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Sales Leads LatAm is a summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

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  • PepsiCo 
Pepsico in Sales Leads LatAm

PepsiCo Latin America has been working for the last decade to foster inclusive recycling in the region as part of its’ goal for plastics to never become waste. For instance, the company launched “Recycling with Purpose,” a circular economy model for Latin America based on consumer involvement and education. Today, Peru becomes the first country to implement the program. Through a partnership with ecoins — an initiative founded in Costa Rica that aims to increase the collection of PET materials in exchange for ecoins, a virtual currency — consumers in Peru can now earn discounts on a variety of products and services, in exchange for the collection of recyclable materials, including PET. The ecoins partnership aims to reach 1 million people with recycling awareness in its first year of operation across the region.The second component of the platform is including grassroots recyclers as an integral part of the circular economy model (similar to what The Body Shop is now doing in India). In this regard, PepsiCo Latin America has a long-standing partnership with the nonprofit Ciudad Saludable, a catalyst of the recycling ecosystem in Peru. Today, The PepsiCo Foundation is announcing a $2 million USD grant to Ciudad Saludable, to support the inclusion of 1,000 grassroots recyclers in recycling collection routes across eight countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico and Peru). The program will indirectly benefit 800,000 people at the community level with improved recycling services, and aims to collect 6,000 tons of recyclable materials.


  • P&G
P&G in Sales Leads LatAm

US consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble will deliver on its promise of fragrance ingredients transparency by the end of the year, the company stated.To help consumers better understand the labels, P&G will also include information on where these ingredients are found in other products, such as in fruits or food.The move towards disclosure is in keeping with broader trends across the industry.P&G competitor Unilever has already disclosed all fragrance ingredients down to 0.01% in its home care, beauty and personal care products in the European and US markets. And cleaning products company SC Johnson has expanded its ingredient disclosure website to cover Latin America (in addition to Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe and the US), for a total of 8,700 products in 35 languages.



  • Cinépolis
Cinépolis in Sales Leads LatAm

Mexican movie chain Cinépolis has announced plans to develop 63 new cinema theatres across Saudi Arabia in the major cites of Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Jazan and Najran over the next two years.The largest cinema exhibitor in Latin America and fourth largest exhibition circuit in the world, Cinépolis said six cinemas will be rolled out across the kingdom over the next two years, with the first due to open in Lulu Mall, Dammam, by the end of this year, four scheduled for 2020 and the sixth for 2021.The expansion into Saudi Arabia marks a huge milestone for the global cinema chain and was partly possible with the help of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which aims to diversify the country’s economy by leveraging non-oil sectors and promote culture and entertainment, according to a statement from the company.



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  • allpago
Allpago in in Sales Leads LatAm

PPRO, the cross-border e-payments specialist, isannouncing the acquisition of Latin American payments provider allpago to create the world’s leading platform for local payments. Allpago is the preeminent provider of payment and gateway services in Latin America covering 90% of the market1. This expansion is a transformational step for PPRO to meet its ambition of globalizing the company and build upon its recent expansion into Asia-Pacific and North America.The deal will see PPRO become a major influence in all markets globally and is adding a wealth of additional local payment methods (LPMs) to their payments offerings. Philipp Bock, founder of allpago, adds: “Latin America’s economy is one of the most exciting emerging regions in the world. 156 million people will buy goods and services worth US $80 billion online by the end of 20192. It is a part of the world that holds huge potential for PPRO to build a thriving presence.

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What: To leverage the UEFA Champions League, Pepsico launched a 360º campaign spanning 13 Latin American countries featuring some of the sport’s greatest household names.
Why it matters: The campaign offered an integrated experience through a variety of platforms and social networks, as well as mechanics tailored to each market in order to spark consumer engagement.


Hosted by the UEFA, the Champions League is the annual sports event that captivates the most spectators globally. Pepsico, ever the master in larger-than-life partnerships, has wisely profited from the event’s massive audience, launching a campaign along with the soccer powerhouse for the fourth consecutive year.

Their latest joint venture spanned over 13 Latin American countries and lasted three months starting in April, and it featured some of the sport’s greatest household names: Argentina’s Lionel Messi, Spain’s David de Gea, Uruguay’s Luis Suárez, and Chile’s Gary Medel.

The idea was to create a comprehensive 360º campaign to offer participants an integrated experience through a variety of platforms and social networks acting as points of sale. First, they forged a strategic partnership with ESPN to keep viewers interested and foster interaction all throughout the tournament. Then, its local branches conceived cleverly focalized campaigns per region throughout Latin America, that used different mechanics based on their consumer’s profile, behavior, and what dynamics they find the most engaging.

For example, Chile’s Minuto de Gol required participants to guess the exact minute the first goal would be scored. Demuestra tu pasión asked consumers in Guatemala to solve a trivia. El llamado de la Champions coaxed Mexican fans to register as many codes as possible to accumulate points. For Brasil’s self-explanatory Lay’s te leva para la final da UEFA Champions League, all viewers had to do to participate was registering a code online. Participants could win from Lay’s products and official UEFA playing balls to the ultimate prize: a trip to watch the final, Tottenham vs. Liverpool, at the legendary Estadio Metropolitano in Madrid.

Portada talked to Nicolas Lopez Marti, Senior Director, Core Salty Brands, Central and South America at Pepsico, in order to find out more about the strategy behind the campaign.


Nicolas Lopez Marti is a recent addition to Portada’s Brand Star Committee Latam. The committee’s next in-person meeting will take place at Portada Mexico, 17 October 2019.


Portada: Which were the 13 countries that participated in the campaign?

Nicolas Lopez Marti: Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico and Republica Dominicana.


Portada: Was the campaign also aimed at Hispanic audiences in the U.S.?

N.L.M.: Lay’s has a strong presence with Hispanic fans on sales points. Based on our knowledge of the audience, we’re completely sure that by featuring Lionel Messi as the campaign’s main international spokesman, we’d be able to connect with them on a special level.


Portada: Which media did you use the most? Broadcast, video, social…?

N.L.M.: It was an integrated campaign, present on OOH, radio, TV and very strongly on digital media. We also added PoS dynamics and interactive games so the consumers could get the full soccer experience when they purchased their Lay’s.


Portada: Which were some of the most outstanding activations?

N.L.M.: Throughout February, we had the actual “Orejona”, the famous Champion’s League cup on display at a huge public event in Guatemala, featuring celebrities and players. We also planned an interactive activation to complete the virtual “Topps” figurine album, which is very famous in Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, and Paraguay.


Portada: What has been your main social media strategy?

N.L.M.: Our already strong regional presence on Instagram and Facebook, and influencers from each country narrating their experience live during the actual final match.


Portada: Did you notice a direct impact of the TVC on your social media initiatives?

N.L.M.: Absolutely. Showing superstars like Messi, Suárez, De Gea, and Medel touched consumers directly; they felt widely motivated to interact with Lay’s on social networks and participate in the dynamics. Plus, the prize to see the final in Madrid was the greatest motivator to interact with the brand.



What: Major media and brand executives gathered at Portada Miami to share their experience and vision of the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing technology in Latin America.
Why it matters: The twelfth annual edition of #PortadaMIA focused on how technological innovation is reshaping the Latin America and US marketing space, and provided key takeaways on topics including ROPO, how data drives content, e-commerce, pan-regional marketing, and Miami’s growing importance as a marketing hub.

An impressive roster of marketing and media professionals gathered at the twelfth edition of Portada Miami to share their experience, vision, and insights into the rapidly advancing landscape of marketing technology in Latin markets, as well as the U.S.

Key takeaways included:

  • The right data can be hard to find, and even more difficult to build when understanding the consumer in Latin America.
  • Brands shouldn’t shy away from partnering with third-party providers when gathering and analyzing the data needed to provide actionable insights.
  • Back to basics still count: clearly established objectives should always drive the use of data and marketing technology.
  • Know your data sample: be sure it accurately represent the market you’re targeting.
  • Carefully monitor how your target audience consumes content so you know what relevant content is before you build a content strategy.
  • Research online is going to continue to grow and trigger sales.
  • Visiting websites is one of the most common activities on mobile phones in LATAM.
  • The online consumer today is not determined by demographics but rather by their interaction with digital.
  • Miami’s diverse workforce reflects what the U.S. will look like in years to come.
People engage with content that they believe in. That is one of the strengths of CNN.

Cynthia Hudson, SVP and General Manager of CNN en Español and Hispanic Strategy for CNN/US, kicked off Portada Miami with remarks highlighting the importance of making content relevant to consumers. “People engage with content that they believe in. That is one of the strengths of CNN,” she said. The day’s Thought Leadership Breakfast sponsored by CNN also emphasized the importance of the mobile phone for communicating with markets, as well as the growing role of voice-activated speakers like Alexa in consumers’ daily lives. It was also noted that there are more than 5 million hours of content uploaded to video platforms every day.



