage, according to new research released by leading media economist PQ Media®. Distorted by the impact of COVID-19, global consumer time spent with media, including all digital and traditional media, grew at an accelerated 2.8% to an average of 53.1 hours per week (HPW) in 2020, according to PQ Media’s annual Global Consumer Media Usage Forecast 2020-2024™.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home countermeasures employed to stem its spread, shook up the media economy in such a way that secular trends driving down media usage in some segments were reversed, while cyclical trends expected to boost usage in other sectors were postponed, and still other emerging trends were accelerated, positioning newer digital media channels to capitalize on the social and economic turbulence that rocked the media landscape in 2020.

As a result, global digital media usage bolted up 9.6% to 15.1 HPW in 2020, accounting for 28.5% of consumer time spent with media worldwide, gaining nearly 11 share points on traditional media in just five years. Key growth drivers were a slew of mobile media, including mobile video, audio, games, books and news, as well as social media channels, podcasting and OTT streaming video services, all of which posted consumer usage growth rates exceeding 15%, according to PQ Media®.

Consumer Media Usage Grows due to Pandemic

Consumer MediaNot since the Great Recession has there been a 10-point differential between the growth of overall consumer media usage and that of total advertising & marketing spending. But in the upside-down media economy of 2020 the pandemic drove down advertising & marketing spending 6.8%, while consumer time spent with media grew 2.8%, which was the fastest annual growth rate in five years, according to the Global Consumer Media Usage Forecast 2020-2024™.

“The prime beneficiaries of this paradoxical growth surge in media usage were consumer-supported media, particularly digital video, audio, games, social media and chat services. There’s no doubt that streaming media as a group were the hands-down winners in an otherwise loser of a year for many media stakeholders, particularly those dependent on advertising-driven media,” said PQ Media CEO Patrick Quinn. “As a result, consumer-driven media usage continued a nearly 20-year pattern of snatching away market share from advertising & marketing-supported media, as consumer-driven media accounted for over 55% of all media usage in the US, while its share grew to nearly 35% globally in 2020.”

The prime beneficiaries of this paradoxical growth surge in media usage were consumer-supported media, particularly digital video, audio, games, social media and chat services.

Of the 22 digital media channels covered in PQ Media’s report, consumers spent the most time with OTT video, like video-on-demand and streaming TV programs on connected devices, reaching an average of 5.04 HPW in 2020. While global mobile media usage was nearly 6.0 HPW in 2020, mobile video and games were the only mobile channels to exceed 1.0 HPW. New streaming video and audio services proliferated in 2020 as their audiences grew simultaneous to COVID-19 forcing consumers indoors for longer periods, pushing up digital video and audio consumption.

Consumer Media Usage: Netflix won big time

Consumer Media

Netflix added 26 million global subscribers in 1H20 compared to only 12 million in 1H19, as original hit series like “Tiger King,” “Ozark” and “The Queen’s Gambit” provided fresh content to growing stay-at-home audiences. Just one year after its launch, new video streamer Disney+ amassed nearly 74 million paid subscribers by 4Q20. With movie theaters shut down and studios forced to either delay film releases or launch them via streaming services, Disney debuted both “Mulan” and “Soul” on Disney+, while Warner Bros. launched “Wonder Woman ’84” concurrently on HBO Max and in theaters.

While videogames tend to buck trends in typical years, with usage declining prior to major hardware upgrades, this was not the case in 2020, as videogame usage surged throughout the year. Several franchise titles, such as Activision’s “Call of Duty,” were updated with new editions to great success – even before the blockbuster releases of Sony’s Playstation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X in 4Q20 – while titles like “Animal Crossing” and “Among Us” became international hits, driving up time spent with videogames.

Traditional media

Consumer MediaMeanwhile, several traditional media that had posted declining or decelerating growth rates since the Great Recession recorded their strongest growth in over 10 years. Print newspaper and book readership ticked up, but much of the fuel driving traditional media’s growth came from radio listenership, which grew 2.8% in 2020, as radio was a primary source for pandemic information in rural areas. Consumers turned to live TV more than any other medium (20.7 HPW) and terrestrial radio was the only other medium to exceed 10.0 HPW.