To Partner or Not to Partner

The debate over when, how and whether to partner when building data and content strategies was extensively debated by participants at #PortadaMIA, reflecting the lasting importance of this key question for brands. “There is a lot of data, so using the right technology and not being afraid to partner with the people that can give you the actionable insight,” is very important, Ana Hoyos, Director of Meltwater Latin America, advised during the day’s second panel Marketing Tech in Latin America: The Opportunities Ahead.

Speakers at the day’s first panel had a back-to-basics message for their audience, emphasizing the need to take care that your data sample accurately reflects the markets. Establishing clear objectives at the start of any initiative also won resounding agreement from the panel participants.

“I always ask: what is your objective when you start a project?” panelist Andrew W. Russo, VP of Data Science at Starmark, advised listeners.

Build Connections with Relevant Content

Portada Miami participants repeatedly emphasized the importance of making content relevant to the target market. Watch what your target audience is consuming content for, and how that relates to commerce. Understand what is relevant content before creating your content strategy, Andres Amezquita, VP Digital and Commercial Excellence at StanleyBlack & Decker told attendees.

That point was endorsed again by Carlos Leal, Marketing Director at Rappi, when he was interviewed by Kate Canel, Director of Performance Media at The Shipyard during the panel ROPO: A Deep Dive held in the afternoon.

It’s not demographics that determines the online consumer, but instead, watch their interaction with digital, Leal said. “The ROPO effect consolidates the strength of digital as an information channel.”

But Leal warned his audience that the ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) consumer, because he or she tends  to always be informed before buying, tends to be more unfaithful at the point of sale. “The ROPO consumer feels like researching in digital, but his purchase is still conditioned by the need to see product advice from a seller,” Leal said.


Miami: Gateway to Latin America

Golin’s Scott Farrell and Pepsi’s Carlo Espinoza

Portada Miami attendees applauded remarks by Carlo Espinoza, Senior Marketing Manager, Latin America Beverages, Pepsico highlighting Pepsi’s phenomenally successful campaigns reaching out to new generations of consumers in Colombia and Jamaica.
And the backdrop of Miami’s spectacular waterfront and the towering Brickell City Centre served as perfect reminders of the importance of Miami in pan-regional marketing and as a gateway of diversity to Latin America.
An influx of new immigrants to the city, and the excellence of Miami’s colleges and universities contribute to creating a vibrant and diverse workforce that is a harbinger of what the U.S. will look like in the years to come, said Joseph Roisman, EVP, Perry Ellis International during the day’s final panel Miami’s Evolving Role As A Marketing Hub: A Brand Marketer’s View.

A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

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  • Coca-Cola

Following a pan-regional pitch, Coca-Cola has selected Starcom, a Publicis Media agency, to continue to  manage their business in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela while expanding  the relationship in nine additional markets including Costa Rica, Panama,  Guatemala and Dominican Republic. As part of this new partnership, Starcom will continue to ensure excellence in media planning and buying  while transforming and accelerating Coca-Cola’s business growth  regionally.  Starcom will service the business through a data-driven model as well as  other customized tools for the brand and market. There will be a regional  hub in Colombia dedicated to centralizing all planning, integration and  digital transformation. In addition, each local market will have a team that  specializes in data, analytics and digital transformation. This expansion will continue to strengthen a global relationship that has existed for almost 25 years.


  • Wyndham

The Wyndham hotel chain is planning to open eight new properties in Mexico next year including one under its most luxurious brand. Alejandro Moreno, the company’s general manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, said Wyndham is expanding in Mexico because the country is a rising power in tourism and the sector is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.With the eight new properties, the number of Wyndham hotels in Mexico will increase from 52 to 60.The most-hyped upcoming opening is that of a Wyndham Grand Hotel in Mexico City.The Mexico City Wyndham Grand will become the company’s 11th brand with a presence in the country.



  • PepsiCo Latin America

As consumers in Latin America increasingly demand more nutritious food options, PepsiCo has continued to expand its portfolio to meet the evolving preferences of consumers towards more nutritious options.To satisfy these changing consumer preferences, PepsiCo has embarked on an ambitious expansion of its Latin American portfolio of more nutritious foods and beverages through brands like Tropicana, Naked, Kero Coco and Quaker, with the aim of reducing the amount of artificial ingredients and other additives, such as sugars, saturated fats, sodium and calories, in its products.To help meet these goals, PepsiCo has invested in research and development (R&D) centers in key countries in the region.These hubs are responsible not only for driving innovation for the company in Latin America, but also contributing to research and development projects that accelerate innovation for PepsiCo in other parts of the world.PepsiCo Latin America has also invested in its “Nutrition for the Future” platform, a hub of programs focused on increasing access to nutritious food and beverages, education for healthy lifestyles and balanced nutrition, and support for agro-economic self-sufficiency.PepsiCo has already reached 20,000 people in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay, and Venezuela, with these programs, and expects to reach another 10,000 by 2020.


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  • Azul/ Copa Airlines

Azul Brazilian Airlines and Copa Airlines have announced a broad cooperation agreement that will connect the two largest route networks in Latin and South America. As part of this agreement, customers can conveniently connect to Azul’s unrivaled domestic network when flying Copa into and out of Brazil. This agreement means that Copa customers can now potentially access all of Azul’s 101 domestic destinations in Brazil, including 52 destinations not served by any other airline. In the near future, Azul will also place its code on Copa flights into and out of its Panama city hub, allowing Azul’s domestic customers to take advantage of the broadest network in Latin America.


2019 NETWORKING SOLUTIONS. To find out about Portada’s new networking solutions targeting the decision makers of the above campaigns, please contact Sales Manager Isabel Ojeda at isabel@portada-online.com.

A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

2018 NETWORKING SOLUTIONS. To find out about Portada’s new networking solutions targeting the decision makers of the below campaigns, please contact Sales Manager Isabel Ojeda at isabel@portada-online.com.

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  • PepsiCo 

PepsiCo Latin America has launched a new campaign entitled ‘RefresCosas’ , meaning ‘Refreshing Things’, across Latin American markets. The social media campaign has been created by Impero.The campaign, which rolled out on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook across Latin America, has been divided into four concepts, each with eight short pieces, the 32 videos and GIFs will be launched onto 7Up social channels across eight markets: Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, República Dominicana, Perú and Argentina.Imperio opened offices in Buenos Aires in 2016, with PepsiCo as the first client for the agency in the LATAM region.



  • ICBC

Media agency Carat Argentina, part of Dentsu Aegis Network, has added Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, also known as ICBC, to its client portfolio following a pitch. The agency will be in charge of the brand strategy and online & offline media buying and planning. ICBC has been in Argentina since 2012, where it operates through 117 branches accross the country.




  • Anheuser-Busch Inbev

Anheuser-Busch Inbev, one of the world’s largest brewer, is increasing spending on marketing initiatives ahead of the FIFA World Cup this summer, as such promotions have already helped boost demand in Colombia and Peru, according to Bloomberg. Budweiser’s campaign for the World Cup, the most-watched sporting event globally, began this week. The initiative comes as Anheuser-Busch InBev works to drive more revenue from athletic tournaments and social occasions. In Colombia, the Aguila brand increased sales more than 50 percent in the first quarter, helped by ads that fueled nostalgia for the last time the country played in the World Cup.Cristal performed well in Peru, as the brand is supporting the national team. Anheuser-Busch InBev said it plans World Cup promotions for Budweiser in Argentina and in Nigeria, where it started selling the brand in March. One of the first ads in the new campaign involves hundreds of drones flying beer bottles from St Louis, Missouri, Budweiser’s home, down the shores of Rio de Janeiro, through the jungles of Latin America and over snowy mountain ridges. They drop off the beverages in Shanghai’s city center, in British pubs and finally at a Moscow soccer stadium.

2018 NETWORKING SOLUTIONS. To find out about Portada’s new networking solutions targeting the decision makers of the below campaigns, please contact Sales Manager Isabel Ojeda at isabel@portada-online.com.


  • AccorHotels

French group AccorHotels has agreed to buy the management company behind Chile’s Atton Hoteles for around US$105 million, in a deal which AccorHotels said would boost its earnings and strengthen its position in Latin America.The Atton Hoteles deal marks the latest example of AccorHotels’ ambitious takeover plans, and follows its acquisition last month of Movenpick Hotels.AccorHotels will acquire 100 percent of the management company that operates 11 Atton hotels across Chile, Peru, Colombia and Florida in the United States.AccorHotels will also buy 20 percent of the property company that owns these assets, with the remaining 80 percent being bought by Chilean company Algeciras. AccorHotels will also have an option to sell its 20 percent in that property company to Algeciras after five years.AccorHotels, whose portfolio ranges from upmarket brands such as Sofitel to the Mercure and Ibis brands, expected the Atton deal to be completed in the second half of this year.The French group said the Atton takeover would boost its earnings from the first year of the deal being completed.

  • Radisson Hotel Group

Radisson Hotel Group has appointed Accenture Interactive as its global experience agency, to increase the digital presence of its brands and hotels, and transform the digital experience to improve customer acquisition and retention.Accenture Interactive will offer digital marketing services for Radisson Collection, Radisson Blu, Radisson, Radisson RED, Park Inn by Radisson and Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, covering more than 1,100 hotels in operations across 80 countries. The agency will leverage the hospitality expertise of Accenture’s Travel Industry Group, and apply technology and data for personalised and targeted campaigns across all digital channels.Anatoly Roytman, senior MD, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America lead and global commerce offering lead, said the agency can offer a new approach to build creative digital campaigns, as well as a solid channel strategy to raise brand equity, revenue growth and customer love.

  • Radisson Hotel Barra Rio de Janeiro

Radisson announced the opening of Radisson Hotel Barra Rio de Janeiro. The hotel is in the heart of Barra da Tijuca, which features beautiful beaches, Barra Olympic Park and the Tijuca Forest National Park.Atlantica Hotels is a licensee for Radisson Hotel Group’s brands in Brazil including: Radisson Blu, Radisson, Radisson RED and Park Inn by Radisson. The two companies have enjoyed a longstanding relationship in Brazil that now includes 13 hotels.“We are excited to see the continued growth of the Radisson brand in Brazil,” said Frances Gonzalez, vice president of Operations for Radisson Hotel Group in Latin America.


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A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Latin American market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

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 ::: Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group /Radisson Blu ::: Starbucks/Pepsico ::: Forever 21 /Puerto Rico ::: “Couple”/ Renault Duster – Publicis Buenos Aires ::: Marriott Caribbean & Latin America Resorts – Sarah “Sarah Fit” Dussault  :::

  • Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group /Radisson Blu

descargaCarlson Rezidor Hotel Group, one of the world’s largest hotel groups, has announced the expansion of Radisson Blu® in Latin America with three hotels: Radisson Blu Santiago, La Dehesa in Chile as well as Radisson Blu San Andrés Resort & Spa and Radisson Blu ar Santa Marta Resort & Spa in Colombia.Radisson Petra La Dehesa Hotel will undergo a transformation and become Radisson Blu Santiago, La Dehesa by the first quarter of 2016.

  • Starbucks/Pepsico

descarga (1)Starbucks Corporation , in partnership with PepsiCo, Inc.,  will market, sell and distribute ready-to-drink (RTD) Starbucks coffee and energy beverages in Latin America, starting in 2016.According to the agreement, Pepsi will use its expansive distribution network and local expertise in the region to sell and distribute Starbucks RTD beverages. These beverages will be available in 2016, across the Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico and Uruguay.Starbucks and Pepsi have been partners for over two decades. North American Coffee Partnership (NACP) is a joint venture between the two giants, which had been formed more than 20 years ago. The new agreement for the Latin American market will benefit from the innovation that NACP has developed over the years. Starbucks has been operating in Latin America since 2002, having over 870 stores in 14 markets. Latin America is a very important market for Starbucks, since this is where the company gets a major portion of its Arabica coffee supply. Pepsi, on the other hand, has over 100 years of experience in the region.

  • Forever 21 /Puerto Rico

descarga (2)Clothing retailer Forever 21 has opened its newest store in Puerto Rico in Las Catalinas Mall.The opening marks the retailer’s fifth location in Puerto Rico, a 13,773 square-foot store.The new location brings Forever 21’s presence in the US to over 494, with more than 700 stores in 48 countries worldwide.

  • “Couple”/ Renault Duster

descarga (4)Under the general creative direction of Fabio Mazia, Publicis Buenos Aires presents “Couple”, the new Renault Duster campaign, which will air in Latin America, South Africa and several countries in Europe. The effort is based on the concept of those who ”have a good time, having a hard time,” which the brand uses globally.The story is based on a couple looking to enjoy those situations that are always unpleasant.With this initiative, Renault Duster is introduced to encourage people to leave the comfort zone and start enjoying. The commercial was produced by Primo Buenos Aires.

  • Marriott Caribbean & Latin America

descarga (3)Marriott Caribbean & Latin America Resorts has launched its “Fit in Paradise” program featuring popular YouTube fitness personality and blogger Sarah “Sarah Fit” Dussault to show viewers and guests how easy it is to stay healthy and active while visiting any of the collection’s eight resorts. As part of the initiative, Sarah Fit is visiting each of the collection’s resorts, where she is filming a series of workout and lifestyle videos which will be rolled out across her social media channels, as well as those of Marriott Caribbean & Latin America Resorts. These videos will feature Sarah Fit engaging in a specific workout set amidst the backdrop of each resort.In addition , she is also producing videos that showcase the resorts themselves, as well as their local destinations. Viewers will be able to follow along with Sarah’s adventures as she navigates her favorite activities and experiences at each resort. The Fit in Paradise initiative will be available at the following Collection properties: Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino; CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort; CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa; Curacao Marriott Beach Resort & Emerald Casino; Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort; Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort; JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa and St. Kitts Marriott Resort & The Royal Beach Casino. To follow Sarah Fit’s travels,guests must search #FitInParadise on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Nuevos movimientos en los departamentos de mercadotecnia de las empresas y en las agencias, que afectaran al gasto publicitario orientado al mercado latinoamericano. Una columna indispensable que ayuda a los ejecutivos de medios y las agencias desarrollar su negocio.

  • Exxon Mobile – Colombia y El Caribe

Mediabrands ganó el manejo de la cuenta de Exxon Mobile en Colombia y El Caribe. La cuenta será gestionada desde las oficinas de Mediabrands Colombia y Miami.

  • PepsiCo – México

Maxus, la agencia de medios parte de la red de GroupM (WPP) anunció que ganó el manejo digital de la marca Pepsico Foods en México.

  • Sony – Latinoamérica

Después de una selección entre las agencias de la región, Sony escogió a Global Mind para encargarse del manejo de su cuenta digital en Latinoamérica.

  • OgilvyEarth – Chile y Argentina

OgilvyEarth comenzó a operar en Argentina y en Chile. Se trata de una unidad de negocios con expertise en comunicaciones sustentables. El ejecutivo argentino Michael Vilcinskas actuará como ceo y el profesional chileno Carlos Bensan será director creativo.

La operación, que abarcará a ambos países, mantendrá y reforzará el joint venture que OgilvyEarth tiene con Abrazos, una agencia especializada en marketing social y sustentable.

  • BC/ Arcor – Argentina

La agencia Kepel & Mata anunció que manejará la comunicación de la marca de Arcor, BC en Argentina.

  • Maximus – Global

Brown Forman escogió a Wieden+Kennedy como su agencia de medios global para su marca de vodka Maximus. La marca busca redefinirse y apuntar a las mujeres jóvenes. Maximus fue adquirida por Brown Forman en junio del 2011.

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Updated August 17, 2022. Senior marketers from Anheuser-Busch, Comcast, Digitas and T-Mobile are the latest additions to an exceptional roster of speakers and participants at the Portada Live Marketing Conference in New York on September 29, 2022. The conference program is designed to maximize peer-to-peer learning and 1:1 interaction in a comfortable setting. It will include knowledge-sharing sessions and presentations by major brand leaders as well as VIP lunch and dinner functions. A complementary virtual format will enhance content and networking opportunities (1:1 meetings) with brand marketers attending the event virtually.

Driven by brand marketers belonging to the Portada network who represent the most dynamic sectors of the U.S. and Latin American economies, the Portada Live marketing conference in New York will include presentations and knowledge-sharing sessions by major brand leaders who will discuss topics including the below:

    • Best Practices in In-Culture Marketing with Daneyni Sanguinetti, Director, Culture & Inclusive Marketing at Pernod Ricardi, Nicole Preston, General Manager, Latino Center of Excellence, Dish Networks, and Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer, AcuityAds
    • Understanding the Streaming Explosion: Optimization Paths for Brands and Advertisers with Jonathan Scarpetta, Media Director, Pepsico Mexico Foods, and Carlos Vargas, CMO, Samsung Colombia
    • The sixty-four-thousand-dollar question: Engaging the Evolving Hispanic Consumer with Diego Osuna, Sr. Manager Integrated Marketing Strategy, T-Mobile and Guillermo Pérez, Chief Creative Officer and Brand Strategist, Digo
    • Anheuser-Busch’s Vision for Multicultural America with Mariana Lever, Sr. Director, Commercial Strategy and Planning, Anheuser-Busch and Alexander Monroy, Sr. Brand Director, Estrella Jalisco at Anheuser-Busch

      Marketing Conference in New York: Brand Decision Maker-led Concurrent Workshops

Marketing Conference in MiamiPortada Live in New York will also include a VIP lunch and other networking functions. In addition,  there will be concurrent brand decision-maker-led workshop tracks. Participants will be able to choose one of the five sessions below:
-DtoC or not to DtoC in 2023. That is the question. Led by Christina Caruso Nevoso Senior Brand Manager: Commercial and Innovation Lead, Bayer, and Kunal Kumar, Director Brand Marketing, Red Ventures).