But not all media shared the good news. Print magazines lost subscribers who were afraid to touch mail and retailer subscribers like salons that had to eliminate waiting rooms. Particularly hard hit were film & DVD viewing (down 30%) and both traditional and digital out-of-home media, as stay-at-home edicts sapped travelers from the roads and skyways and foot traffic from many other venues.

Despite the expectation of COVID-19 vaccines being distributed widely by mid-2021 and a minor upswing in media consumption during the Tokyo Summer Olympics postponed from last year, consumer time spent with media will resume decelerating growth in 2021. PQ Media projects global consumer media usage to rise only 1.4% this year.

While the pandemic reversed some secular trends in 2020, we believe this was simply a short-term disruption of key long-term trends that will resume in 2021.

“We projected last year that consumer media usage would likely reach a tipping point at which media consumption flattens by the end of 2023. And while the pandemic reversed some secular trends in 2020, we believe this was simply a short-term disruption of key long-term trends that will resume in 2021,” Quinn said. “The key factors remain, as various traditional media usage will continue to either decelerate or decline, while smartphone penetration is at or near saturation in major markets worldwide, and several internet and mobile media channels will continue to experience slower annual growth.”

The rise in mobile media usage has a direct correlation to the growing influence of younger generations. Although iGens (born 1981-1996) use overall media much less than older generations (29 HPW in 2020) almost half of their media consumption is done via digital devices. In comparison, the Great Generation (born pre-1945) use media the most (89 HPW in 2020), but only 22% of their media consumption occurs on digital devices.

Among the 20 largest media markets, Japan posted the highest usage in 2020 (79.6 HPW), while Russia boasted the fastest growth (up 4.5%), and South Korea had the highest digital media share of total consumer media usage (45.3%). US consumer media usage was up 2.9% to 73.0 HPW, as streaming video and audio drove up digital’s share of total media usage to 42.4%, PQ Media estimates.

Louis Vuitton to sponsor 2019 League of Legends World Championship. Here you’ll find a weekly summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop-shop.


louis vuitton league of legends
Photo via Riot Games.

Louis Vuitton could become the main sponsor for the Riot Games’ 2019 League of Legends World Championship. The luxury brand will create a “one-of-a-kind” Louis Vuitton-branded trophy case to host the Summoner’s Cup. In addition, players will receive unique champion skins and a capsule collection designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of women’s collections.

The Video Game Entertainment and New Network (VENN) has added US$17 million in seed round funding to the launch of its own new network dedicated to esports and gaming entertainment. The platform is planned to go live in 2020 with two studios based in New York and Los Angeles. Content will also be available on-demand across social media.


The Golden State Warriors locked a deal with Biofreeze. The partnership makes the pain relief brand secure naming rights to the franchise’s new training facility: the Biofreeze Performance Center. The facility is located in the Warriors’ new US$1.4 billion Chase Center home.


Singapore Airlines will continue to serve as Formula One’s title sponsor of the Singapore Grand Prix until 2021. “We are very pleased that Singapore Airlines will continue to be the title sponsor for the Singapore Grand Prix until 2021,” F1 chief executive Chase Carey said.

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San Francisco-based Social Finance (SoFi) has acquired the naming rights to the NFL Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers’ home stadium. According to Bloomberg, the 20-year agreement could be worth more than US$30 million per year. If so, the amount could represent the record for a naming rights deal for a sports venue.

For the ninth time, the NFL, Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Nationwide partnered for the annual NFL Hispanic Heritage Leadership Awards. The awards recognize the contributions of Hispanic leaders in each NFL market. Nationwide will help each recipient to select an organization of their choice that serves the local Hispanic community to receive a $2,000 donation.

Coca-Cola and the Oakland Raiders locked a multi-year stadium and team partnership. Hence, Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling will become the official soft drink partner of the Raiders and Allegiant Stadium.


thereforeNFL extends Facebook partnership until 2020. Here you’ll find a weekly summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop-shop.


The Oakland Raiders have named Twitch as the founding partner of their new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. The deal, which starts in 2020, will see Twitch have a branded lounge in the lower level of the 65,000-seater stadium. The aim of the partnership is to make Las Vegas ‘the global hub for esports’.