How to best drive an audience strategy in multicultural America. Led by Alejandro Solorio, Audience Strategy & Planning Director, Comcast

Fine-tuning your influencer marketing to different cultures and geographies. Led by José Nicolás Vélez, Global Marketing Director, Smirnoff at Diageo.

 How Brands Best Can Capitalize on the Power of Video and Social Leader: Led by Danisha Lomax, SVP, Head of Media & National Paid Social Lead, Digitas North America

-Purpose-driven marketing: Supporting diversity serving media partners. Led by Arnetta Whiteside, SVP, Inclusive Media Research, Strategy & Knowledge Management, Publicis Media.

Workshop leaders will be providing subject matter expertise to provide solution approaches to each of the workshop topics.

In order to ensure the safety of attendees, all participants will have to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a recent negative COVID-test.

Complementary Virtual Format Enhances Content and Networking Opportunities 

In addition, a complementary virtual event format will enable globally based participants to attend the event virtually, including the participation in 1:1 meetings with brand marketers attending the event virtually. The event’s virtual format will also include the following sessions:

  • Best Practices in In-Culture Marketing with Daneyni Sanguinetti, Director, Culture & Inclusive Marketing at Pernod Ricardi, Nicole Preston, General Manager, Latino Center of Excellence, Dish Networks, and Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer, AcuityAds
  • Understanding the Streaming Explosion: Optimization Paths for Brands and Advertisers, Jonathan Scarpetta, Media Director, Pepsico Mexico Foods, and Carlos Vargas, CMO, Samsung Colombia
  • The sixty-four-thousand-dollar question: Engaging the Evolving Hispanic Consumer with Diego Osuna, Sr. Manager Integrated Marketing Strategy, T-Mobile and Guillermo Pérez, Chief Creative Officer and Brand Strategist, Digo
  • Anheuser-Busch’s Vision for Multicultural America with Mariana Lever, Sr. Director, Commercial Strategy and Planning, Anheuser-Busch and Alexander Monroy, Sr. Brand Director, Estrella Jalisco at Anheuser-Busch

Already confirmed Partners of Portada Live include:


Canela Media



El Tiempo Latino




For more information on participation at Portada Live, September 29, 2022
Qualifying client-side brand marketers, please reach out to Brand Relationship Manager Celeste Martorana at celeste@portada-online.com.

Marketing service suppliers, including media companies and agencies, who want to find out about thought leadership and business development opportunities, please contact Marcos Baer at marcos@portada-online.com.

JLo Beauty, Nike, Fila … and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check out our prior Sales Leads columns.

  • JLo Beauty

JLo Beauty, a high-performance line of skincare founded by world-renowned entertainer Jennifer Lopez, announced its first category expansion with the highly anticipated launch of body care. Introducing JLo Body, a clinically backed line of high-performance skincare for the body. Firm + Flaunt Targeted Booty Balm is the first clinically tested formula to launch under the JLo Body franchise, as requested by JLo Beauty’s ageless consumers who were looking to upgrade their bodycare with new textures and active ingredients that deliver powerful results. On July 24th – Jennifer’s birthday – the superstar gave new meaning to the “birthday suit” by baring it all to mark the launch of JLo Body as part of an omnichannel marketing campaign. The launch campaign includes bi-coastal billboards, print ads, e-mail, SMS, exclusive social content, LIVE moments with Jennifer, influencer campaigns, activations with exclusive retailer Sephora, and partnerships with select JLo superfans – all in an effort to celebrate the brand founder’s mantra: Beauty has no expiration date. JLo Beauty Firm + Flaunt Targeted Booty Balm (US$65) is available now at www.jlobeauty.com.

  • Nike

Nike has closed its global media review and appointed IPG Media BrandsInitiative and Dallas headquartered independent agency PMG and, to split the bulk of its account. PMG will be its integrated media agency in North America as well as its global digital capabilities partner, while Initiative will handle integrated media globally. Wieden+Kennedy (W+K), which remains Nike’s creative agency of record, was the media planning incumbent in North America. According to sources, Wieden may retain some business in North America. WPP’s Mindshare and Stagwell’s Assembly previously managed media for the brand in Europe, and independent agency W+K held the media account in North America.

  • Fila

Sportswear brand Fila has inked a multiyear agreement with Havas Media Group‘s sports marketing unit to manage and develop rights with athletes and sports properties, as well as promote its brand in all countries it operates in. Havas Sports & Entertainment Italia will handle the assignment, which includes current sports deals, new sports marketing initiatives, “targeted activations” and PR, Mediapost has reported. The agreement includes proprietary tools such as Havas’ “Sponsorship Evaluation System,” which measures the effectiveness of sports sponsorships.


Portada LiveAt this exclusive event on September 29, 2022, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and leveraging marketing technologies. To find out about networking solutions at Portada Live involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Michelle Lopez at michelle@portada-online.com.

  • Sprite

Two of The Coca-Cola Company’s biggest brands in North America are taking major steps to support a circular economy for plastic packaging. DASANI is rolling out bottles made from 100% recycled PET plastic (excluding caps and labels), and Sprite is launching a whole new look – the iconic green bottle will transition to clear plastic starting August 1st –New Bottle. Same Sprite. Now Made with Clear Plastic to Help This Bottle be Re-Made. As the brand’s first major update in over 60 years, Sprite’s makeover marks a historic moment for the fan-favorite soda. In the latest TV spot, the brand tapped NBA phenoms, Anthony Edwards and Trae Young as well as the beverage behind some of the most iconic ads in sports and music, like Drake’s beloved “The Spark” commercial. The duo takes center court alongside Sprite’s new CLEAR bottle to show that it might be a new generation, but the game is the same and so is the classic lemon-lime taste of Sprite, now only in a bottle that’s made to be remade again. Edwards is also taking over House of Highlights social channels to discuss his hot takes on the season ahead, and much like Sprite’s new look. In addition to its new drip, Sprite is introducing a new visual featuring a revamped logo and packaging design. Sprite’s packaging graphics will retain their recognizable green hue and prominent “Recycle Me” messaging, which supports its commitment to sustainability. The Coca-Cola Company’s flagship brands, Sprite and DASANI, are both introducing packaging transformations as part of the company’s World Without Waste initiative.

  • Pepsi

Pepsi is highlighting the diversity of Latin American cuisine with new content and a reward for fans, to prove that no matter how a signature dish is enjoyed it can be #MejorConPepsi. To bring the campaign to life Pepsi got behind the scenes of one family’s debate, as Puerto Rican and Cuban raised rapper Fat Joe and his wife Lorena, of Colombian descent, dove into their own passionate dispute on the “correct” way to make some of their favorite dishes, starting with their most common sources of contention: tacos and arroz con pollo.In celebration and support of local eats, the brand is also launching an exclusive DoorDash offer for fans to enjoy their own favorite Hispanic dishes. Consumers in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Dallas and Houston will get $5 off a food order of $15 or more, with purchase of an ice-cold Pepsi or Pepsi Zero Sugar, from select local Hispanic restaurants until August 11, while supplies last.In its second year, the #MejorConPepsi campaign will highlight key Hispanic dishes from empanadas to arroz con pollo in branded content across TVC, social media, OOH, and retail POS.

  • Russell Westbrook

NBA veteran point guard, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Russell Westbrook, has formally entered the digital media sector by launching Russell Westbrook Enterprises, new digital media division, RW Digital. The division has architected specific programmatic solutions that enable brands to more efficiently reach diverse audiences and amplify owned and operated minority publishers. Since ascending, Westbrook’s business portfolio has grown to touch multiple verticals including Venture Capital, Fashion, Real-Estate, Insurance and now Digital Advertising. With the driving force of resourceful betterment for his community being the focal point, Westbrook has intentionally expanded his mission of empowerment through thoughtful exploration of additional pathways to success. Causal IQ, a leading programmatic solutions provider, was selected by Westbrook and his team as a strategic partner based on its extensive programmatic advertising expertise and decades-long digital media knowledge. Since formalizing the partnership, RW Digital has amassed a client portfolio with key brands including AT&T, PepsiCo, Moderna, American Airlines and American Entertainment Network.

  • Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness, a 24-hour health and fitness club franchise, has selected Mischief @ No Fixed Address as its creative agency. The agency will provide creative support such as long-term brand development and campaign creation for the fitness giant. Currently, the fastest growing fitness franchise, Anytime Fitness credits its culture to a more humble beginning in 2002 when its three founders, Chuck Runyon, Dave Mortensen, and Jeff Klinger, first met at a fitness club they worked at in the early 1990s in St. Paul, Minn. Back then, the trio pioneered the idea of 24/7 fitness as well as the once barcode, now key fob security system. Together, they built a business model that broke the patterns on which the fitness industry once operated, providing a more holistic approach to health. The brand expanded into multiple markets, spanning its operations to all seven continents, including Antarctica.



JD Peet’s, Casai, Mastercard, Forever 21, Mondelez, Heineken and more brands targeting the Latin American consumers right now.


  • JD Peet’s

JD Peet’sJD Peet’s announced the acceleration of its digital advertising and marketing programs through the appointment of Havas as its global media agency outside North America. The expansion of a long standing relationship between JDE and Havas will see the Vivendi-owned Havas Media Group (HMG) network become responsible for all media across 54 markets both online (digital) and offline for coffee and tea brands including Jacobs, L’OR, Senseo, Tassimo, Ti Ora, and Douwe Egberts. The new partnership will be fully operational by January 2021 and follows a competitive review conducted by JDE Peet’s over the last 6 months.
JD Peet’s is the world’s largest pure-play coffee and tea group by revenue, serving approximately 130 billion cups of coffee and tea in the financial year ended 31 December 2019in more than 100 developed and emerging countries.

  • Casai

CasaiMexico-based hospitality startup Casai has landed US $48 million for its Series A round.Casai  draws its name from “Casa Intelligente,” or “smart home”. The idea behind Casai is that travelers get luxury amenities, locally sourced designs for apartments, and high-tech features throughout the unit, such as keyless check in and smart home devices. Casai doesn’t own the units, but makes arrangements with landlords (often revenue-sharing models), and the units are exclusive to Casai. Casai has nearly 200 units in Mexico City, and is exploring expanding into other areas of Mexico and into Brazil. The new funding will be used to invest in research and development for the company’s smart home technology and to expand the team. The Series A includes $23 million in equity funding and up to $25 million in debt financing from Triple Point Capital. Andreesen Horowitz led the round.

  • Mastercard

Mastercard launched a regional campaign on the occasion of the reopening of Latin America and the Caribbean after its Covid-19 confinement. “Lo Esencial”, the name of the campaign,  is based on three pillars: security in online and contactless purchases, support for local communities and businesses, and strengthening the company’s network of alliances to create solutions addressing the  new normal. According to a survey carried out by Mastercard in 13 Latin American countries,  Latin Americans now feel a greater appreciation for their families; in addition to a greater interest in health (47%), in investing time in oneself (41%), in mental health (32%) and in spending time with friends (26%). Roberto Ramírez Laverde, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communication of Mastercard Latin America and the Caribbean, tells Portada that the campaign is running until the end of the year and will likely also run in the first quarter of 2021. The campaign is using media vehicles including Pay TV, put of home, social, online video and display. The campaign has been created in Latin American headquarters in Miami with input of all Latin American local teams. Mastercard’s creative agency McCann and media buying agency Carat also provided support. (Read our full INTERVIEW with Ramírez in Spanish: “Roberto Ramírez explica 4 elementos clave de la innovación digital en Mastercard.”)

  • Forever 21

Authentic Brands Group (ABG), a global brand development, marketing, and entertainment company, and AR Holdings, a Latin American-based brand and retail operator,  announced a partnership to grow Forever 21 across the territory. AR Holdings will drive Forever 21 across all channels in the region including its ecommerce, wholesale, and 26 retail locations in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, and Peru. “Over the last eight years, Forever 21 has established a strong foothold in Latin America and we are excited to launch the next phase of its growth in the region,” said Jarrod Weber, Group President Lifestyle, Chief Brand Officer of ABG, owner of the Forever 21 brand. “AR Holdings is an experienced leader in the Latin American retail market with vast expertise in the fashion, home, and restaurant industries. We look forward to kicking off this long-term partnership.” “Our partnership with ABG for Forever 21 in nine countries across Latin America is a major accomplishment for AR Holdings and clearly reflects our determination to continue growing our business throughout the region,” said John Keith, President AR Holdings.  ABG and SPARC Group,a  global enterprise that designs, sources, manufactures, distributes, and markets apparel and accessories, acquired Forever 21 earlier this year with the initial strategy of positioning the retailer for sustainable growth. Through this strategic partnership, AR Holdings will continue to offer Forever 21’s global assortment of on-trend merchandise for women, men, and kids at a compelling value across LATAM and through a dedicated ecommerce platform, which will launch in 2021.

Portada Live AmericasJOIN US AT PORTADA LIVE Americas May 19, 2021

At this exclusive virtual event, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers from all over the Americas will share and accelerate knowledge on topics including content marketing, e-commerce marketing and leveraging MarTech. To find out about virtual networking solutions at Portada Live


  • Pepsi

PepsiPepsiCo announced the extension of its partnership with the UEFA Champions League for the 2021/22 – 2023/24 seasons. The continuation follows PepsiCo’s recent announcement of its multi-year premier partnership with UEFA Women’s football through 2025, now presenting a unified and significant presence across football’s prestigious league. SodaStream© joins PepsiCo’s starting brand line-up for its UEFA Champions League activation, alongside the Pepsi® trademark – including Pepsi MAX, Lay’s® and Gatorade™. Doritos®, Ruffles®, Lipton® and 7UP® will also support.

  • Mondelez

MondelezMondelez International has awarded its global content production and management account to MediaMonks and Publicis Groupe after a competitive pitch to consolidate the business. MediaMonks, part of Sir Martin Sorrell’s S4 Capital, will manage the confectionery and snack food group’s global tech infrastructure, global websites and content production for North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle-East and Africa. The owner of brands such as Cadbury, Oreo, Philadelphia, Ritz and Trident is one of the world’s largest advertisers, spending US $1.21billion on advertising expense in 2019

  • Heineken

Dentsu Red Star, which currently holds the majority of Heineken global billings, will become the sole media agency, HeinekenHeineken is moving all media buying and planning services to dentsu as of 1 January 2021,  as Heineken evolves its media operating model. The move aims to maximize its global media investment to drive sustainable business growth. As a partner, dentsu will be implementing a future media model allowing Heineken to access more specialist capabilities and talent to accelerate the growth of its brands. Publicis Groupe will retain media duties in its home country of France. On the creative side, Heineken together with Publicis Groupe, will be creating Le Pub, a new creative agency model headquartered in Amsterdam. With a team across Amsterdam and Milan and powered by Epsilon and Publicis Sapient, the new model will integrate creativity, data and brand experience for Heineken.  According to the brand, the creation of Le Pub demonstrates that “innovation is at the heart of the Heineken brand’s marketing and communication strategies”. “Innovative in both structure and approach, the new model will deliver greater agility, localisation and personalisation at scale for Heineken,” the release added.


Pepsi announced an integration with Telemundo’s, through which it will become the first-ever beverage sponsor of La Voz, the Spanish-language edition of NBC’s  “The Voice.” As the show’s first-ever beverage sponsor and prizing partner, Pepsi will take the season two stage by storm, celebrating Latin music and the talented phenoms giving everything to become the next big musical superstar. The premiere episode of season two of “La Voz” is set to air this Sunday, January 19th.


Esperanza Teasdale
Esperanza Teasdale, VP & General Manager, PepsiCo’s Hispanic Business Unit

The new investment reflects Pepsi’s Hispanic Business Unit commitment to Hispanic Marketing and to “elevate the voice of the Hispanic consumer”, Esperanza Teasdale, VP & General Manager at PepsiCo’s Hispanic Business Unit , tells Portada. “The La Voz sponsorship, which taps into the Pepsi brand’s rich heritage in music and entertainment, allows us to celebrate Hispanic culture and passion points and support the next generation of talented musicians who aren’t afraid to live life their way and chase their musical dreams,” Teasdale adds.

The campaign is focused on Fusionistas who celebrate both the Hispanic and overall American culture.

Pepsi will level up the season two “La Voz”  prize, bringing the original $100k grand prize up to an epic $200K.  The integration will span the blind auditions, battle rounds and live performances.  It will feature cups branded with Pepsi in the coaches’ chairs and include Pepsi branding across a number of touchpoints:  multi-screen  presence throughout the season, in-show and out-of-show custom activations on linear and social and prominent thematic storylines woven throughout the season.

La Voz Sponsorship with the Fusionistas Target in Mind

Teasdale, a half Ecuadorean and half Colombian executive, notes that “Pepsi understands the passion point that Hispanics have with music. It’s in their DNA.” She adds that the campaign is focused on Fusionistas who celebrate both the Hispanic and overall American culture.”


“Eso es lo que quiero”

The integration will also bring to life and feature the newest U.S. Pepsi campaign tagline, “That’s What I Like” (“Es Lo Que Quiero”).  Launched earlier this month, the new tagline is the brand’s first in two decades and is inspired by the most loyal Pepsi drinkers, who proudly like what they like and live their lives out loud without worrying about what others will think – whether that’s belting out a song at karaoke, clapping at the end of a movie, or simply enjoying a Pepsi.