The Philadelphia Eagles launched a redesigned mobile app. The platform includes a new content interface featuring live TV and radio streaming access from Eagles’ games for the first time. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

The NFL extended its partnership with Facebook for two more years. Under the extension, the Facebook Watch video service will continue as a platform for three-minute game recaps of all regular-season contests. Similarly, video highlights will also be accessible from the NFL Draft, Pro Bowl, and scouting combine.

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MLB signed a multiyear partnership with EquiLottery Games. The deal makes this the first North American pro league to tie in with lottery draw game. Looking to boost fan engagements, MLB has thrown out the first pitch on Baseball Bucks. “We are always aiming to work with partners who share our goal of providing innovative ways for fans to engage with live games,” said Kenny Gersh, MLB’s executive vice president for gaming and new business ventures.


UFC and Toyo Tires expanded their long-time partnership to launch a new annual end-of-year awards program that honors UFC’s top fighters, performances and moments. The winners of the ‘UFC Performance of the Year’ and ‘UFC Fight of the Year’ awards will be personally chosen by UFC President Dana White. Meanwhile winners in the ‘UFC Honors Fan Choice’ group will be determined through social and online voting.


Univision’s TUDN Radio network strengthened its affiliate base, signing 10 new deals. Therefore, with 38 stations TUDN Radio reaches more than 60% of all Hispanic adults in the U.S., thanks to its presence in top Latino markets including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Chicago, San Antonio, and Phoenix.

FuboTV is officially debuting its own free-to-view TV channel. Hence, the platform will expand its reach via third-party connected-TV platforms Xumo, which also powers LG Channels; Samsung TV Plus; and the Roku Channel. Therefore, Fubo Sports Network features a mix of original programming, licensed content from partners as well as some live college football and basketball games, soccer matches, horse racing, and cycling action.

NFL Joins TikTok. Here you’ll find a weekly summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop-shop.


The NFL is working on an alliance with TikTokNFL TikTok, to lock a new multi-year partnership. Through the new deal, the football league is looking to reach TikTok’s global community. Thus, the NFL is launching its official TikTok account. Content will include uniquely packaged highlights, sideline moments, and behind-the-scenes footage.

NFL star Antonio Brown and helmet company Xenith Shadow have locked a partnership. Previous to this deal Brown used to carry a Schutt helmet. Due to the previous model was banned by the league after it was deemed not to meet required safety standards, Brown decided to change the brand.

NFL has added Reddit to its roster of digital marketing channels. As a result, Reddit will host a monthly series of ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) discussions on its platform.

Pepsi unveiled its “Always be Celebrating” NFL campaign. The season-long campaign “spotlights and honors the amazing celebrations that NFL fans and players have taken part in over the years.” Included in the campaign will be a new spot, a new charitable program with United Way and the NFL, and more.

The Denver Broncos signed a 21-year naming rights deal for their Mile High Stadium with retirement plan provider Empower Retirement. The stadium’s new name will be Empower Field at Mile High until 2039.

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Buffalo Wild Wings announced a multiyear deal with MGM Resorts International and its sports betting venture Roar Digital. For this reason, odds and point spreads will appear on screens at select Buffalo Wild Wings. Together, the companies will launch Picks and Props, a free-to-play, mobile-only football game that mimics sports betting. Prizes include trips to Las Vegas and Atlantic City.


Lino Garcia, founding General Manager of ESPN Deportes TV, Radio and Digital, will oversee a new sports radio network. Titled Radio Unanimo Deportes the network will retain most of the ESPN Deportes talent from its airwaves, who will be hosting shows in their normal timeslots.


G2 Esports and Red Bull signed a 360-degree global, multi-year partnership. Hence, the pair will collaborate across all teams, players, and content creators to “enhance individual player and team performance, produce high-end entertainment formats and create dynamic and unique event activations.” G2 teams will wear Red Bull-branded jerseys.

F1 Stays in Spain. Here you’ll find a weekly summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

F1 stais in Spain

F1 Stays in Spain. The F1 confirmed the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona for the 2020 season. In the past, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has relied on public money to cover the costs of the race and has struggled for profitability since 2008, according to the regional news outlet Ara.


The Green Bay Packers expanded their partnership with Oneida Nation Casino. The extension deal comes after the NFL approved casino sponsorships.

The Chicago Bears, New York Giants and Los Angeles Rams have all partnered with US wine brand Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi for the 2019 season. The new deals are effective starting the season, in September. Through the deal, Woodbridge becomes the official wine partner of the three franchises.

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The NFL and partner Pizza Hut presented the first-ever virtual stadium deal in esports. Through the deal, they presented the Pizza Hut Stadium as part of the EA SPORTS’ Madden NFL 20 Championship Series. The Madden NFL 20 Classic was on August 30-September 1.

The NFL and American eyewear manufacturer Oakley have signed a new four-year partnership. The deal, which begins with the upcoming season, sees Oakley become an official on-field partner and licensee of the North American football league.

The Oakland Raiders and Credit One Bank locked a partnership. The US financial services company will become the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders official credit card partner. As part of the deal, Credit One Bank will host a branded sideline club at the new 65,000-capacity venue.


Adidas has signed Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins in a sponsorship. Details of the new relationship with the gamer have not been shared. “I can’t say specifically what is in the works with Adidas but use your imagination,” Ninja said.

MLB teams could generate US$11 million from jersey patch deals. Here you’ll find a weekly summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop-shop.

jersey patch
Cleveland Indians pitcher Carlos Carrasco, via Wikipedia.


According to Nielsen, MLB teams could make more money from jersey patch deals than NBA franchises. If the league allows them to start selling the sponsorship inventory, an MLB sleeve sponsor would appear on camera almost three times as often. As a result, Nielsen estimates that these jersey deals could generate US$11 million in brand value per team each season.

MLB and the Chinese Baseball Association signed an agreement to help relaunch the China National Baseball League (CNBL). China’s top domestic baseball competition has been going through a challenging time since its inception in 2002. In 2012 and 2017 the league was suspended due to a lack of funding and exposure.


Former Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders head coach, Jack Del Rio, will join ESPN as an NFL analyst. He will appear on NFL Live, SportsCenter, ESPN Radio and more throughout the year. “I’m really looking forward to the upcoming football season and my new role with ESPN!” said Del Rio.

Oakley became an official on-field partner and licensee of the NFL. The four-year partnership is the biggest sports deal in the brand’s history. Apart from becoming the official shields and eyewear Powered by Prizm Lens Technology, Oakley will provide Officially Licensed NFL Eyewear available for fans.

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League of Legends reached the highest viewership in professional gaming, according to Newzoo. 23% of people who watch esports online prefer League of Legends. In comparison, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (20 percent) and Overwatch (16 percent) have the next highest viewership of all esports titles.


The Boston Celtics could be ending their jersey patch sponsorship deal with General Electric (GE) a year early. Although, the NBA team signed signing a three-year deal worth US$7 million a season.


Naomi Osaka is the world’s most marketable athlete for 2019, according to a SportsPro ranking. The Japanese tennis sensation is the second woman to top SportsPro’s annual list of the world’s 50 most marketable athletes. Osaka replaces Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba at the top of the list, who now holds place 11.


La Vida Baseball Lock Partnership with the Houston Chronicle. Here you’ll find a weekly summary of the most exciting news in soccer marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop-shop.


La Vida Baseball and the Houston Chronicle have locked a content partnership. Through the online platform, the baseball-focused media will provide print and video content for coverage of the Houston Astros, Texas Rangers and other features of interest. It is the first-ever content partnership between La Vida Baseball and a major news outlet.

The Los Angeles Dodgers named Postmates as their exclusive On-Demand Delivery and Pickup Partner. The baseball team will incorporate Postmates Live into the concession stands at Dodger Stadium.


Pizza Hut locked the rights of a virtual football stadium, as part of an arrangement with the NFL. The deal comes ahead of this year’s Madden NFL 20 Championship Series (MCS). As part of the esports series, four major tournaments will compete at the virtual Pizza Hut Stadium.

Allegiant Air has become the official naming rights holder of the Oakland Raiders’ new stadium in Las Vegas. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.