Pepsi unveiled five new national commercials to launch the new tagline, three of which were developed in partnership with the Pepsi brand’s Hispanic agency, Alma (“DJ BBQ,” “Subway,” and “Lavandería).  The new ads spotlight various everyday people getting lost in a moment and finding themselves dancing in unexpected places or situations, despite the amused gaze of onlookers.  Each spot is underpinned by a variety of upbeat music spanning hip-hop, dance hall, Latin pop tracks and more. The spots will air across English and Spanish-speaking properties to reach the brand’s ever-growing fusionista fans, Latinos celebrating and blending their Hispanic and U.S. cultures.

Sales Leads LatAm is a summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

For prior Sales Leads LatAm editions, click here.

  • Monarq Group & Brown-Forman 

Monarq, a drinks distribution and marketing group covering North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean, has entered into a regional distribution partnership with drinks and spirits corporation Brown-Forman’s, effective 1 July. Carlos Diaz, Director and General Manager – Latin America & Caribbean of Brown-Forman said: “We are enthused to welcome Monarq to the Brown-Forman family and look forward to working closely together to continue to grow our brands in these important Caribbean markets.Brown-Forman’s GTR portfolio includes the likes of BenRiach 10 Year Old Triple Distilled Single Malt.Brown-Forman’s brands are now being distributed in 16 Caribbean markets through Monarq Group under a new agreement.


  • Curio Collection by Hilton 

Curio CollectionHilton announced the opening of Umbral, Curio Collection by Hilton, representing the brand’s debut in Mexico City. The modern 59-room boutique hotel is the latest addition to Curio Collection by Hilton, reinforcing the growth of its portfolio of one-of-a-kind hotels and resorts in premier destinations across the Caribbean and Latin America.Part of an ambitious program to restore historical buildings in Mexico, Umbral, Curio Collection by Hilton is a restoration project from a heritage building that was constructed in 1924. Situated in downtown Mexico City, the timeless hotel overlooks the city’s most emblematic buildings, including the Metropolitan Cathedral, the County Hall and El Palacio de Hierro Department Store. Guests will also have convenient access to Zocalo Main Square just two blocks away, as well as Museo del Templo Mayor, Chapultepec and Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juarez – less than five miles from the property.Curio Collection by Hilton is an upper-upscale, global portfolio of more than 70 one-of-a-kind hotels and resorts.


  • PepsiCo 

PepsiCo, Inc. announced that its partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the largest source of development financing in Latin America, has helped more than 765,000 people in rural areas of Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Honduras gain new or improved access to drinking water and sanitation services since 2011. With grants to IDB in 2011 and 2016 totaling $7 million The PepsiCo Foundation, the company’s philanthropic arm, has helped catalyze $547 million in additional funding from others to support infrastructure investments and upgrades in these communities.In Latin America and the Caribbean, nearly 230 million people lack access to safe and clean drinking water. As part of an effort to address this issue, PepsiCo made the first and only private sector investment in IDB’s Aquafund, a main financing mechanism to support water and sanitation investments in rural and displaced Latin America communities which receive less support for clean water projects than more densely populated areas.The PepsiCo-funded pilots were highly effective, providing more than 765,000 people access to clean water in their communities primarily through the installation of water pumps and pipes.


  • Mars

Resultado de imagen para Sheba MarsSheba arrives in the marketplace in an unsurpassable moment, as the cat food market is posting vigorous growth at higher rates than dog food is.On the other hand, wet cat food product variety is rather limited in Mexico and in most Latin American countries, largely due to relatively higher manufacturing costs of wet food.Given the sound performance of the overall cat food category in Mexico, Mars is likely aiming to reinforce the expansion of its cat food business, originally led by Whiskas.Moreover, since Mexico is the second-largest pet food producer in Latin America, Sheba may signify a smaller-scale project to grow its wet cat food business in the region.

  • Novartis 

NovartisSwiss multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis has consolidated its´ US$600 million global media buying and planning account with Publicis Groupe, following a review. GroupM, Omnicom and Havas also participated in the review.Novartis global media business is worth around US$550 millions, with the account covering 50 markets around the world.




Sales Leads LatAm is a summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

For prior Sales Leads LatAm editions, click here.


A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

For prior Sales Leads LatAm editions, click here.


  • Marriott International

Marriott International expects to expand its footprint in Mexico by more than 50% to the end of 2023, following a robust year of new signings.In 2018, the company signed 36 deals in the Caribbean and Latin America, including more than 2,300 rooms or close to 40% of total rooms in Mexico. With these new deals, Marriott’s total Mexico pipeline now has nearly 50 properties consisting of 8,000 rooms across the country—from Mexicali to Cancun, including key gateway cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey and resort markets like Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.As of Dec. 31, 2018, Marriott had 85 open properties in Mexico, representing about 34% of its 249 properties across 21 brands in the Caribbean and Latin American region.



  • Doritos®

Doritos®, one of PepsiCo‘s fastest growing global snacks brands, is putting the power of the “Spidey-Sense” in the palm of consumers’ hands through a global promotional partnership with Columbia Pictures’ upcoming summer release, in association with Marvel Studios, Spider-Man: Far From Home. In more than 35 markets around the world, Doritos will launch a global marketing campaign offering fans a chance to boldly embrace their inner superhero.The Doritos and Spider-Man collaboration will bring excitement to fans around the world. The fully integrated global Doritos promotional campaign will include on-pack design, in-store displays, TV creative, unique digital content and sweepstakes. Doritos packaging in markets across North America, Latin America, Egypt and Asia will feature exclusive images and thematic from the film, launching worldwide in early July.In more than 20 countries including Australia, Mexico and Colombia, fans will be able to snack on unique limited-edition Spider-Man: Far From Home themed Doritos that are the hero’s signature color – red.


  • Novartis

Novartis is holding a global review of its media planning and buying business, much of which is managed by Starcom. The Publicis Media agency has handled the account in various markets.It is unclear whether the process will involve reviewing the markets in succession or as one centralised global process.





2019 NETWORKING SOLUTIONS. To find out about Portada’s new networking solutions targeting the decision makers of the above campaigns, please contact Sales Manager Isabel Ojeda at isabel@portada-online.com.


  • Radisson®

Radisson®, one of the best-recognized hotel brands, announced the opening of Radisson Hotel Plaza del Bosque at Avenida Paz Soldán 190, San Isidro, Peru. Centrally located in Lima’s upscale San Isidro District, the hotel is surrounded by large corporations, historic sites, high-end shops and delicious restaurants. Radisson® is an upscale hotel brand that delivers Scandinavian inspired hospitality and enables guests to focus on a work/life balance and find more harmony in their travel experience.




Join us at PORTADA Mexico!

What: The Portada Miami agenda has been updated to include executives at Carnival Cruise, Perry Ellis, Visa, and WeWork.
Why it matters: Portada Miami, on April 12 at the EAST Hotel, will explore the advance of MarTech in Latin Markets, as well as the role of Miami as a Marketing and Media Hub. Register here.


The twelfth annual edition of Portada Miami on April 12 (EAST Hotel Miami) will focus on how technological innovation is reshaping the Latin American and U.S. marketing space. Brand Marketing leaders from disruptor firms and Fortune 500 companies will dissect how AR, AI, VR, Biometrics and other technologies can be best used for brand communications. The top-notch program also includes an opportunity for attendees to have three meetings with brand and media agency leaders to share insights and explore business opportunities (see below). In addition, three units of the Portada Council System will have their private meetings at Portada Miami: the Americas Board, the Travel Marketing Board, and the Brand Star Committee Latam.

The Top-Notch Agenda Includes

Content to Commerce: the Latin Story 

Andres Amezquita, VP Digital and Commercial Excellence, Stanley Black and Decker Latin America, will explain how the company is using Latin America as a major market to test innovations. As the end-user’s consumption and shopping behavior are changing by digital platforms, SB&D is proactively changing its marketing approach and producing content geared to ultimately increase sales. Learn why and how the manufacturing tools and household hardware giant is shifting from traditional commercialization strategies to an end user-centered e-commerce approach to marketing.


The Advance of MarTech in Latin Markets

WeWork’s Ana Cristina Rivadeneyra

In this session, Valentin Bueno, CEO, Latcom; Alejandro Clabiorne, CEO, PHD Latam; Ana Cristina Rivadeneyra, Senior Marketing Lead, WeWork; and Ana Hoyos, Director of Meltwater Latin America, will be analyzing how brand marketers can reap benefits from the advance of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Digital OOH in Latin America.





How Technology is Turning Event Experiences Upside Down

Visa’s Andres Polo

Andres Polo, Global Head of Innovation & Strategic Partnerships Marketing at Visa, will be explaining how disruptive technologies like the use of biometrics for ticketing, artificial reality and smart stadiums are redefining the consumer experience at events. A myriad of opportunities are opening up for marketers.