Rakuten extended its jersey patch deal with NBA team Golden State Warriors. Amit Patel, chief executive of Rakuten’s Americas, said that the partnership has been key to raising its brand awareness in the US.

Bud Light has become the NBA 2K League its official beer partner. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Specific partnership activations will be announced soon. “Bud Light was one of the first adopters of esports years ago and this NBA 2K League sponsorship is another pillar of the brand’s overall esports strategy,” said Nick Kelly, head of US sports marketing at Anheuser-Busch.

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The Kellogg Company is joining the amateur esports market through a new partnership with N3rd Street Gamers. The deal includes the sponsorship of a new Overwatch esports tournament with its Cheez-It Grooves product.

Twitch has become the exclusive digital streaming partner for USA Basketball, through 2020. Games will be available at twitch.tv/NBA, while full on-demand videos will be accessible shortly after the end of each broadcast.


The Mexican Grand Prix will remain on the Formula One calendar beyond 2019. It seemed that the five-year contract was up at the end of this season because of a lack of public funding. Now, a group of businessman will help cover the annual cost of hosting, estimated at US$45 million.

Mariano Rivera World Tour Apparel Collection will be launched by Bleacher Report to honor the Panamanian-American former professional baseball pitcher. Here you’ll find a weekly summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop-shop. 


  • Bleacher Report is launching the Mariano Rivera World Tour Apparel Collection. The collection includes two designs in short and long sleeve: Unanimous World Tour and Save New York – featuring locations for all of his 652 saves during the Panamanian-American former professional baseball pitcher’s career and designed by contemporary Latino pop artist and native New Yorker, M. Tony Peralta.

Mariano Rivera Apparel Collection

  • Major League Baseball (MLB) is considering allowing sponsorship patches on its teams’ uniforms within three years. According to the Sports Business Journal (SBJ), the MLB has seen the NBA’s jersey branding success and is interested in following its lead. The deals bring in an average of US$7 million a year per team. Van Wagner Sports & Entertainment confirmed to the SBJ that some MLB franchises have been approaching the sports agency for evaluations of the potential new inventory.


  • Last week MLB and YouTube had their first exclusive broadcast as partners. It saw over 200,000 concurrent viewers at peak of the Phillies’ win over the Dodgers, according to Google. The game also saw more than 2 million views on the league’s official channel.


  • Social broadcasting service Caffeine has become the streaming partner to the US League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). Caffeine will host the official LCS broadcast every weekend. This will include the remainder of the 2019 Summer Split regular season, the LCS playoffs, finals, and regional qualifiers.

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  • UFC and Blackheart Premium Spiced Rum have extended their multi-year marketing partnership. The spirits brand will continue to offer fan experiences and will have a branded presence inside the Octagon during key UFC events. Blackheart will also have a presence on UFC’s official Instagram as the presenting sponsor of select “Shot of the Night”.


  • UFC Arabiahas become the first Arabic language UFC streaming platform in the MENA region. Fans in the region’s 21 countries will now have access to exclusively live stream events as well as a range of fight videos. “We are very excited to welcome back UFC to Abu Dhabi. We are thrilled to allow all passionate fans in the UAE, and MENA, a chance to exclusively live stream all UFC events. This step reaffirms our commitment to bringing all major sports to our viewers in the region,” said Abdulrahman Awadh Al Harthi, Executive Director of Television at Abu Dhabi Media.


  • Univision Deportes has officially rebranded as TUDN, after sealing its cross-border partnership with Mexico’s Grupo Televisa. TUDN is the channel’s new name, with TUDN branding also running across sports telecasts on Univision Network, UniMás, Galavisión and across their audio and digital platforms. Televisa and Univision will also be sharing programming and talent.


  • The World Series of Boxing might be disappearing soon, according to a report from Inside the Games. The organization has indefinitely suspended its activities and could disband after the International Boxing Association confirmed it could not fulfill its agreement with the competition’s main investor. Only a significant investment could save the organization at this point.

Budweiser to Sponsor the NWSL in a multi-year deal. Here you’ll find a weekly summary of the most exciting news in soccer marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.