Data, Content and Commerce

OMD’s Ana Crandell

Audience interactions with content provide a gold mine of data. But how to make sense of it and avoid analysis paralysis? Cristina Esteve, VP E-Commerce Carnival Cruise Lines; Andrew W. Russo, VP Data Science, Starmark; Ana Crandell, Group Account Director, OMD Multicultural; and Seth Holladay, VP of Digital Research & Analytics for CNN will explain how content influences commerce and analyze how data determines their content strategies.


Miami’s Evolving Role as a Marketing Hub: A Brand Marketer’s View

Joseph Roisman, EVP at Perry Ellis International, the global sportswear and clothing player will discuss the distinctive advantages of Miami as a global marketing hub.


Portada Meet-Up

Attendees will enjoy our Portada Meet-Up offering of one-on-one meetings with major pre-screened brand and agency executives, including more than 50 members of Portada’s Council System. Make your choices on a first-come-first-served basis after you get your ticket.
Check out the full agenda and register now here!


ROPO: A Deep Dive

ROPO (Research online purchase off-line) by consumers has become a crucial determinant of sales. It has also impacted digital vs. offline marketing attribution. Get the latest insights from Carlos Leal, Marketing Director at Rappi and Kate Canel, Director, Performance Media at The Shipyard.


Panregional Marketing Case Study

Adapting global campaigns to Latin American local markets Learn how Pepsico successfully launched a global marketing concept in Colombia and then expanded it throughout Latin America leveraging local relevance.



Don’t miss this edition of Portada Miami, click here or on the banner below and network with the best!


What: IZEA specializes in connecting brand marketers with influencer content creators and has signed a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire FLUVIP, which operates multiple influencer platforms in Latin America.
Why it matters: The rapid growth of cell phone use and digital marketing to sell products and services in Latin America makes FLUVIP’s network of 100,000 Hispanic influencers in both LATAM and the US look like the perfect scoop for IZEA to move into the region.

IZEA may have found the perfect match for extending its dominant technology connecting brands and influencers into the growing Hispanic market in the US and Latin America.

Who’s the lucky bride? FLUVIP.

It’s not a big surprise when you consider FLUVIP’s multiple influencer platforms in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Argentina plus FLUVIP’s network of more than 100,000 influencers. Not to mention its client base.

Plus, the rapid growth of cell phone use in the region has been catapulting digital ad spending by brands to new highs making FLUVIP an even more attractive prospect for IZEA.

“We believe that there is a significant opportunity for international consolidation in the Influencer Marketing space,” Alfonso Gómez Palacio, Telefonica’s Director Hispam North said in a statement announcing a Letter of Intent to acquire FLUVIP released on Wednesday.

“This transaction brings together the leading influencer marketing platform in the United States with the leading platform in Latin America.”

A match made for LATAM

Pedigree helps in any marriage and FLUVIP is brings a lot to the altar with investors which include the global Hispanic entertainment brand Cisneros Group, Spanish multinational telecommunications company Telefonica, and Velum Ventures specializing in seed and early stage investments in Latin America.

IZEA’s CEO Ted Murphy told the website Cheddar that IZEA sees tremendous promise in influencer marketing in LATAM where digital ad spending is expanding at twice the rate of the US.

This transaction brings together the leading influencer marketing platform in the United States with the leading platform in Latin America.

But successful influencer marketing requires a vision and perseverance, according to Vivian Baron, founder and creative chairwoman of Band of Insiders.

José Camargo is a member of Portada’s Brand Star Committee Latam

She recently told attendees at #PortadaMX in Mexico City only a “long-term strategy” can grow the “critical mass of loyal followers” brands need for influencer marketing to do its magic.

Synergy between influencers and a brand’s values is also an important tonic for success.

“You should focus on gaining trust and credibility through an influencer whose values coincide with the company’s,” José Camargo, e-commerce subdirector at Best Buy Mexico told #PortadaMX.


A perfect union of technology

IZEA intends to leverage its marriage with FLUVIP to combine the organizations’ technologies and provide better influencer marketing services to large international brands.

This technological union will accommodate multiple languages and currencies, software and managed services, and cultural expertise.

“We are excited by the potential to unite FLUVIP with IZEA to form a truly unique technology and services platform catering to marketers and influencers across North, Central, and South America,” Sebastian Jasminoy, Founder and CEO of FLUVIP, said in a release.

Multiple ways to tell brands’ stories

The marriage of IZEA and FLUVIP would appear to create a perfect match for brands looking for influencers to deliver their unique stories to consumers in LATAM.

FLUVIP operates platforms in LATAM that include Influtech, AdvocatesPro, and Mediadata where brands can harness the power of leading opinion makers in the region.

Plus, FLUVIP customers include Coca-Cola, Samsung, Apple, Pepsi, BBVA, Sony, Fox and National Geographic to name just a few.

But the game of influencing consumers isn’t just about influencers.

“Influencers are not only about your image; they can provide a great amount of information. By analyzing data and organic profiles, you can find more information than what a common marketing study can provide,” Band of Insiders Influence Marketing Manager Leonardo Vargas told #PortadaMX.

The precise terms of the FLUVIP acquisition haven’t been announced. The transaction may be consummated as soon as May of this year.


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Bárbara Pipan is the new marketing director of chocolates for Mondelēz Cono Sur. She will be responsible for the strategy of the brands Milka, Cadbury, Shot, Toblerone, Mantecol, Tita, and Rhodesia.






Masayuki Konose has been appointed president of Brother. Konose first joined the company in october of 2017, where he most recently served as senior marketing director of BMG for Latin America.







Marketer Marcelo Girotti has become the CEO of Grupo BGH. He joined the company in 2015 and comes from Global Crossing Latin America & Caribbean where he was CMO and sales VP.






 PepsiCo has hired Axel Flugel as new director of corporate affairs for Central and South America. Prior to this role, Flugel held the role of communications manager at Unilever.






Forcepoint just announced the appointment of  Wagner Tadeu as new sales VP for Latin America. Prior to this role he served as general manager for Latin America at Clicksoftware, Pure Storage and NetApp, as well as VP of Latin America at Symantec.





Pedro Saenger joins the company Veritas Technologies as regional VP of Latin America. In this role, Saenger will lead sales and marketing to create value for clients in all the dynamic markets of México, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.






Liz Moe has been promoted to the position of global executive director for the markets of EMEA and Latin America by Interbrand. Previously, she served as marketing and communications director.





Jaime Miller has been named the new CEO y general manager of Zonamerica Colombia. Prior to this, he held the role of commercial director.






What: Jill Leccia, Gatorade Sr. Director of PepsiCo Latin America Beverages, talked to Portada about the process of creating a global marketing campaign that’s also aware of consumer’s individual needs.
Why it matters: Today it is more important than ever for brands to connect with consumers at a personal level while keeping local idiosyncrasies in mind but within a global context.

For young consumers and athletes, customization and personalization are becoming the main priority. They want their favorite brands to provide them with real-life experiences, and to feel unique but, at the same time, integrated to a global community of like-minded people. We talked to Jill Leccia, Director of PepsiCo Latin America Beverages, about Gatorade’s new marketing efforts, and the success of 5v5, a global soccer tournament for young athletes.




Check out the stars that will speak at Portada Miami on April 19, at the East hotel! They will discuss various topics related to the future of marketing and innovation in sports, to see Jill Leccia and our other speakers from up close, register now!

Portada: In a nutshell, what is Gatorade’s innovation strategy?

Jill Leccia: “First of all, we must continue doing what we do best: innovating to fuel athletes. We realize that customization and personalization is the next frontier of sports nutrition, so that will be the focus of all our new products and equipment.  The strategy is to provide fueling recommendations specific to an individual athlete but in a global context. Right now we’re expanding our product offerings and seeking to make bottles and pods available to more professional teams of the NFL and NBA, and specifically the FC Barcelona.”

Portada: Tell us about your latest sports marketing venture aimed at young consumers.

JL: “We have an experiential program for young soccer players called Gatorade 5v5. It’s a tournament for players between 14 and 16 years old that fosters young talent while elevating their experience within this global sport. It started in Latin America in 2015, with the participation of six countries. By 2017, the number climbed to fifteen. In this year’s edition, we have 25 countries from Latin America, the US, and Europe, and for the very first time a women’s division.”

[We] celebrated the local champions to build an emotional connection with the national audience and a sense of patriotic pride before the global scale.

Portada: How was the process of personalizing a massive product like Gatorade for young consumers through media strategies on digital/social platforms? 

JL: “First of all, we focused on telling the story of how Gatorade uses science-based beverages to help young athletes prove their skills on an international world tournament. The marketing campaign was based on getting individual contestants get involded through special and distinctive moments that highlighted both athletism and Gatorade’s strenghts. We divided the strategy into four phases. The first one used footage from 2016’s Soccer Stars to build hype around the local tournaments. Then, phase two presented and celebrated the local champions to build an emotional connection with the national audience and a sense of patriotic pride before the global scale. These stories gave mass awareness to the event.

In phase three we focused on the Global Finals in London. We had the tournament’s official draw hosted by ESPN’s UEFA Champions League talent and Gatorade’s senior management, and the local champions from our biggest markets were invited to the ESPN studios before the finals for a meet and greet and a TV special airing. And finally, in phase four we showed recaps and live updates of the Global Finals in London on social media, in which we highlighted the performance of the players and our product innovations and benefits while leveraging key partners and influencers.”

Jill Leccia, in conversation with Jan Gertis, Managing Director of Latam Transformation at OmniCom, Soccer in the U.S. and across Latin America, A look at the Future of the Beautiful Game, Portada Miami, East Hotel, 2:50pm.


A look at the Future of  The Beautiful Game

Portada: What have you learned from previous editions of 5v5 that you’ll apply in the future?

JL: “We learned to follow up our teams and help them promote what they achieved on the Gatorade 5v5 tournament. That way, we can continue spreading their amazing stories of talent and effort and keep generating awareness for the tournament.”

Portada: How does the Gatorade lifestyle shown in marketing campaigns reflect upon its real-life consumers?

JL: “We think an experience like Gatorade 5v5 can also play a role in the lives of our general consumers because Gatorade is there to fuel all efforts, sweat, and talent.”

Portada: Do you have campaigns in support of local inclusion?

JL: “For example, in 2017, five NGOs focused on awareness and support of social inclusion in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru —some of the same ones as last year—. They received funding and support from Gatorade train and prepare a team to represent them on the field. As a part of the 2018 Gatorade 5v5 tournament, the Big Game campaign gave them 15 thousand dollars each.”

[Images by Gatorade]

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Innovators and Brand Leaders attending Portada Miami are members of Portada’s powerful Council System of Brand Marketers and Agency Execs. Other innovators and major players participating in Portada Miami include:

Chris Dougan, Head of North America Communications, Genius Sports
Ben Spoont, Founder & CEO, Team Misfits (Leads Miami Heat’s eSports strategy)
Jill Leccia, Senior Marketing Director, Gatorade Latin America
Ricardo Arias-Nath, CMO, PepsiCo Latin America
Many more to be announced soon!

To ready the discussion for Portada Miami, Portada’s Head of Content Janet Grynberg wrote the article below on 5 Drivers of Latin American Marketing in 2018.

1. GDP is Growing at a Strong Pace

Cristian Figoli, Amnet Argentina, Dentsu Aegis

Marketers and economists agree that there are unequivocal signs of recovery in several Latin American economies. For Cristian Figoli, head of Amnet Argentina, “the signs are definitely there, especially tied to higher investments and bets from global companies in the region”. Companies have their eye on Latin American countries because, as Focus Economics explains, the economy in these regions is accelerating at a great pace: the strongest recoveries are expected in Argentina thanks to various reform efforts and a healthy global backdrop, and Brazil is expected to benefit from lower interest rates and a recovering labor market.


The LatinFocus Consensus analysts see regional GDP growing 2.4% in 2018. In 2019, growth is seen rising modestly to 2.7%. According to Cynthia Evans, director of insights at Group M Latin America, the signs are hard to miss: “GDP is stable, advertisers are planning with a slight uptick in budgets, and currencies are more stable.”

2. Digital Growth Will Continue to Influence Marketing

Iván Marchant, VP at ComScore Mexico, Colombia, and Peru

A big sign of recovery, according to Iván Marchant, VP at ComScore Mexico, Peru and Colombia, is the growth of the digital industry: “We can see growth not only in the audiences on the internet but in the usage of different devices,” explains Marchant. “Every day people are using more and more mobile devices. In terms of advertising, investments in digital are also rising. In almost all countries in the region, the growth in digital advertising is around 10 times the growth of their national GDP.”


When things change, the opportunity to improve communication is larger.


Digital transformation is moving really fast, which should mean something for marketing and media services. For Marchant, “When things change, the opportunity to improve communication is larger.” According to Amnet’s Cristian Figoli, “stronger economies are developing technology to improve marketing services, which is beneficial for the full marketing ecosystem.”


3. How to Prepare for Political Risks

The main threat to economic balance in Latin America in 2018 will be the unstable political environment. The presidential elections in Costa Rica, Cuba, Paraguay, Brasil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Colombia mean that about 80% of the population in Latin America will be choosing new rulers this year, which makes investors wearier.

Cynthia Evans, Director of Insights at Group M

Other reforms, such as renegotiations of Free Trade Agreements, as well as energetic reforms, rend it necessary for marketers to prepare for possible unforeseen risks. Group M’s Cynthia Evans strongly recommends to “Hold some budget for opportunities and plan around presidential election or World Cup events, when the consumer’s attention is diverted.” And as ComScore Iván Marchant points out, “A lot of the advertising investments will be moving towards the government category; this year the demand for marketing services will benefit from this environment.”

4. Which Marketing Services Will Prevail?

In 2017, we saw digital spaces gain more importance than ever, and so we should expect digital to continue growing in 2018. As Iván Marchant explains, “[Mobile] devices will be leading the efforts from all marketers and media devices. Automation services like programmatic media selling/buying will be also consolidating its pace in the market.”

As digital needs evolve, we’ll see that certain marketing services are in demand. In particular, we should keep an eye on “measurement, ROI, and performance, including viewability, transparency, and proof of performance,” says Cynthia Evans. “Trading and negotiation is a strong thread especially as digital business models evolve.”

5. 3 Lessons From 2017 to Apply in 2018

For Cristian Figoli, the most valuable lesson is that we are in a moment of transformation and innovation. “People live digital lives and expect more from brands,” he asserts. “They expect to engage and transact with just a click, and companies need to adjust to this new paradigm to emerge on top.”


However, the path that marketers have been following so far has brought them success. According to Cynthia Evans, it’s all a matter of “Continuing building multi-platform, multi-media, multi-country synergies, integrating media, and synchronizing [the right] measures and language.”

Finally, Iván Marchant’s advice has to do with brand safety. “We saw a big number of brands whose advertising was displayed in contexts that were not appropriate,” he points out. “Now technology allows us to take care of the brand’s value by avoiding to display advertising in the wrong context.” The signs of recovery are clearly there; it is up to  brands and marketers in general to make the most of them.


People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

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Carolina Angarita is the new general director of Discovery Colombia. She’ll be in charge of all commercial and operative activities, including distribution, programming, marketing, and licenses. She was previously general manager of Google Colombia.




Philips has named Federico Bersaiz as its new head of marketing for the health division in the markets of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Peru.






DDB Colombia has appointed Catalina Restrepo as CEO of Big Holding and Track Colombia. The executive, who had been filling the role of general manager, will replace Alejandra Mora, founder of the firm.





Adsmovil has announced the appointment of Alejandro Leyva as (CDO) Chief Data Officer. Based in Miami, he’ll be in charge of developing the data area for the Latin American and US Hispanic markets.





Burson-Marsteller, has announced Jonathan Stern‘s arrival as Managing Director and Market Leader of the firm’s Miami office, a key component of the firm’s Latin America business.  Stern will lead a team serving diverse clients, will be responsible for the strategic growth of the Miami operation, and provide senior counsel to key clients.




After his departure from PepsiCo, Joaquín Anderson has become CEO of Grupo No Line, a firm created after the merger of three agencies: ADN Comunicación, BTLandia, and Gennial, which will go on functioning separately.




People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

(Looking for your next Career move? Check out Portada’s Career Board!)

Juan Carlos Samper is the founder and CEO of the recently created We are Content, one of the first Content Marketing companies in Latin America. Samper has worked for Microsoft, founded IAB Colombia and is a well-known digital marketing expert in Latin America.






Alejandro Álvarez, RPA Media Place LatAm CEO, is leaving the company to carry out an independent project. Álvarez joined the company in July 2015.







Thor Borresen has been promoted to Marketing Director of AB InBev Colombia. The executive will no longer be the Águila brand director.





Diego Serantes joined Pepsico earlier this year and he is now the new Marketing Director of PepsiCo Alimentos Cono Sur. Prior to Pepsico, Serantes worked for Móndelez International.






R / GA Brazil has appointed Tatiana Hawthorne as the new Customer Service Director. The executive joined the agency in 2013 as account manager. Hawthorne will report to Fabiano Coura, SVP managing director of the agency.






La Asociación de Agencias de Medios de Perú (AAM) (Peru Media Agencies Association) has made news appointments for 2017-2020 period:

The board of directors chaired by Eduardo Velasco, Carat country manager, has been re-elected.

Gabriela García, general manager of Central Media, has been named secretary and Maribel Mesia, CEO of Publicis One, has been named treasurer.

The AAM brings together many prominent media agencies in the Peruvian market such as BPN Media Connection, Carat, Central Media, Havas Media, IPG Mediabrands, MEC, Mediacom, Mindshare, OMG, Publicis One and Top Media.

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