  • The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and Budweiser signed a multi-year deal. The beer brand will get granted naming rights to the play-offs, the championship, the MVP trophy, and a newly created ‘Most Valuable Supporter’ award. Budweiser is the competition’s first official beer sponsor. “Becoming the official beer sponsor of the NWSL is our way of not just supporting the US women’s team once every four years, but also supporting women’s soccer every single day,” said Monica Rustgi, Budweiser’s vice president of marketing.

  • The 2023 Women’s World Cup could go from 24 to 32 teams, according to Gianni Infantino, president of Fifa. He also wants to double the prize money to US$60 million. “I want to expand the tournament to 32 teams. We will have to act quickly to decide if we are to increase it for 2023. If we do, Budweiser to Sponsor the NWSLwe should reopen the bidding process to allow everyone to have a chance or maybe co-host. Nothing is impossible,” Infantino said.


  • Nike was the most-discussed brand on Twitter during the FIFA Women’s World Cup globally, according to the social media’s data. Budweiser and Visa came second and third.


  • Allstate locked a multi-year partnership as official sponsor of the U.S. Men’s, Women’s (NWSL) and Youth National Teams. The deal is headlined by Allstate’s presenting sponsorship of the U.S. Women’s National Team five-game Victory Tour. The tour begins Aug 3 when the USA hosts the Republic of Ireland at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, carried on ESPN2. Also the U.S. Soccer Development Academy has designated Allstate exclusively as the Official Insurance Sponsor of U.S. Soccer, running through 2022.

European Soccer

  • French team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is teaming up with Finnish game developer Supercell, to expand their esports division. PSG will set up their own team for Supercell’s latest game, Brawl Stars. The game developer is currently the official gaming partner of the PSG. “Our two brands share the same global ambition and a young and dynamic identity that appeals to a young audience,” said Marc Armstrong, PSG’s chief partnerships officer.


  • Real Madrid and Telefónica signed a partnership that will run until June 2023. Through this deal, Telefónica becomes the club’s technological integrator. No figures have been released for the new deal.

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Broadcasting Rights

  • ESPN got the U.S. English-language broadcasting rights for the Leagues Cup, a new international club competition between four MLS teams against four teams from Mexico’s Liga MX. The tournament starts with quarterfinals on July 23-24.


  • Manchester CityManchester City has teamed up with DAZN, to make the sports streaming subscription service their new official partner in Japan. DAZN will serve as the exclusive live host broadcaster for the English giants’ first ever game in the country against City Football Group (CFG) sister club Yokohama F Marinos on 27th July.


  • According to Uefa’s president Aleksander Čeferin, the European soccer governing body is in the talks with Conmebol to create an intercontinental “champion of champions” game. The game would see the winner of European Championships play against the Copa America champions. Collaboration would take place next year after Euro 2020.

U.S. Soccer

  • The Súper Clásico between CD Chivas de Guadalajara, and Club América returns to the United States this September. Celebrating Mexico’s Independence month, the Clásico will be played at the Soldier Field in Chicago on Sunday, September 8th. Univision Deportes will broadcast the match in the U.S. and Televisa in Mexico. Various activities around the greater Chicago area will take place leading up to the game; including team legends, official mascots, trophies, celebrities, musical performances.


  • Toyota USAToyota launches is launching its “Choose the Toughest Field” soccer campaign. “This campaign champions the relentless spirit of those unafraid to conquer even the toughest terrains, just like our Tacoma and Tundra trucks,” said Terry Sell, national truck manager at Toyota Motor North America. “From international to home field games, we’re looking forward to an exciting soccer season as we celebrate the determination and toughness of the game, its players and the fans.”


  • Captain Morgan has become MLS’ official spiced rum and exclusive spirits partner through 2022. The new deal names Captain Morgan as an official sponsor of MLS All-Star – taking place in just a few weeks in Orlando – Campeones Cup (August 14) and MLS Cup (November 10). “From New York to Seattle to Los Angeles, everything about Major League Soccer, its intensely passionate fanbase, the atmosphere at each match, and the exciting growth of the sport in the U.S. mirrors the energy that Captain Morgan stands for,” said Christina Choi, DIAGEO Senior Vice President, Rum, Gin & Tequila

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